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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, October 11, 1918, Image 2

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The Enterprise A County N«tvspaper published weekly at the County Se..t of Martin by W. C. MANNING, Editor & OWNER SUBSCKIP I KIN K A'l'HS o*«e Year Six Months S ( ' 1 Three Months J .*' Strictly CASH In Advaivce Kilernt ut thi I- -' nftu - nt « ininni« V. C at Sfcoml V MHII ATNTTCR Address all Communicatlona to THH ENTIi^I'KLSR. Wlllianistoii. IN C. OtT'Uil'U 11 liHH No Peace Yet 6 We hope that no attention will' L o paid b\ air. »• 1 t»«' Allied j lowers to an> pt-afi' proposals! t' al nifty be iiiaut' l'y. I4 Bulgaria !• -t Turkey, -let 1 ustria be heart) fhey have un 1. nowingl-y, ami i.npulsively IM'HJ HI war at the t lddinK ami unth r the promise 0 the (ierntan Kaiser, l'ut them ():• the road and better 1 \ing, -he.lj) thern to become,, bet ,t-' r people But Germany, see her fleeing vth her whipped army carrying \ 'th her all of the civil- popjla ton and hurnmp: the cities, t iivns and villages behind her. ho never let her sit at any Coun -e-rof Peace, sfve hts lloutetl her i'isolence at and shown her dis -1 for honor of oitr Hague ('■inventions, now let her sil in t.e criminals bar and receiv at I, nils of civih/.ed people such 1 nishinent as murderers, loot c s, traitors and beasts deserve 'I ink «.f a natiop asking for 1 . ace and atuhe same- time in -1 'ling the most horrible tortures 1 on the weak amriielpless who ! .ppett to tie 10 1 heir grasp. Let no peace be made until u.-ery soldier in all the allied ar r \es is pernntted tn ft'eelv tra \ rse every fool of (ietman ter -1 *ory and begin to wipe out t "erlastingl.v that Geriuan spirii. (.; rman.V sees what is ol liiT m the c»in• ill ; r seige. and letK it" t'■ 1 a'.' lonu ill -- , t! lice. Make. !1 * ■ • tiU'er as sb • I ', t made other . but ii; a cn ill :• I waj. It . iirlw ... s:Jflcent I>, ami I :.:n afranJ « i 1 ■ ny will not be able to get her t I.e deserts America's biggest shell load it plant is gone. There are other p! Nts jiiAopi*ration. Still others » Jer cons!riH'tum .VVutk al_y.lL. ti esc is seriouslf retarded by I.»'K o t lalior The (Irdi r 1-ice I lepartmeii.t states that t immediate shortage in exist i i r munition plants is one hiln d 'd and thirty-nine thousamT Uojkilled lalfirers Th(-onlv vray t make good the loss in shells, st- tiiat it shall i.ot injure not iu j e I'iVshmg s men, is lo fill t ; 1 labor shortage at once The j /\ uireinents of men from State v I tax v'iir utmost oll'orts. '1 .ey can lie lined only by getting' r 1 a from turn t..-.srntisl eniploy m Tits." ('utnin im' > Labor Boards 11. st expud'ate combing non es st "tial einjiloyments and rcplac in ; men by women. Make clear to t/'' people in vou'r what is t» "ir duty in this hour. Ante i eixus are uut at raid, either in the trcnehes.or at thv post'-of • dan- i , g "at In line ' ■ To the Miils, l actones, Cot-1 , tr r : and Tobait; healers, all Cor- | p'. ations and b isme.>s Houses in I N .rth Carohna , , ** jhe rri-sident of the United' S' tes and tin't iovt tnor of North 1 - •olina have by proclamation d laret] 'Saturdav October 1 litii,* a oliday. )n behalf o I oor Liberry Loan' v .'kerft'l uppea. to you to .ob-j st \e this day. and' to give your | y „r time and the time of your ei ployees to the securing of sub . ttisribers to Liberty Loan E uds. The task before us is thegreat ti. ii has ever undertakpn - to Be J, in three short weeks, SIX fc LLION DOLLARS WORTH O'' BONDS. It'seems impossible, hot loyal Americans have never ytt found a task too big for - them. North quota is It cao be reached only by the 1 ur animous support of our people. Everybody mrfst help--every body must buy a bond. Buly? Yes. i know you are busy. So are our boy* in pursuit jof the Germans They have given up everything at home, they are J enduring- hardships, and many of them are laying'down their lives for us. Can we be too busy to give just ofie whole day for I them ? Two things we must do: First, see that North,, Carolina goes far "Over the Top Second, make sure that the j great mass of our people- show their loyalty bv buying bonds. There must be "A BOND IN I EVERY HOME The Tick is Here Y»t * . V~^ — 1 • Why? Because certain live I stock owners have not cooperated { with us in building dipping vats |in their neighborhoods.l refer ; specially to Hamilton, I'oplar I Point and Goose N( f st Townships j m the upper part of the county, and Angetown in the lower part Dipping of stock in vats is the best method of getting rid of I ticks. If, however, it is impossi ble to get help, or t he expense of a vat is too great for the nuni- j tier of cattle in the community, ■ then arrangements should be j made to spray them. To do this properly a stock pen should be ouilt the size depending on the number of animals to be handled with one end leading into a nar row chute. -8 inches wider the posts bein s feet apart This chute can be built lo hold from 1 to 1 cattle. The panets ol chute should be of boyrds not mote l han '> lueboK'uide, t he our lower they are adds the ease of sprayo)',' Where the ma terial,ison hand achiile can be bail few bouts, so that no one cm be excused for not being prepared lor the next dipping season, winch comtpences April I, 1 !U!l As I will be absent from the County for a month or more, Louis 11. Peel will be in charge, and should In consulted right now with c■ I erent'i • In the building of_vats or chutes. Ills phone number i> 1 .">M ", Williamston, Joseph O'llare. Mo -i-v \ n 1 lunning; John iok Tom took, Henry Craw- Y-. 1 r Cr.iv'ord and Jim j,/a! |e'» 'PiiesJay for Cam-p Piriiit on the house boat. TUey expect to be about ten days on the trip,' 'theAyealher is idi'fll for l.unting -ami the- prospects are good for a heavy bagging . Notice .1 lir\ ii . | i,11:J11 d iM . .it'ii njam ds, I-I tie •I I fsill .. 111 '. n...'" ill tsi-il . Nolli. 'ts lureln .J'l,\eli lo all . pel-Oil luil 11>l>.• efa ills a; auisl ol 1 I'.s-ta'e to p , S-. I hem I" I In' 101 ii-i -igiit'i I !i II ' |':,i\ IllVtlt oil ii! —oXi—..iLli- dy y_of_ S- 't e 11111. ■ 'it. ■' ■ i l ll - "'.li will I a . ' II li I . ' • \ I ' . \,l pi' l Sol.'-' lit''. d lo said Kstate ■o. ii-.jtit-sleo to niade Hi'in. ill, ite pav """ - ' \ I ['llls iotii dak »'l Sepletllllfl, Ills j n r / ii li ■.Ulan. ISO I ICI; 11 V !11 > ~!!.• Ill' • I ' lilt -I ripo.oi the I .-.late of D! j tlj 'a ii -! a cIM '1 Nolit e l !'ea l'\ ii\ "I • a!l pel senr. h«»l la"' I'Ui'.. thein to the II «i«Ic-isif*iiesI toi payment on IM belop» t lu- 2 i «lav of Sept loiy 01 notice p'eatl brfoie live Imi of 1 Hen re .»\er \ \1 i t »ei son 'U« to ■- *-n\ \ Fslille are .ie«pi«Vtc i to .make ltiJ'i e 'lati p«>- j tneiH ■ > ■' ■ Mils ii «la\ ot Sept". !>!*. ■ii, \ W Wi h nn»ml, I l a j I xecutoi. i Littleton College I i '1 v\ lit Ol lli'.ll . c|ri II it I IJ» Ills . 1 1111 illllt'l 1111 11 11' 111 i 111 pi OV t'lllt'll Is. ! --ill .iiiiiii i. session villi ln'goi St pti mlit i •si li ,f I 111 •I• 11 11 . U . 11111 s 11 . 11 I■ 1 1 I . 11 . I - i I o _ .lis.l lot | i.i 141 • lii.ii S , ..111 II II iI If oil S 1.,. 1.11 I 'Me II■I .1 I lit Vll s |uh'. r.,„„U 4 ., i itil- g i.O, ■f Addi. i» J M Kill (DCS. I mletnii. N i Tfflt II SALE The John A. Purvis . iki, JU! jjoinihtr .lule Purvis I r.n_ n _ SpfinlT TtTPrnT I'i 5 ar-r*-. j C.leart'd: higlY .t t tjle !,o ■ ; ; I residence; 3 tobacco tiarr. good -atahles; new tehant h >.ise; one reef mule: all stable fertilizer, one half barrel paint. This farm is five miles from "Everett, five ' miles from Robersonville and five from Hamilton. Good Farm ( i Splendid locality. 1 ..Apply to Leslie Fowden [ Everett, N» C. Dr. G.C.Godwin., PHYSICIAN Dunning At Moore • I'oriner Oftcti Lcggett Building Telephone* No. 161-2 and ; 161-3 NOTICE Having qualified as Admtuistratrl jmp ! on the Hstate of Delia Thomas deceased Notice i* hereby j»iven to all persons» holding elaitiiH imiil Km ate to j present.Uirtn lu tin* iinrlci *>ii' tie« 1 for pay liient on or before tin* gth «IHS of 1919. 01 this nolle* - will l»e plewl in the }>Hr of their recover * All p«« HOIIH unit* (e«l to are reoncstrrt t«* 111 .kt- Ulliiieil late pay liient. This ijth «IM• '•!>: * iS IJ//.IK THOMAS A«1 in 1 x NO IICK ' Noitli Caiolina Miirtui (. oiitity This Is to notify all creditors and the {>ll lilK' Hint tin- Watts Oarage, doiup t'.s l/usine sat Will lamston, N.'C . com posed of H. K. Itarnlnll Wheeler Mart m. Mi. IV M ilile) . II H (">.»eii and J W Watts, has lieen illstolvcd, and li K harnliill is the Hole awiiri of the H atli; ; (.arage now. utnl th it B Itarnhill is rcsponsilde for all the debts of the liusi |j ness. J W, Watts li. K. Ituinhtll. II 11. Coweii, | Me. H. Mobley, ' Wheeler Mar in I - Money to Loan On keal lislate From Or.e Thousand Up " For Five to Ten Years Critcher A: Critcher K. P. BUNCH Agent For _ Carolina Metal Shingles VViili.-n: • '' Phone 170 vlrs. Matti' 1 . ptrller Duoltir 111 i OhNEKAL Ml kJIlAMtis | Also a full lire "f wall paper. Ih'.nr 1.-, "Ml I N Skcwarkcc rNil 90 - h /X y\ j, Skewarkee Lodge No. 90, A. F 1 & A. M.rtrri'rts- ©wry-Ytsmnd and fourth Tuesday night at Hi o'clock. l\OHCI: Hating ijualilii 'l us- a«liuiui'tiatoi "I 1 , j lonl he Kstate of Mis Sal lie C jj ILFCLVIS •! Not U-' I-. IH "VIVT.LI L«» !•'} I ! person*. - a^.nnsi j list ate lo urcseui ihein to tin- mi lei 'i* n i ff| fin "lyim nl mi im In-fore lh»* \'*«l "I i | Sclent bei i)J«fo» tins notice \M!I B" j j plead i.i bai of then iccovetv. Ml pel -.oils indebted to sal'l Folate are M ■ leipicslt «l t«» make inline liate pawneiit >nl dau of Sept i^iS S, \V, MANN I Nr. I Notice North I'arolina, Mai tin County. j i 111 T'he Superior Court lief' ie The Clei k. i I ttuieka Luntbei Coup uv. I Vt it loner Vji i J M Green, Janu s Slieppard, A 1). j . lladle\ . ,rt, I'eele, C. It, 1 lur i ison, 11 |£ 11 Kul >r.son, Wheeler Kogersoti. J l,CKnett, H , \V. heKgett. J. li Whitaktr. J A Ro luii k. J K Davenppit J W ' Chauneev, N. A Howell. I'av.etU' Kveiette, J A. lliittaiH Aaron Mi/ell. Not .1 and Suutftloiis: To Whom ii May On.oern: The parties ahove named, and all! others inteiested, wi'l'takr n i.livt- tlini [ oil the 28(1I, das ut June IgiS tile aliove ! naliitil |>etitioner tiled;* jwtitio.. Ivi Uu l l oHie«f «»f llie.Clcfk of ike. »U4k'ri«'i romt j ol Martin County* Nollh Caiidina, to | have the title to rertntn lands theieiii desirilH-d, rt'^lslt-i I'd and cmilirniid i pursuant lo Cliatiti-i 4 i I'uhltr l,av*s i I j i^ias amended, ami that soiiimo' v i lias lieen issued, leiioii ili.e nit-i 4 iiii' ol ; floe of the Clerk ol- the Superior I'ou.ij of Martin County. «• . Hie ."xii •'«. •■! ; | August 191 K. wllliii slid r«-1 ii r■! ' ii. I I Ii) siippleinental oi-ler lierem; is • . • ! ttlllleil to thcl4th I n lit I>l I li. I I ,r-i * liit tsM> o'clock m he .• 11«• i inn»>i >.i ) Imnl is lioiimleil as i II l-'irst tiaet: Itoum id mi i.lio N.i ill In i t he lands of J . II I. I'l-' 1 , nn Hi I'.'-i i. J and Ninnluast l»> I'.nAv. i Men* I Grkss Swamps, n'ii i i-11 1 Ii I' > l.iiuilier t oiup u v and J W v'h.i- - » 'on the Southwest >4ll-1 sv is'. T a 'i s . i Creek..j lo'i li'i- k .ind vOi--*, roij j ta'nsiti) 'i. "• I Seeim .i. -i .«. ad,, d n'i 'lo- Nil' land No lienor li\ i* A I'iei* l ,11 ij : v OL. .I*. i l> iiKCisoii .i .iI T iv Kei s».i' oil l h i' I*. ist 11 y Jam s Slip I .piiil. tin lite S .ah i'st t>\ i\ .11 1 1a'* •' i a till- V.itt A. l'eel, liiiit tiling -iS aer« s i ~ . j T'litril n i l. I!6uiiilei| oil the North In '.TTiifSretrcra'i tTr-Kmr-try-f - -HM iiii-'ilie siui'li I>v J A Hiulaiu a,. . the W - 1,1 J' A. iSiiitufi ; comt itn tup 4v .S aell s h WUteh sat I lauds are ■ more fully iU- • Ismljed, h> "melts nil Ijoumls,. in tile petition and imp filed therewith; auil the adjoining lauil owners 'are those liereiualftive honied Notice is given that u(>on the return j day of said summons, as now fixed by j this- Supplemental order, to-wit, Octo ber 14th, 191S, [letitoner will aak that 1 the same lie referred to an H*atniner of iTnl««, auil that H» title be rej{>»t«''e l and confirmed. ' Giveu uudei ruy band aud official, | seal, this 19th day of August, 191H". R. I Peel Clerk of tbe Supeii ir Court of Martin County. | B—l3 — 8 wka. We Carry at all a Complete Stock of Metalic and Wooden Burial Caskets Latest Designs ANDFRSON, CRAWFORD A CO. I i JsSSi HAIISON ML) COMPIJNV i l Rohl. i. Harrison - Geo. H. Harrison, |i Selling your tobacco on the ! Williamston market means that you are getting every penny it will bring. When in ji town be sure to visit our music store and look at our Pianos- Victrolns, etc; they are the finest made and our prices are right ! M.M. I!AYNES,SALES MANAFIEL, ■ | Next to post office Williamston i Watts Garage The Only Authorized _____ » +-z r ■■■ • - {•••• ■ 4»> *—* - —**■*- Agency in Willinmston. We earry u Complete Slock of (icnuinc Ford Pipts Storage Catteries Repaired and Repaired Your Repair Work will Receive Prompt , Attention Here i We Sell Kifick, Ford and Saxon Cars IMione 201 YY illiamston, N. C. ji THE BANK THAT LIVES UP TO ITS POLICY ; ? « y-K " rV • "! :/,[*}. ' • ' - A '''' ' We are very definite,in our ideas of what bunk owes to its '• upon exactly the same tooting-entitled to all the service we can institutions Jhto ■ BSB Bf* ' and' meet your requirement? to the fullest degree. You may be sure j 0 ffiß j 'flß If IM/ that w hat we can legitimately do, within the bonds ot rational reason WM | g \ V '" .* lM ' x a difterenie hi banks ll' : tJB jRHIi-Hl Farmers and Merchants Bank .. p*} : 111 N I». BIGOS, President " K (~ HARRISON, Cashier C. I), C ARST ARPHEN, V-Pres, iiil,l)KßT I'I.EL, Assi. Cashier R. W SALISBURY, V-Pres. TURNER T. GRIMES, Asst. Cashier C.D. CARSTARPHEN.Jr, Bookkeeper ALMA SPARKS, Stenographer Flowers For All Occasions -on Short Notice Especially For Funerals I Represent The Hammond Co., Richmond Mrs. Martin, Rocky Mount W. H. GURKIN Williamston.- N C Used Autos FOR SALE r* We have seven used Ford cars for sale at reasonable prices. 'These cars have been thoroughly over hauled and are in good condition. See Rome Biggs S. R. Biggs Motor & Iron Works We Sell Your Farm, City or Subu The Atlantic Coast Realty Company Produces Quick and Profitable Results Our t>uiinets is selling farm, city und suhurimn property l»y auction —tbat we kmow how is emphasized by tlie letters >f appreiiation we receive from evrry one wf our clienti. We Subdivide ;ind Sell at Auction All Kinds of Prop erty With Satisfaction to Both Buyer and Seller. - / Completely equipped with an efficient corpwof public,ity experts, accurate gurveyeryp energetic actioni era ami tales'fuue. OuKj>ictliuU have won tlie confidence o| llie pulilii. If rite for cur representative wJio will iomt to you authorized to a t. He uill submit you a liberal contract. If'e guarantee satisfaction. Our booklet explaining our methoeir will be tent ufion request. FARM SALES OUR SPECIALTY TERRITORY UNLIMITED ATLANTIC COAST REALTY COMPANY The Name that Justifies Your Confidence PETERSBURG, VA. —OFFICES GREENVILLE, N. C. Reference: Any Bonk in Petersburg, Va. or Greenville, N. C. ; i

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