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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, November 29, 1918, Image 2

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PThe Ente ,mse A County New spa pr . ■ weekly at the Con of Martin b; W. C. MANNING. Edi• • & Owner f SUBSCRIPTION H TES One Year '' ,W M ! Six Mouthi> Sol Three Mouth* "> ! Strictly Cash In . mttr Entered »l thr Fo»i Ofhc- • ■* N. C M Seconal Class Mm Address all Commr at ions to THE ENTKK St-.. Williamslon c. FRIDAY, NOVEMIM' ,;I1 " MUST INCREA! nifli •:.« America Culler - hv I .ml of the \N art? P' Added M '"» s STILL NEEDI '"NOMV with tlio guns In ' we have now to consn food situation. Ilut , . " ' "" hope that the volume emu be lightened, to 1 " gr4b with the cjjsantn Millions of people lib Prussian yoke are upufc us.for the food them from starvation. With food tho .tail' It possible for the ' racy to hold out to \. IUIL-'".- democracy In the wot tlnue to live simply ■ may supply those lit" Europe with food peoph inevitably American food niust i . . v .ri;' of tanking the world • tor imcy. Last year we seat. . ions ,lf ' feod to Europe ' lor with only Uie 10uro|i... We hod originally pa■ v ' •••=•.- !«• a program that won' otir exports to 17,rio* to feed the liberate' 1 ». i iti. have to export a :>i i: 20,000,000 ton* pr;i l • I'ii.ifr --. of loading capacity i I ■■ ! •- l: ' ▼lowing the world 1 find that some food-. - in quantities worJd needs under »-•».. nomical consujnptioi hand, there wlli t ahortages In some mi --.t • "■••• ■ties. Return, to. Norma ' id Lo'.if. With tln> eulltlf, .11 imps which Apierlcnn fur* 4 and tha bupplii-s of • . n.i. n . Ai gentian and other m alble to shipping, hi. grains enough to en. • i ; turns :« return to their i" ~ provided wo eonum a high percentage . \' rii*-; urn mid maintain economy 1 • i nig and .the ; avoidance of waste- In fats there will 1.e., . > «l,orl ago about :i,ow,»> . p>.in ! pork products, dn vegetable oils. Wh.' > > wiji l" a, shortage of about ;i n tuns] —: -iB rich protein . —iLuU. "ill- [ m&l* tliere will 1" • : upjili«--i | of other foodstuffs t. • . • .•oi.i.mlt I . consumption. In the matter of 'tie world H | mippUui are limit' '! V . opi.eity of the available relr., . ship- The I supplies of beef \ i Mm Ar i , gentlne and the I'M fident to biad tlu - be a shori-w." 1 n t. triee, bat wt ciiiiui exports materially In view of the be 1 porta don. We will have « - f ••(.> "f augur to allow Hi l ll 4hls country if tie i o. tnir their present s i.• t■ • i.- m In crmse them onlj countries of lCurop »...■ lu crease their prasen torial extcpt wll) in ..e or lair lQg a part of our unh them. Twenty Million us of Food. Of the world u>i —.... IUJJ .'uutxa-a will furnish mo.'e ' ' if) ;, i- cent. WTOW-SK; :rrrmrrr Indies, will bo'euii> t> 20,000,00U tons of f- ' k tids'es compared With our «-.r e-i nrts •! about 6,000,100 let.^ While we will he en. ii„■ ... out program in mans pis, e>,n i, casual survey of in' i| ■piles in comparison to a "• iin.■ - >nows conclusively that > •j • ' I 1.11• ■ famine unless tin i \; pe..pie bring their home 'ip i 'i. i, down 4o the barest minin ' nt * main* t»in health and str t There are condl' s f »jnui.e In Airope that will hi ...i .mr po»i>r to remedy- There -imxniiKio p)e in North Itu> . I tin-re is 4MIHII chance of r. i w-ith food tMe winter. 'lbe .itispoi iinuni is donorallr.ed In eon ~ ■■ uniiiih\, alnl •hortly many of t . ports will be Croaen, even if • f-ml transport could be realized. To Preserve vilization. At thU moment • t nai.y has not alone sucked ithe and from all rlioai ma sof pCMpu- sia h«» dominated am tffktarvhig. but mfZ 'Of SOCIBI fti" !t 1 II!V I -ttrH ma mi of people Is ir confronted witl; abeolute anarchy. If we value our n safety aud^thi firinl organization the world, if \n value the preserve n of ri\iiiz:itioi itself, we cannot pt it growth-of tha «.innf in tha world v . itnis. —— U- " Kunlne la the 1 her of anarchy 7n>m the InaMlity BOvernmenU fi ■aeon food for t ir people grow revolution and cha From 1111 ablltt to oapply their pc> e grows Stabiilt at government am he defeat of ai a#*y. Did we p it on no hlghe JIMBB than our in *st» in the pre itnSa* Of our in* utiona, we mm WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK ' Plymouth, N. C. ? I 9 I S IJ. II IlKl N K 1.1 N , President M | Sill I.MAN, \'o. I'rrM.t.-M! \\ li \\ AT I'S, ( ~! CAPITAL $ 20 000 SURPLUS AND PROFIT $ 10,000 / 1 ) I rti-ml ami. I'-i! '> m ], , ,„,W |iar\ -t.a'v inn and von w ill >ooti Uvni t> market v«mr ;|| . j utj- KI,M i \! r.l k ! u \, iil ,i aKva\ •> p.lmlh c.asli vour checks |,| n-, .R X 1,.1NK iimv.lnii AIPTT. J ( ..; ll "tTv'-uliftl vi>u" to TOT US ML YoTijr , ■ 1,,; I \nil: UIAL II.HIP TO our WMV. '!J , -I i ... |. ,! - IJ Vliii ~ I>V|">-1 1»1 S oil llaVf !l llicllll \vl|o|| i: ~i , II- v. .iil! I'.:iill." lure it \on would ask ! j i, . ;. , , in ii. hi. in: i >i. \ iitir-- to our list >! '. ! ■ 'i~i h i V'il! .(.'i'i/\ « M \TY I'.ANK. I'l.V [| |l i |! I, , |. ;!.! tin . : ; li 1011 lo colllt ill rIK lit I ~ l>v |iii i. , ,IP .. 11 -' ■ «~i 'I! • OIK aim lo plea-., as well as to |jj i I I . i, ;I, ,t IIIIIMIIP.IIII'- I Mil . tiieielit work ill J' lorce ditcc I [ I , i, . .HI.I ■ : 'is J" i:it tit •:I.11.• IIIP | • issiliU ~ l11, _ 1,1,1.1. IN \i HI In.u U HANK can help ,~, ~ ... | ~,, . MI I'.-I' in.if': M lii-ui-. \Vc all make inonev , ... , i) (i ■i ' 111. in s ,*i \ i apa I t ol volll in i, ,:ih n - . i■' n-i i.;i lierkinr: "t Sa\mp a. f« unit j j , , (. . mi|~ ,|l||l T 'i 1 i -1.l t tel I X oil S.l\ I IIJ. 1 sot L'erl ill ~T . i \, ,■' ~ , ,ii'i i,, k. .-p \ out ,iiiolir\ salcK and . • ~ 11 ,i, "1. 11 too .itj \ liaiil in Ihe com . ~ A ii |• id s 'Hit .i' 11.11 il« j i -11 'C-| s .ni«l Hive h.iip.i. 11oii 11 • ■ oi i li.iri'e , 11, I.i 11 . ILL 1: II \N K \I 11 K HANK. — \IHI I - TITSEI \ , *' i-M-r-• VWv -iiixi. I. i\ I oi . r\ II \M. . \\ I! Watts, t.islip. r 3 in fiiitfi It 1.A1!;;! irti >' ! liIVL! TESTHBUsIt V,; Ist* •„ Srvi. Her Trou j I.! , ; nli She fi >'j ( t . -J J*'v"si*v wo '.bs. Sinot ' u'ving i i • w. ll 1 ! „ I' ,i; " v '••• ' 1 —-j—r 'a. * —:j—-Ml nufrU * i *' i .lis ' ■ 1 »'* 1 \ IH « ' .\i i'iil 11■:. ■ in il I' ins It ' ' • 'li 1.,; All U .;:iil|i'i! ! A t\ '.\II 11 ■ - - a.' •' iMS I• • ; > ■i ~j, ':• i i.'l Mi'r ~H':ii rIKM i in.i tie n n litum Ui|-ihh'|i. 'i |i u . IIV - ! • Tun!: • afti-iv V'n . v i-L- l hail Jii !.■ • b' l 1 M •!• :11• !!• ' ' J--\' j i ;l - i >ii,;i' A'.; tnii. ( j is . »■(.*: I 1 I ■• I l u'll'ii'"' | I'm -"J - i .-f i'i - ' i' \ I lint I i'i • i. i . , ■ 1 ■ i •"i ■ i 1 | . .1,1 ' . .11!. I r i;i . nr.r I 1' ti.M- in' v ' 1 v i '■ l;u' ;«i"l , I *v:..s - •' :'ri-r.l ■ result Tin- tirst t" ! r s '•' r» lie. -51' S" I • I'll ' :l1 • ••• ,i I . - I ' I"' • ' ' ■ u •1 , ~ ' - , .:i r... . .v I ' , . V.uf : iif ' ' tli'S : | .v. . i;... J beyui.. .U J.'...J. llw; "i".i j i aim ! i.ll"a vv»' "" U'i I • I ciiuM t sav !■ I • ti'ii' ' 1 Y.., :,r. 1 : r tins (IS I U ..-I '" . ' r l P T • ft'i s- vv itll H i .. I. . .1 tl x i , Tanlai' i Voir s rosiitytt'iul\. , ,Vr- I, !• \\ .'.lst,in I ■■ ,- : v. i c\r!'.l.-!Vfh | „ "• '•> l "•r s |{ i r |', v I Ir.IV '■ . 'I K"!i"t 11 1 '• villi hv « I. ' .• - : i'm !!:>...'! r, ■: t hr S: ' ~'| ; *' ,' T- s |" >;nv ■ it . In I i l.iiV 11:!rr.• li. ] ' 1 y-f.i. Ir Ml 111 '^V... &'i "f!" •.. «VJf J. * '..if. - »>• I «» J. s .. t OPI i. )t i Norji> i'uli!ic v y» 'i M .• • ■ - N M i. •. ( it !" . . ip I Ants.'. 1 'or u Carolina /VUtai Shinglta j. W illiamsUm. N. C Phone 170 to - ■ VH j •■'** " l!l m& ~ - T*** "". 111 1,1 "" JJ Mrs. .MLittk Speller n- * . v - D«rtl«p li» M MHKCHANDIS ro- j JJ* Also a fall line of wall I fbooe si Wlllltt inaion. N C i- . ~ ' \ ' - •• SAVE 16.000.000 BUSHELS OF WHEAT THAT FORMERLY | S WAS LOST IN THRESHING r Farmerß, Urged by Food Admtnistra lion, Provide Seven Extra Loaves of Bread fur Every American. I!; iiil"tilinK i li'HUiT llin sliltiK meth ods unit lij lilcrnlly roiubliiK harvest \ HetOs in Kulher irrntn formerly wasl ' eil. I tiiesheriMi'li 1.1J.K1 f(ULiiern i»f ...the- i 1 Slulfs Hits .M'lir KUVP(] fully !t. in»i,it»i l.iiHliets >f w tieiit, estimated I MI. ■ iinl\ nlent tn irltoul seven one-poinul luiixrs or hrenit for every person In / flu- country. 'J'iits result, aeeotupiiuted j I". > "i-orri's|HiniHni;" 'SSM'lißs of hurley, ont>', i>' Mint iilln'i ynilns, Is shown by j reports tVi'iii -i'i yinin to tin' tJ. j S I'oint t■II I nlxt in f lon.. Other sin t'Os. ; uftli>U|sh not prepui'i'it to Jiirutsh ctetl | nito ltKures of eoiisi'l'vntion In the (iriiln Ileitis, report freally reduced j tuirv est- lossoM This ruin I f""d Having iielUeveinent, I liecoinplistied 111 aenr'M'ly six months' j time, wns In (Hi-oil ivspons*; to R'- ijllesim • liv the. l''o««l Adinlnlstrtitlon, wtii. li nskeit fanni rH anil tliresliernten | TPTi'Thirr" trnrvesM Io .hi's from about i :;' 4 per eent. the osl limited nvottiKO ! in I' linn's to 'lie lowest I lilr minimum Coinitrj Kralu thresh I iiiK coniinilti'i'S eurried into every I uriun j.rowJng coiiiiiiiinity the ottlclut 1 l*'>r neeotnpllslilnc j Hie results desired. )n nlllm*ioils Ins anees drivers of j raeks wilii Iriiky l "iloins Were seijt j fro-ii llii' Ileitis .to lepnir tlietr equip- i mei.t n I frj'i|iienn.v had order thresh- j nig imiciiines were stopped until the j '•uu.-- "t wasie wus rinioved. Hut in | |iroporti"ii to tile number of persons . iiMit'cl in Kftiherlni: the nation's grain i-rop. i uses of roioi'iilsiun were eoni- | liaralivcl) lure. The ■ Kood Aduilnls- j 11 Ml lon freely iiltrlbuies the SUOCess of liic tlireshlni; lunipalpn to pa- | 1 irioile service by farmers, thresher- ] men mill ttielr crews. Ineideiitully ; urm.'i growers of the flitted States are . i iiuiny 1 1 111 lions of dollurs "In pocket" j as u result of the tjiu'" saved. NO ONE SUFFERED HERE. The mcj i'l of our voluntary food- j | ruvini:. now tlmt we ure "getting i"e ki::.s,- !» tlmt no one ever actually an) luirilshlp from, It; Unit \ V . ' r *'iiV« r li t'li-i iii liealfn and spirit I u'n i I ciicr salislit'd with ourselves be | .hi use oi oio frieiiiiiy iclf-denlai. I'ood control in America held the I price of nlTs steady, prevented | \li b,us' speculation and extortion uud j preserved tranquillity at home. In no other nation Is there so willing j a sense of \nluutary self-sacrifice as | in America that was shown lu the absiini icc from wheat j Kim! more wheat. It ennie; more j pori,. ii came; save sugar, ii \MIS done. So Anieeicaiis.nnswcred the challenge | of Ijerinnn star*lltlou. (Jood will rules the new world as i • fe'.ii .'Vc; - eil the otit world. Through -Uiir.; .Vi.iciicu helps liiuke tile i I w lioir m' . in Ull:. i*>n,i! con', suttlciency from j .: jtUuiUi-i. —dii. on food nrlve#.-j ■T k:i s ■' till- Miniioii s full stjeiigth Mtr | else. I _______ titiirvation by (Germany otinllenged Hit i'lio- world; food conservation in | , ■ Auiericu answered the challenge. ) Kood conservation In A inertca has bcK'ii the triumph of' Individual devo • Uozi to tlie uatiooai cause, LOST.-On Halloween night ono oblong gold brooch with dia mond, in center. Finder please return to Mrs. T. R. Getsinger - and receive reward. 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I i sio>age Butte tics | Repaired and Repaired Your Ki. pair Work v. ill Receive Prompt , | Attention Here We Scii Buul, Ford and Saxon Cars Phone 201 Willianiston, N. ( -|—inwr i •. **L:*mjauto£*mi!Jmxt:,.intra ww'TM-f.mmiabT w.ti - . II " ft . ' . . : , . • ~ , R• T ' -.JF, ; - . :~ . - A WORD —— '" YOUN(; MEN " jsr.irt a hank account with us." It would not mean much to us hut it vafflfll I ' • would mean lots to them. What a recommendation it would he for | ' our tow n and count\ coulifcwe sav to the world that every young ip x " lily*'' - '-; man carried a hank account. It would he worth mure to the town 'ljfflS ! Mil }; v " RS' w|'• IgrUf'-. than to adversise we had the greatest college on earth. Young men r conn in and let us talk this over with you. ' lli—Si farmers Merchants Bank ■rffl Bil Hi ASSETS OVF.R $800,000.00 II Hal 1 »_ Bfc? Williamston, N. C. ' yi-'.— ■—I—JOHN D. BIGGS, President R. ('i. HARRISON, Cashier .^g C. i) r ARS ARPHEN, V-Pns. . GILBERT PEEL, Asst.Cashier ' • **' R V'- SALISBURY. V-PrTURNER T. GRIMES, Asst. Cashier ILL i C.U. CARSTARPHEN Jr. Bookkeeper. ALMA SPARKS, Stenographer r ' 1 • V. : ■ • Flowers For All Occasions I' on Short Notice Especially For Funerals I Represent The Hammond Co., Richmond Mrs. Martin, Rocky Mount W. H. GURKIN Williamsion. N. C. * ' - NOTICE / Lender and by Virture ot an br i der of tire Superior Court of M;Vtin C"Mnty made in the Spec ial proceedings entitled R. S. Council, ft .als, ex parte, the ® undersigned commissioner will on the 2Pth day of teecem,ber, 1918, at 11 o'clock A. M., on the the premises of the land herein, described *id the land form erly ovaried by friker Council near Oak City, N. C. ■ otter for sale to the highest bidder for cash the thr** tracts ol land described follows: g, FIRS-I TK AC 1 : Adjoining the lands of James K. Hvman, I-. R. j Brown, ct als, beginning at aj 1 s vv i- t n id in the said 1 C.i\ iVs bra- 1 . 1. R. R own's (..1 1 ICI 11 >llll ■• 1 \ IJ IT .now liis 1:» -1 - l • • 1 . 1.1 t down 11. aic I: , • ' H ■ . 1 • • 100 j. •J»*> to a !> •;!•■■ I'i • a- 1. | j'4ll n' •. a '"".v . h ..." 1 cr ' '.v n j 1 1,, - si id I 1 !v • i 1 ( ' aliK 1 a ad j 'I'IIOIM as (A "U 1i ; Ihrni cii IH-'.V.\ ma le line between laeui nona, .1 2 s c..-i 17'' p"U s. t'> a liylitwoml st i:i the Main | Road. 1 lu-ii' 1 aloni! tin- '..aid iroad ; ] 1 «1« i»«« 4 . wi*,l jo poles! north X.' degrees west X poles:' north 53 degrees west a£> poles: north 42 decrees w ■ st I 5! to a ligthw ■•>'! stake on the west, side of the road, the James R, Hvman corner; thence his line along .1 small drain, south 39 1-2 degrees west 11 poles; south 63 degreiv y •-! poles; south 75 degree wesi JO poles to £f" 'Bivk' (ium, the said Hyman's corner: , thence south .4 decrees west S8 poles to ( aner maple and gum; tin nee south 15 degree- west 44 pedes to ,i lightwood stump, IJrawn s 1 .II'HI 1 ; thenc^— / s^Tut h 4J poles; 1 »' theli 1 st si at ion, contain. 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Reference: Any Bank in Prterr>bur;. Va. or Granville. N C. —1» i ■ » SttoHD Ykac? Bfj?{rtnmg «t the bridgr •.icrprf'tne nad otid in said Cavi.i 8 brfloi-ii (UiihTtiiJ down the in Said branch the Mart run of the swamp; then tip the run of said swainp 28 poles to F. J. Harrell's corner! then his line south 30 degrees west 2*5 poles to a- lightwood stake, said Harrell's corner} thenee north 59 degrees west 117 , poles tail post oak, said Han el! s corner; thence south 36 degrees west 58 1-; poles to a stake, Jainee K. II y man's corner on the edge of the Main Road; then along the said road to the first Station, con taining 104 I-2 acres more pr lesjs. Thikk Tk Vc i Tnat tract-ad. joining the lands of I. J. Long, Zcl, Wliitehiirst," the fatul on wlii'li Mis. Aflollic Harrcli lived .n'tvl tli'e" i inds of ii. s. Council, |i • ntainidg 95 acres more or less., and known as the Bell land, and ji>--rngtlie viiik land purchased by I'. S. C"Uti(Si Uiiin Dux, of rec jnt .j in bool. R 1A R . )uge 299, .1 n>! piici iias;-d by'/R. S. Council ilium O;.. ,ir Jones, ol record in l; iolv K k K at page 261. j This lyti) day of November, lol\ t>, A. Critcher, Commissioner, Notice Having qualified us executors upon the Rstate of W. H. Hill deceased; No tice in hereby jjiveu '° a " persons hold ing o' ltuis against said Estate to pre sent them to the undersigned for pay ment on or before the 19th day of Nov. it) 19. 01 th s notice will be pleat! in bar of recovery. All persons indebted to said Kutat are requested to make immediate pay 111 en t Tim 19th day of November, nyi.S. Alexander Hill *V- Wm. A. Hill t 11 22 fit Rxecutcr

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