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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, November 29, 1918, Image 3

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, waaascammaMaaaft Sk warkee Lodge No. 90 Si 'warkee Lodge No. 90, A. F' i A. M., meets every second and fourth Tuesday night at 8 o ci- k. [S tice of Sale of Land tin and by virtue of the authority cont ;d in a certain Deed of Trust ex ecut on the ltth day of February, lSilB Joe Williams and wife, Bettle Will ma, registered in the Reg ister' of Deeds office of Martin Con'i ii Book N l. at page 58, to se cure payment of a certain bond of even to therewith, and the stipule tiom >ai.| deed of trust not having bseu uiplied with, and at the request of ll rties interested, the undersign ed tr v-e will on Monday, the 16th dav ■oi 1). oilier, 191H, at i2mo o'clock m. in tic of Ihe courthouse door of Mar tin I ity, C.. offer at pnbli :-ale to the highest b'dder for cash ' following described real estate A 1 11 the Town of Williauiston, N. C. bo id 011 the,north by the lands of Mue. lliggs, and by the lauds of Mi *elte (s on e«st; the land of Delia Rugt, t. tile south, and the lands of Delhi iqfs 011 the west, containing ,'-4 *>f ai .e more or less, and being the ■■saint' >;>ertv conveyed to the said Joe Willii .by S>lve*ter lfassell. Tli jth dav of November, 1918. Wheeler Marliu, Trustee. ! Fl SH FERTILIZERm ANNOUNCEMENT V ; • -0 .. • • ; To the Farmers of North Carolina This is to advise that we have purchased the largest menhaden fteh ' inj factory in the north located at Hicks Island, Long Island, New York an 1 taken over a lease on a large menhaden fishing plant at Lewis, Del. • ; ■ ' , ,% In taking over these northen plants, we have secured several thousand toi sof fish scrap in addition to scrap we have allready made in North Ca olina. * " .'*v The North Carolina plant, Hicks Island plant and the Lewes, Deleware .plknt, * .. ' ha* ; handled to September first, igtß over iQ5,000 barrells of lish, with a net profit to * , thi: company of over 5v.50,000. We catch more fish, and a better grade of fish, during the fall filing in Carolina, than at any other time of fh£ year. We regard the sei> ton as only abouf one-half over on September Ist. The combined capacity of these plants will permit us to supply the North Carolina farr ers with more fish scrap annually than they have ever heretofore had the opportunity to • ' / ' ' seci_e. . Write us how you can secure your fish scrap at wholesale prices. ' - v ' & ' - . ' • . * . , 0 " ~ *" "T . a J v THEFISHERES PRODUCTS COMPANY '. . Wilmingtoji, North Carolina NOTICE Having qualified as AdtiiialstfatOr Upon the Estate of Joseph L Lassiter de ceased; Notice ia hereby given to til persona holding claims against said Ea tate to present them to the undersigned for payment on or before the 26 day of Oct. 1919, or this notice will be pled in bar of their recovery. All persons iudebted to acid estate are requested to make immediate payment. Thia 26 day of Oct. 1919 Mc, G. Taylor H-t-6t Administrator. Come to ses B. S. COURTNEY Sole Agent tor EDISON'S I * PHONOGRAPHS New Records always on hand Money to Loan On Real Estate From One Thousand'.Up For Five to Ten Years ; Critcher & Critcher FOR SALE.-One 191# model Ford car for salt* Needed closed car for winter reason for selling Dr J. S. Rhodes. NOTICK Having (justified as Administratrix it|>on the Kstate of Me D Mohley de ceased; Notice is hereby givan to all V>ersons holding claims against said Ksiate to preseut them to the undersign ed for |>ayment on or before the 2j day of Oct. 1919, or tftia notice will be pled in lrtr»®f their recovery. All peisous indebted to said listate are requested to make immediate payment This '5 day of October 1919. Lena c C. Mohley 11 1 6t Administratrix, F()il BAlJkOne peanut picker complete with powet"; Good con dition. Terms easy. J. B. Cherry & Brd. R. F. D. 3. Phone W ANTED.—One Rood milk cow. G. W. Coltrain. Ford car for sale; good as new. C. C. Todd; Tarboro: N.C. f NOTICE* Under and by virtue of an order of •ale made in the special proceeding en titled G. T. House et als., to the court on the day of October, 191H, in which ord?r F. C Harding was appointed com missioner of the court to sell '.lie land described in the petition on the 9th liav of Novemb-r, 191K, and said land not having been sold vi said dale ilue to the unavoidable absence of the commis sioner; Hiid nil otder having been - ale by R. J. Perl Cleik o' the Superior Court of Martin countv, no (he 18th dav of November, iqtß, anthoriiiqg anil em powering the said F C, Harding. Com missioner: to re advertise said laud for fifteen days and sell the same upon the same terms ami conditions as in said former order—l shall on Friday, the 6th day of December, 1918, offer for sale at public auction at the court house door in Williamston, at i 2 o'clock ni., to the highest bidder for cash the following d e scribed tract of land: Beginning at a pine and three(j) gums chopped pointing aud being near the John Best South-east corner; running from said corner South 44 West 89 11- 2.S pole* to a atooping pine; thence North 46 West 89-15 poles to a pine; thence North 44 Bait a pine in the John Hest line; thnce along said line South 46 Fast 89 11 -35 poles to the beginning, containing Fitty (5o) acres, more or less. F. C. Harding Commissioner. This November iHth, 1918. 4t NOTICE Having qualified as Adminis tratrix upon the Estate of Reuben T. Roberson deceased: Notice is hereby given to all persons hold ing claims against said Estate to present them to the undersigned for payment on or before the 31 day of October 1919, or this notice will be pled in bat of their recovery. All persons indebted to said Estate are requested to make immadiate payment. This 31 day of October, 191 H. Annie Roberson, ( 10 l-6t Administratrix , rtbtlce of Sale •. *ir bm'er and by virtue of the.mithonty contained in a certain Deed of §"rust ex - ecuted on this 4tK day of March 1916, by ■ J. H. Riddick and wife, Fafiuie Riddick and registered in the Register's of Deeds office for Martin County in Book N-I, at page 362, to secure the payment of a certain bond of rten date there with, and the stipulations in said deed of trust not having been complied with and at the request ot the parties interest ed, the undersigned trustee will on Mon day and day of Deeemher,* l4!»S, at li:oo M., at the courthouse, door of jtfartin County, Williamstoti, ■ C., offer at public sale to the highest bidder for cash the following described real estate Beginning at S|>ear Knight's corner, thence along his wc>tern Hn to his northwest corner: thence the same course continued in the old Martin now the Williamson !.oid and Improvement Co line: thenc«- snuthwcstlv 'along an old fence road to 'lie -utns in Mas sell's line; th> nv'i- idoMk; riaHsell's and Ma o's line to tfv contain ing three ) iirie* rti"ie or less and lieing the deeded finm M I, Mayo to the Williamston Land and Improve ment Co,, of tecorl in ine I'utJic Regis try of Martin County in Book O.' O. O. at page 165 Saving and ticeptiujj the the following desert tied property, which by J, 11. T Riddick to Kliaha Clemens, under date Jan. 23, 1915, of record in the Public Registry of Martin Couuty, iu book XX G-I, page 337, descrttied as follows: Begiuuttig on the southeastern corner of S. R.. Riddick's ne at an iron atob; nitiniug' thence in a northwest course to Brown Street, a corner; thence along Brown Sjjeet to an an iron stob, thence iu straight line to the beginning. This 30th day cf October, 191s, Wheeler Martin, jr. 4'rustee. 11-8-16 Notice Having qualified as Adminis trator upon the Estate of (Jeo. I, |).tniel deceased; Notice is here-J by K' v *n fo all persons holding! claims against said Estate to pre sent tliem to the undersigned for payment tin or before the 7th day of November 1 919, or this notice will l>e J'ar (V their rr covei v. r '% " All pen&ons iii(frtold to sahf Estate Ui make i 111 mediate payment. This ;th day of November 1918 S, W. Casper Ad 1 nr. 6-t * ■JWUi'yt.UlßliLi km' ■ n I>■ lii iii ayp Notice Having qualified as Administratrix C. T. A. upon the Estate of W A. Fleming deeeased; Notice is hereby given to all persons holding claiimstagainst sai Es tate to present them to the undersigned for p-vment ou or^before the sth day of November 1919 or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said Estate are requested to make immediate psy ment. This sth day of November 1918 Elizabeth B Fleming Adrox. C. T. A. 6-t NOTICE Haviftg quail tied as Adminis trator upon the Estate >J John A. Bennett deceased; Notice is here- Iby given to all persons, holding claims.against said Estate to pre sent them to the undersigned tot payment on or before the tßth day of October 191901 this notice will be plead in bar of their re covery, All person indebted tn said Es. tate are requested to make tin mediate payment, elav ol October,' 191S W, H Bennett Administrator for John A, Bennett 6-t Notice Having qaulified as adminis tratrix of the estate of the late Geo. W Corey, notice is hereby given to all persona indebted to the said estate to make settle ments thereof without delay, and to all persons holding claims against the estate to present them to me for payment within one year from this date, or this notice will, be pleaded in bar of their recovery This November 12, 1918. Ella Corey, Administratrix. Notice Having qtialiflud us Adntinist t a tor upuji ilte Estate of W. II ll.u ristui deceased Notice is hereby given to all persons holding claims against said Estate tc present Vhrui to the undersigned f„ r payment on or before the ,utn .Uv ~t tk tobei 1 1 >D» or this i\utice will he plead in bar of thoii recovery. AH persons indebted to said '•state to make immediate" payment I his Ist day of October 1 «->l s. J antes II Harrison, Adininistrutor. Farms and Town property FOR SALE In Virginia uiul North Carolina. Also wanting farmers to list their farms with me to.sell 11 KKTI'OKI) HoTKI, * This is tht- only Hotel in town of Hertford, N'. C. A new three storv wood buiklidg of room-, on a lot 100 by -'KO feet, If you care to run a Hotel, tins is a cinch. ■ - - - ed by Alon/.o White, Reasons for. selling. Wants to retire from active business life. A l. so TOWN I,OTS WITH DWKI.MNI.S INCITY OI SUI'FOCK, VA, I - • FARMERS! Now is your chance of a life time tobuy farms cheap, I am selling and buying farms all the time, Will cite you a few special bargains. The W. I', Hudgins harm known as the John li. I'err> (deceased) farm at llelvidere, N. C. T Henry C Chappell Kami near Kylainl, N C. The J I) Twine barm saw mill, plaining mill and edger and an up to-date cctton gin with an ad ditional lot of new machinery not yet put up. Tins property is situated I I 4 miles Cannon's Ferry and 1 I £ miles Woodley's Wharf "n Chowan River, two miles of Rylaiid station on Norfolk Southern Railroad. Really flits Mmid m Cb«w*n- r .N •C. It. fiu*«n.-tw*t-couuLv-4iiadfi,' being in fork of roads at Hrulsons. Fine stand for wheat Hour, and.conuiu-al mill to attach to piesent machinery, also no better stand for a merchantile business. .This farm has every advantage for business and farming—four dwellings cn same, Will sell cliea} (|uick buyer, i Three farms wwned by K.'-T, Savage, Corapeak'e, N. C, Jiih Hare farm near Siinbury, N.~t*T ' * ' * ■* ' , . 3 J, W, Baggett Home Farm .1 12 utiles of Whaleyville, Va. Sam Wilkins farm near Bosley, N C. Cleveland Brantou farm near Drum Hill, N. C. C, O, Kdwards farm near Sunburv, N. C. Charlie Jackson farm near Drum Hill, N. C. J Thomas Savage farm near Drum Hill, N C, The T W. Savage 'deceased' farm known as the Red farm at Mannings Station ou Sonthern Rail road onl> 4 miles of Suffolk, Va. This farm is near Church and High School right at station and saw mill as fine soil as Virginia can boast of. These are just a few of the properties I am offering for sale. MR. INVESTOR Now is your chance of a life time to buy while farm and town properties are selling cheap. These properties were bought when everybody was blue —crops looked sorry—labor scarce —and the prospects of a long and bitter war ahead of us: With these conditions facing tfiein the farmers naturally wanted to uaload on the other fellow, but it is now the reverse. The war will soon be history —we've got the boche on fhe trot—prices of land products are high-there will soon be plenty of labor—then farms can't be puchased at any price. WHY? Because thpy will be a better investment than a Klondike Gold fttTVRRS A n+> (TKT BtWV; —. Write me and wlflsper your wants and I'll do-the rest. Am stopping at the Nansepiond Hotel, Suf folk, Va. ' s - '• : . v,./ H. P. Winslow REALTY AGENT P.0.80x 419, Suffolk, Va I LOOK I §| o i §| oee us before buying your Disc Xy j0 Harrows, and Stag Sulky Plows. §3 )0 We can SAVK you MONEY, §J will do so if von will see us befbre £§ Hoyt Hardware Co. f§ Williamston, N. C. Wj Tires made blow-out-proof by using the "Red lnnershu." ,/\sk for our guarantee bond. 1 C. D. CARSTARPHEN & CO. Williumston, N. C. We urc sole agents for Murtin County

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