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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, August 25, 1905, Image 2

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THE ENTERPRISE. — roiuiro imi ramtt IT M umunun nmiM co. Xatmd al UM MKMI OAoe at WllltoMrtow, II.C. a— FSIDIY ACQUST 16.1906. V Eastern Poverty. Tbc people living in Eastern North Carolina are unable to ap preciate the wealth of their soil and climate. Recently in conversation with two manufacturers from tbc Central part of the State, we gain the idea that while their section was making the progress, the East was undoubtedly the farming sec tion. They said if we had the la bor it would be the best section in the world. They said liastern Carolina could do as well manu facturing besides it had a soil that would grow a great variety of , crops. We thought of the statement "if you had the labor what a coun try you would have." The trou ble we think is not in not having the labor, but having it and be ing wholly unable to use it. Whilt this article is being written at ten o'clock in the morning seventeen hardy strong idle drrkies are amus ing themselves with boxing glove and they are keeping more IIOIM than a hundred lost ganders. Wi have had something to say about this before tor we verily believe our labor system is pauperizing us These people should lie forced t> work or to leave the country, livery one who is allowed to IK* idle is an inducement to another or a dozen to lay aside his honest toil ami take it easy. We have never been able to make a living without work and while an editor and no fortune, but a little something to our credit we can see uo means of making living without stealing or gambling or living off the labor of some other person. Then it is a cast either labor or live off the labor ol some other or steal. Most of tin negro women have gotten to goou to cook for our mothers sisters ami and wives or doing any laundr> work without demanding that you practically give them the value ol your clothes. These are returned as they see tit to fix them aud you dare not complain or you are en tirely without help. Such conditions are practically reducing us to pauperism and out country to waste. The cliangi must be made or we are forced t submit to a defensive, weaknes. 1 - which means stagnation to out business aud social progress. Your writer believes, that wt should give negroes only an industri al training, enforce the vagrant act and either work idlers or drive tin nuisance out of our presence. Then labor will be dignified, pec pie will have what thev earn, then will be uo parasites that sap tin life of honest toil, use modern con veniences and machinery and veri ly make us industrious progressive people and eastern Carolina th section of the .State fhat it slioul be. It is wrong that one class of pco pie, who are frugal and industriou.- should be taxed to educate a peo pie when every educated one am idler is a bane to the prosperity and progress of that class. y\\\ are merely whetting razors to cn our own throats and by the eterfial laws of justice it is wrong. As ; man we would not do damage to i weak race but that race is uo lonj. er weak. It is the most potent influence for poverty, low n.orals, social derangements known. It has caused more blood to be shed than any other influence in -the history of the wit Id. There are good darkies and some useful ones and no man would help them more than your writer, but we are after the lazy idlers, who are too good to work. We are not willing that o ir race be made the slave and we be pauperized and our country go to waste because of this labor system. Let us then enforce the vagrant act! Fulfill Siffirlif is often caused by sores, ulcers and cancers, that eat away your skin. Wts. Bedell, of Flat Rock, Mich., says: "1 have used Bucklen's Arnica Salve, for Ulcers, Sores and Cancers. It is the best healing dressing I ever found." Soothes and heals cuts, burns and scalds. 25c at S. R. Biggs' drug store; guaranteed. Why PcacT wiiTbe Wade. It is almost inconceivable that Japan and Russia should abandon their efforts to make peace and re sume the useless carnage in Man cliuria. Instead of peace prospects l>eiiig dimmer with the tightening of the lines in the final tug of di plomacy, we believe they are bright er. There is no problem in the situation that is insoluble. The material for dickering are plentiful and the envoys are free to give and take. History is full of cases in which sterner demands have been made more stubborn opposition eu countered, with the result that |>eace has followed full and fret conferences. The appearance of President Roosevelt in the negotiations is another hopeful sign. It is true probably, that he waited until the envoys encountered a real obstacli before exerting his influence, but this was to In: expected. It would have been better for all concerned if the envoys had reached a quick aud cordial agiecment, hut uo OIK exiiected such au outcome. The president vave them every oppor tunity to confer aud agree if possi ble, he is exerting the influence of this government UJIOII the sover eigns of Japan and Russia in a di rect effort to pierce the dead wall. It is to be taken for granted that tlie-president is in close communi cation with the chief jiowers, and thai when lie urges the envoys to come to terms he sjieaks with the authority of practically tin whole world. Doubtless lie ha:, exchanged ideas with the rulers tud foreign ministers of the great powers, thereby obtaining the most practical suggestions and wisest va riety of means for reaching au un ierstauding. The resources of di plomacy are limitless in such a sit .lutiou. The envoys-will not lack for in jenious'expedient iu arriving at a largaiti that will In? acceptable, if lot entirely satisfactory, to both tations. This being the situation, a peace .reaty ought to be concluded. We lelieve it will be concluded, for the idditional important reason that neither Japan nor Russia care to ight longer. Japan lias accotn ilished what she set out to do. She has borrowed money easily 011 lie strength of her but f peace is not concluded at I'orts nouth, Japan will find it exceed ugly difficult to borrow any more, ihe is now at the height of her ;lory and she keenly realizes that leace is her greatest need, with vhiclt to utilize the fruits of tvnjft As for Russia, her credit is al "eady exhausted, and continued var would work internal confu iion to a degree that might reach evolution. With peace even dear y bought, she can knit up the aveled threads, take up her nonstrous burden and turn toward he light. The czar's concession 0 the |>cople is a shadow that fore ells the coming of real reforms. These will lie hastened by |>eace md retarded by the war. Russian itatcsmun must in the exercise of ordinary reason strongly desire 1 leace. Under these circumstances we .'xpect to see, within a reasonable" time a treaty that will benefit both Russia and Japan. Washington Post. Oak City Items. Rev. Mess. Carroll and Crisp ire holding a series of meetings ■it the Baptist church this week. Miss Maggie Salsbury, of lias sells, is spending some time with Mrs. Sam Casper. Mess. Ilurst and Savage are build ing a liaudsome drug store aud doctor's ofliee just across the street from the d»:pot. His Honor N. W. Worselv held court here this week to hear the af fray between Harrell and Hvnun. The prosecution being frivolous it was readily disposed of. Miss Alice Pender, of Hassells, who lias been visiting Mrs. S. W. Casper went home Tuesday. Mr. J. T. Daniels, of Roberson ville is visiting Mr. Henry Everett Odd Point Item*. Gold Point, N. C. Aug. 16, 'OS. Mr. B. L. Stevens returned from Goldaboro yesterday after a few days alisence. Our farmers are busy pulling fodder this week between the showers. Miss Bertha Rollins, of Pantego, is visiting here on a visit to her sister Mrs. J. S. Vick. Some of our best farmers are damaged by continual heavy rains. Mr. Jesse M. Coburu was in town to day. At a meeting of the town com missioners here Monday night th ordinance requiring licence to sell and peddle fresh meats and fish in the t wn was tepealed. Mr D. D. Stalls has beep ap pointed and accepted the office of constable for the town in the place of Mr. A. C. Smith who has re signed. Hogs are dying in this section with the Cholera. Mr. R. L. Taylor is having somi much needed work done on oui streets by hauling in clay and sand. Mr. J. Henry Koberson is teach ing school at the Hurst school house these season. Mr. B 1,. lohnsou, of Oak City, was here to day. Messrs. F. B. and L,. A. Taylor were here today. Misses I)ora and Adda Coburu the visitors of Miss Tayior last Sunday. Hvcretts Items. Kveretts, N. C - August 22 1905. Mrs. -John Ballance, of Dunn, spent a few days here last week with Mrs. M, Baltance. Mr. Simon Everett spent Wed nesday in Conetoe. Mr. "G, P. McNaughtonJr. spent Siindiy in Richmond. « Miss I.illa Whitley returned home Saturday night from a pleas ant visit to Fdwards. Mr C H. McNaughton spent Sunday and Monday in Scotland Neck. Kveretts defeated 11 asset js last Thursday by a score of sixteen to four, now the hats of the Kveretts team are too small. Mr. R. W. Everett was in town a short while last Tuesday. Hamilton Item.*. Mrs John Davis from Winifed, West Virginia, has been visiting Mrs Walter Salsbury. Mrs. Paul Salsbury, who has t>een visiting her parents at Scot land Neck, returned last week. Mrs. Jennie Andrews from Scot land Neck, has returned home. She had been called to the bedside of her daughter, who was danger ously ill. Dr. Harrell, of Williamston, was in town this week to see Mrs. Pippin. Mrs l)oia Miller, and little neicc, from Kiiiston are visiting at Dr. B. I.- Long's. Misses Maud, Lilly May Baker ami Pennic Gladstone returned from the beach rhis week. Mrs. Mary Gladstone has gone to Kiuston to visit her niece. Mrs. Dr. H. L. Long left Mon day for Krattklin N. C. Miss Sarah Wvnian, of Tarboro, has lieen visiting her sister Mrs. Bisco Sherrod. Mis. Annie Ewell has been spend 11lie past week with her father Mr. Pate Barnhill. Mr. Gordon Barnhill, of Rich was in town a few days this week. Harriett Davis, of New York, is visiting Fannie Matthews. Mr. 1). C. Jones and family left for the beach aud Baltimore a few tlays ago. Master lV»n Matthews has re turned jrotn the Beach. Miss l'.ftie Waldo who has been visiting her sister in Norfolk is at home. Miss Ruth R. Matthews who has IK-CII attending the summer school at Chakntsviltc Va. returned home, Monday, She-has accepted a po sition in Grifton N. t. Miss Matthews is a girl of high tone character. What she undertakes s hedoes well. Tbif Appeal to Oir Syapathiis The bilious and dyspeptic are constant sufferers and appeal to our sympathies. There is not one of them, however, who may not be brought back to health and happi ness by the use of Chatnberlaiu's Stomach ami Liver Tablets. These tablets invigorate the stomach and stregthen the digestion. They also regulate the bowels. For sale bv S. R. Biggs. For to learn the news subscribe to the KNTBKPRISK. | My Hair is Scraggly | Do yon like It? Then why b« contested with It? Hpve to be ? Oh, no I Just put on Ayer'a H»ir Vigor end have long, thick hair; aoft, even bair; beautiful hair, without a single gray line in It. Have a little pride. Keep young fust as long aa you can. " I am fifty NTID r««n oM. ltd tmtil n ©•ntly my bair vai wry rf»f Rat In a few tMki Ayor'e Hair Vlror mtored the Mtunl Sot to my hair so «-.» tt»»r« i« out a «raf ir to bo nm. n *J W. Uamm>». Boaidor Crook, Oal A "-m ■» /I > SAMtfA—IA. fillers Jury for September. JAMKSVII.UK. Geo. W. Martin, Jr., Asa Rober son, James C. Sexton, S. L. Wal lace. WII.MAMS. A. M Griirm, S. E. Hardison, Joseph A. Hardison, Levi Hardi son. * UKIKKINS. W. W. Jones, Noah T. Rol»ert son, Buck Roliertson. IIKAK GRASS. J. M. Green, W. R. Hardison, J. S Peel. - WILLIAMSTON . 0. K. Cowing, Jaines K. Car starphen, C. 11. Godwin, W. S, Manning, J. S. Meeks, W. A. Strawbridge. CROSS KOADS. J. 11. Ayres, J. B. Borrottghs, P. C. Collooll, Whit Moore. .. V KOBKKSONVILLK. W. A. Everett. S. L. Grimes, Reiibiu Purvis, J. B. Rawls, D. F. Roberson. HAMILTON. C. H. Baker, J. F. Purvis, T. F. Pjjppem P. L. Salisbury. QOOSK NEST. J. T. Ilaislip, F. M. Price, J. C. Ross. Reduced Rates for Home coming Robesonians. The Atlantic Coast Line aunoiiii ces that tickets for the Home Com ing Week for Roliesonians, Red Springs, N. C., will l>e sold at OIK first-class fare plus twenty-five cents. Tickets will be sold August isth, 19th and 20th and for trains scliel uled to reach Red Springs Itefon noon of August 21st, limited to September Ist for return. Exten sion of the final limit to September 30th may be obtained by dej>osit ing the ticket with the Agent Red Springs between'Aujfnst. 21 st and September Ist, aud payment of fee , of fifty cents, , For further information ootntnti- : nicate with, W. J. CRAIG, J Gen'l Passenger Agt. , Wilmington, N. C . UNIVERSITY COLLEBEI OF MEDICINE. il?" I MtDiciai-QtaiitTrT-MiiaacT IMmkra labwatotle. la ih.rg. of t»irlilnl.. UUM System. Superior Clinic*. H«il\ide iMching la our ova HoaykaL Nottce. North Carolina, 1 ' Martin County. I lu ll,e Superior Court. Millie Willis vs 1 Iewi* Willis. Tile defendant al*uc-jiuiiiieil will take notice that Hit action entitled as nltove, ha* twen commenced iu the Superior Court of Martin County to dissolve the 1 liomls of m.itrimong between plaintiff 1 and defendant; ami the said defendant , will further lake notice that he is requir- 1 eil to appear at the next term of the Su perior Court of Martin County to I* held on the second Monday after the first 1 Monday in September, 1905, at the court- 1 house of said County in Williamston, N C. and answer or-demur to the complaint in said action, or the plaintiff will apvlv to the Court for the relief demanded in said complaint. This the 27th day of July 11)05. J. A. IIOBBS. S-4-4t Clerk Superior Court. Notice. Having qualified as executor of Nancy Lean deceased, this is to notify all per sons indebted to said estate to come for ward and settle with the undesigned at once and all penont to wbom said es tate is endehted will present the same to the undersigned for payment on or be fare August 3rd, 1906, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. O. K. COWING, Kxccntor. This 3rd day of August 1905. S-3-6C / V ' '•> ">'* f „ You are Gordially Invited to Attend the I GRAND OPENING OF I |t - : New York One Price Clothing and Dry Goods Store at 3W\ Williamston, N. C. '•I Friday August 25,1905 at 7 O'clock p. m. M ... _ • . No Goods to be Sold During the Opening. Will be Ready for Business the Next Day. *r- ■ SOUVENIRS WILL BE GIVEN „ A WAV DURING THE OPENING We want You to Come to this Opening, to see our I Now Store and let us make your acquaintance. fl 1 Yours very truly, j Macht Bros. & Rutenberg I — 1 1 1 = f To Cure a Cold in One Day I Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Notice. By virtue of an order of the Clerk of i tlie Sii|>erior Cuurt of M.irtiti County it a special proceeding entitled "S. W, j Mirell vs. A. W. Bailey ami ollien»" 1 | will sell for cash xl the Court lluisctlon ■ in Williumslou, on Monday SrptcnilM." (til. I9'S, the following pieces or par- t cell of IHIKI; Ist. Containing twenty-five acres, more ' r less beginuing in S. W. Mi/ell's, corner a gum, in the the run of a branch; j thence down said branch to Bear '.rass j .wanip; theme up siinl swamp to \V J. I'aylor's corner; tlu n a straight line >f marked trees to a pine on a lit. h; llience up said ditch to S. W. Murll's corner; thence along his line to the lw- Kintiing. Saute land being allotted to ■x'th Mi/.ell ill the the divison of th«- Jt'sse Mi.vt'll land. >utl. Containing thirteen ami three quarter* acres, adjoining L. I- Rogers on the North, Sophie Rogers on )Ue Ivast, R. 11. Rogers on the South uml Jesse Muell on the West. jM-e deed, lesse Mi/ell to Seth Mitell. Ttai* August Ist, 1605. WHKKLKR MARTIN. 8-4-41 Commissioners. Notice. 3y virtue of a decree of the Superior Court of Martin County rendered on the )sth. day of Tilly 1905, in the Special Proceeding* entitled, "J. B. Rawis, ad ministrator of W. C. Powell, Jr., deceas ed, and Lucy Powell. W. I). Powell, Martha lWell, Joe Powell, Ale* Powell, Dan Cherry, Deunie Cherry, J. T. Powell, Nannie Powell, I, 11. Powell and Maggie will, on Thursday, the .tist. day of August 190$, at 12 o'clock noon, at Rohersonville, N. C., oiler at pulilir auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, the following described property A one-fourth undivided interest in the lands of the late W. C. Powell, Sr., tie ceased, -sltuatad in Martin County, Roh ersonville Township, North Carolina, adjoining 11. T. Brown and others, and lioumled on the North by the lamls of the Bunting, on the South by J. W Bun ting, on the West by A. K. Gray and on the liast by 11. T. Brown and Noah Uggett, commonly known as the W. C. I Powell, Sr., home ulace, and containing 100 acres, more or less Dated this abth. July 1905. A. R. DUNNING, S-4 4t Commissioner. - Executors' Notice. The undersigned having qualified as executor* of Dan'l Gurganus, dee'd, late of Martih county, N C„ notice b hereb\ given to all persons having claims against the estate of said Dan'l Gurganus dee'd. to present th>m to me for payment on or before July 14 1906, or this notice will be plead 111 liar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment. , Th«» July 14, 19015. J. E. & D. R. GITBGANT*. 7-«*-6t Executors. jAN ARRAY Or"BARGAINS" IN STORE FOR .Jewlery Shoppers. Those contemplating buying jewelry, snch as Elgin, Waltliam ami other Watches, Diamond, Solid Gold and Silver Kings, Watch Fobs and Chains, Stick Pins lite., will lo well to iuspect,otir stock HERBERT D PEELE J Ttliifeutfl THE JEWELER Willlautu, N. C. /• 1 ' I —^ Littleton Female Gollege CPLENDID location. Health resort. Over 200 boarding pn pils last year High grade of work. High standard of cul ture and social life. Conservatory advantages of Music. Ad vanced courses in Art and Elx ution. Hot water beat. Electric lights and other modern improvements. Remarkable health reco d; only one death among pupils in 23 years. Close personal attention to the health and social development of every pupil. High stamlaid ot scholarship. All pupils dress alike on all pub lic occasions. Cuakghs vkr v Low. 24th Annual Session will begin Sept. 13, 1905. For catalogue address RKV. J. M. RHODES, A. M., • 7-14-2111 ' President, Littleton, N. C. Dennis S. Biggs, C. D. Carstarphkn. Frank F. Fagan, President. Viee-Prtsident. Cashier. The Farmers and Merchants Bank WILLI AM STON, N. C. Capital, - - $15,000 We respectfully solicit your accounts WE WILL GIVE YOU PROMPT SERVICE Send us your Job PRINTING*

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