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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, December 07, 1917, Image 1

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MS bOQBILE THE CRCCILfITIOI OP'MIL OTHER PAPERS IN THE CO'UPmTT VOL XIX. NO 4. STATE OF CAROLINA Tke Adjutant General's Department Raleifh I December 1, 1917. Registrants Warned to Notify Their Local Boards of Any Change in Their-Rost Office Ad dresses. To All Local And District Boards: The following telegram from the Provost Marshal General re ceived by this office November 30, 1917, is published for the instruction and guidance of all Local and District Boards: Washington, D. C.. November 29,1917. Governor of North Raleigh, N. C. "Number 10948. Please cause the broadest and most ex tensive and continuous possible publicity to be given through the Adjutant General, Local and Dis trict Boards, the newspapers and by all other possible means of warning to registrants w)»o may have changed their places of abode ar.d Post Office address to communicate immediately with their Local Boards where they are registered and furnish their present addresses so that Ques tionaires whi( h will begin to be mailed December 15th will reach such registrants without delay. Registrants are bound by lavr to keep themselves advised to all | proceedings in respect of them andfailure to do so may result in their right to claim exemption or discharge. Please request news papers to gnve this warning, broad and continuous publication from this time until the process of mailing 'Questionair?s has been accomplished. Crowdrr Compliance with this telegram , will greatlv facilitate the work of classifying the. registrants under, the new regulation l , Bv direction of LAURENCE W. YOUNG, The' Adjutant General. By \VL.~F. MARSHALL. Director"6f Military Enroll ment Stalls-Gurganus Wednesday evening of last week, Mr, Leon Stalls motored to Tarborcr and returned with Mififi Daisy Gurganus. The hour was late, about 12 o'clock, but they planned to be married ere another day appeared, and so they were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the home f the groom by the Rev. C. H. Jordan. The couple had planned to get ( married on December 16th, but an eariierdate was decided upon. The bride is a very attratcive young woman, and has visited in Williamston, where she made , friends, Mr. Stalls is the son of , Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Stalls, and , is'with his father in the autrmo- j bile business, They are residing , with their parents on West Main : Street. m m « Watts-Dent 1 The parents of Maurice Duns- 1 tan Watts received the news of J his marriage to Miss Ethel Dent l at Sun, W. Va., last week. Mr. i Watts has been employed at Sun 1 for the past year,-, where he works,Jn the office of a large mining company. Miss Dent is originally from Selma, W. Va/, but was staying with relatives in Sun, where Mr. Watts met her f They planneo to get married lat- 1 er, butldecided that it was need- f less to wait, and so were married 1 quietly. Mr. Watts has a large * number of friends in North Caro- * lina, who wish for'him and his bride a long life of happiness., V THE ENTERPRISE Red Cross Seal Drift Is On. The sale of Red Cross seals is on all over the country, and \ North Carolina is making an ef- ( fort to push the sales as never ] before. Dr. L. B. Mcßrayer, Exe- ( cutive Secretary, states that re- j ports of sales are great; towns i never before taking them are in ] the drive. The Woman's Club of Raleigh has sent in an order for 300,000 and may need more. ] Many other towns are following closely, and North Carolina will i buy as never before. It is well known that the money for these stamps is used to combat the freaded scourge of tuberculosis, which menaces the life of tfre people. Every time you buy a dollar's worth of stamps, you help some sufferer in the struggle for better health. Every business firm should use one on every letter and package now one n til the Chistmas holi days are over. They are attrac tive this year, more so than usual. One on your letter indi cates that you are helping others. Don't be a slacker in this great crusade against tuberculosis. "Mrs*. J. H. Saunders is chair man of the Red Cross Seal Com mittee for Williamston and is making a campaign to put them Jin the hands ot everybody- If I you have not seen her, call her iat Number 40, and she will de liver any amount to you Wil liamston should push to the front in this drive—it has not shirked yet, and it must not. | Buy Red Cross Seals Now. Entered Declamation Contest. The Williamston Hijrh School] was represented in the declama- j I tion contest, which was held at j Trinity College, Durham on Fri-j ' day night of last wei. A large j I number of the Eastern schools! jsent representatives, arid W. C. Manning. Jr., was seat from the) school here. The elimination pro J cess was observed, and ten of) the most creditable were select ed for the finals A Goldsboro bov. Harry Epstein, won out. He is quite young, but the judges found in him the essentials for winning. The High School here expects, to enter these contests fr >m time to time, and the boys wiil be I given good training along the i line of public speaking. Appropriation For Home Guards Monday, Col. W. G. Lamb ap peared before the Board of County Commissioners to ask for an appropriation to equip the members of the Home Guards which was recently organized. Rjfles, etc., will be furnished by the government, but uniforms 1 must .be paid for by the individ ual members, unless otherwise provided. The appropriation by j the Board will pay for theuun- t forms and thus relieve the indi viduals. It was right that this y should be done, as the Guards j will protect the entire county in j. case of need, ajad any assistance j that is asked for them should be given. The amount to be appro priated will be about S6OO, which will furnish uniforms for fifty men- ■ Red Cross Supplies h Information has been received here from the headquarters of v the Red Cross Society that there J is ready f( r distribution a large ° supply of wool and needles, Aux- C iliary in the county may apply through the Chapter at Williams ton for the amount that is needed by them and get quick . service thereby. ; c WILLIAMSTON, N. C., FRIDAY DECEMBER 7. 1917. A Soldier's Letter ♦ The following letter in verse was sent to a young lady at Oak City by Charlie Price, CoX H. 12oth Infantry, Camp Sevier, ' Greenville, S. C. It was sent for publication by our Oak City cor respondent. It is not crossing the ocean and facing The hardships we fear, It is not the fear of starving or the sting of farewell tear; It is not the whirl of bullets as they pass over body or head; It is not the tho't of dying—none of these things we dread; It is the friends back home we are leaving And the tho't of suffering they'll do, The tears they'll shed while we're fighting. Altho we plead with then not to We know when our mail is r delayed. They'll give up and think we're dead. These are the worries we'll have, friends, These are the things we dread. But why borrow trouble before hand? Look on the bright side of life, i Pray to One who is able to leads us saf£ thro the strife; Don't think it hard that we must leave you. J But think it honorable instead, And we'll pull thro with smiles on our faces, I For we'll have nothing to dread. i For Armenian Relief 4 I A mass meeting of the citi j zens of W'illiamston is asked to Ibe called for 3 o'clock Sunday [afternoon, to consider the ques j tion of helping relieve the dis ! tressing conditions now exisiting iin Syria and Armenia, where i hundreds of thousands of people I art* facing starvation. President I Wilson lias issued a proclarriatiui) I calling on tli» people of the J United States to help these -vic tims of Gorman and Turkish atrocities. Of the sum of $3p,600 000 asked top this relief, Wjj!i amnton is asked to jjive on'y *250. Dowell-Knight Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Knight announce the marriage of their daughter Emma Haralson to Mr. Alvis Yates Do \ ell - on Thursday, November twenty-ninth Nineteen hundred and seventeen Selma, Alabama Home Msulton, Alabama. Mr. Dowell formerly lived in 1 Williamston, where his father, Rev. George J. Dowell, was pas tor of the Baptist Church. He graduated from the High School > here and then entered Wake> Forest CoJlege. His many frienda here will rejoice with bim inl liis happiness. , ! Twentieth Century Gub The second meeting of the Twentieth Century Club was held at the home of Mist Pent:- , lope Biggs, on November 27th. "The Organization of the Army was given by Mrs, Martin; Mrs. J. S. Rhodes sang a solo, "Joan 1 sf Arc They Are Calling You." ' [Jurrehts Events were read by j 1 Mrs. Staton. , During the hours, knitting ( ' tfib done for the Red Cross. At i j :he close of the program, a jourse was served by the hostess. J , HL: Hit With Bullet. MondaV morning, Harry and Proctor Jones, the young sons of d Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jone?, who live on the Hamilton Road three miles; f from Williamston, left home ear- j ly to visit their rabbit boxes, |j, taking with them a bullet rifle. Proctor said that he went to | shoot a bird, and, perhaps, was | a bad marksman and the bullet I entered the leg of Harry below j ® the knee. Dr. Rhodes was called | but failed to locate the bullet. S The bovs refused to tell the t whole circumstances surrounding the accident. 1 This is another case of a rifle £ and young boys not being good companions; too many boys are *] allowed to carry guns and rifles | these days. Every day accidents are happening and some mother's j heart bleeds because her child is ( either injured or killed Oak City liems * 1 The entertainment given last Wednesday ninht by the faculty and pupils of the High School |' was well attended, and the! amount realized helped wonder-] fully in the purchase of things needed in the school, i 'M iss Virginia Martin and Mr. j W i mer House wore quietly mar > ried in Greenville, last Wednes day, November 28th, at the Me thodist parsonage. Mr. It. J i Hoi lse and Miss Jefferson House; accompanied them. Following is the Honor Roll, Primary Class, for th: month of November: | First Grade: Naomi Ethridge, | . Ahbylinn Tripp, Selina Sawyer, I , Jthn Speight Skile*, Rosa Ross, , Milton Harrell i | Second Grade: Alice Brooks Tripp, Nat Johnson, AlenU Brown i . Rachel Raw Is, Stuart Tripp , Third Grade: Ernest Ethridge, j jKbbie Cr«(,-,s, Marion House, Hurst, Willie lohnso.n. '| iiumilton Items , Mr. Jtnd Mrs. Dunn, of New ,! Bern were the guests of relatives r » •" , j here Thanksgiving. Mrs. T B. Slad" left Tuesday for Morehead Cit v to visit Mrs. E. A. Council Mrs. Walter t)«*U and children left Friday for their home in Georgia. Ralph Watkms, who has been in training at Ft., >glethorpe, is spending so me time he re. Miss Fannie Gladstone has re turned from a visit to friends in Tar • The ladies of the National De fense met on Friday afternoon at lythe home of Mrs. R. W. Salsbury. Mrs. of Leens, is visiting her daughter here. Dr. and Mrs. 14. I. Fleming ispent;Sunday in Greenville. Mr. .and Mrs. R. W. Salsbury spent Sunday in Greenville and from there Mrs. Saisbury will go 1 )to Farnmrille. ' Mrs. S. D. Matthews spent Thanksgiving in Norfolk. Mr and Mrs. J. H. Edmond son are spending some time with [ Mrs. P. H. Davenport. It. A. Edmondson Mon- 1 day in Rocky Mount. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Waldo and daughter were in Williams on Tuesday. I The Ladies Aid Society of the C Christian Church will serve bar becue on Monday at the office of j! W. C. Manning in the t Building on Main Street. At b night, they will serve oysters [> fried and stewed. The public is | invited to help the Society in! their work. * - - .^cu —, •/ •• • " ' * ——— • ' » ■ t 9 PERSONALS Mrs Fred Gardner spent Tues- ] day in Everetts. Thomas E. Cox left Saturday for Roanoke Rapids. Gavin Hyman, of Scotland Neck was in town Tuesday. Mrs James Elmore and little ' son spent Tuesday in town. Arthur G Perry, of Rocky Mount, is visiting relatives here. ( J. W. Watts and family spent Sunday in Plymouth with rela- : tives. ....... * s ' Dr. J, S. O'Hare and J. I), i Thrower went tf Washington Sunday »tr Miss Alma Sparks spent Thanksgiving in Kinston with relatives, W. C. Manning and A. R. j Dunning attended court at Eden ton Tuesday. Messrs. W. H. Gurkin and Collins Peel spent a few days in Baltimore last week. John W. Hassell and Leßoy Apderson are at home from Ft. Oglethorpe Mrs Grover C Godwin, of Flo rence, S. C., is visiting relativesj here and in the couuty. Misses Addie and Mary Clyde Leggett returned from a visit to Washington on Monday, Miss Dorothy Baldwin, who I has been a vistor in town, left Monday afternoon for New York I City, Mrs. A, E. Hamilton, who has been visiting her parents here, | left Tuesday for her home at Red I Springs „ ! Mrs. Eugene Gordy, Miss j Mary Gordy and Mrs. Lizzie | Tucker arrived from % -Edenton I Monday Miss Inez Reid, who teach«*B jin the High School at Jackson, spent Thanksgiving, with hr sister, Mrs. K. E. Hundy. lie-v. II M. Eirre left Tuesday to attend the session of the M - thodist ('(inference at Greenville, over which Bishop Chandler will preside. Misses Leila Pippen, Lillie Floyil and Annie Jones with Messrs, Don Matthews and B, l'» Sherrod motored here from Hamilton Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly King and little Mary Elizabeth and Miss Carrie Dell Blount Left for Winston-Salemon Saturday. Mr. King will go to Kentucky during the rest of the tobacco season. Rep irl of the Cornlitiuii o: THE BANK of HAMILTON At lld ttii It' »ti. in the State* of North I'nrolina u t tlx* clom' al litisuiesh Nov, jtj i17 RESOURCES Loans and discounts, $42,224.10 Banking Houses, 4200.00 Furniture and Fixtures, 1150.00 All other Real Estate owned, 52225 Due from Nat. Banks 14,505.81 Due from State Banks and Bkrs 8,882.93j Cash items v 1,327.12 Gold coin, 442.00 Silver coin. 512.58 Nat'l bank notes, 1,574,00 Total: $75,340.79 LIABILITIES.' Capital stock $5,000.00 Surplus fund 9,000.00 Undivided profits " 290.00 Bills payable "'"'"fj Deposits subject to ck. 40,151.91 Demand Certf. of dep. 14,805.83 Cashiers ck outstanding 20.99 Total: $75,340.79 State of North Carolina, Martin County, Nov. 20, 1917 ss; I, F. L. Haislip, Cashier of the above named bank', do solemnly swear the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. F. L. HAISLIP, Cashier ..Correct—attest: K. W. Salsbul-v H .1.. 1,0 nk , ' v H'. 3, Rhodes > , -Directors Subscribe.! and swjrn to before me this 2-i 1 lay of N0v.1917 K. A. Kdinjindson • : * Nofjjtry Public. '"■] ,>' * \ si.oo a Year in /Advance Tick Eradication Mr John L. Hassell, Chairman Board County Com., Williamston, N. C. Dear Mr. Hassell: It Rives me great deal of plea sure to learn, th-ough our De partment of Agriculture, that vour county is co operating in the tick eradication movement. ♦ I wish to see in a few years our Eastern counties come to their o-vn in the raising of more and better cattle, but, first, we must exterminate the cattle tick as our sixty-eight sister counties have done, and so doing Eastern North Carolina will produce its share of beef to" feed our soldiers at the front. I would like for the people of i your county to know that I most I heartily endorse the movement I they are making toward tick eradication. r Yours very truly, T. W. BICKETT Governor. THE PEOPLES BANK at Williamston, N. C. t at close of business Nov. 20 11)17 RESOURCES: Loans and discounts, $351,460.27 I Overdrafts secured and unsecured 4,244.67 J IJ. S. Bonds on hand 83,542.71 | N. C. State Bonds, .3,000.00 1 Furniture-Fixtures, 077.65 All other real estate owned 4.175.00 I Demand Loans 184.99 Due from Nat Banks 85,160 00 i Due from State Bnks, and Bankers 24,468.68 Cash Items, 10,472.07 'iGuld Coin - 205.00 ' j Silver coin, including 1 a^ minor-coin currency 1,123.53 National Bank notes, | and other U S notes 13,730 00 'fßuilding Acct. - 7 850 71 - j .Total *105,255 28 LIABILI riES: Capital Stock paid in. ' 50,000 00 j Surplus F;iH. 2-",0 •.• ) Undivided protiits less current expenses . 6,537 07 Notes and Bills re discMunted 10,000.00 Bills payable . 20.000 00 I )epositcs subject c'k, 11,360.14 Time Cer. of Deposits, 52,119.35 Cashier's cks outst'dg 13.371 76 Certified Checks, I )ue to State Banks, Bankers, and Trust Companies 83,836.96 ! Total > $605,255.28 State (jf North Carolina, Coun . ty of Martin, Nov 20. 1917 I. C H. Godwin, (Cashier of the above named Bank, do solem ly swear that above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. C. H. Godwin, Cashien Correct Attest: A. R. Dunning; J. L. Hassell, Leslie Fowden, Directors. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 4th day of Dec, 1917 W. T. Meadows, Notary Public. Health Officer's Report. Dr. William E. Warren, Quarantine Officer for Martin County, reports the following cases of contagious diseases for the month of November; Diptheria: Eli Slade Revels, Williamston, R. F. D Small Pox: C. F. Bland. Rob ersonville. Typhoid Fever: Cloma McKeel, Wiflinmston Typhoid fever. Thomas Bell, Mayo Wells. Sevier Hyman, Williamston. R. F. D. - Bion H. Butler Of Southern Pines will speak in Williamston Tuesday December 11th. He will be here upon the invitation of the Williamston Chamber oL Com merce. And will speak .on the things4hat will show us our need and our possibilities.

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