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Free press. (Halifax, N.C.) 1824-1830, April 17, 1829, Image 1

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IPIH5ll2)n Whole Xo. 243. Tarborough, Edgecombe County, JV. ft Friday, April 17, 1829. Pol. F. JVb. 35. THE "FttEE PRESS,' Zty Geo. Howard, Is published weekly, (every Friday,) at TWO DOLLARS per year, (or 52 num bers,) if paid in a -.Ivance 7w Dollar If Fifty Cents, if paid within the subscription year or, Three Dollars at the expiration if the year for any period less than a year, Twenty-five Cents per month. Subscribers rtt liberty to discontinue at anytime on pay ing arrears. Subscribers residing at a dis tance must invariably pay in advance, or give a responsible reference in this vicinity. No subscription discontinued unless a noti fication to that effect is given. Advertisements, not exceeding 16 lines, will be inserted at .50 cents the first inser tion, and 25 cents each continuance. Long er ones at that rate for every 16 lines. Ad vertisements must be marked the number of insertions required, or they will be con tinued until otherwise ordered. Letters addressed to the Editor must be post paid, or they will not be attended to. M Notice. RSSRS. E. PRICE L CO havinr W -- -- - - - - jLV-a- assigned to me certain debts due them for the last year, I have placed the same in the hands of John Pakkek, Esqr. Shff. for collection. All those who will call and pay the same lo Mr. Parker before warrants issue, will not be required to pay any costs otherwise he will proceed immediately to enforce the collection. J. 11 LLOYD. 31st March, 1S29. 33 Notice. A LL persons indebted to the Subscri hers either by note or account, are respectfully invited to call and settle the same as soon as possible, as the subscri bers are under the necessity of making collections between this time and Feb luary Court. KING $ GAT LIN. Tarboro', Jan. 20, 1S29. Notice. rplIE Subscriber informs the citizens of Edgecombe and the adjacent coun ties, that he has commenced the Gig and Wagon-maLing BUSINESS IN TARBORO', Near I hp. Bridge, And earnestly requests thoc friendly to humanity to give him a share of patron-3Se- GPUis work shall be completed equal to any in the State. 7770.9. J. BLAKELEY. Feb. 12, 1S2.9. 07 FOR SALE, M the Post-Office in the luxvn of HALIFAX, The fallowing Articles, lo toil: Bacon, Lime, U-Mrings, Shad, Flour, Stained curtain Bedsteads, Windsor Chairs, Loather, wagon Collars, Tobacco, (twist and bundle,) tvholesale and retail, ALSO the following Articles: V;tle Corks, Fly Stone, Termerick, .iqiud Blacking Ginger, Spice, Nutmegs, cnitirui Red, Red Lead, White Lead, V-rdi-M-is Baitman's Dron. ()nrK.Wnr. 111. ... ' r .. . . ' - ' i-ctnemige, Ins I'ovvder, Pearl Ash, wound Paint Bruslies, assorted, Ravins Koxcs and Soap, Spanish Whiting, Urkcy Utnber.Crom.Yellow, Prussian blue, ur:ible Ink, Staunton's Bitters, looth Brushes, Mace, Snuff Boxes, n-vinish Annatto. do. Blueing, do. Indigo, )ns ii-oned, do. not Ironed, Almanacs, farrow fat I Tl?i i n six wcekC JL EAi5t '""tea Bunch 3 7 "Unk Warrants, do. Notes, do. Bonds, All of the above articles will be sold ery low, for Cash only. JOS. L. SIMMONS. llniax, Feb. (j, IS29. ( For Sale, At the Store of R. & 8. D. Collen, IN TARBOROUGH, Turks Island and? G 4 T m Liverpool sack 5 i-JLi J- Molasses, sugar, coffee, tea, and chocolate, Iron and steel of every description & quality, Blacksmiths bellows, and every other arti cle to make a complete sett of Black smiths tools, Old brandy, by the barrel or retail, Jamaica rum, 5 years old, Otard's cogniac brandy, 30 years eld, Pure Holland gin, old rye whiskey, Madeira wine, N.E. rum & common brandy, Together with an extensive assortment of S tuple and Vavcy Goods, Of almost every variety, at as low pri ces tor cash, as can be bought at any store in the place. A constant supply of Swairn's Pana cea, Dr. Chambers' remedy for in temperance, Judkins's celebrated Oint men, &c. &c. JO The highest pi ice paid in Cash, for good clean baled Cotton. January I, 1829. Garden Seeds. PIIE Subscribers are now opening a " vvcll selected assortment of jfresft ti5ar&ett &ecDS, Which they offer for sale those who wish to purchase, can be supplied on reasonable terms. Among them may be louna the lollowing: Asparagus, Lettuce, Cabbage, Tamattus, Blood Be ets, Large Orange Carrot, vvinte union, ivirly Teas, Red do- Marrowfat do. Parsnips, Charleton do. Parsley, Lima Beans, Kail, Mohawk. Bush do. Cucumber, Ocra, Celleiy, Turnips, Raddish, Leek. D. BIC HARDS CO. Tarboro', Feb J S2!. HJMIR Subscriber has removed next 3 door to Messrs. R. & S. I). Cotton's sl'.re, where the Post-OHicc is kept, and where he offers for sale cheap, for cash only, the following articles, all of which have just at rived from New-York, and are fresh and of superior quality, viz: Loaf and brown sugars, coffee and teas, Pepper and spice, ginger, mustard, Cinnamon, mace, cloves, nutmegs, &c. Alum, salt petre, powder and shot, Copperas, rnaccabau snuff, Raisins by the box or pound, Almonds, Brazil nuts, prunes, fies, &e. Water and butter crackers, starch, lemons, Cheese, northern butter. Currants, Ink powder, camphor, Windsor soap, Albany beer, best nurthern cider, Best Holland gin, by the gallon, 4th proof Jamaica rum, do. do. cogniac brandy, do. Apple Brandy, northern Whiskey, Old Irish Whiskey, Cordials, Lime Juice, London and American Porter, Tamarinds, Bed Cords, plough lines, trace chains, Cut nails assorted, wrought 6 penny do. Sperm candles, tallow do. moulded, Window glass, white lead, putty, Castile soap, fine cut tobacco in papers, Testaments, spelling books, lead pencils, Murray's key, English reader, &c. Stoughten's bitters, Spanish segars, Best chewing tobacco, common do. Foolscap and tet'er piper, garden seeds, Wafers by the ounce, candy, (assorted) Dried peaches, apples, Sec. &c. The Subscriber intends lo keep a con stant supply of all the above articles, to gether with many others, all of which he flatters himself, he will be able f o sell as low as they can he procured at this market; and he invites all persons who wish to purchase any article in his line, to call and judge of the quality and pri ces. Orders from the country, enclos ingthe cash, will be thankfully receiv ed and promptly attended to. N. II. ROUNTREE. Tarboro', Dec. 29, 1S28, NEW AND FASHIONABLE Millinery, fyc. fIS. A. C. HOWARD has just re ceived a handsome assortment of FANCY GOODS, for spring and sum mer wear, which she will with pleasure exhibit to the inspection of those Ladies who may please favor her with a call among them will be found Pattern Silk Hats, the latest New-York and Philadelphia fashions, Battese and Cambric do. do. Leghorn flats, assorted numbers, do. do. for children and misses, Plain and open straw do. do. Black, white and yellow Navarihos, Bobbinett veils, caps, capes, and collars, Plain Bobbinett, fancy Handkerchiefs, Bobbinett and blond laces, Toi toise shell side combs, Brazilian tuck, turn back, and side combs, Curls and puffs, mowhair do. Swiss muslins, for Ladies' dresses, Plain and figured Grosde Naples do. Metal buttons, for do. Watered and figured Silks, Black mode, Satins, Crapes, &c. A superb assortment of ribbons and flowers, Pearl and coral ear drops, necklaces, &c. Dolls, glass beads, and a variety of other articles. Ladies' dresses, cloaks, pelisses, &c. made lo order, in the latest and most approved fashions. Leghorn and straw Bonnets bleached, dyed, or trimmed, at a short notice. Tarborough, April 10, IS29. TOR SALE, by the Subscribers, 100 casks lhomaston Lime, which will be sold low for cash. D. RICHARDS CO. April, 1S29. R. J. Dunn $ Co. I NFO KM their friends and the public, that they have received their FALL SUPPLY OF GOODS, which compri ses a handsome and very extensive as sortment of nearly every article, new, fashionable, or desirable in the Dry Goods Line. A very large supply of GROCERIES, Of all descriptions, Hardware, Hals of every quali ty, China, Glass and Earthen iv are, Saddlery, Boots and Shoes, and an assortment of t in ware: Together with an assortment of Sole, Upper, Harness, Skirting and Bridle Leather, Calf, kip, morocco and sheep Skins, Soaps, Perfumery, Ladies Leghorn hats & Straw Bonnets, Work baskets, Brushes of all kinds, Books, Stationary, Tortoise-shell, ivory and horn Combs, Paints, Oils, and Drugs, Pocket-books, Fur, seal-skin and morocco caps, &c.&c. All of which will be offered at very moderate prices many of the goods MUCH LOWER than they have been heretofore sold in this market. Being confident that they can give satisfaction to those who call on them as regards the quality, style and prices of their goods, they respectfully invite all who want to purchase to examine their assortment. N. B. We will continue to buy COT TON for cash, and to take it in trade or payment. Those of our customers who wish to send their Cotton to Dunns & M'llwaine of Petersburg, to be stored or sold, will find us accommodating in our arrangements, and anxious to pro mote their interest. R. J. D. $ Co. Halifax, N. C. Oct. J 828. MISS M'COTTOR informs her f:.,J. 1 Li: .i . . ., melius dim uju jjuuwe, mai sne Will commence A SCHOOL, in Tarboroueh. r,.- u : . r & ! iui me iiis-vi ueiiun oi young laaies ana misses, on Monday, 6th April. The terms ot tuition are as lollows: For spelling and reading, (per session,) $6 neaumg, arunmetic cc English grammar, 8 Geography, with the use of the maps, nisiory, Denes lettres, philosophy, chemistrv. and comnosition. - lft J f Plain & ornamental needle-work, paint mg and drawing, added to the above, 16 French laneuaee. 16 Piano forte, - - - . - 16 Half the price of the first session will be required in advance. The vacation will continue six weeks. March 25, 1829. 32-13 Cabinet FURNITURE. npHE Subscriber continues to make a any article in his line, either of ma hogany or walnut also, plain and curl ed maple Bedseads. Those who may please to favor him with their custom, may rely on having their furniture of good materials, in the modern style, and as faithfully executed as they can get from any of the northern cities. He has now on hand for sale: One large mahogany Sideboard, with looking-glasses in the back board, four carved paws and columns in front. One do. with a press on top of it for glass ware. One mahogany Secretary and book case. Two mahogany Bureaus, one with carved paws and columns, the other plain. One mahogany Dressing-table, with carved pillar and claws. A few pieces of walnut furniture. ALSO, picture Glass, assorted sizes, from 10 by 12, to 25 by 35 inches. Looking-glass plates, assorted, from 8 J by 10 t to 13 by 22 inches those who have their looking-glasses broke and the frame good, can be furnished on moderate terms. Copal Varnish, by the gallon or smaller measure. Any of the above articles will be sold cheap for Cash. Those indebted to the Subscriber, ei ther by note or account, are particularly requested to settle the same between this and the first of May. LEWIS BOND. March 26lh, 1829. Notice. npHE Subscriber respectfully informs - his friends and the public in general, that he has opened a House of Entertainment at DAWSON'S X ROADS, In Halifax county, 13 miles from tho town of Halifax, on the road leading from that place to Tarborough, and to Scotland Neck. He solicits a share of public patronr ge, which he will endeav or to meritby paying the strictest at tention to his guests. JAS. Hf. PARKER. March 25, 1S29. 32-8 -r $25 Reward. RANAWAY from the Sub scriber in August, 1827, a ne gro man, ISAAC, between thirty-five and forty years old, five feet 8 or 0 inches high, stout built, very sensible, rather slow spoken. Isaac was raised in Edgecorrjbe county, N. C. by Frederick Philips, and by him sold to the subscriber. I suppose that he is lurking in Edgecombe. The above reward will be given for his apprehen sion, if secured in any of the jails of thit State so that I get him. JOHN PURCEL, Robeson County, N. C. Jan. 2G, 182P.

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