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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, January 20, 1922, Image 2

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wA u Will Find Our CoiuniiMi£ _Lnteh v Key to 1500 of County's Homes t* Jl_ VOLUME XXH—NUMBER * Says State Officials Must Fay Their Income Tax The Commissioner of Revenue holds that, u,.'«the income tax provisions of the > :a'. constitution and the stat ute enacted ih pursuance thereof, all 0 liciaL «»i State including Justices of the .Supreme and judges %f the •Supem r courts, are requited to list and pa.» t'aeome tax on their salaries. The orunissioner holds that 1 hi ■ attei i.ev r been decided on 0., the Suj uil Ccjrt. The ease of Pur u> 11 v. i lIS N. C. 12 , dor.- no dcciik lie only question pre'ont el iu I t ;>-e was the right of the Mate ' t, x tl» • h.duiy of a Fed«ii judge. 11. right of the State to tax the sa». iy of ii l 1 edciul judge. Tne I' ijht ol 'tie state to tax its own judges . u eii s ~ot -efor« tn curt ... • \ 11 )t argued. The Stuti vas n. ■ . , »ly or represented l>y it- A.tome, aorc i. What is raid in t!v "pinion 01 the „ ;ul>ject of taxing tl.i salarie. 1 Stat • iudg.\ and offi nil. are merely 11 otnter dictum—only th. ni'Wi of tin. writer of the opinion, l'ht Commission' r does not rocognze tlnil a • Lttiing the mater. When tii quesdon is proper!*' presented to and decided ny I'ie Supreme Court his >l> partmei.t vs I ,of courie oh y its de c'don. inl ! then, his department will .de'avin it e\ •r" legal way to, we C. retai l' and the j»ayment of taxe. due from all the st'-'te ofttcaU, with, ot t ixr. f.i'.i.i,, 1 i oreer that all max pay thei rjur.t propouion Under tin l.i\v to Ih; Appirt of the Mate e nrr ent "ho Com :ii.->.oi'.or decs i.'-t ih i.K tiiv levyij { the same tax upon tin .-.Varies of lei' I'.' ifti m * 11? 11 '•« » i en all ciiiz-n .dike Is any deeretii ii tl e sals' of tho.e id'iciall»y tli Legislature vvitl in the meaning and contemplation of the constitution'.. Stenographing clerks and other mi — bordinafe Hi rials in the different *i« • p irtnv.'ist:, v ho receive a taxable sal avy arc required and do list thei: sal arie" and pay t:.x thereon. The 111 >• h er '.'V;:!w from Governor down, in clud:-- judges ii'U • 'to the s.iii t> (,ol A D. A 1 n nnsKioner of, Revenue iii '.i-niand'ng return* of state officials I' ll' >tate income tax seems to advance a good line of reasoning and we can ;-?* no ivson why he should not* be sustained in law. NOTICE OF SALIC Uudei hy.virtue- of the powei —el' «nle inei ill- that certain deed of trust executed to me, the under «ii_rn> d hy J. F. Jones on the 27th da-;' of September, 191!', and of record in Martin county public reg istry in 1 iootf A-2 page 260, said deedl of trust securing certain boiuj, of eveii tlate and tenor therewith. And tin htipulati therein not having been complice with, iind at the request o, the holder of said bonds the under signed t sToe, will expose~to~pul It' " auction, to the highest bidder for cot -011 the 14th day of February, I 12:00 o'clock M., in fionf ot the court Louse dooi in William ton. North Carolina i-i •.'olloving lescribed land: J Heginni'ig at the head of a bru'icl ti, . in '.I I tobcco bant; hlenee down sid hrnncl to Wilson & fritcher's lim thence aoing Wilson & Critcher's line to Joe V.'iit f uker's line, thence along! hi:? line to the public road; thence up said road to a stake on said road op posite th etobcco barn; thence to the heJ of the branch, the be ginning, con taining 7? acres, more or less. This -4th ray of .lanoarv, *ist22. n. DI KE CMTCHER, Trustee NOTICE: I HAVE MOVED MV JKW elr>' shop to the room adjoining 1 Minn in:- and Moor's offices over The People ITanl- Call on me for repairs on watches, locks and jewelry. J. 1,. Iv-el. nl" HAlßbuliE'S MEDITATIONS TALK BOUT A "peaceful SMOKE" Bur WON' BE FEACtFUL EP YOU & ITS HOLT ONE DEM SJ-GARS LAK WHUT DE STO'-KEEPUH WEN AH PAiP • ••' VIST lt> DY y-O BW>il»«. lt\ NrM«Ow» Wwn>»jli ss.USRf- ' *• 1. . r- v THE ENTERPRISE NEWS FROM IN AND i AROUND OAK CITY S The Oak City Graded School re -1 opened last Monday with a new Sup '• erintendent, Mr. Hilary Bow en. We are glad to have Miss Eslelk ' Wayne, the first grade teacher, back with us aj>ain. She has. been at hei home in Prince Edward County, Vir ginia, since Thanksgiviiig on accour of the illness- of her mother. Mr. A. J. Maiming, our county sup ' erintendent, paid us .111 agreeable call la..t Thursday, besides visiting ead class room he addressed the student body at Chapel exeicises. , Mi; Julius Smith lias returned to Farmville after spending several day here. Mr. Hilary Ruweu n. nle a huslnes trjp to Williamston Saturday. 1 Miss Eva Peel of. Kohersonviilc wa ! in town Sunday. ' i Misses Kuth Hudson, l.elia Varhoi o j Mr. Wheeler Daniel and Mr. and Mrs; 'I Early motored lo Itoljermonville Stir j day. M isses Louise Scott, Vera Ilarrell J 1 ! MessrsN Paul Hyman and Durwari ' Smith spent Sunday in Hamilton. Miss Sarah Pollard and Mr. Hober 1 Everett spent Sunday in Hohgood. I I'llU'l'l X KN'l PA K A (ill AIMIS You gotta hand it to Will Rogers Sex lie: "I quit the movies with the same wife* I started with.'' Most 01 'em quit their wives with the same movies they started in. •.• • » ' The fellow who can ci-ank a Ford car in winter and keep sweet, could . lie down and let a pet snake crawl al' over his naked body. * * • • Joe the Plodder sys it doesn't paj to be crooked. Even the cork screv is out of a job, -»• • ♦ If you wish to avoid the annoyance of heiiiK- pesteied by your relatives, ' spend your money as you get it. 'o* » ¥ I.ongfellow wrote: "She knoWs how much it is best to show." The mod ern maid is vindicating the poet's ob servation. An editor was niuvdiMvd in Arkan sas and the nuirderer was sentenced ti !•!( years in prison," while a fellow that killed a lawyer got off with seven a vears. Prospective murderers, pleasi' ' take notice. • » • • • Protect the birds. The dove bring, peace and the stork brings tax ex-' ernptiori^- * • • » One good thing :>bout this bobbed liair fad, is that your wife can't find ■ any hairpins in the auto. * • • • The tenant says when the bale swallows a nickel call the landlord, ! he'll get it. • « • • [ It takes til muscles of your mug to look cranky and only J4 muscle work when you smile. .... It don't look right. Here's Foch I with eleven 1.1.. I>.'s while lots of us | have to go through the winter with I out any at all. NOTICE OF SALE I'wler anil hy virtue of the aulhor- I ity conferred to the undersigned trusr , I tee by a certain deed of trust executed ! by R. A. 1 .loyl 011 tlie Ist day of May . j 1910, and on record in the public ron j istry of Mattin CottutJ in hook 0-2, ■j page 141 to secure a.cjt-rtain note 01 I even date therewith; and the stipula ' tions contained in said deed of trust not having been compiled with and at the request of the owner of said note, I will on the 13th day of February, 1922, at 12 o'clock M., at the cour; house door in town of Williamston, N. C., offer for sal eto the hightest bidder at public auction for cash the following decsribed real estate: Rounded on the aft by a lot be- S. It. Biggs l>rug Co., 01 the south by the A." C. L. right of ' way; on the noith by the Huff land, ! and on the west by a cross street, ! containing one (1) acre more or less. This the 12th day of January, 1922. R. G. HARRISON, Trustee. ■ FOR SALE; ONE OLIVER TYPE writer, practically new. Will sell for less than half price of new one Can be seen at' Enterprise Office, tl SIX PIGS ABOUT 4 MONTHS OLD, 1 white and black, marked the right and underkeel in the left . ear have been in my field about 60 day«. Owner please come for them an Ipay costs and damage. G H Cowan. 4t > - ' «- ' Williamston, Martin County. North Carolina, Friday, iamary m. 19:2 MORE ABOUT 'LETTING OTHER FELLOW WORRY Editoj- of the Enterprise:— In your issue of the 17th you car ried an article "Let the Other Fellow Worry," which struck nio very forcibly —This article speaks the truth from many standpoints. It even pictures in detail many god fellows of whom we have heard in the past. It gives us a picture of the ancient prodigal that 'threw away all he had and tlv fellows hit in the said article are only fulfilling the natural desires of men tt have ease and pleasure and therefor anl only following the natural im pulses. It may he in many cases thai the clas sof people referred to havt not had the opportunity in "the lift that the rich have had ami therefort alv} not ca|>able of keeping down thei. ' passions and staying in due bounds a 1 those who have always indulged then desires for good times. After viewing the other side of lift I and following the n''a"d cycles there- j of wv can discovei another picture 01 mankind. We are talking about tin fidlow that never owes. He,stands ii an entirely different class, lie ha no need to restrain himself. 1 ' He cai indulge- himself and live sumptuously every day and under the laws of tin land and is entirely within the law. i - l!ut perhaps there are other idea, that do not bear this idea up. .losu. said in Luke (>:!?& "Ijcnd without in terest, never despairing." Some o the lexicons describe this verse a;- - ItioaniiiH w itl nut intere.t, ncvvi taking away the hope of the worh and never doubting that God will re ward your obedience." N'eluniiah in liis story of his conversion as a lead or of the people of God in his com mandment against interest is thrilling and in accord with what Jesus said 01: the same subject. He says there arose a great cry of the people and theii wives against their brethren, tin .lews. We are mortgaging our field and our vineyard*, and our houses. (The true meaning of mortgage i "death grip," and when men are un der mortgage they can without doubt feel the grip. There has always been a wide gulf between the slaves and the master One is matte without thought, tin slave; the other by careful study am diligent work. Both exist for a few years and are gone. Men call them selves free and independent hut they are not. Money rules them. Sonn of those in debt are hut little worn than those who are not. Unfortunate ly the lower n man bow T s under del .* the louder he has to call for help an the higher the load of interest tha is heaped upon him. Many of thos unfortunates afe those who have gon" to their ruin geeauso they gave • mortgage on their farms that wa 'paid for in order t» fix up their home for the Women they loved and win • deserved a better home. HOY AC IDEVI'AI.n KILLED Scotland Neck, Jan. IK.—An the re suit of playing with a loaded shot gu Robert llaislip, 8 years old,, was she and instantly killed Tuesday by In brother, William, aged in when tl> weapon was accidentally discharged SERVICES AT BAPTIST CHUKCII A. V. Joyner, Pastor Sunday School, l):4f> A. M. —J. C Anderson, Superintendent. You will feel better if you attend Sunday School and Church on Sunday. Sermon by the pastor, 11:00 A. M.— Subject: 'Christ's Prayer ofr Himself. At 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, the pastor will preach at Itiggli School House. It. Y. I'. U., 6:45 P. M. Sermon by the pa3tor, 7:30 P. M.— Subject: "Lost Strength Restored." Speciul sendees Wednesday even ing, 7:30. We exten dto you a hearty invitation to attend all these services. NOTICE North Carolina. Martin County, In the Superior Court. Alice Brown v«. Herbert Brown The defendant above named will take notice that an action entitled as above has been commenced in the Su perior Court: of Martin County, North Carolina, for an absoulte divorce, and the said defendant will further take notice that he is required to appear before the clerk of the Superior Court, in Martin County North Carolina, on the 14th day of February, 1922; and answer or demur to the complaint filed in said action, or the plaintiff will apply to the court for relief de manded in said complaint. >. This 14th day of January, 1922. R. J. PEEL, Clerk of the Superior Coutf I HAVE A FEW FINE PLYMOUTH Rock Roosters for sale. Thompson They are extra large ones and are beauties HAYWOOD ROGERS, City HhPiw V f* ' ■ . - ■ Local News and Personal Mention Misses Sallie Harris, Carrie Dell White, and Rev. A. V, Joyner, Messrs. IL B. Hollaman and C H. Holder at tended the Baptist Young Peoples' Union conference held in Wilson to day. ♦ ♦ * Mr. F. K. Hodges win to Washing; ton today. From there he will go to Raleigh. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Mrs Robert C. Pogftit of Washing ton is here visiting her mother, Mrs. Sallie Biggs. • • » • Mrs. Sallie Biggs has been ill foi several days but her friends will bi glad to know that she is improving now. »»• • " Messrs. J. S. Peel and J. (i. Godard were attending to business in Rober sonville Wednesday. * * • » Mr. and Mrs. J. W Hight and son, I Boyd, returned Wednesday ewninn from Tennessee where Mr. Hight went on business. » • » • Mr. W. T. Meadows has returned front Tucker Sanatorium, Richmond, Va., where he has been for medical attention, liis many ffiemls are glad to welcome him home and very much improved in health. ♦ • » « Messrs. K. S. Peel and J. D. Biggs _ snent vesteitiav in Plymouth. MOBI.EY KOBERSON . At the home of their pastor Rov. A. J. Manning, Mrs. ,Lucy Roberson and Mr. Chas Mohley were united in marriage 011 Wednesday afternoon, January the eighteenth at two-thirty o'clock by Mr. Manning. Tin." marriage service was quiet but very impressive and pretty. The only attendants were Misso* Sylvia Upton and Bessie Page and Mrs. MannitiL Messrs. Cortex Green, brother of tK.- bride, and Mr. Herman Taylor. Im mediately after the ceremony, Mr and Mrs. Mohley left by motor for Wilson and Itnleigh to visit relatives. Mrs. Mohley has resided in Wll - for the last few years and for the last year has been .111 opera tot for tile Williamston Telephone Co, She is very popular in the town and county as a youne woman and as'an operator. Mr. Mohley is u World War veter an, having served in the Thirtietn Di - -virion und wati one of those who broke, the Hindenhurg Line on Sept. 30th, I9IH. Mr. Mohley is also the only Williamston boy who received ' the 1 ,'roix de Guerre and the D. S. C. for unusual bravery. Both Mr. and Mrs. Mohley have a host of friends in Wil liamston who will be glad to know that they will reside at their farm about one mile south of Williamston. They will he home after January 2Klh. PRFSBYTERIAN HERVK EK Rev. J, T. Wildrnan will preach in Hassells next Sunday morning and at Pamiele at night. Sunday Schoo lat Peel School House and at Parmele in the afternoon. TWENTIETH CENTURY CLUB MEETING The Twentieth Century, Club held its Eighth semi-monthly meeting with Mrs. 111. M. Stubbs Wednesday, Jan. 11th. Study of Lafcadio Hearn form ed'the general topic for the program for the afternoon. A sketch of Hearn's life was con -1 tributed by Mrs. J. S. Rhodes. Mrs. Clayton Moore read some interesting data as to Japanese Peculiarities tak en from Joseph Clrk's recent book, "Japan at Fill Hand." Mrs. Titus Critcheij closed the short program with current events. De't'cious refreshments added fur ther enjoyment to a very pleasant meetin.—Mrs. Clayton Moore, Report er. LITTLE KNOWN FACTS OF HIS TORY I Milton wrote "Paradise Regained" • after his mother-in-law died. • • • • I A blotter absorbs everything and ! gives out nothing. Don't be a blot ' ter. . ••T * - 1 The man who used to have his hair 1 cut by his mother now has a son who L has his finger nails cut by a flapper f while the barber is shampooing hi: - hair and the porter is shining his shoes. * * * * Old Fther Hubbard went to the • cupboard to get hiitwelf a drink, and when he got there the. cupboard was I bare, so he took one from the sink I After all, Brother Ziegfield is the first man to succeed In making money - ' on his follies. j NEWBERRY HENCHMEN TO GET FEDERAL JOBS Senator Newberry's henchmen in Michigan who were indicted with him ar enow receiving their rewards in the way of appointments to prominent Federal positions, accordin -gto a *t;rte nient made recently in the Senate by Senator Ring (Dem., Utah), who said: "1 have on my desk two of the let ters to which Deferred. One of them states that Mr. Henry C. Myersj ol Caro, Mich, who was indicted at Gram Rapids (jhas been nominated for post master at Cro one of the best paying offices in the county. The letter says: 'ls this a reward for distributing mon ey to gain a nomination for office?' "Myer's name will soon be sent ti the Senate for confirmation. "Another letter which 1 have state.-, " 'I understand that five, major Fed eral appointments have been made 111 Michigan under the present adminis tration, and with one exception, i.e., the collector of internal revenue at Detroit, all of such appointments hav« been from the Newberry organization, and by that I mean men, who were indicted With Newberry by a grand jury composed of 16 Republicans and 7 Democrats. Such appointments are as follows: " 'Earl Davis, recently appointed United States attorney for the eastern district of Michigan; James If, Davis, appointed prohibition officer for this state; Fred Cronenwett, division pro hibition officer, with offices in this city; und Kdward J. Bowman, district attorney for the western district of .Michigan.' "It seems as though the President of the United States, in making he appointments, is more interested in re wyirding the friends of Mr.Newberry than the supporters and friends,of th>- senior Senator from Michigan (Mr. Townsend.)" PENROSE LEFT QUARTER MIL LION IN CASH IN BOX Washington, Jan. I'2—There is much astonishment being expressed here at the discovery today that the late Sen ator Boise Penrose, of Pennsylvania, had $236,100 in idle cash in a safe defosit vault in one of. the hanks here. The deputy register of wills of the District of Columbia had been request ed by the executors of the Penrose will to open tl)e safety deposit box, and it he found $236,100 in cash, this fivo SIO,OOO notes, the balance 111 de _ nominations of SI,OOO, SSOO, .SIOO, and SSO bills. ..How. long.this ..big.amount of idle money had been laid away in the deposit box without drawing in terest has not Iteen made known. FRENCH ASK FORI) TO PURCHASE WARSHIPS Washington, Jan. 12. —The French government has addressed Henry Ford hy cable, asking, if he would consider the purchase of battleships. In an nouncing the request late today, Mr. Ford said he had replied that unless he could buy the entire French Nav he would not be interested in job lots. No answer to his cable had been re reived, he said. PRICES ON FERTILIZERS The Fisheries Products Company gives out their spring prices on fer tilizers. They offer 8-3-3 at 1'.0.8. Wllmingtor tir.rt Norto'k, s :t :: tobacco special Tt $20.36. The hi idded will nwvke tin .11 about p.i.'i'i pei ton higher. Tht-'r price on s*2-2 i , £20.62, They require i'* per cent payment lo accompany th" o !• r and the bal ance to be paid ii"or the aimal ef the goods. The Fisheries .' 'o luci Corneal y is very wi II kt vvi. 1 th.'s ect'nn cf the stioO f t there k:» many •Mir* mi' 'ers of '.'l C impni.y scatter ed throughout the terrioiy '1 lie prices indicate that the ruling prices ol all guano will he about the same as that for last year. NOTICE North Carolina—Martin County, in the Superior Court. Eva Humphrey vs. Pete Humphrey The defendant above named will take notice that an action entitled ah above has been commenced in the Superior court of Martin county North Carolina, for an absolute divortffT and the said defendant will further take notice tlit he is required to appear be fore the clerk of the Superior Court in Martin County North Carolina, on the 18th day of February 1922, and answer or demur to the complaint filed in said action ,or tho plaintiff will apply to the court for relief de manded in said complaint. This 17th day of Januarv, 1922. R. J| PEEL, , . ... ; \Clerk of Superior Court REMEMBER I SELL 8-3-3 GUANO •t /or plant beds at $3.00 per bag. Quality guaranteed. If you want • larger quantities see me for special [prices. J. W. WATTS. * . ■ - • ■ Send in Contributions To Wilson Foundation Now BRIEF SUMMARY OF INCOME TAX RULES \VIIQ* Single persons who had net income of SI,OOO or more or gross in come of $.>,000 or iiioio. ' Married couples who had net income of $2,000 or more, or gross income of $6,000 or more. WHEN ? March lfi, 1922, is final dute for filing returns and making first payments. WHERE ? Collector of internal revenue fo rthe district in which the person lives, or has his principal place of I' HOW ? Full direction ou form 1040 a and form 1040; also the law and reg ulations. WHAT? Four per cent normal tax on taxable income up to $4,000 in ex cess of exemption. Eight per cent normal tax on balance of taxable in come. Surtax from 1 pet- cent to 65 per cent on net incomes owr $5,000 for the year 1921! - TIN CAN BANK TURN'S OUT TO BE DANGEROUS Washington, Jan 18.—Jlere is t.»ld how a Mitchell County man nearly lost his money by putting it in his cellar, and who finally succeeded in getting L'ncle Sam to make it good. In Wash lngton yesterday was I). A. Green, cashier of the Meivhants and Far mers. Bank, of Bakersville. Witli him he brought a mass of paper that had once been paper money. He was here to get" it exchnged for money that, would show itself to be money. It appears that an old gentleman of Bakersville, whose name it has not been possible to secure for publica tion, took $1,195 from the bank In which ho had it.deposited about a year ago. He put his money in a tin can in his cellar. When he went to get it, the bills—for it was all paper mon ey—had stuck together, the dampness in the cvllar making a solid mass of the $1,195. The Treasury, by some process, separated the bills and gave Mr. Green new money. Representa tive Hulwinkle took charge of the mat ter for Mr. Oreen. NEW ANALYSIS OF CITY WATER .Sent by M. S. Moore, Supt., watei works._ Location: WUliainston, N. C, Source: Mains Well, 230 feet." Marked: Willinmston. Collected: 1-13-22. Received: 1-14-22. Reported: 1-17-22. Sediment: none. •Color—l'latinum-cobalt standard, 0. Turbidity—Silica standard, none. Odor, cold, none. Odor, hot: none. In terms of Calcium carhonate: al kaline. t Chlorine: 90. Nitrogen as nitrite: faint trace. Colon bacilli in 1 c.c.: none. Colon bacillia in IJI c.c.: nono. Total number of bacteria at .'lB de grees C. per c.c.: 250. Total number of acid-producing bar teria: none. NOTICE OF RE-SALE Coder and by virtue of the author ity contained in a certain tleed of trust executed by S. W. Mizelle and wife, Bertha Mizelle to the under signed trustee and bearing date of the l(>th day of January, 1914, and of record in the public registry of Mar tin county in book H-l at' page 43, deed of trust having been given to secure note of even date and tenor therewith, and the terms and condi tions therein contained not having been complied with, and a tthe request of the owner of said notes, the under signed trustee will on Monday the 13th day of February, 1922, at 12 o'clock M., at the court house door in the town of Williamston, N. C., of fer for sale to the highest bidder for cash the following descrilied real es tate, to wit: Adjoining the lands of Albert Rog erson, Henry Rogerson and others, be ginning; in a gum in Jesse Mizell's line thence a southerly direction along Henry Rogerson's line to a light wood stob L. K. Rawls line; thence a west course along L. K. Rawls' line to a corner; a pine in the run of thin bnuir then up the various courses of the run of the said branc hto the begin ning, containing- thirty-three acres, more or less. „ This the 20th day of January, 1922.' A. W. BAILEY, Trustee. FOR RENT: FURNISHED ROOM— for particulars call phone 264. 3t FOR SALE: ALL ROUND HORSE Good for plowing or road. Gentle and in healthy condition. Satisfactory price. See Mrs. W. C. Manning. il ' «.*>- * • , i / IF YOU WANT QUICK RESULTS USE A WANT AD IN THE ENTERPRISE ESTABLISHED 1896 M n Josephus Daniels, chairman of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation for Noith Carolina requests that all the citizens in Martin county who wish to contribute to this worthy cause will please mail their checks direct to Mrs. Claytoon Moore, Williamston, N. C„ who is treasurer of the aMrtin county committee. There will be no solicitation of sub scriptions. The committee will not call on anyone for a donation. It ahoald l>e a fro will offering on the part of the men and women of this county who believe in Woodrow Wilaon and in the contributions he has made for the advancement, progress and peace of the world. The idea has prevailed ui some quarters that this is to be a personal gift of the American peopU to Mr. Wilson. Th 4 is not the case. It is to create a trust fund of oae million-dollars, the interest on which is to ttofpven to sach person or per sons id 'tho future who has made some notable advancement or contribution to the peace and welfare of the world. It will he a monument raised by the American people to one of the out standing figures of all history. Let everyone interested in this great movement, send their check to Mrs. Moore at once. Martin County has taken the task of helping to raise money for the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. Our Slate organization is headed by Mra. Josephus Daniels and Is doing good work in most of the cities and towtui of the state. Our good county of Mar tin was just u little late in organiz ing; but we are glad to say that we are now fully redy for the work. While our quota is only two hundred dollars w emust something or we will not even reach that small amount. When jw think of the meaning of this fund—"Pence—we should feel inspir ed to put forth some effort to make It a success. Our children throughout the future generations will then think of WooJ row Wilson afl the IVace President rather than as the War President. When we get all the people to think in terms of Peace than there will We no wars. Do not forgiet to send a contribu tion to Mrs. Clayton Moore. Let Mar tin County raise its full quota. Suppose each school raises a fund of as much as one cent per peupU. Even that much will help. Remember you are not contributing to Woodrow Wilson. You are con tributing to humanity an dthe cause of right and justice. All contributions will be acknow ledged through the Enterprise. NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in that certain deed of trust exiecuted by N. R. Griffin to tho undersigned trustee, and bearing date of June 10th, IVI9, aad of record in the public registry of Martin coun ty in hook W-l, at page 686, said deed of trust having been given to aecare the payment of certain bonds of even date therewith and default having been made in the payment of said bonds, and the terms and condition* made in said dede of trust not having been complied with, and at the request of the holder of the said bonds, the undersigned trustee will on Monday, tins 13th day of February, 1922, at 12 o'clock M., at the court house door of Martin County at Williamston, K C., offer for sale at public auction to th« highest bidder for cash, the fol lowing described land, to wit: That certain tract or parcel of land lying and situate and being in the county of Mrtln, and the state of North Carolina in the town of William ston, and being lots numebr one and two in block A on plat of land for merly belonging to J W, Watts ,plat of which la of record in Martin coun ty, register of deed's office in book one page 322, to which said plat ter a more perfect descripiton is here made. Also a map of survey made by R. A Cobum May 80th, 1919, and of record in the public registry of Mar tin county in land division book No. one at page 484. This the 12th day of January, 1922. A. R. DUNNING, Trustee. FROST PROOF CABBAGE PLANTS —From our South Carolina coast and South Ga., farms, big stocky plants will stand very hard cold. Early Jersey, Charleston Wakefield, Succession, Flat Dutch, prepaid mall, 200, .60, 400, $1.00; 1000, f£.oo, Ex press 2000, $3.00, 6000, $8.25; 10,000, i SIO.OO. Count and delivery guaranteed Parker Farms, Atlanta, Georgia. J LOST: "SUPERITE" SILVER FBN ' cil. Has "Jack, IMI. N engraved near the point Return to (ateipriee office and receive reward.

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