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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, December 06, 1918, Image 6

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14R SHOWED 3URBACKBONE fcan Willingness to Give Up r ury Demonstrated Na tion's War Conscience. D WITH THE ALLIES. l f', j (fusing Consumption People of j United 6ta tea Averted a famine at Homo in Spite * I of Low Supplies. act that the people of the ! •'tates were able to reduce by Iwn one-half million tone their ! lUgust, September nod October t ipilon of sugar proves conclu tliut their war conscience wus rlily awakened and What the as a whole stood ready 10 fol njunctions of the Government. *ina.l consumption of sugar In 'nonth period beginning with been 400,000 tons per uionth, j >'f 1,600,000 for the quarter j when our sugar stringency j reach Its height, consumption j eed to 260,000 tons. In Au- I 823,000 tons went Into (lis- j and In September only 270,- : In October the distribution 1 i.QOO tons. ' jeneral public Had fulled to ! Ire Injunctions of the Food atlon this country would ii In the throes of n augur ' fore the end of August. Our jplles were so low ns to -bring vlety to those familiar _ with situation. They fi-ar. il that | be absolutely Impossible to I iißumptlon to a point where aid no longer be a mere lui > Amerlcafi diet. • compllshments of the Food | " ' L - JSbtr. ease their use of Jngar ury considerably It must !>•■ by ' Jour continued sburlng with them ■througi, limiting our owtf cousuwp- ) ■AMER C .N SPIRIT B* RELIED ON TO WIN ' tin Ight of stfrceedlng events tt ing to recall the confidence j MAth V li the I'nlted States Food IpKtnin .tor viewed the gloomy out- Wok lr ily of 1M?, when tills coun- s en In the war for less than W Dimitha and the Germans were , jEendll. sending the western front ' fiferer »m.J nearer to Parts. ) ] Sale of Real Estate At Auction j I! Splendid Small Farms, the Ballard Farm subdivided on Williamston and Hamilton Road, | § About 4 1-2 miles from Everetts, N.C., 6 miles Hamilton, N.C., and 7 Miles Williamston, N.C. 1 \ I I Wednesday, December 11th, 10:30 A. M., ] - . . 1 , i,| tnotiev from i loam top soil with an excellent clay sub soil that will produce good crops of tobacco, cotton, corn, feg These .lavs u nuiu is mighty wise to watch clOseK just whefe he is putting his money irom .1 / , * f ,111 v ivitil it Von \i peanuts, potatoes, in fact any crops grown in this section. There is about 460 acres of this land in a ™ ■I sUnd twiui •! sufctv. Re-membef that when you buy farm laud, nobody can run away with it. \ou j£ - • £ . , , , ,i,H.r..f,>r,- vnu arc '/ high state of cultivation. One main dwelling. Fifteen tenant houses in good condition, with all the, 1 ar£ the general manager of it. It prodnces crops that are absolutely necessary, therefore, you are r fiF / necessary barns, stables, shelters, etc. Ten tobacco barns. One packliouse, and one gin house. There 1 bound tol* safe uhen v«n buy small farms. j* . ■ , , n .. i, „„..„ r i,.„i t i is alxjut 500 acres of woods land on which there is about one million feet of pine, two million feet of -Think thi*- over. Mr. Homeseeker and investor, it is an opportunity like you.have never had be f J .1 1 . ~r s.n tll firms at gum and tine million feet of cypress timbers. Ample cord wood for all farm purposes- Each tract I fore- Do what vom K ood judgement tells you to do. and purchase one or more of these small tarms at 4 , . ... ' V will bave a road frontage. Your price 011 terms of one-fourth cash, the balance in one, two, three, our sale of real estate at auction, Wednesday, Dec. 1 ltll., IC):3U a. 11l- V * J m . . . A n DESCRIPTION OF THIS PROI'KRTY TO Hli OFFERED. y four, five, six, seven and eight years, will buy one or more of these splendid small farms. Inspect , , ~ . ... ...I , .. 'i. ft Un . V this property today. It is an opportunity like you have never had before. Buy a good farm in a "iN Splendid small farm, the Hallard tarui, subdivided on Williamston and Hamilton Road, about A 1 * |g ~ „ ~ , XT ~ • • * V KOOtl neighborhood, convenient to good markets for any craps you can raise- By all means, make *A 4 !«. miles from Kveretts, 6 miles from Hamilton and 7 nules from Williamston, N- L, (»ood neigh; A.. * J--- ~ - / ! •- %£ N your arrangements to meet us on the ground Wednesday, Dec. ilth, 10:30 A. M. Buy a farm. t*rit»od'.. About 1 1-2 miles from a good school. Convenient to churdp and stores. Good sandy Sale Conducted for Messrs. J, L. Wynn «nd J. T. Barnhill, of Everetts, C„ by | I ATLANTIC COAST REALTY COMPANY I *"T)he Name That Justifies Your Confidence" Offices Greenville, N T C., and Petersburg, Va. | 1 ifaution la to re pe may b« gloomy today," he de clared in a public statement, "no American who baa knowledge of the results already obtained In etery di-, rectlon need have on* atom of feajr that democracy will not defend ltaaß In these United Btatea." 7 PROVETSPIRIT OF DEMOCRACY ■ j Voluntary Basis of Food Saving Showed Heart of America v Beat True for Freedom. ! , To the voluntary service and sacri fice of the American people must be attributed the continued health, i , strength and morale of the Allied ar mies and the civil populace. Upon this spirit of service and aac -1 rlflce will depend Europe's fate In the months to come. In the past year we i have carried out an export program, the mafeltude of which Is almost be yond But with the new demands that have come, with 1 the liberation of nations freed from German oppression, our exports must be almost doubled. Instead of 11,820,- 1(00 tons, we must ship twenty million tons of food to Europe In the looming year —us much as can be pushed through our ports. If the Allies had not been fed by America, It would have been Impos sible for them to maintain their de fense against Germany. Meeting this world need on a purely voluntary basis, the American people have conclusively proved that democ racy Is a success and that In time of need it will rise to Its own defense. Lf there were no other accomplish ment to Its credit the very fact that It I has shown the strength of democracy | has In Itself more than Justified the \ existence of the Food Administration i in the eyes of the world. . .nuc America could not organize to meet autocratic Germaay. (leriuany liau been confident that It could not be done. Contrary proof Is immediately at our door, and our people have al ready demonstrated (heir ability to mobilize, organize, endure and prepare voluntarily and efficiently In many di rections aWt upon the mere word of Inspiration aside from the remarkable ! Hsm-inliliige of our Army and flnancso." The history of the Food Administra tion lins clearly shown that the trust of those.who put their faith In democ racy haai not been misplaced. I ell your neighbor how you like The Enterprise. Notice of Sale fcjttr*eTbrviiti»«r «*f th«* f»«»l-hof4Vy~» j contained iu a officio I)«?cd of Truat ex ecuted on the day lJ * March J9l*. by J. H Riddick *nd wife. Harinie Riddick aud registered iu the Register'* of j Deeds office for Martin County in Hook N-I, at of a certain bond of even date there 4 „ with, mid the atipul ition* m »nt• I deed of truat not having l»een c«implied with and «t the requeM of l»»r t#*i lien interest ed, the undermined tiu»-tev. will ou Mon day and tlay of Deeeuib.-t, lyiK at 1 j:kj M, at tli a* conrthouae door ot Martin Couuty, Willianiatoti, N C.. offer at public Hale to the highest bidder for rash, the followitf«N)r*c» ibed real eatale • Beginnim? :»♦ Sueur Knight's corner; 1 them aloti,/ lo- lint to his j 11- rlll v*.* f 1 r»u 1 . llteme the Name 1 «-oin*e con'inu* «! l» ih~ old M.arti" now j -li. V dlinnMon Lru\ m i.I Improvement |C* Jmk: tlir.ii'' s •l» weatl v along an! old tei *€ /Oad.lo ill* Ihu e In Hh«- B»11*a1inr a ilienve '• I" » lfMH«efl'*« «'••! j Mn o' line I'j tl>" b '•'■iiif c..n'-.i j tn ret \nt »c-'. m«»-# « 1 le*»r. nrd I»»• 1 f•»« the * t 4 eedi*ti fiont M I, Mhv«» in, the VVflHftmtlafr li*«nd miH Jtuty»v«* incut Cii., of :♦'•»» I 111 11■ I'uhllr try of Martin ('ounly i'i Hook O (» J at paf:e Saving an#l txrej.tin« rhf j the followin de- • lied projiertv. »I. h I waa sold by J H f. Ridtlick I » h' li t | Clement, under 1 »te jun. 23 - o' record iti the County, i'i h w»k XX (VI p«K dt at; f »11 Hontheaateru eorner r»f S. K Ritb!ick'a ;ie h\ an ir>m runni ny. I hence i'» »r rorthwent cc/iirat- to Krowii S'net, a cl'Xu ' ll.ence ah»i»K llrown Street to ati «•' 1 ••oil f.U>b theute iu atral)lit line t«» j the hc^iiiiiiuir. Th(a 30'.h *ln\ cf ()«tol»cr, I9IS V-hceler IVJa'titt. jf J 'Jfustee to be food Saver j— • *** ■ ■ ■ ' ' I Notice i • .V-'* Having qualified as Administra tor upoti ihe Estate of W. H. Har rison deceased: Notice is hereby given to ail persons holding claims i j against said Estate tc present them to the undersigned for payment on or before the 30tn day of October 1919 or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted "to said Estate to make immediate payment This 31st day of Octol»er 1918. James H. Harrison, Administrator. Notice Having qaulilied as admininis jtratrix*r>f the state of the late jGeo. VV. Corey, notice is hereby. |gi v:n to all indebted to; ! the said estate to make settle-1 |nu j niH thereof without delay, and to all pervitin holding claims j .jaga:i'-l the estate to present j (hern LO ri»e tu p.ument within 1 |one j ear from iiii«t date, o r this [notice will be pleaded in bar of I tb'eii* i ecivers' | This November 152, lUIB | ( F.lla Corey. Administratrix. NOTICE Having qualified' as Adminis trator upon the Estate of Joh.i A. Be [iticll deceased; Notice is here by giv 'ii to all persons h;.ld'ng claims against said Estatet" pre- i sent them to the undersigned for i payment on or before the iSiti day of October 19190r this notice will b' plead in bar of their re coverv, All ;>eison in'-" K, ?d-to said Es tate pre requested to makv im n.-'li 'if [i:iynient Tin* (Hlll day of October, 1918 W H Bennett Administratov for John A. Bennett , 6-1 1 ( Notice Htivi v qualified 118 Adniinistratri* C. 1 T A upon the Estate of W A. I'leming defeased; Notice is hereby «'vcu to nil persons holdiiiK claims ngoiimt s»i ' Hs tale to present them to the tiiider*if{»e4 for p v ment ou or before the sth 'lay of Nnvtin'er iylQ or this notice will be plead H! bar of their recovery. All prisons indebted to said Kslate are riquested to make iuimediate psy Diei.t. This sth d»y of November 1918 Kluaheth It KJrmiiix Adtvz. C T. A. 6-t 1 . ' i. ■ »■' „ » \ . Farms and Town property FOR SALE In Virginia and North Carolina. Also wantinfljarmers to list their farms with me to sell HERTFORD HOTEL, This is the only Hotel in town of Hertford, N. C. A new three story wood buildidg of 32 rooms on a lot 100 by 280 feet, If you care to run a Hotel, this is a cinch, 3 LOTS WITH STORE BUILDINGS ON SAME in center of business district of Winfall, N. C. Now own ed ltv Alonzo White, Reasons for selling. wants to retire from active business life. TOWN LOTS WITH DWELLINGS IN CITY OF SUFFOCK, VA, • ~ - «C. FARMERS! i Now is your chance of a life time to buy farms cheap, I am selling and buying farms all the time, | Will cite you a few special bargains. The W. F, Hudgins Farm—known as the John B, Ferry (deceased) farm at Belvidere, N. C. Henry C. Chappell Farm near Ryland, N. C. __ The j. D. Twine Farm saw mill, plaining mill and edger and an up-to-date cctton gin with an ad ditional lot of new machinery not yet put up. This property is situated 1 1-4 miles Cannon's Ferty and 1 1-2 miles Wood ley's Wharf "n Chowan River, two miles of Ryland station on Norfolk Southern Railroad. Really this is the best business stand in Chowan, N. C. It faces two county roads, being in fork of roads at Hudson*. Fine stand for wheat flour, and cornm'eal mill to attach to present machinery, also no better j stand for a uierchantile business. This farm has every advantage for business and farming —four dwellings en same, Will sell cheap to quick buyer,. -> Three farms owned by R. T, Savage, Corapeake, N. C, Jim Hare farm near Sunbury, N C. J, W; Baggett Home Farm—3 1 ' miles of Whaleyville, Va. Sam W'ilkins farm near Bosley, X. C, Cleveland Branton farm near Drum Hill, N. C. « C, O, lid wards farm near Sunbury, N. C. Charlie Jackson farm near Drum Hill, N. C. J. Thomas Savage farm near Drum Hill, N. C, The T. W. Savage (deceased) farm known as the Red farm at Mannings Station on Sonthern Rail road —only 4 miles of Suffolk, \'a. This farm is near Church and High School right at station and saw mill —as fine soil as Virginia can Ixiast of. These are just a few of the properties J am offering for sale. MR. INVESTOR Now is your cha.iiee of time to buy while farm and town properties are selling cheap. | u rtit-s were bought when evervl>odv was blue-erous looked sorry—labor scarce —and the prospects of a and bitter war ahead of us. With these conditions facing them the farmers naturally wanted to uaload on the other fellow, but it is now the reverse. The war will soon be history —we've got the boche on fhe trot—prices of land products are high —there will soon be plenty of labor —then farms can't be puchased at any price. WHY? Because they will he a better investment than ; a Klondike Gold Mine. p \ \ BUYERS ANI) SELLERS GET BUSY, Write tne and whisper your wants and I'll do the rest. Am stopping at the Nansemond Hotel, Suf folk, Va H. P. Winslow REALTY AGENT P.0.80x 4 19, ■ Suffolk, Va __ i 111 M .... ■

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