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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, October 11, 1918, Image 1

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voted to the interest of M v*i .""ounty in General & V ' vsi >ton in Particular Vol nrtj 19. Number 47 Spa »i*i i(lu«*nza-Thiee-day Fever s " I he Flu " ;'•* i Th# 'ivasi* now occuring in ' C im. e » f.v smd called "Spanish 1 Jnfljjfi »" resembles a very con- ' tHi-'int- kind of "cold" accom- ' pa men iy fever, pains in the ' .head e ears, hack or other 1 parts c—b irly, aiulla feeling ' of sev sickness. In most of 1 thcea- • ihe s.vmptons ditappear after i ee or four days, Vhe pa- 1 tiept i n rapidly recovering; 1 some i the patients, however. ' deveio pneumonia, or inflamma tion ot he ear, or meninigitis. 1 and m y of these complicated 1 cases ■ Whether this so called ! ' Span li" influenza is identical with t! ■ epidemics of influenza 1 of ear! r years is not yet known. Epicl mica of influenza have visited his country since IC>47. It is . teresting to know that this ep iemic was brought here frum \ ilencia, Spain. Since that time tl re have been numerous epiden of the disease. In 1889 and 18 * an epidemic of influen za, st! ing somewhere in the Orient spread first to Russia, and th ce ever practically the entire (rid. Three years later there \ is another flae up of the disease Both times the epidemic spread .videly ever the .United States. Alth igh the present epidemic is call I "Spanish influenza," there i no reason to believe that it orin lated in Spain. Some writen who have studied the -questio believe that the epidem ic can frorfi the Orient ana they c ! attention to the l'act that tl Germans mention the disease .s occurring along the easteri. tront in the summer and fall of 'l7. In m teases a person taken sick w 'c influenza feels sick rather Jdenly. He feels weak, has pa Hin the eyes, ears, head or bad tnd may be sore all over Many tients feel dizzy, some vomit ost of the patients com plain o feeling chilly, and with this co m a fever in which the tempei lure rises to lot) to 104. In mos ases the pulse remains relativi. y slow. |j VVha is the course of the di sease? :)o people die of it? Or dinaril the fever last from three to fonr lays and the patient re covers iut while the proprotion of the resent epidemic has gen erally ! Un low. in some places the oi ureak has been severe and de ns have been numerous. When ath occurs it is usually the res ts of a complication. No ; Litter what particular kind o-i;erm causes the epidem ic, it it iow believed that inflen za is a 'ays spread from person to per n, the germs being carri ed wit air along with the very small ( oplets of mucus, expell ed bye ighingorsneezing. force ful tall ng, and the like by one who a ;ady has the germs of the dii ase. They may also* be carriec ibout in the air in the form o dust coming from dried mucus from soughing and sneez ing, or rom careless people who spit or. he flqor and on the side walk lin most other catching diseasi , a person who has only a mild ttack of the disease him self m give a very severe at tack t others. Wha should be done by those who c: ch the disease? It is very import nt that every person who becom sick with inflenza should go hor J at once and go to bed This u 1 help keep away danger ous c nplications and will, at the sai e time, keep the patient from & ittering the disease far ynd w e. It is highly desirably that n> one be allowed to sleep in the -me room with the pa tient. i fact no one but the nurse iopld be allowed in the room If tl -e is cough and sputum or run ng of the aires and nose, care & mid be taken that all discha es are collected on bits of gau *or rag orpaper napkins and bi ued. If the patient com plains £ fever and headache, he THE ENTERPRISE should be given water to drink, ; n cold empress to the forehead, j and a light -sponge. Only such medicine should he given as is prescribed by the doctor. It is foolish to ask the druggist to prescribe and may be dangerous to tak ; the socalled "safj, sure, and harmless" remedies adver tised by patent-medicine inanu factur>rs. If the patient is M> situated Chathecan be atterit-l mily l>v some nne who must ;«i-> look af ter others in the f»tw»u. it in ad visable that such ;iiu;.idu»it wear a wrapper, apron, >u- gown over the ordinary house clothes While in the sick room, and slip this off when leaving to look after the others. Nurses and attendants will do well to guard against breathing in dangerous disease germs by wearing a simple fold of gauze or mask while near the patient Will a person who has had in fluenza before catch the disease again? It is well known that an attacty of measles or scarlet fever or smallpox usuaily protects a person against another attack of the same disease This appears not to be true of "Spanish influ enza." According to newspaper reports the King of Spain auffer ed an attack of influenza during the epidemic thirty years ago and was again stricken during the recent outbreak in Spain. How can one guard against influenza? In guarding against disease of all kinds, it is impor tant that the body be kept strong and able to fight off disease germs This can be done by having a proper proportion of work, play, and rest, by keeping the body well clothed, and by eating suffi cient, wholesome, and properly selected food. In connection with diet, it is well to remember that milk is one of the best all-around foods obtainable for adults is well as children. So UrjlHPHf sease like intlunza is concerned health authorities everywhere recognize the very close relation between, its spread and over crowded homes While it is not alwa>s possible, especially in times like the present, to avoid such overcrowding, people should consider the health danger und make every effort to reduce the home overcrowding tc a mini mum The value of fresh air through open windows can not be overemphasized Where crowding is unavoidable, as in street cars, care should be taken to keep the face so turned us not to inhale directly the air breathed out by another person • It is especially important to beware of the person who coughs or saeezes without covering his mouth and nose. It also follows thatone shouldkeepout of crowds and stuffy places as much aspos sible, keep homes, offices, and workshope well aired, spend some time out of doors each day, walk to work if at all practica ble-in short make every possible effort to breathe as much pure air as possible. "Cover up each cough and sneeze, If you don't you'll spread di sease," DONT'S * "I. Don't associate with the impolite and careless, who spray your air with their spit "2. Don't go to public gatherings while the epi demic is on. Put your moving picture show money in Thrift t Stamps. 'x • t "3. Don't drink from common r dippers and drinking cups. I ,J 4. Don't use a roller towel, j "5. Don't patronize a soda - "fountain that does not use paper 3 cups. ■ —— ; 8 "If you get the grippe: Go to bed and stay there until you are i well, until your temperature has . been normal for at least two I days. If you are past fifty, or if s you are not strong, stay in bep B four days after normal tempera - ture. Remember, the danger of e grippe it pneumonia- Pneumonia Williamston, Martin County, N. C. October, 11, 1918 Another Letter From France The following is a letter receiv ed by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jones of near Williamston from their son, Corporal Mack M. Jones, who was wounded in action in July, carried to a hospital and now re covered. We are all delighted to hear that he is well again. Base Hospital No. 15, France. Aug. 20, 1918. My dear Mother and Father: I received 22 letters yesterday, most of them were written in May, but I was certainly glad to get them. I know that you have been worried lots since 1 was wounded but don't worry any more for 1 am well and at work again. 1 wasiucky enough to be near a hostipal when I was struck just above the hip bone by a sharpnel shell. Had the best doctor in the world and he says that the wound has heal ed nicely and will not trouble me any more. I am doing guard duty at the Hase Hospital now, it is a nice job and I iikeit. I cant say whet her I will ever go in the trenches again or not but if I have to go 1 am ready and willing to do my part. Mother you asked me if 1 could come home, no, I cant until the war is over but thatwant lie long now and besides I feel that it is my duty to my country to stay and help win the war. I received a letter from Mr. Harry Biggs telling me that 1 was the first man from Martin County to be wounded. Mr. Crawford wrote to me also Mr. W. C. Manning and he sent me a paper, I surely did enjoy that for there was lota of news from the home folks in it and the peo ple over there are speaking so well of the bovs over here, w* feel better to know that you are atrsopiewUnii. TZXZzzr- No Mother and Dad, I haven't seen any of the boys from home since I sailed but Sgt Carter is dead- He was killed at the same time I was wounded and in about five feet of me, this ia what he said to me as he was dying, "Mack, I hope you have better luck than I've had and when your time comes meet me in heaven," Mother you know I hated to give h m up but we are all willing to die for our country As I have asked you before do not worry about me, 1 am well and getting along fine, the only thing that bothers me is to know that you're miserable over me. With love to all, Your devoted son, Mack Jones. is the penalty for disrespect to the grippe that gets out of bed too soon. "In conclusion, public officials can do little to protect you. You can do a great deal to protect yourself." Schools Closed Schools all over the county have been closed for two weeks at least on account of the epidemic of Spanish influenza Parents are requested to keep the children off the streets to prevent the spread of the di sease. It is a "personal matter with every mother and father in the county and it can't be under stood why they allow their chil dren to be out visiting and walk ing the thoroughfares, enevitab ly coming into contact with the malady. Churches, Sunday Schools, theaters, and all other public gatherings places are closed for the present. And with the hearty cooperation of the public the physicians and health officers hope to atop the ravages of the grippe before the whole county afflicted as it is in some parts. 'i' Latest fad in neck ornaments, Asafoetidfc bags with a dash ' of turpentine for a reminder. Farm Demonstrator! Here Mr O: F. McCreary, FHrmDe momstration Agent in charge of the north eastern district with quite a number of County Agents and Farmers toured Martin County last week, examining the permanent pasture;' .vhich have been planted under the direction of our County Atfent Mr. J. L. Holiday, who has done much good work along tins line meeting at the L »ius Club where they were -v-eko iud by W. C. Manning. Mr McCreary lfiade an address on the work of the county agents. Dr. John D Biggs made a short speech expressing the willingness of the Finanicial Institutions of the County to co operate and help in financing the movement of the farmers in promotion of good farmiag. Dr Gacardwell, Agricultural Agent of the Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co., at Wilmington was present and made some splendid remarks on the need ofntore' live stock. Mr M, C Vaughan Agent for Craven County and C. L. Sams of Raleigh spoke OB Uie im portant subject of bae keeping, and pleased our folks by saying that Martin leads all other eoun ties in the State in honey produc ing. Interesting and initructive speeches were also made by Mr. 1 Rouse, Agt for Jones Co nty, R. W. Johnson, Agt. for V ashing ton County, J W. Wil amson, Agt. for Pamlico County Mr H. H. Lawlev for Beaufort bounty, Mr. W. H. Laughinghfljuse for Tyrell County, also Mfj T. C. Butt of Aurora. Among promi nent farmers at the meeting were Messrs. T. R. Ho4g es. J. P. Gray and T. C. Butt of Beau fort and W. T. Meadowtof Cra ven Countv. We hoped that Mr- i Holiday will ha able to flpfettfood people to visit our County often and show them the good work he is doing and the many advan tages we have to offer. Mis* Helen Truitt Dies Of Pneumonia Miss Helen Truitt, age 22, died at the home of her parents Sunday morning from pneu monia as a result of contraction of Spanish Influenza. The young lady had b£en ill for two weeks. She is survived her by father and mother, Mr. and Mrs H. C. Truitt, who resides on Battle street. Several sisters and bro thers also survive her. The young lady had been a resident of Rocky Mount for only a few months. She had many friends here, to whom the news of her death was known with sincere regret. The funeral services held yes terdav afternoon, at 5 o'clock, at I'ineview cemetry, and were conducted by Rev B B. Slaugh ter, pastor of the Clark street Methodist Church, and the Rev. Frederick Dachl, rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd. Interment was in the I'ineview cemetery. —The Evening Telegram. It with sincere regret the town learns of the death of Miss hfelen Truitt. Miss Truitt lived here with her mother and fath er on Main Street for many years and in that time made a great many friends. She was a young woman qf sterling charac ter and was an active Church worker. The town extends its deepest sympathy to the sorrow ing parents. Don't Forget To Register The Registrar of your town ship or precinct will beat the vo ting place each Saturday until Oct. 26th, You can see him at , his home or places of business i however prior to that time. " Remember the Election Nov ember sth. Fifteen deaths in Rocky tyount i up to Wednesday from Spanish Influenza. Help Needed And At Once The Health Department of the Countv has asked the local Red Cross for assistance to cope with the influenza situation A soup kitchen has been established and nourishing soup and milk are to be sent to patients ill without at tention, twice aday. Volunteers for going in the homes and help ing for a few minutes, these peo ple where every member of the family is seriously ill and no one to even give a dose of medicine, have been called and it is earn estly requested that women able to do this respond at once It is the Christian duty of the people in this county to help If you are afraid to he in direct cor tract with the disease furn ish milk, bread or ingredients for soup, find out from Miss Gluyas, the head of Depart ment the time you are needed at the school house to help prepare nourishment for these people. This .work is hard for a few and it isn't right to leave it up to a few, almost every woman in this town can help in one way or an other, show your human kind ness if you have any by doing something at this time. We don't want to expose anyone to the di sease but we can't allow people to die in our midst without at tention. You may need* assis tance some time yourself, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." In Roxboro there is no one to bury the dead, we don't want that situation in our own County, Keep the children off the streets, visitors off the road, bo precau tious and help all you can. "Don't be a Slacker" Dr. W E. Warren, Health Officer A.J. Manning, Clerk. . Dies From Influenza ' • Elizabeth City, N. C., Oct. 7th. Willis Owens, Sr., died Monday morning at i o'clock, at his home in Edenton from Spanish influ enza at the/Age of 48 years. He was the brother of W. L. and Mathias Owens, of this city, who wercYalled to Kdenton Sat urday night when his condition grew very serious. He is survived by his wife and three sons, Lieut. Willis Owens, Jr., of the United States army, and Alfred and Gerald Owens, and by six brothers. Mrs Owens, wife of the de cease was Miss Sadie Rogerson, sister of Mr. J. L. Rogerson and formerly of Williamston Announcement To The Farmers: The Local Warehouses will be closed until notice on account of the epidemic of Span ish influenza, It is considered necessary on account of the widespread of thediseasethrough out the county. Tobacco is selling high now and the prices will be same when the market opens again. Thanking you for all past favors, Respectfully The Brick Warehouse. Red Cross Shower Friday night at the Masonic Hall a Linen Shower tor Franc* was given by the local Red Crost Chapter. A great number ol hand and bath towels were re ceived. The Martin County Chap ter of the Red Cross has a largei allotment of linen to be than any chapter in the south fti size, larger even than Raleigh This proves that we are makinp good in the eyes of the Directors in chargd of the Southern Divis ion and we must keep this repu ration. -■ ROOMS WANTED.- Marriet couple with one child, is anxioui to rent three or four rpoms foi light housekeeping. If you cat let such rooms please call, phone i write or send word to this offici Lt once. m• f * Special Appeal For Prayer To the People of Martin County While physicians are battling I with the Spanish Influenza and most of us at e using what means we can to guard against infection is it not well for uato ask Divine aid in otfr fight Ow church is are cloaed sad congregational prayer cannot be used. There is then all the more need for an in crease of personal and family prayer. I therefore suggest to every individual and every family that at least once a day special prayer be offered. Let us pray; let each one offer his own pray ers privately; let each head of family gather his own family altar and lead them in praver. Let us pray God to stop the pla gue; let us pray for the sick; let us pray for the well that they be not taken; let us pray for the physicians; let us pray for the nurses. 1 also wish to offer my services in visiting ithe sick, white or black, wherever the presence of a minisiter may be desired, re gardless of denomination or no denomination, the only condi tion of such visit being that the request must come from the sick or some member of the family C. H. Jordan. Cotton Producers Are Glutting , " Raleigh N C , Oct.—Without , apparent rhyme or reason to the hurt of themselves and country, , farmers are overcrowding gins and selling their cotton at use less sacrifices This unwise prac tice has become so serious that the Food Administration has compelled to request that all gin neries in the State be closed down for a week Mr. (). J. McConnell, of the of the Division of Markets, states that cotton producers in North Carolina have undoubtly lost at IflMt million* dollars in . 1 the last two weeks by accepting ' any price that they could secure > in glutted markets. It does not ■ appear I hat price fixing rumors could have been responsible for . the situation, as figures mem , tioned in connection with this ■ talk are higher than cotton has i been selling recently, Farmers are urged by Mr. Mc I Conn ell to sell moderately at , fair prices on advancing markets , liut advised to cease selling up , on every decline of conse quence, l'ick the cotton cleanly and , rapidly, gin on first class suction I outfit when convenient, and the price will take oare yf itself. Cotton Gins to Close OwinK to the shorage of labor 1 and for the purpose of taking i better care of seed. All cotton gins in Martin County will be I shut down on Mondays and i Tuesdays of each wenk until i further orders, This Oct. 10th iD'V r W, C. Manning I Food Administrator "**• Appeal For Help The scarcity of labor makes it practically impossible for far mers to hire help, and there are numbers of farmers who are down with pneumonia and from all indications will loose their " peanut crops unless volunteers rescue them by going and digg j ing them. Now is a good time tu test your stewartship. are your brothers keeper, if willing to help, please furnish me your name, subject to call to help a neighbor house his crop. W C. Manning Chmn. Councilof Defense ? _ Ml 5 Miss Flossie Tilley, left Fri . day morning for her home in . Hillsboro, to spend a few days.— T. J. Smith and Reynolds j Smith, left Friday for Danville 9 Va., where they will spend a r few days. ri F. 11. Saunders spent Wednes i, day in Rocky Moufit. e Hubert Warren went to Dur ham Friday. Advertttkrt HII find our Columnam Latch Key to 1100 Martin County Hone*. Established 1898 WilliamMton Per tonal J M. W Haynes, of Tarboro was in town Tuesday in interest of the Coastal Plain Fair. Miss. Virginia Herrick, of St. Mary's School, Raleigh is at home for a few days. Miss Clayton Crittenden of Scotland Neck is visiting Mrs. John.Manning. Mrs Lucy Roberson and Miss Mary White returned from Raleigh Saturday on account of the influenza in King's Busi ness College. + Miss Kthel Griffin came home Sunday became of the closing of Massey's Bussiness College in Richmond. Mr R. L. Rollins, formerly employed by the Home Co., of Nashville, N. C. is now with the Williarpston Telephone Co Lieut. Donald C. Godwin ha 9 been promoted to Flag Officer on the staff of Admiral Williams and is now on the Sup-Dread nought New Mexico. Lieut. God win has for the past year been in the Submarine Service. Miss Katie I'hilpot is William ston's first Lady mail carrier. It is very strenous work for Miss i'hilpot but it certainly shows her patriotism to be of the right sort to come to there scue of the local post-office in its need of assist ance. Saturday is a National Holiday and all Business Houses all over the country are to be closed by order of President Wilson in the interest of the Fourth Liberty Loan. The day is to be given to the campain workers so as to be able to see every available person during this Drive. It is a good thing for Martin County that this order should come at this time. Stopping bus iness for a day with a strict quarantine will help the influen za situation. The Jule Purvis Farm at Spring Green was sold at auction yester day by Burton Bros, of Wilson. This farm is one of the best in the county and bids were high. The epidemic of influenza kept many people away but the sales were good, a brass band and sandwiches "bought from the Jun ior lied Cross hy the Company making things interesting for the crowd The Reality Compan ies have sold many farms in this part of the country recently. Gold Point Items 222 Several of our people attended the show at Robersonville the past week. B' K. Moye is preparing to open a stock of General Mer chandise in the B. H. Roberson old store Hon. Harry Stubbs was here for a short while laßt week. Our Farmers sold of their tobacco before the present slump in the market. Mr. David Allen has sold his farm near here and bought one at Scotland Neck and will move there anotner year. B. E. Johnson haa purchased the residence of Arthur John son. Mr. Johnson moves to the country next year. Jail* In Bad Condition At a recent inspection of jails by the State Health Inspector it was found that the county jails are not in a sanitary condition. Most all reports show that the prisoners are not examined by the health officer when committed to jail. No precautions are made against vermin, failure to pro -1 vide bedding and clothes and bathing facilities and no meas ures against flies and mosquitoes are some of the charges, Martin County scores 71 1-2 in percen tage, and Beaufort ranks lowest 681-2.

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