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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, January 09, 1914, Image 6

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STOMACH MISERY GAS. INDIGESTION Tape's Dlapepsin" fixes sick, sour, gassy stomachs in five minutes. Time It! In five minutes all stomach distress will go. No indigestion, heart burn, sourness or belching of gas, acid, or eructations of undigested food, no dizziness, bloating, or foul broath. Pape's Dlapepsin Is, noted for it# •peed in regulating upset stomachs. It is the surest, Quickest and most cer> - inHlgmitlnp remedy in the who la world, and besides it is harmless. Please for your sake, get a large fifty-cent case of Pape's Dlapepsin from any store and put your stomach right. Don't keep on being miserable —life is too short —you are not here long, so make your stay agreeable. Eat what you like and digest it; en- Joy it, without dread of rebellion ' the stomach. Pape's Dlapepsin, belongs In your home anyway. Should one of the fam ily eat something which don't agree with them, or in case of an attack of Indigestion, dyspepsia, gastritis or stomach derangement at daytime or during the night, it Is handy to give the quickest relief known. Adv. Orderly Service. A Methodist parson, called to prerfch at an out-of-the-way town In California was informed, before entering the pul pit, that he must be careful, as many m of the assembled congregation were "roughs," and would not hesitate to pull him from the pulpit if his remarks did not suit them. The minister made no reply, but having reached the sacred desk, he took from his pocket two revolvers, and placing one on each side of the Bi ble, gave a shary glance around the room and said: "Let us pray." A more orderly service was never held. —National Monthly. SAGE TEA AND SULPHUR DARKENS YOUR GRAY HAIR Look Year® Younger! Try Gfandma'a Recipe of Sage and Sulphur and Nobody Will Know. Almost everyone knows that Sage Tea and Sulphur, properly compound ed, brings back the natural color and lustre to the hair when faded, streaked or gray; also ends dandruff, itchirtg scalp and stops falling hair. Years ago the only way to get thie mixture was to make it at home, whichvja mussy and troublesome. Nowadays we simply ask at any drug store for "Wyeth's Sage and Sul- phur Hair (Remedy." You will get a large bottle jor about 50 cents. Every* body uses thlß-old, famous recipe, be cause no one tan possibly tell that you darkened your hair, m It does It so naturally and evenly. You dampen a sponge or soft brush with It and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a timer by morn ing the gray hair disappears;" and after another application or two, your hair becomes beautifully dark, thick and glossy and you look years younger. —Adv. % Absent Minded. She (after the elopement)—l received a letter from my father. Dear papa is so absent-minded. , v He —In what way? She—He Inclosed a lot.of millinery and dress making bills, ajid forgot to put in the money to pay for them. IS EPILEPSY CONQUERED? New Jersey Physician dUld to Have Many Cures to His Credit. Red Bank. N. J. (Special).—Advices from every direction fully confirm previous reports that the remarkable treatment for epilepsy being admin istered by Dr. Perkins of this city, it achieving wonderful results. Old and stubborn cases have been greatly benefitted and many patients claim to v have been entirely cured. Persons suffering from epilepsy should write at once to Dr. H. W. Perkins, Branch 49, Red Bank, N. J« tor a supply of the remedy which la being distributed gratuitously.—Adv. Rapid Revision. v "Bloob has turned cubist." ; "Rot!" "Sold his first picture for a thou sand." ***Tne!" Sometimes Apply It Lightly. For outs, burns, scalds, soreß and open wounds always apply Hanford'a Balsam lightly, but be sure that It oovers and gets to the bottom of the wound. A few light applications are generally all that ia needed to heal this class of difficulties. Adv. The Bame. - "My dear, this pie tastes just a bit gtale —it must be yesterday's." ~* r '" replied Mrs. Harderust, "and If you don't eat it today It will be to morrow's!" COLDS & UGRIPPE 6 or 6 doses 6M will break any caae of Chills A Fever, Colds * LaGrlppe; tt acta on the liver better than Calo mel and does not gripe or sicken. Frlee 15c. —Adv. f * ; Let ua never waste our time, it may cone in handy to apply on a jail sen tence later. There no as* in worrying—and there ia no use In telling people there la no use ». • WORLD HAS HAD A FORTUNATE YEAR No Terrible Catastrophe Has Marked the Twelvemonth. DEATH TAKES NOTABLE MEN General Success of the Democrats and Btartllng Developments South of the Rio Grande Chief Events In Western Hemisphere. ■ New York.—Taken all In all, the year 1913 has been a happy and rather fortunate one for the world In gen eral. It was not marked by any great catastrophe, such as the San Francisco earthquake or the Titanic disaster; it saw the end of the wars In the Bal kans, it witnessed .the inauguration of a Democratic president in the United States, followed by genuine tariff re duction without financial panic. The death roll for the past year ha« hit the financial world rather hard, In cluding such notable figures as J. P. Morgan, Henry M. Flagler and James R. Keene. The Roman Catholic church also lojt two of ita most ven erable cardinals, Oreglla, dean of the sacred college, and Rampolla, once secretary at the Vatican and who would have been pope Instead of Plus X had not the emperor of Austria vot-« ed against him. In the United States political de velopmente have been extremely In teresting, but not startling. Every thing seems to have gone the way of the Democrats. Democratic victories were won last November in New York city, the state of New Jersey and state of Massachusetts. Congress has piSMi fIM eorrnncy bill, and the bank ing Interests of the country are ad justing themselves to It As alarmed as high finance may have been when It was learned that President Wilson believed in Shermsin law should be "clarified," business and financial interests have apparently be come convinced that the president's attitude is not one of opposition, but rather an attitude In which he would consult and confer wlth> business and finance to remedy evllfe generally ad mitted to exist. " i. t Doings In Mexico. South of the Rio Orande develop ments have been startling and rapid. The year 1913 saw In Mexico the as sassination of President Francisco Ma dero, Vice-President Pino Suarez and Gustavo Madero, brother of the presi dent, the usurpation of the presidency by Gen. • Victorlano Huerta, boosted into that position by General Felix Diaz. Then came the rupture between Diaz and Huerta, with the practical banishment of Diaz. Later In 1913 came the rise of Venustiano Carranza, leader of the constitutionalists In the north of Mexico, with the result that the powerful northern states of Mex ico are now under his control. Scarce ly had Carranza become famous than Francisco "Pancho" Villa, former ban dit, with a price on his head, leaped into the limelight as a rebel leader serving Carranza, and it Is now ques tioned whether Carranza or Villa Is the stronger In the leadership of the constltutionall^fe^fSfces, In its relations with Mexico the United States has stood firm. Karly in his administration President Wilson announced his determination to with hold recognition from the Huerta ad ministration, and although much pressure has been brought to bear, the president has refused to change his attitude. Efforts have been made to induce Huerta to retire and allow a fair and honest election, without re eult. Today the United States has a heavy armed force at the border and' an impressive array of battleships off the coast There have been several marriages of importance In the past year, and a number of engagements of promi nent persons announced. Foremost in the mlndß of Americans, of course, Is the wedding of Miss Jessie Woodrow Wilson, daughter of the president Assassinations of the Year. Barring Mexico's barbarous achieve ments, there have been few assassina tions In countries generally recognized as being civilized. George I, king of Greece, was assassinated by a mad anarchist in Salonika, March 18. In Turkey the commander-in-chief of the Ottoman.forces In the Balkan wars, Enver Bey, was slain on February 17. This was followed soon after by the assassination of Nasim Pasha, Turkish premier. Turkey and Mexico appear to have been contending with each other for, honors In the line of assas sination, with Mexico slightly in the lead. European 1 affairs have gone along rather as usual, barring a few extra startling outbursts by suffragists in England, such as the sensational sui cide of the young suffragette who threw herself before the king's horse In the derby was killed. Politi cally England has been In a,furor, which, however, la nothing out f of the ordinary. The year has seen the very remarkable "rebellion" of. Ulster, un der the direction of 81r Edward Car •On. and the organisation of an "army" of Ulatermeo to resist enforcement of the home rule bill should it pass par liament. , v England has also had ita share of labor troubles. There have been large •tiikaa at home and In Ireland, not ably the Dublin riota, led by Jim Lar kin. All of the European powers have gone on aa heretofore in the conatrao tloa of baUleehlpe, and the "armed camp" policies of Germany, England, THE ENTERPRISE, WILLXAMSTOW, WORTH CAROLINA. France and Russia are stronger than ever, possibly made ao by the Balkan wara. • ■ • ' There have been aome few epata be tween France and Germany, but noth ing in any way approaching a breach of diplomatic relations. The falling of a couple of Qerman war balloona on French territory created aome little excitement, aa did the mobbing of aome Qerman aubjecta by French citl zena in border towna. France, aa well aa the United Statea, underwent a presidential election In 1913, placing a very democratic and a very diplomatic person in the office of chief executive —President Poincare. In the Far Esst In the far east several things of mo ment occurred in 1913, among tbem the Chinese rebellion and establish ment of a republic, and in Japan the death of the Mikado and the succes sion of his son and the anti-American demonstrations and riots aa a result of the adoption of the anti-alien land owning law In California. In the realm of Bcience and explora tion there have been but few develop ments that could positively be desig nated ae history-creating. l The discovery of the south pole and the disaster to the Scott expedition both occurred in 1912, although the fate of Captain- Scott was" not made known to the world until 1913, Dr. Fredrich Franz Friedmann, discover er of a "cure" for tuberculosis, made his appearance in 1913, but the value of Dr. Friedmann's "cure," and other "cures" for that dread disease an nounced at about the same time, are very much open to doubt. Great strides have undoubtedly been made in the treatment of cancer, but no positive cure has yet been discovered, although much has been learned about the value of is. progressing rapidly, Much attention to aeronautics has been paid by the various European governments from a military stand point, bufr-no means of making aero planing anywhere near safe have yet been discovered. France has organized and trained a military aviation corps that would unquestionably be of great value In case of war, and Germany has devoted much time and money to dirigible ballooning. The United States has spent some $50,000 during the year in military experiments in aviation. The number of deaths resulting from aviation has not been especially large. Aviators have died. Just as aviators died In 1912, and Germany suffered a number of disastrous accidents to Zep pelin dirigible balloons. Many of the accidents of aeroplanes resulted from fancy exhibition flying and military experiments. The year 1913 saw the first aeroplane flight over the Panama canal. On the Panama Canal. In Panama great developments have taken place. October 10 last saw the dynamiting of Gamboa dike, belng»the removal of practically the last serious obstruction In the big ditch. The ca nal Is now almost completed, so far as a trans-continental waterway Is con cerned, although not yet prepared for the passage of steamers from ocean to ocean. Work has also been begun on the buildings and grounds for the great Panama-Paclflc International exposi tion, to be held in San Francisco In 1916, as a celebration of the formal opening of the Panama canal. In this connection it may be mentioned some slight International ill feeling may have been caused by the refusal of the British and German government to participate officially In the San Fran cisco exposition. German ahd Eng lish merchants, however, will take paft on their own accounts. The United States itself that, barring of Hans Schmidt, the New York priest, there have been few gruesome and startling murders during the year. New York state furnished the most sensational bit of local politics of the year In the Impeachment and removal of Qov. William Sulzer, followed by Suiter's nomination by Progressives and election to the state assembly. In the world of sports the United States still stands supreme. \ln addi tion to humbling the British polo cup challengers, the United Statea further shocked Johnny Bull when Francis Oulmet, the youthful golf wonder, walked away from the English experts in the national open golf championship at Brookllne, Mass., and by the win ning of the international Davis tennis cup. America's supremacy In sports was further recognized during the year when King Gustavo of Sweden pre sented the American atfiletes with the , medals and trophies won at the Olym pic games in Stockholm in 1913. The sporting world suffered a shock, how ever, when It was learned that "Jim" Thorpe, the famous Carlisle Indian athlete really belonged in the classi fication of "professional." He volun tarily renounced the trophies he had won aa an jjnateur in the Olympic games. Here are the leading events of the year: Disasters, Fires, Floods. Floods In Ohio, many killed, much suffering and great damage done. Floodslp the Mississippi valley as a result of Ohio floods. Tornado destroys "pfcrt of Omaha, Neb. ■■■ Zeppelin L-8 exploded October 7. Twenty killed. Gas explosion near Pittsburgh kills 120 miners. Long Beach, Cel., pier gives way, killing 35 persons. . .' Disastrous floods In Texas, early part of October. Firedamp In Welsh mine entombs 981. Five hundred rescued alive. Two hundred and eighty miners en tombed following mine explosion at 1 Dawson, N. M. Twenty-three rescued •live. Steamship Nevada strlkss a mine la * • •»- Gulf of Smyrna. ' One hundred and twenty drowned. Steamer Voltnruo burned st sea Oc tober 19. One hundred and thirty-six drown, 625 rescued. Fifty girls die in factory Are at Bing hamton, N. Y„ July U. Storm at Nome, Alaska, kills 11, destroys 600 houses, $1,600,000 loss. The Death Roll. Enver Bey, chief of staff Turkish army, assassinated February 17. Henry N. Flagler, one of founders of Standard Oil company, and financial magnate, dies. George 1., king of Greece, assasslnat ed by mad anarchist at Balonika, March 18. ~ s James R. Keene, financier, dies Jan uary 2. Deaths of Cardinals Oreglla, dean of the Sacred college, and Rampollo, within a few days of each other at the Vatican. Luther McCarthy, pugilist, died at Alberta May 24. Death of emperor of Japan. Nazlm Pacha, Turkish premier, as sassinated. King Menellk of Abbyssinia report ed dead. His death confirmed on De cember 23. Whltelaw Reld, American ambassa dor to Great Britain, buried at Sleepy Hollow cemetery, N. Y. Adolphus Busch, millionaire brewer of St. Louts, died October 10. Charles G. Gates, son of the late John W, Gates, died October 28. _ Halph Rose, famous athlete and .champion shot putter, died October 16. Timothy Woodruff, New York poli tician, died October 12. Anthony N. Brady, died In London, July 22. Col. S. F. Cody, American aviator, killed in England fall from aero *'f'" T •' Mayor Gaynor of New York died on way to England. 4 Timothy D. Sullivan, New York poli tician, found dead on*- railroad track after escaping from an asylum. Alfred Austin, poet laureate of Eng land, died June 2. Crimes snd Exscutlons. Mrs. Fannie May Eaton, wife of Rear Admiral Eaton, acquitted Octo ber 31 of murdering her husband. Rev. Hans Schmidt, discredited Catholic priest, affeited in New York for the murder of Anna Aamuller, his sweetheart Floyd and Claude S. Allen executed at Richmond, Va., March 28 for par tlclpatlon In the famous Allen court house shooting affray. Henry Spencer, confessed murderer of many persons, is convicted of kill ing Mildred Allison-Rexroat, a dancing teacher, in Chicago. Appeal pending. Mrs. Bessie Wakefield is convicted of murdering her husband and sen tenced to hang in Connecticut on March 4. Leo , Frank, wealthy manufacturer, convicted In Atlanta, Oa., of murder ing girl In his office. Appeal pending. Dr. iFrank Craig acquitted in Indian apolis of murder of Dr. Helen Knabe. Political Development st Horns. Inauguration of President Woodrow Wilson on March 4. United States Judge Robert W. Archbald removed from office by United States senste after impeach ment trial. John Purroy Mitchel elected mayor of New York on the fusion ticket, destroying Tammsny's power. - David I. Walsh, Democrat, elected governor of Massachusetts, a victory for the Wilson administration. Acting-Governor Fielder elected governor of New Jersey. Fielder is a Democrat and was the Wilson ad ministration candidate. Minnesota legislature adopted equal suffrage measure February Passage of Wilson tariff bill. Passage of the currency bill. Inauguration of Vice-President Mar shall, his address to the senate and administration of oaths to the new senators, March 4. California legislature adopts equal suffrage measure. Illinois passes equal suffrage bill. Japanese land lsw In California ap proved by Governor Johnson, Febru sry 3. William Sulser of 'New York Im peached and removed from office and succeeded by Lieut. Gov. Martin H. Glynn. Polltlcsl Developments Abroad. King Otto, known as the "Mad King of Bavaria," removed troA throne and succeeded by his son. Sir Rufus Isaacs made lord chief Justice of Great Britain, being the first Jew to hold that offlce. , Election of President Poincare In France, January ,17; Inauguration Feb ruary 18. Election and Installation of Sir Van slttart Bowater as lord mayor of Lon don. Vlctoriano Huerta proclaimed pro visional president of Mexico Febru ary 18. Yuan Shl-Kal elected president of China October ft Inaugurated Octo ber 10. Sir Edward Carson gathers together an "army" of Orangemen In Ulster to resist enforcement of the home rule bill should It pass parliament Japanese mobs In Tokyo demand war on the United States over the California land question. United States forces Great Britain to give up attesspt to gain oil mon opoly in Colombia. * United States warns Banto Domin go "No more revolutions." Rebellion and overthrow of the Chi nese empire and establishment of a republic. Krupp scandal In Germany. Disclo sures made April 18. 8 ports. American successfully defends the International polo cap against Britain. Syracuse wins the Intercollegiate regatta, Jtte tt. Harvard . eight-oared crew "beats Yale, June 20. •' Francis Oulmet wins the national open golf championship at Brookllne, Mass., September 20. America wins the Davis tennis cup, July 28. Horse racing resumed in New York state on May 30. . , . Jim Thorpe admits he Is a profes sional sthlete snd resigns Olympic trophies, Janusry 27. Phlladelphis Athletics defeat the New York Giants in the worlds cham pionship baseball series, October 11. Sir Thomas Llpton's challenge for the America's cup is accepted by New York Yacht club. S Invention and Explorstlon. Vlbltjamsr Stefansson sails from on Arct4c Expedi tion Tune IT. —R ~ Rbbert G. Fowler files cross the Panama canal April 27. Crocker Land Exposition sails from j New York July 2d. Dr. Hudson Stuck reaches the sum mit of Mt. McKinley June 20. Dr. Simon Flexner announces the discovery of the germ of infantile paralysis. Arrival of I>r. Frledrlch Franz FYledmann—government test of his ; tuberculosis serum started March 11. Discovery of radium as a cure for cancer announced, doubt cast upon the discovery by the American Associa tion for the Cure of Cancer. Aviation death list in Germany for 1913 reaches 30; France 37; England 10; Italy 4; Russia 8; Argentine Re public 4; Japan 3; Turkey 3; Aus tria 1; Brazil 1; Switzerland 1; Scot land 1; Canada 1; Portugal 1;) Moroc co 1; China 1 and United States 25. Marriages snd Engagements. Wedding of Princes Vlctorls-Loulse, only daughter of the Kaiser and Prince Ernst of Cumberland Msy 24. — Miss Jessie Wpodrow Wilson, sec ond daughter of the president, mar ries Francis Bowes "Bayre. st , the White House Nov. 25. Engagement of Vincent Astor to Miss Helen Huntington announced. Duke of Croy marries Miss Lelsh mann, daughter of the American am bassador to Germany, Oct. 27. Prince Arthur of Connaught marries the Duchess of Fife, Oct. 15. Dethroned King Manuel of Portugal marries the Princess of Hohenzollern at Slngmarlngen, Germany. Miss Helen Gould married Finley J. Shepard. Mexico. General Felix Diaz released from penitentiary in Mexico City and at tacked the National Palace, Feb 6. President Francisco Madero forced to resign and Is Imprisoned at the Na tional Palace. Mexico City. Gustavo Madero, President Mi dero's brother, is arrested by General Huerta and imprisoned In the Na tional Palace, February 19. Gustavo Madero Is executed by the order of General Felix Diaz Feb. 19. President Madero and Vice-Presi dent Pino Suarez are shot down while "trying to escape." General Vlctoriano Huerta proclaim ed provisional president of Mexico, Feb. 19. Rise of General Venustisno Csrran za in the north of Mexico. Cspture of Juarez and Chihuahua. Rise of General Francisco ("Pan cho") Villa aa a leader of Carranzs's Constitutionalists In the north of Mexico. Felix Disz stabbed ifi Havana, Nov. 6th. President Woodnyv Wilson declines to recognize Huerta as Constitutional president of Mexico. Mexican rebels fall in attack on Tampico. but resume assault. United States battleship fleet and International squadron gather at Vera Cruz and Tampico to prt>tect foreign Interests. Balksn Wars. Adrlanople-falls, March 26. Scutari surrendered to Montengro, April 23. Peace treaty of Balkans signed In I Miscellaneous. Mrs. Emmellne Pankhurst visits the United Statea, Oct. 18 Gettysburg encampment of confed erate snd Union veterans fifty years sfter the battle of Gettysburg, held on July 1-6. Harry K. Thaw, slayer of Stanford White, escaped from Matteswsn In sane asylum and flees to Canada. Hs Is ejected from Canada snd seeks ref uge in New Hampshire, where the case Is still pending in the U. S. courts. Steamship Aquitania to be the larg est steamer in the world, launched in England, April 2. Colonel Roosevelt starts on South American hunting trip, visits Rio Janeiro, Brazil; Sao Paulo, Brlsll; Buenos Ayres. Argentine Republic and Valparaiso, Chile. Mendel Beills tried and acquitted of rltusl murder at the "Holy City" of Kle>, Russia. Gamboa dike last obstruction in the Panama Canal blown up with dyna mite on Oct. 'lOth. Buildings of the Panaiha-Paclfic Ex position started at San Francisco. Ger man and English governments decline to participate. ; Labor Disputes. Indianapolis street ear strike be gins Oct SI. Copper strike In Michigan started July IS. Prisoners In the Indianapolis dyna mite conspiracy spend the first day in Ft. Leavenworth penitentiary Jan. 1. Firemen, engineers and trainmen of Eastern railroads demand Increase snd better hows. Matter adjusted by arbitration. Hotel waiters' strike In New York elty Jan. Ist One, hundred thousand/lady garment workers sttiks In Vmrn fork Jaa.l*. \ . TAKES OFF DANDRUFF HAIR STOPS FALLING Girls I Try Thlsl Maku Hair TMak, Glossy, Fluffy, Beautiful—No More Itching Scalp. . . Within ten minutes after an appli cation of Danderine you cannot find * qlngle trace of dandruff or falling hair and your scalp will net Itch, but what will please you mpet will be after a few weeks' use, when you see new hair, line and downy at first —yes—bnt really new hair —growing all over the scalp. - A little Danderine immediately dou bles the beauty of your hair. No dif ference how dull, faded,- brittle and scraggy jufct moisten a cloth with ■ Danderine and carefully draw it i through your hair, taking one small strand at a time. The effect is amazr ing—your hair will be light, fluffy and wavy, and have an appearance of i abundance; an incomparable luster, i softness and luxuriance. Get a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton'a Danderine from any store, and prove that your hair is as pretty and soft as any—that it has been neglected or injured by careless treatment —that's all—you surely can have beautiful hair and lots of It if you will just try a lit tle Danderine. Adv. Best Fortune Teller. The quest of noblemen for wealth in America has been talked about for decades; but few, if any, can rival Bar on Assebach in being witty In a prac tical way. . MIBB .de Millyuns, his prospective wife, was entertaining the baron one evening, and apropos of lovers' noth ingness she asked: "Did you. baron, ever go to a for tune teller?" • "Yes, mees, many times. But tha last time was best." "Where did you go?" "I went to the probate court to find out about your grandfather's will." — Sunday Magazine of the Chicago Reo ord-Herald. ECZEMA ITCHED AND BURNED R. F. D. No. 8, Maryville, Tenn.— "My baby, when three months old. took eczema on his face and bead. His head and one side of his face were almost In a solid S&re. The eo zema at first was kind of a rash and then It broke out in water pimples / and they would burst .and looked very badly. It and burn so bad ly that he could not rest at all and his hair just all fell out at once till his head was perfectly bald. He could not sleep at night and was very cross. "I tried remedies without any relief at all; he only got worse all the time until I used Cuticuj-a Soap and Oint ment. He had great relief the first application. He was soon cured and his hair began to grow back and ndw he has Just beautiful fine hair and has no sign of eczema." (Signed) Mrs. H. D. Clabough, Jan. 28, 1913. Cutlcura Soap and Ointment sold throughout the world. Sample of each free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address post card "Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston."—Adr. ' Polite Bertha. Little Bertha was Invited out to dln 'ner with her father and mother Be fore she went it was firmly Impressed upon her that she must not speak unless spokea to. All went smoothly for a while, but when spme time elapsed, and no notice was taken of her she began to get uneasy. Finally the hostess, seeing some thing was wrong, asked her what she would like next. "I should like to have you begin to f ask me questions," was the polite ra ply.—Lippincott's. Tetterlne for Ring Worm and Bkla Disease. Vsrnvllle. 8. C.. July IT. MM. My wife uses your Tetterlne for Rlajr worm. also uses It In her family for all kind of skin diseases, and she thinks it a good medicine. There Is no substitute, L. R. Dowllng. Tetterlne cures Enema, Tetter. Rlnc Worm. Old ItcMnff Sores, Dandruff, Itch lag Piles, Corns, ChlN>!alna and every form of Scalp and Skin Disease. Tetter lne SOc; Tetterlne Soap Sc. At dru*- rlsts or by mall direct from The Shop trine Co., Savannah, Oa. With every mall order for Tetterlna we ■lvs a box of Shuptline's 10c Liver PllJa free. Adv. Wet With Vinegar. Cut hams may be kept from mold ing If the cut end is wet with vine gar each time after cutting. Vinegar will also keep beef freah for a time when you happen to be without lea temporarily, says the Christian Sci ence Monitor. RUB-MY-TISM Will cure your Rheumatism and al kinds of aches and pains—Neuralgia Cramps, Colic, flpralns, Bruises, Cuts, Old Sores. Burns, etc. Antlseptie Anodyne. Price 25c. —Adv. Unusual Combination. "Young Jinks, I'm afraid, Is a bad "Yea, and he's a fresh one, too." - Mrs-Wlaalow's Soothlnf Syrup for CblMns teething, softens the g»s, reduce# Imflauua*. tton.nllays paln,cares wind oollcJSos bottlsj* It Is possible for a man to have too many friends, but It takes him a long time to realize It Putnam Fadeless Dyea color In cold water. Adr.' ' i « , * > , , ..... * If m woman could only make herself look aa sweet aa her retouched photo graph! r-' ( -JJ ■ ;• • ■' ' Sooner or later a man's illusions de velop iito experience.

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