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Free press. (Halifax, N.C.) 1824-1830, January 02, 1829, Image 1

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5- o'r"j Whole No. 228. Tarborough, Edgecombe County, N. C. Friday, January 2,' j89. THE "FREE PRESS," Zty Geo. Howard, Is published weekly, (every Friday,) at TWO DOLLARS per year, (or 52 num bers,) if paid in advance Two Dollars ijf Fifty Cents, if paid within the subscription yCclr n Three Dollars at the expiration jof the year for any period less than a year, Tivenly-five Cents per month. Subscribers at liberty to discontinue at any time on pay ing arrears. Subscribers residing at a dis tance must invariably pay in advance, or giv e a responsible reference in this vicinity. No subscription discontinued unless a noti fication to that effect is given. Advertisements, not exceeding 16 lines, will be inserted at 5V cents the first inser tion, and 25 cents each continuance. Long er ones at that iwtc for every 16 lines. Ad vertisements must be marked the number af insertions required, or they will be con tinued until otherwise ordered. Letters addressed to the Editor rhust be post paid, or they will not be attended to. liemovali IM1E Subscriber has Removed his Bool and Shoe manufactory to the build nig directly opposite the Court-House, recently occupied by J. II. Mathewson & Co. He has on hand, a complete as sortment of gentlemen's, ladies', and children's BOOTS AND SHOES--made of the best materials, and by first- rate workmen, which he will dispose of at reduced prices, lower than they can be obtained in this part of the country. Orders for any work in his line, will be attended to at the shortest notice and executed with neatness and durability, as he has in his employ first-rate work- me- JAS. H HARTMUS. Tdrboro', Dec. 23, 1S2S. 19-3 Just Received) find f jv sale on Cons' g.ycnt N addition to my former Stock, a lot Hardwire per ms wishing: to set bar.ii is will do well to call and exam ine, a I am determined to sell very low iir cash only. kJl hav;- also just received a fresh lot of OCT HERRINGS, re-packed and inspected. JOS. L. SIMMONS. Halifax, Oct. 2, 1S2S. QJ"l would take this opportunity of Mying to the public, that my intention is to do a GENERAL Co m mission Business: Therefore, persons who may favor me with any article or. consignment, may rely on tha strictest attention and punc tuality. J. L. S. Roanoke Cut Herrings, WARK NTED io be u;ood, for sale at S t 'cash pt r barrel, near the Bridge in Tarhorouh, by GEORGE IV. WOODMAN. July la, 182S. 49 Mrs. A. C. Howard, TNFORMS the ladies of Edgecombe and vicruly, that she has opened, in the house immediately opposite the Bank in Tarboro.wsch, a handsome as sortment of FANCY" GOODS, suitable for fall and winter wear, which they are respectfully invited to call and examine amoii them ore Pattern silk, satin and velvet Bonnets, of the latest Northern fashions, Leghorn Flats, assorted numbers, Fine straw Bonnets, Silks and satins, plain and figured, Grosde Naples, different colors, Black mode, velvet, and crape, Florences, liece, gauze and sinchews, Lutestring, satin and gauze ribands, Curls, caps, and tin bans, Beaded and spangled wreaths, flowers and sprigs, new and elegant articles, Black and white Ostrich feathers, Bundles and wreaths of flowers, Straw, silk and fancy cord, gimps, &c The above articles were purchased this fall in the Northern cities, and will be sold on favorable terms. Ladies' dresses, cloaks, pelisses, &c. ! made to order, in the latest and most approved fashions. Leghorn and straw Bonnets bleached, dyed, or trimmed, at a short notice. Tarboroujrh, Ocl. 30, 1828. Valuable Property FOR SALE. QN MONDAY, 12th of January next, I shall sell to the highest bidder, at my plantation on Swift creek, in Nash county, a fine parcel of Mules, a first rate Saddle Horse, and a good Harness Horse all my stock of Cattle, Hogs and Sheep, Farming Utensils, $c. $c. At the same time and place I shall, as surviving partner of VVm. T. Williams, dee'd, sell for cash, his interest in tyo brood mares and five colts, viz: one two year old stud colt by Washington, one year old stud colt by Marion, one year old filly by Archy, and two last spring colts, one by Eclipse and one by Shaw anee. Em D WHITEHEAD. Pec. 23, 182S. 19-3 Notice, nrHE Subscriber respectfully informs tlir; Public, that he has taken the well-known stand in the town of Hali fax, formerly occupied by William P. Clopton, where he intends to carry on rHH S4DULLYQ Jlnd Harness-making Jlusiness, In all its branches. Work shall be executed in the neatest and best manner charges as reasonable s can be afforded and I will be thank ful to all those who may favor me with their custom. A. WOMBLE. Halifax, June 19, 1828. Notice. npiIE Subcriber has lost or mislaid a large brass-barreled PISTOL, brass plated lock, with the guard broke off. I am uncertain whether it was left in this place or sent to Nash to be repaired' Any information respecting said pistol will be thankfully received. JOHN A. IRVIN. Dec. 17th. 1S2S. 1S-6 Notice. fjMTE Subscriber very respectfully takes the liberty of returning his thanks to his friends and customers in Edgecombe and the adj irent counties, for the liberal support he has met with in the line of his avocation since he has be ;:i i resident of Tarborough; mu he lattres hmirlf with the hope, that by piyiug every attention to his business that patronrge will not be discontinued. He has just returned Front Hie orlhem Cities, With a general and well selected Assortment of Good. Which he is proud to say, he can sell as low as they can he procured in this State. They are as follows, viz: Superfine blue and black Cloths, Olive, brown, and steel mixtures, Cassimeres of dilferent colors, 1 Fancy silk Vestings, Figured and plain silk Velvet, Fancy Valencias, new pattern, White and bl ack Cravats, lilack horse-skin Gloves, White and black beaver Hats, &c. Gentlemen wishing to purchase any of the above articles, are respectfully in vited to come and judge for themselves. Those gentlemen who furnish cloth can rtave it made and Iri umed in the neatest winner and on the shortest notiee, as the Subscriber put himself to soma trouhle while m New-York, to obtain the latest and most approved fashions. He has luewise in bis employ first rate work men. HENRY JOHNSTON. uuro , uct. 1, 1S2S. 7 Ftirmwcll Grove 'JMIE TRUSTEES have employed Mr. J as. II. Stkain to take charge of this ii-siilutioit for the ensuing year, the exercises of which will commence on the first Monday in January next, embracing u course of studies preparato ry to the University. The Trustees are very much pleased with the general deportment of Air. Strain for the past year, ending on the first day of this inst. at which time the students were publickly examined on their various studies, and their profi ciency much to the satisfaction of both Trustees and those present. It is generally known that Farmwell is a healthy situation, entirely remote from scenes of dissipation. Good board quite convenient by Mr. Robt. Arring ton and Mr. Richard liailey, at $5 per montn. l uition as ioilows: English, - - SSI per. Latin and Greek, - 10 $ session. A. W. MOORE, Secy.. Dec. 6, 182S. 17 Notice. XjJXPELLED from the Polemic Sc- ciety, at the Fork Chanel in Pitt bounty, on Saturday, 13th inst. Heading White and William Norvell, for con duct unbecoming members of said socie ty also, Willie Belcher and-Benjamin Philips, for non-attendance, agreeably to the bye-laws. ,WM. R. D UP REE, Sec'y. Dec. 20, 1S28. 19-9 Domestic. Petersburg, Dcc.19. Tlio mar ket the late news from Liver pool has depressed the article of Wheat in our market, we heard of no sales yesterday beyond 81 30. Cotton 9 a JO els. Int. Most Shocking Murder. Mr. Alexander Clark, who lived about 7 miles west of Pittsborough, Chatham county, was murdered, in a most brutal manner, on the 24th ult. by a negro man belong ing in the neighbourhood. Mr. Clark had suspected the fellow of stealing his wheat; got out a search-warrant, and found some of it in the negro's possession; and while they went together, to a distant cabin, to search for the rest; it appears the fellow effected his diabolical purpose, by beating Mr. C?s. brains out with a club and small axe. Mr. Clark not returning with, the negro, excited suspicions, and some of the neigh bors went to his cabin to seize him; but before they secured him, he cut his throat, competely sev ering the wind-pipe; and it is sup posed he will not survive long, as he has to breathe thro' the aper ture. M r.Clark was a respectable, sooer, ana lnaustnons man, es teemed by his acquaintance, and ! beloved by his family, (a wife and( three children;) Vho are thus sud denly and afflictirigly bereft of their only earthly supporter and protector. Salisbury Car. A Text and Commentary. The President's Message. "As yet very little addition of cost has been experienced upon the articles burthened with heavy du ties by the last Tariff." ' The .Facte. Broadcloths w'hich in Nov. 1827 eost 89 '50 3 95 nA j 4,00 in Nov. 1328 cost 3,00, 3,75, ana 4,4U respectively. Flannels which in Nov. 1827 cost S22 per piece of 46 yards, in Nov. 1828 cost 26. Both higher and lower flannels experienced nearly the same rise. Salisbury Flannels which in Nov. 1827 cost 621 cts., in Nov. 1828 cost from 75 to 80 cents. Speaking of the above goods the Boston dealers say "they are oblige to show their teeth so that the country dealers won't buy any thing near their usual orders this fall." If it were not for this han ging back on the part of the pur chasers, I he price would fiaye risr en still higher. Green Dockings which last fall cost 52 cents, this fall cost 65 cents that which cost 62, this fall cost 80 cents. Satinets last fall 50 ceptsr this, fall 60 cents. Diaper last fall 2,25, this fall 2,40. All this may be "little addition of cost" to come out of the pocket of a President of the U. S. with his 825,000 a year, but for a poor mechanic, who wishes to clothe himself and his family decently out of his scanty earnings, it is a burthen grievous to be borne. That this increase is owing, solely to the late Tariff is evident from the fact that stuff goods which were accidentally Jeft out of the Tariff have rather fallen than risen.. Bornbazetts are no higher. Plaids are no higher. Camblcts which last year cost 75 c. this year cost but 70. That cottons have fallen since '.he Tariff, only shows that uo legis lation can protect the manfnptn. rer against the effects of over-tra-dingthat laws intended for the protection, are more likely to pro duce the destruction of a particu lar interest, by producing too great and unwholesome; competition. The same may be said of the price of wool. The farmers were deluded in the belief that the price of wool must rise if the ta riff could be passeoj. It has pas sed and wool has fallen great sacritices have been made. Next year jt will fall still lower and greater sacrifices wijl be made. Thus the fanners are fleeced by the selfish manufacturing aristo cracy. Ravens duck which cost last fall $6912,thc piece, this fall cost 7. Is this "little addition" to th burthens of an interest already crushed already expiring. Sakm Coifrief.

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