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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, October 01, 1926, Image 4

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Peace, Goodwill H? f " VH ; • / > UiMHr —rr^Bt ||2f' -ffetttdk ■" I Columbia, Pence and the Spirit of Brotherly love have been joTpeiTTii one person, a beautiful womuu. This young lady was one of Ihe central hK ures in a pageant staged at the Sesiiul- CeDtenuial International Kxpo»illon lu Philadelphia, celebrating 150 years of American IndepentH-ttce. The Exposi tioo continues until I" 1 .. ueinbei i. Mr. Jack Edwards of the firm of Ward, Grimes and lid wards, of Green ville appeared for the defense in the trial of the case of Harrison v.eraui- Barnhill here this week. Soft Drink Kin# 111 At Atlanta Home Asa G. Candler, first called the ('oca-Cola" inventyr ami later the Coca- Cola King, iff saiil to be dangerously ill at a hospital in Atlanta, his home town. He Is'now an old man and for a long time his" health has not been vt ry good.. Coca-Cola lias made him one of the South's wealthiest men. He nin be credited as the man who in vented the most popular. American drink, except the man who invented whisky. WANTED: SECOND HAND Oil. Cook Stove, Nesco preferred.— Stephen Gano, Williamst6on, N. C. NOTICE OF ST KAY , A two»yeir old dark red steer with wide hor/is has been at my home for a few days: Owner please cull for -|iay rnsl ■. :nwl d.'linage.—('. M. Burden. 2t IFX AN TRUES: NOW IS THE time to f get information as to prices, growing, etc. All free for the asking. J.' 11. Weight, Cairo, Ga. sl7 8 MONEY TALKS Salesman, Salesladies and Retail merchant. My items fit all 4 of you. Salesman averages SI.OO profit for every dealer called on. Costs dealer if'i.OO, he sells for $,'1.50 makes $1.50 on $2.00 invested. ' Saelsnian makes -1.00. If you are a Salesman or wish to become one. If you never sold any thing in your life 1 will tell you how to make better than SIOO.OO a week. (Address) Geo. 1.. Lane, Manstield, )hio. 666 in a prescription for MALARIA, CHILLS AND FEVEK DENGUE OK HI LIOI\S FEVER It Kills the Germ» GORMAN'S MARKET REPORT The market over a million pounds. With second sale and close to two hundred thousand pounds Gorman's finished before quitting. Our customers are highly pleased. The sales since Monday have not been sc* large and all houses have finished around four o'clock. We can now advise you to start selling your tine . tobacco. The Imperial, also the American and one or two of the Independents have commenced buying the Better grades and our Wednesday's sale was the best of the season. In this sale we sold several loads averaging from 45 to over 50c per pound. If you are not selling with us, come see our sales or talk to some of those who do sell at Gorman's and we feel sure you will send us your next load. We know good and fine tobacco and are not afraid to back our judgment. WE HAVE FIRST SALE MONDAY, SECOND SALE TUESDAY, FIRST SALE WEDNESDAY, SECOND SALE THURSDAY, AND FIRST SALE FRIDAY. Below we give you two sales of the many good Ones we made on our Wednesday's sale: •- , - V r J" - • y \ t v v \ . - v • / . ' ' . * ' _ '• X ; . liX- ■ : 4 ... -V. . w i.:! • ■ A. Harrell 114 at 47,152 at 48,76 at 66,100 at 75, 32 at 81, 92 at 59 _ vAverage $58.60 * L. L. Harrell 126 at 37,184 at 75,210 at 59, 96 at 43, 100 at 45,86 at 33,40 at 35 Average $51.90 % Yours Truly, J. N. GORMAN &SONS, Greenville, N. C. Poultry and Swine Featured at Fair (Continued from the first page) nings were well distributed, however, among a half dozen states and every exhibitor won fitter prize money or ribbons for merit. Sixty seven varie ties of standard breed poultry, were exhibited and made a verv/* evenly balanced poultry show, quality run ning high' in all cases. » ; The best display of Plymouth Rocks won the prize for F. J. Urqu hurt, Portsmouth, Va. This was the barred rock variety. The Roanoke Poultry farm of Williamston held its own against all comers and Theodore Roberson's White Orpingtons kept the FOR RENT: ONE SEVEN ROOM house in Robersonville, go6d water find lights. Geo. W. Smith, Roberson ville, N. C. Treat Colds Externally For sore throat, bronchitia or deep chest colds, rub Vicks Vapoßub briskly over throat and chest and cover with warm flannel. Vicks acts in two way*— both direct: abtorbtd like a liniment and inhaUd at a vapor. A quick relief for the cold troubles of all the family. VICKS ▼ VAPORUB OVTN IIMILUOH JAMS UXIO Yuutr Xroof ~K>sitive See roi i test on Dodge cars 40% 1- 3 oil, IQ%less gas ' ' "Standard" Motor Oil ROAD tests with hundreds of cars prove tliat 1. Con»tantJus>r 1 cation. the new "Standard" Motor Oil works won- 2. Minimum friction, ders with automobile motor performance. 3 Less "breaking-down" For instance, a Dodge, run 1,080 miles from speeds. l0 *" 1 September 24th to October 22d, 1925, showed 4 More mile , qu «rtof 40.9% increase in oil mileage; 10% increase in oil. gas mi' age: smoother operation at all speeds; 5, getter hill climbing more power; less drag on the hills. smoother operation. Here's performance you have never dreamed of Negligible carbon, getting from any lubricating oil. Drive around 7. Actual saving in gasoline. to the nearest "Standard" Service Station or dealer and get a crank case full. Then expect results. You can actually feel the difference. _ STANDARD OIL COMPANY Q Quart (New Jersey) * STANDARD' MOTOR OIL best prize money in Williamston. The! best display of Silver Leghorns, shown by J. E. Dotier of Rocky Mount won for best display in its class. H. M. Britt of Tarboro won for the best display of single comb Rhode Island Reds. A. V. Roe»d, of Portsmouth wan for the display of single comb Anconas. J. A. May, of Nashville, N. C. won for the best dis play of Black Minoracs. C. W. Jacks won with the best display of White Wyandattes. In the Asiatic class, N. Dennie, of Rocky Mount won with his black Langshans. The best display in the American class other than Reds Rocks, Orpingtons and Wyandatts, was shown by Clarence of Portsmouth with his Rhode Island Whites. The best miscellaneous dis play was sent in by W. H. Cooper of Nashville with silver spangled Ham bergs featuring. The sweep stakes winners: Best coop Jersey Black Giant, own ed by W. C. Kanoy, Dunn, N. C. Best hen in show, White Wyandotte, owned by C. W. Jacks, Rocky Mount. Best cockerel in show, partridge Wy andotte, owned by Dr. B. H. Haek- Ship To WINBORNE & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS Norfolk, Va., Cotton Suffolk, Va., Peanuts Always Ret from US at Norfolk our latest prices on Peanut BaRS, BaRRinR and ties before buyinß. ■ r Norfolk Office —National Bank of Com merce Building. Suffolk Office—Star BICTR. Factory Street. THE igffraPfelgJg-WtiXLlMfittOM, N. C. ney, Lucama, N. C. Best pullet in show, Rhode Island Red, owned., by H. M. Britt, Tarboro. Best pen in show, Rhode Island Reds, owned by H. M. Britt, Tarboro. Beat display in show, White Wyandottes, owned by C. W. Jacks, Reeky Mount. Mr. J. Henry Wolsieffer, national ly known authority on poultry, judg ed the show and commented especial ly on the high quality running all through the various classes. Mr. Wol sieffer is publicity manager of the Scsqui-Centennial show and booked p. number of exhibits from the Roa noke show to go to the Sesqui show at Philudelphia the last week in Oc tober. A representative of the Madison Square Garden show was also on hand soliciting exhibits from this show for their internationally known show to be held in New York nej# January. The Roanoke Fair poultry show has achieved a national reputation and is generally considered the most import ant fall show held south of Wash ington, D. C. Five counties had county exhibits, Beaufort taking first prize under the leadership of Miss Violet Alexander, the efficient home demonstration agent of that county. Hertford coun ty carried away second price and Mar tin third. Miss Anna Trentham who has been here only two months, is due much of the credit as it was a combi nation of her own work and her or ganisation of others that gave Mar tin its high standing in such keen competition. Washington and North ampton, both had fine exhibits, th« two counties carrying away many rib bona as well as cash prizes. The community school prises went, first to Community Road school,' Cr aven county and second prize to the Jamesville school. • The county farm exhibits proved to be one of the sharpest contests in the entire fair, only good judges were fcble to name the winner by a Scale of points. Beaufort county took first STOP! STOP! STOP! % IF YOU WORK, READ THIS AD AND THEN THINK OUR SUG , S GESTION OVER We after a hard year's work, should have a lit tle pleasure. Just at this time when you are having that pleasure you are en titled to stop one moment and think of your future of only a few years, when you will soon be old and gray. i WE HAVE A SUGGESTION THAT WILL DRIVE AWAY THIS WORRY A bank account properly handled drives away worry and brings comfort. It is the beacon light pointing oujt the pathway to peaceful old age, which is sure to come. One dollar deposited each week in our bank may solve your problem. Why not start this now and watch the results? *. .• V V | ' . . OUR SERVICE IS ALIKE TO ALL The Planters & Merchants Bank Everetts North Carolina with Mr. E. P. Welch in eharge. Mr. Carter Tiadak, a fanner of wide ex perience, put on the Craven county ex hibit, which was awarded second place. Martin, under the leadership of' County Agent, T. D. Brandon took third placa Four Martin county schools had ex hibits, Robersonville taking first DR. HOWARD SMITH The Eye-Sight Specialist, of Monroe, N. C., will be here again Monday and Tuesday, September 27 and 28 See him for satisfactory glasses at a reasonable price. The price has been greatly reduced on Kryptok Bi-Focals—the double-viaion glasses without a seam. Satisfaction guaranteed. R. L. Stewart, Jeweler, Washington, N. C. BRING US YOUR WATCH WORK ALSO Williams ton second, Jamesville third, and Everetts fourth. Many other prizes were won by individuals. The individual displays showed that wonderful improvement has been made in every line by our people during the past few years. The work now being show by them will compare with that shown in any place.

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