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Free press. (Halifax, N.C.) 1824-1830, January 16, 1829, Image 1

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4-37ii fw?4 fir' Sill H nVitfZc JVo. 230. Tarborough, Edgecombe County, N C.Friday, January 10, f829. FoZ. r. as. THE "FREE PRESS," By Geo. Howard, Is published weekly, (every Friday,) at TWO DOLLARS per year, (or 52 num bers,) if paid in advance 7vo Dollars Fifty Cents, if paid within the subscription ye tr or, Three Dollars at the expiration of the year for any period less than a year, TiO:'nty-five Cents per month. Subscribers at liberty to discontinue at anytime on pay ing arrears. Subscribers residing at a dis tance must invariably pay in advance, or give a responsible reference in this vicinity. Xo subscription discontinued unless a noti fication to that effect is given. Advertisements, not exceeding 16 lines, will be inserted at 50 cents the first inser tion, and 25 cents each continuance. Long er tines at that rate for every 16 lines. Ad vertisements must be marked the number of insertions required, or they will be con tinued until otherwise ordered. Letters addressed to the Editor must be post paid, or they will not be attended to. Just Received, Jlndjhr sale on Consignment, N addition lo mv former Stock, a lot of DRY GOODS, CROCKEUY & HARDWARE persons wishing to got bargains will do well to call and exam ine, as I am determined to sell very low for ensh only. iSjl have also fust received a fresh lot of CUT HERRINGS, re-packed and inspected. JOS. L. SIMMONS. Halifax, Oft. 2, 1S2S. JI would take this opportunity of saying to the public, that my intention is to tlo a GENERAL Commission Jin sine.- s: Therefore, persons who may favor me vi;h any article on consignment, may re'v on the strictest attention and punc tuality. ,. & Roanoke -ut Herrings. "yARRANTED to be good, for sale at $4 cah per barrel, near the Bridge in Tarborough, by GEORGE W. WOODMAN. July IS, 1S2S. 49 Notice. IMIE Subscriber very respectfully takes the liberty of returning his thanks to his friends and customers in Edgecombe and the adjacent counties, for the liberal support he has met with in i!k line of his avocation since he has Wn a resident of Tarborough; and he flitters himself with the hope, tha by plying every attention to his business that patronage will not be discontinued. He lias just returned From the Northern Cities: With a, general and well selected Assortment of Goods, Which he is proud to say, he can sell as low as they can be procured in this State. They are as follows, viz: Superfine blue and black Cloths, Olive, brown, and steel mixtures, Cassi meres of different colors, Fincv silk Vesiings, Figured and plain" silk Velvet, ?ancy Valencias, new pattern, White and black Cravats, "lack horse-skin Gloves While and black heaver Hats, &c. Gentlemen wishing to purchase any c Ine above articles, are respectfully in ""'ted to oorne nrwl in,l, rv... i i p. '.r,u,sc 1,J ui -Missives. lv?e gentlemen who furnish cloth can Uve it made and trimmed in the neatest manner and on the shortest notice, as the ''j'.nber put himself to some trouble v"'io m New-York, to obtain the latest ,k1 approved fashions. He has vise in his employ first rate work- HENRY JOHNSTON, -uuro , uct. 1, 1828. Mrs. A. C. Howard, TNFORMS the ladies of Edgecombe and vicinity, that she has opened, in the house immediately opposite the Bank in Tarborough, a handsome as sortment of FANCY GOODS, suitable for fall and winter wear, which they are respectfully invited to call and examine among them are Pattern silk, satin and velvet Bcnncts, of the latest Northern fashions, Leghorn Flats, assorted numbers, Fine and coarse straw Bonnets, Silks and satins, plain and figured, Gros de Naples, different colors, Black mode, velvet, and crape, Florences, liece, gauze and sinchews, Lutestring, satin and gauze ribands, Superior bobinett caps and capes, Curls, caps, and turbans, Beaded and spangled wreaths, flowers and sprigs, new and elegant articles, Black and white Ostrich feathers, Feathered, velvet, and down flowers, Bunches and wreaths of flowers, Coral ear-drops and necklaces, Straw, silk and fancy cord, gimps, Fancy reticules, pin-cushions, cc. The above articles were purchased this fall in the Northern cities, and will he sold on favorable terms. Ladies' dresses, cloaks, pelisses, &c. made to order, in the latest and most: approved fashions. Leghorn and straw Bonnets bleached, dyed, or trimmed, at a short notice. Tarborough, Oct. .30, 1S2S. Notice. "JMIE Subscriber having hired Henry, - the Blacks-ruth belonging to David Randolph's estate, will continue to car ry on the Blacksmiths' Work at the same shop as formerly, and tenders his services to all those who please to favor him with their custom, hoping by punc tuality to merit a liberal share of public patronage; those favoring him with their custom will leave their work at the shop, where it will be punctually attend ed lo and faithfully executed. WILLIAM II RANDOLPH. Tarboro', Jan. 9, 1S29. 21 Notice. nMIR Subscriber has lost or mislaid a 3 large brass-barreled PISTOL, brass plated lock, with the guard broke off. j 1 am uncertain whether it was left in ths; pl,ec or sent to Nash to be repaired Any inform.stion respecting said pistol will be thankfully neeived. JOHN A. IR V IN. Dec. 17th. 1S2S. 1S-G Farimcell Grove 2Uafccmp '3T1IIE TRUSTEES h.VP nmnWnd J . V, J VW ; .Mr. Jas. if. Stkain to take charge: of this institution for the ensuing year, the exercises of which will commence on ho first Monday in January next, embracing a course of studies preparato ry to the University. The Trustees are very much pleased with the genera! deportment of Mr. Strain for the past year, ending on Ihe find day of this inst. at which time the students were publickly examined on their various studies, and their profi ciency much to the satisfaction of both Trustees and those present. It is generally known that Farmwcll i a healthy situation, entirely remote from scenes of dissipation. Good hoard quite convenient by Mr. Robt. Arring lon and Mr. Richard Hailey, at 5 per month. Tuition as follows: English, - - S7 per Latin and Greek, - 10 session. A. W. MOORE, Sec'y. Dec. G, 1823. 17 Notice, fMIE Subscriber respectfully informs the Public, that he has taken the well-known stand in the toivn of Hali fax, formerly occupied by William P. Olopton, where he intends to carry on THE SADDLING And Harness-making Business, In all its branches. Work shall be executed in the neatest and best manner charges as reasonable as can be afforded and I will be thank ful to all those who may favor me with their custom. A. WOMBLE. Halifax, June 19, 1S2S. For Sale, M the Store of V . & S. D. Cotten, IN TARBOROUGH, Turks Island and? O 4 T rri Liverpool sack S i- !J JL Molasses, sugar, coftee, tea, and chocolate, Iron and steel of every description & quality, Blacksmiths bellows, and every other arti cle to make a complete sett of Black smiths toots, Old orandv, by the barrel or lvttl Jamaica rum, 5 vcrirs old. Otard's coguiac brandy, 10 years eld, Pure Holland gin, old rye whiskey, Madeira wine.N.E. :um 2c common brandy, Together with an extensive assortment of Staple and Fa ey Goods, Of almost every variety, at as low nri uis iui immi, ns can oe uougnt at any- store in ttie place. A constant supply of Swaim's Pana cea, Dr. Chambers'' remedy for In temperance, Judkins's celebrated Oini ment, &c. &c. jpThe highest price paid in Cash, for good clean baled Cotton. January 1, 1S29. R. J. Dunn S( Co. 'T'HE -Subscriber has removed door lo Messrs. R. & S. D next Cotten' store, where the Post-Office is kept, and where he offers for sale cheap, for cash only, the following articles, all of which have just arrived from New-York, and are fresh and of superior quality, viz: Loaf and brown sugars, coffee nd teas, Pepper and spice, ginger, mustard, Cinnamon, mace, cloves, nutmegs, &c. Alum, salt petre, nowder and shot. Copperas, pearl ash, maccabau snuff, uaisms oy tlie box or pound, Almonds, Brazil nuts, prunes, fisrs, &c4 Cheese, northern butter, apples," Ink powder, camphor, Windsor soap, Albany beer, best northern cider, Best Holland gin, by the, gallon, Madeira wine, do 4th proof Jamaica rum, do. do. cogniac brandy, do. Stoughten's bitters, porter, Spanish scgars, Best chewing tobacco, common do. foolscap and letter paper, Wafers by the ounce, candv. (ainvttA Dried peaches, apples, &c. &c. The Subscriber intends lo keep aeon tant supply of all the above articles, to gether with many others, all of which he Matters inmseif, he will be able to sell as l. w as they can be procured at this market: and he. invito all wish to purchase any article in his line. j to call and judge of the quality and pri ces, ureters lrom the country, enclos ing the cash, will he thankfully receiv ed and promptly attended to. N. II. ROUNTREE. TarborV, Dee. 2.9, 1828. B. Richards Co. INFORM the Public, that they have just returned from NEW-YORK, with a general and well selected Jissortmvitt of Seasonable CBtooDs, Which thev are now oneninor nt thpJ INFORM th eir friend nnrl thu nuiilin I that they have received their FALL, Slan'' among which may be found SUPPLY OF GOODS, which compri- the lowing articles: ses a handsome and very extensive as- j Superfine blue, black, mixed & olive Cloths, sortment of nrnrlv pvorr ...t;Mn i Superfine Cassimeres, fashionable, or r!rsirnh!r in th ' ' lBku mixed, green awl drab Plains, -.w ... ...v IVlttll Dry Goods LineM A very large supply of GROCERIES, Of all descriptions, Hardware, Hats of every quali ty, China, Gtass and Karlher ivart, Saddlery, Hoots and Shoes, and an assortment of Tin ware: Together with an assortment of Sole, Upper, Harness, Skirling and Bridle Leather, Calf, kip, morocco and sheep Skins, Soaps, Perfumery, Ladies Leghorn hats & Straw Don nets, Work baskets, Brushes of all kinds, Books, Stationary, Tortoise-shell, ivory and horn Combs, Paints, Oils, and Drugs, Pocket-books. Fur, seal-skin and morocco caps, &c.&c. All of which will be offered at ver moderate prices many of the goods MUCH LOWER than they have been heretofore sold in this market. Being confident that they can give satisfaction to those who call on them as regards the quality, style and prices of their goods, they respectfully invite all who want to purchase to examine their assortment. X. B. We will continue to buy COT TON for cash, and to take it in trade or payment. Those of our customers who wish to send their Cotton to Dunns & M'llwaine of Petersburg, to be stored or sold, will find us accommodating in our arrangements, and anxious to pro mote their interest. R. J. D. Co. Halifax, N. C. Oct. 1S28. Sattinetts, liombazetts and Bombazines, lute, red and v ellow Flannels. use and point Blankets, Cotton and woollen Stockinsrs, Cotton and woollen Socks, Northern manufactured Negro Cloths, Dark and light ground Calicoes & Chintzes, Furniture Calico, cotton ('ambries, Muslins, Jaconett do. Muslin Robes, book Muslin, plain & figured, Irish Linens, Lawns, French Cambric, Cotton Shirting, Domestic Cottons, white and colored, Canton and Italian Crapes, Green, pink and white Florences, Levantines, Sarsenetts, Sinchews, Canton crape and silk Shawls; Cassimeie, merino, muslin & cotton Shawls', Silk, muslin, linen and cotton Handkerchief Furniture and narrow corded Dimity, Russia Diaper and Diaper table-cloths, Oil cloths, bed Quilts and bed Ticks, Ladies' Leghorn and straw bonnets, Gentlemen's fine Hats, Children's leather and roram do. Ladies' dress and walking Shoes, Gentlemen's Boots, Bootees and Shoes, Gentlemen's plaid cloaks and Plaids, Carpeting, cotton Bagging, Osnaburgs, Trunks, Cordage for packing cotton, Sewing Silk, Thread, cotton Ball, Pins, Net dies, Ribbons, thread Lace, Hair combs, large and small, A large assortment of coat and vest Button, Cotton cards, writing Paper, Quilts, Coffee, Tea, Muscovado Sugar, Loaf do. Molasses, New-England Rum, W. I. do. French Brandy, Holland Gin, country do. Whiskey, Tobacco, Candles, Indigo, SnuT, Allspice, Pepper, Powder, Shot, Coarse and tine Salt, Together with a general assortment of Httrdwure Cxttlery Crockery, Glass ware. Paints, Oils. eye. Those who are disposed to purchase, will find it to their interest to call at the hove store. QCASH given for Naval Stores, ;C"Hon in the seed and baled Cotton, 0 Beeswax, &e. Tarborough, Oct, 182$. p

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