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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, September 28, 1926, Image 3

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| Attend Roanoke Fair, William&on, Sept 27 - - Odt 11 Entertainments Club Meetings Engagements Weddings Etc. W, T. Culpepper, of Elizabeth City, wa; here yesterday. C. A. Askew, of Jamesville, was in town yesterday. U. B. Josey, of Scotland Neck, and W. C. Josey, of Wilmington, were bus iness visitors here, Monday. The Messrdt Josey are fertilizer men of n.uch prominence in the State. I. W. Rose, of Rocky Mount, con tractor for the new telephone build ing, was in town yesterday. J. L. Anderson, of the Carolina Mo tor Club, of Greensboro, was in town thte week. Mr. S. C. Collins spen* the week end with his family in Wilson. Mr. S. Collin Peel, who has been ill it; the Washington Hospital since Fri day returned home last night. They started home Sunday night, but had an accident and returned to the hos pital for another day. . Attorney John Bonner, of Washing ton, was a business visitor here yes tcrday. Mrs. Jim Griftin and Mrs. Will Mi zell were shoppers here yesterday. Dr. E. M. Long, of Hamilton, was a business visitor in town yesterday. Dr. J. E. Smithwick spent some time in town Saturday. The doctor Bays he has had little time to hunt, but that he has brought in one very fine burk, the third largest he ever saw. Mr. Jesse Harrell, who was form erly with the Atlantic Coast Line here but who is now working with the Pennsylvania Railroad at Pittsburg, spent the week end "with his mother, Mrs. Bettie Harreil. FELT STUPID, DULL Miuusippi Lady Says Sbe Took Black-Draught (or Thtu Symptoms and Waa "Greatly Relieved." Starkville, Mis*.—"l have been a laer of Black-Draught for about twenty years," Bays Mrs. C. E. Bun tin, of R F. D. 6, this dty. "I used Black-Draught first for constipation,'* continue* Mm. Bun tin. "I would feel dull, stupid, and have aevere headaches, even fever ish. I had an uneasy, tight feeling In my stomach. "I read quite a bit about Black* Draught I began using it and soon my bowels acted regularly and I waa greatly relieved I used it every once Eli a while for about eighteen years. "Ahput two years ago I found I was having indigestion, a tight smothering in my chest, then severe pain, especially after eating sweets. I commenced taking just a pinch of Black-Draught after meals and by doing this I could eat about any "l gave Black-Draught to my chil dren for oolda and headaches. I can certainly recommend it" Thedford's Black-Draught is rec ommended by thousands of others for the relief of indigestion, bilious nest and simple ailments due to constipation. Safe, easy to take. Costs only 1 cent a dose. NC-ITI Sell Your Tobacco In Williamston with the BRICK WAREHOUSE Taylor, Bailey and Leggett ' W.N. Griffin . Mrs. Fannie I). Hardi son John A. Griffin Simpson and Bullock ,• - Pounds Price , Amount Pound* Price * Amount . Pounds Price Amount Pounds ~ Price Amount Pounds Price Amount ■' 24 .r— 29c $ '(;.!)! i;u> ...• 30c $39.00 32 ,17c , $ 6.44 22c t 672, 64 --—>— 80c V $16.28 . 32c . 49.82 126 32c A... 40.82 80 30c 24.00 o« 'T "" r " 29c 764 188 34c 46.92 90" _ .. a!(( . __ 35.10 *llO 86c X-- * B - 50 132 30c— 39.60 r® 24 ; 32 180 .—'3Bc- 68.40 202 - ... 46c - 92.92 if,6 42c. 65.52 82 36c 28.70 -__ " " 28 12 56c - 82.60. \ 172 60c 108.20\ I*B 43c —J- 80.84 228 38c 86.64 „ w -«• ur> __ 77c 89.32 100 43c » 68.80 52 45c 23.40 70e VUW 622 . _L_ " . ' , 220 „ 55c 121.00 110 61c 66.10 304,. $186.70 760 $377.42 104 75c __ 78.00 60 —169 c:::::::::::: 34.50 AVERAGE $41.00 * 1194 - $531.98 V IS iSS AVERAGE $44.64 AVERAGE $49.66 AVFRArFS44 55 AVERAGE $40.80 - ' - U W We Satisfy by Selling: Your Tobocco for the Highest Price Possible Society & Personals Mrs. ELBERT S. PEEL. Editor Mrs. Julius S. Purvis and" little son, iule, of Belhaven, will visit Mrs. Les lie Fowden this week. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bell spent the week end in Elisabeth City with rel atives. Mr. Chas. B. Christian, bookkeeper for the Reynolds Tobacco Co., was called to Durham Saturday to attend the funeral of his uncle, Mr. L. S. Christian. Mr. Hubert Warren spent the week end in Durham with his family. Miss Emily Lincke spent Sunday with her parents in Nashville. Mr. George Dail, of Greenville, wijl visit Mr. Meadows at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dunning this week and at tend the Roanoke Fair. Mrs. J. E. Pope, Mrs. Robert Bo tart, of Washington, Mrs. Warren Diggs, and Jack and Robert Biggs will attend the wedding of their brother, Mr. Charles Smallwood Biggs, in Raleigh, tomorrow. He will be married to Miss Marie Stephenson at 9 o'clock Wednesday. Mr. W. T. Hunter left Saturday for Bladenboro, where he will construct a mill. Miss Orpah Steed spent the week end with friends in Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lilley were shop pers in town yesterday. , > We Are Now Ready * , i to show you one of the la assortments _ _ _ of .ready .to wear, millinery, piece goods, * and shoes that can be found anywhere. We especially ask you to come and ' . look over our assortment before you make your purchases, and you will find that our prices are very cheap. ' t - __ .' • Harrison Bros. & Co. • * WILLIAMSTON'S LARGEST DEPARMENT STORE PHONE Anything for This Department To 46 Mrs. J. W. Manning Hostess To Twentieth Century Club The Twentieth .Century Club met last Thursday—instead of Wednesday, itc regular time—with Mrs. J. W. Man ning, at her home on Church Street. Mrs. J. G. Godard read a paper on the Sandhill section of North Carolina, which has become a winter resort of international fame, besides being a gieat agricultural community. Mrs. N. C. Green then read a paper on the tobacco industry in this State, giving the history of this crop, which has so much to do with the finances of some sections of the .State. Mrs. C. O. Pardo gave current events. Mrs. Manning and Miss Carrie Dell White played a very charming duet, and this concluded the program. Assisted by Miss White, Mrs. Man ning served a delightful fruit salad, sandwiches, olives, and wafers. Misses Pattie Edmondson and Car rie Lee Peel left this afternoon for Greenville, 'where they will enter the East Carolina Teachers College for the coming year. Miss Louise Evans, of Greenville, spent the week end with Miss Carrie Lee Peel. Miss Thelma Brown visited Miss Augusta Clark in Washington Satur day and Sunday. Miss Ruth Manning, of Atlantic Christiari College, spent the week end with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. A. J. Manning. TB« raranust—wiixiAfffoH. i». c Miss Frances Gurjfanus returned from the Washington Hospital Satur day evening. Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Martin, Mrs. C. A. Martin spent Saturday in Wake Forest. Mr. Grover Hardison will leave this week for Florida, where-he will spend several weeks. GRAPES FOR SALE: 40 cents peck, $1.50 per~sushel. J. S. Whitley, Oak hurst farms, Williamston, N. C. 524 2t Illinois Man Invents New Auto Gas Saver Walter Critchlow, 4331 M Street, WiK>aton, 111., has patented a new gas saver that beats anything ever got ten out. With it on Fords show as high as 61 miles on a gallon. Other makes do equally well. This new in vention saves l gas and oil, makes o Ford start instantly in any weather and completely decarbonizes the en gine. Mr. Critchlow offers one free to quickly advertise. Write hi in for one. He also wants County and State dis tributors who can make S6OO to $2,500 per month. 521&28 . NOTICE OF SUMMONS North Carolina, Martin County. In superior court, before the clerk. Mrs. Ophelia Watts vs. J. L. Wynne, James C. Manning, and \. J. Man ning. The defendant, J. L. \V ynne, will take notice that an action entitled as above has been commenced in the su perior court of Martin Couny, North Carolina, to foreclose a certain deed of trust executed by J- L. Wynne; the trusiee in saiddeed of trust !»«■- in? dead; the defendant will further take notice that he is required to ap- pear on or before the 11th day of Oc tober, 1926, or within the time re quired by law, ut the office of Ure undersigned clerk of the superior court of Martin County, in William son, North Carolina, and answer or demur to the complaint in said action, oi the plaintiff will apply to the court tor the relief demanded, in the com plaint. This the 3d day of September, 1926. K. J. PEEL, 8? 4tw Clerk-Superior Court, v Martin County. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ES TATK Under and by virtue, of the power ot sale contained in that certain deed of trust executed on the 4th day of December, .1920, and of in t'ie public registry of Martin County in liook (5-2 at page 43, saui deed of trust having been given to secure the payment of a certain note of even date and tenor therewith, anil the stipulations therein contained not having been complied with, and at the request of the parties' interested, the undersigned trustee, will on the day of October, "Ul2> a: 12 o'clock M. ;>i the Court House Door in.the oi Williamston, X. C. olfer for sale to the highest hiild'er for,cash the fol lowing desrribed property: llein'g lyot No. 3 in lllock A. of the IJ. \V. \\'.itts Farm Land Division as I is of record in Land Division Hook Getting Money Ahead mmmmmmmmammmmmmmm aiaaMMMnr • Puts Worries Behind --• ■ V j Tohaeei* is hi«h. Save some thing and jnil yourself in the independent ~** ' » * class so (hat you can run your husicss next year on a cash basis, This hank will be tflad lo have you deposit your money for (his purpose, and Is 'able and floes guarantee absolute safety for your money. Farmers & Merchants Bank No." i at page 322. This the 18th day of September, H>26. , 9-20-4 if. A CRITCHER, Trustee., \V heeler Maitin, Attorney. NOTICE I'nder an{ by virtue of an order of ■■wile made by the clerk of the su pt rior court in the special proceed ings entitled, "Maybelle'Mae Johnson vs. Lillian A. Luughinghouse, et als," tl.t- undersigned commissioners' will, on the Ist day of November, l'J26, at 1.: o'clock noon, in front of the court fu ujie door of Martin County, offer at pyblic auctin to the highest.bidder for t n h, the following described tract of lend: 1 hat certain tract or parcel of land •that was conveyed to the said Henry T. Stalling* by deed of Seth Hardi- M'li and wife, tinted October t>, 1905, ROCKY r MAKBLK WOSKS *?ociy Mount, N. (\ Makers and dealtvi in gianite and marble monument?. and iron fencing R. SheiTod Corey Local Representative WiUiamston, N. C. Vid |of rosord in the Martin County rjj|is|try, Jl|orth Carolina, in book 000 p#Mt&H7sthe property being more filly described as follows: Lying and lining in Jamesville Township, Martin County, beginning in Poplar Branch ni the road to a blaek gum; thence S. up said branch to Thos. Bembridge corner or avenue; thence along said avenue by Charlie Bembridge place to the northeast corner; thence N. along hi* line to the corner in J. H, Griffin's lire, being the John Hardison patent line; thence N. to a dead pine, Griffin and Washington" Coltrain's corner; thence N. to the old patent line to the road; thence easterly against said -road to the beginning; containing one -hundred ami fifty acres, more or. less. ! This 27th day of December, 192f>. It. A. CRITCHER, GUY T. HORNER,

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