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Wach the Übol on Yom Piper; It Carries the Date Tom Subscription Expires VOLUME XXXI—NUMBER 20 COUNTY BOARD STANDS BY ITS SITE SELECTION » 9 _____ New School To Be Placed On Rhodes Property; , • Begin Work Soon ARCHITECT AT WORK Reported That Dr. Rhodes May Move Home, Straightening Street To Location Selected In iU meeting held here yesterday the County Board of Education de fended the selection made last month of a site for a new school building here, and it is understood that the school will be placed on the Rhodes property provided the conditions specified in the contract are met by Dr. Jas. S. Rhodes, the property's owner. The main condition to be met is the opening and construction of proper streets, leading to the build ing. The town will construct a water line to the site, but no promise has beea made by the town commission ers to make sewer connections. The Virginia, Electric and Power Com pany is expected to make the light connections. A motion was made by Mr. K. B. Crawford, chairman of the board, to put the matter to a popular vote, , but Mr. Crawford's action came just about the time for adjournment at the noon hour, and it was never sec onded. The members of the board did not reassemble after the lunch hour, and the motion went to the air. It was unofficially stated this morning that Dr. Rhodes was con , sidering moving his home and ex tending Smith wick street in a direct line to the site. This could not be confirmed this morning, however. m Plans for the building are being made by Architect Eric Flannagan, * and according to those in Authority, building operations should be started in the very near future, provided, of course, no obstacles present them selves between now and the time the contract is let . » North Carolina Cotton Association Election At a meeting of the Board of Di rectors of the North Carolina Cotton Growers Cooperative association held in Kaleigh last Tuesday, it was ordered that the annual election of directors shall be held beginning with the county t primaries during the third week m May and ending with the annual meeting of members at the association's office, June 18th, at which time the new Board of Di rectors will assume charge of the affairs of the association for the new association yaar. __ The county convention for prim ary elections in this county will be held in the courthouse here at 10:30, Saturday, May 10. Delegate*) elected at the county primaries will attend district con ventions at district headquaters in each of the ten districts on May 22, and will nominate candidates to be voted upon by the association mem bers for director to represent the district for the coming year. District elections where the poll holders will count the ballots will be held June 12 and the candidates who receive the majority votep at these elections in each of the t*n districts will be declared the director to represent the district First Sleet in May in Many Years Today > According to many citizens, this section saw its first sleet in May this morning. While it wss very light several people stated that the sleet fell about seven o'clock, follow ed by a heavy rain. Mr. Aubrey Shackell, editor ot the Heitferd News, was here a short while this morning. STran^ Tumi/ WEDNESDAY Buddy Roosevelt in "TANGLED HERDS" Added COMEDY Mutt and Jeff Cartoon And Serial WILLIAM DESMOND in "THE VANISHING RIDER" Also FREE TICKET FOR SHOW FRIDAY . THE ENTERPRISE COMMISSIONERS REGULAR MEET Straighten Out Number of Tax Tangles; Otherwise Of Little Interest The County Board of Commission ers faced a number of tax errors in their meeting here yesterday, and outside of correcting the mistakes, the meeting was of no great impor tance. Mr. J. G. Barnhill, chairman of the Board, having tendered his resigna tion to the Clerk of the Superior court was not present and Mr. H. S. Everett, having been . appointed by R. J. Peel, Clerk of the Superior court, was qualified for the office by taking the oath. Upon motion T. B. Slade jr. was elected chairman to fill the unexpired term in Mr. BamhiU's former position. John N. Rogerson, of Bear Graso, was released from payment of tax on $3,300 solvent credits and was permitted to list land valued at $3,- 600, the credits being listed by error and the land unlisted through error. Daily Hodges was realeased from payment of tax on $250 personal same being listed and paid by J. W. Anderson. W. C. Manning was realeased from pament of tax- oil seventy acres of land listed in Griffins township, the land having been listed twice thru error. Arthur Johnson was reulesed from payment of tax on mecharndise list ed at $2,260 through error, and wua also released from payment of school tax in Robersonville on farm out of school bounds, valued at $3,500. A special school election was or dered in the Keel school district. J. D. Williams, of Williams town ship, having no dog, was released of payment of tax on a dog. Henry Nelson, colored, of Rober sonville, was released of payment on $2,850 on, land listed twice through error. The. board ordered that tt public road be laid out in Cross ltoads township, leading from J. L ClarkV to Walter lieach's. W. L. Staton, of ltobersonviUe was realeased from payment of tax on S4OO worth of property, listgl by er ror. The estate of W. L. Staton wai re leased from payment of tax on SI4OO listed twice. Mrs. M. W. Pugh was* allowed the sum of $12.50 per month Troni tht Mothers' Aid Fund. O. P. Koberson was refundoil $20., plumber's tax, collected through er ror. J. G. Modlin was release! from payment of tax on fifty-six acres of land listed through error in i Jamis ville township and valued atifoGO. The Sheriff was ordered It) nell all property upon which tax /nas not been paid on the first Jroadiy in June, making it necessary' for him to advertise delinquentii/thi iwcrk. W. I). Micelle was .released from payment of poll Bankers in Auto Wreck Near Wilson Saturday Mess»s. F. U. Barnes and John D. Biggs, and R. W. Salsbury, of Ham ilton and Mr. Dudley, of Norfolk, were slightly injured last Saturday afternoon when their car was wreck ed about two miles out of Wilson. The car, a Lincoln coach belonging to Mr. F. U. Barnes and driven by Mr. Salsbury was ditched when the brakes clinched and failed to release. Repairs were' made to the machine and the bankers continued home from Pinehurst where they had at tended a bankers' convention the day before. Jury List for June Term Of Court Drawn Monday j At their meeting yesterday the list of jurors for the June term of Martin County Superior court was drawn by the commissioners las fol lows: W. M. Davis, J. F. Martin, Joshua L. Coltrain, Noah P. Roberson, Jno. E. Moore, Alonzo D. Griffin, B. Frank Lilley, W. G. Hardison, James R. Corey, Simon D. Roberson, Jas. L. Peel, M. D. Leggett, "8., John H. Roberson, W. J. Melson, B. W. Hardy, J. L. Hassell, T. S. Critcher, J, E. Harrison, jr., Z. H. Rose, A. L Hardy, C. B. Riddick, V. G. Tay lor, M. D. Ayers, W. R. Roebuck, J. G. Barnhill, jr., Hugh Roberson, J. Henry Roberson, C. Arthur Rob person, G D. Ward, G. P. Bullock, W. Harold Everett, H. B. Smith, B. B. Taylor, W. E. Tyson,- H. R. Smith and Lester L. House. During the past few days the Roanoke river has flooded the banks, causing a delay in freight shipments and bringing thousands of fish for the fishermen. Sunday the water was several feet deep in certain spots around the wharf, and the young boys here were scooping the herrings up in rapid order. A drop in the water waa reported yesterday, but with the rain this morning another rise is expected. Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, May 8, 1928 TOWN FATHERS BAN DANCES AT MEET MONDAY v. v Uncle Buck Meadows Ob jects To Sobriquet of "Grandpa" - APPOINT LIST TAKER Type of Dances That Have Been Held Here Recently Brings Down Ire Of Commissioners "Grandpa, can you tell me the way out of here"? was the question afked "Uncle" Buck Meadows, a member of the board of town com missioners, by one of the young men uttending the last warehouse dance here when he was unable to find his way out of the city the morning fol lowing the dance the night before. Mr. Meadows, in relating the inci dent before the Town Board of Com missioners in session hero last night, stated that he willingly instructed the hollow-eyed youth as to direc tions. And that young fellow as well as* many others will not need to ask the way out or in either, for that mutter; for, last night the commis sioners took a new stand and all dances, staged from a possible view of profit, were banned indefinitely. .The new stand against the specu lative warehouse dance was taken when the commissioners reviewed the dance situation as has existed here during the past few months. In discussing the problem, the commis sioners mentioned a 'few things com ing as a result of their own obser vations. from the lips of a nwrried woman, one of the commissioners stated he heard her say, "Yes, 1 am going and I expert to have a helluva big time." In the early hours of the morning, citizens were awakened from their sleep when carloads of the young boys and girls drove in certain purts of the town to drink and curse, was another thing mentioned at the meeting in deriving at some way the warehouse dance might, be stopped. The order went by in a hurry when it was men tioned that members from red light districts of certain Eastern Carolina towns attended the dance and were, more or less, instrumental in causing one or two fist fights on the sidelines. It Was apparent that Mr. Mea dows was not out for that "Grand pa" salutation from an up start; for he, made a straight-to-the-shoulder attack on the speculation dance. In making the order, it was stated bye each member of tho board that ht was not against dancing, but it was the opinion of the minority that tljere should be a stop brought about to the type of dances that have been held here in recent months. And according to the proceedings lust night, there will be but one or two more warehouse dances here for quite a .while. Fair week, Thanks giving and Christmas will count for little when it comes to granting per mission for dances here, it was stat; ed last night. •» Turing from the dance, the boar/ discussed the matter of appointing a social tax list-taker for. the town to make an abstract of the taxable properties in the town. It was stated that the method followed in the past years had proved very unsatisfactory and that it would bo better should the town take its own list. Mr. W. T. Meadows was appointed list-taker and he will sit with the township list-taker at the FdVmers Supply Company fifteen days between now and the last of this month. Citizens of the town will be able to lint their property for county and town levies but will do so separately. In making this change, it is believed that the i number of errors will be greatly lessened and that the $l5O to be paid Mr. Meadows for the task will prove to be cheap in the end. Mr. Meadows is to prepare the books for the tax ci.llecUM' and have them ready by June 'Sty, while if handled as in the past, the books would not reach the collector within 90 day*. An order was passed, instructing Tax Collector W. B. Daniel to ad vertise tax delinquencies according to law. And that being the case, the names of the delinquents will appear Friday of this week. Mr. Daniel re ported that he did not have very many unpaid accounts, and that he expect a few of those. would be set tled today and tomorrow. Willie Winkle Shoppe Not To Be Moved In the last issue of this paper, it was stated that Messrs. Stubbs and Stubbs would move their law office to the building now occupied by the Willie Winkle Hat Shoppe. Accord ing to the managers of the Hat Shop arrangements for handling their large stock of hats are not complete, and that the two attorneys will move there within the next few weeks or even at all is not certain at this time, it was stated by the Hat Shop operators last Saturday. PRESBYTERIANS : TO BUILD HERE Seventeen Members Meet And Form First Pres byterian Church The organization of a First Pres byterian Church of Williamston was eflected last Sunday when seventeen members of that denomination met at the close of the afternoon service in the special tent here and pledged their support in establishing the new church. While the exact date for the erection of the building is not known at this time, it was learn ed through Mr. A. J. Crane, a mem ber of the evangelistic party, that the brick for the building had al ready been promised, and that con struction would be started in the near future, or as soon as the con gregation selects a suitable location. While there have been no definite plans or arrangements announced, it i-: understood that the organizers of the new church will erect a hand some brick structure, and will join, hands with all others in promoting church work in the town and com munity. One of the strongest pas tors of the denomination will be sent here to serve the local church and to do mission work in the county, it was stated by Mr. Crane. The charter members include Mr. P. R. ReeVes, Mrs. Anna Harrison, Mrs. C. G, rockett, Carrol G. Crock ett, jr., 'Mary Ann Crockett, Mrs. Erah S. Cobb, Mr. C. . Alexander, Miss Delplua Peebles, Mrs. Raleigh Bradley, Mr. T. 11. Brandon, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Harrison, Ernest Harrison, Alice Harrison, Mrs. Law rence P. Lindsley, Lawrence G. Lindsley, and Mrs. Watts. It is expected that a number of others will affiliate with the church at a later date. PRESBYTERIAN MEETING ENDS Last Service Held Sunday Evening; Move Tent to Hobgood The special Presbyterian services held here during the past two weekH in a tent on th* Crawford lot on Church and Smithwick streets was brought to a most successful close Sunday evening when I)r. E. E. Gil lespie preached a strong sefinon tq a large" congregation. The prcachei Jook his tetft from the 15th chapter cf the Godpel of Luke, delaing with the three parables, the lost sheep, the lost cow and the lost boy. At the close of the service, two of the con grngaiton were received as members of the church.. Yesterday the tent was moved to llobgood where the evangelistic par ty will hold services during several days, beginning next Sunday. Dr. Gillespie, ReVs. Mr. Crane ami Yandel and Mr. Smith, ihe song loader, are very much gratified with the results ofHhe meeting and they *wish to thank all who havo helped to make it a success and to make known their appreciation for the kindnesses shown them by ihe people cf the town and community during their stay here. Recorder's Court Had But Two Cases Today With only two cases on the docket, Judge Bailey's court heid a very short session here this morning. The first case charging John How ard Taylor with seduction, was con tinued for two weeks. Will Little, charged with the un lawful possession of liquor, plead gujjty and was fined $15.00 and required to pay the costs of the ac-. tion. Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Anderson Dies Today Clyde Donald, jr., the nine months old son of Mr. and Mrs. C, D. Ah derson died at the home of its par ents here this morning at 2 o'clock. It was taken Saturday night with menengitis and from the first his re covery was considered doubtful. The little fellow had just recovered from an attack of mea|ies which is thought to have weakened the child's power to resist the menengitis at tack. The funeral will be held at the home tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'- clock and interment will be made in the Tarboro cemetery at 4. Rev. C. H. Dickey will conduct the cites. Cross Circuit Interrupts Town's Light Service A short circuit in the town's eiec tric system has caused a spasmodic service for the light and power users Wet weather with strong winds were stated to be causing the trouble, and employees hsve worked practically all day in an effort to locate the trouble.- ' t ALL PROPERTY MUST BE LISTED DURING MONTH List Takers Now Ready for Business; One in Each Township HOPE TO AVOID RUSH Farmers Required to List Number of Acres of Each Kind of Crop For Statistical Purposes While the sheet is rot clear of ell the 1927 taxes, the listing of taxable property for this year has been arranged, and according to the advertisements all property will be doubly taxed unless it is listed be fore the 31st day of this month. The list-takers this year for the ten townships are, A. Corey, James ville, L. J. Hardison, Williams W. 1. Roberson, Griffins; A. B. Ayers, Bear Grass; Roy T. Griffin, William ston; J. K. Ross, Robersonville; C B. Roebuck, Cross Roads; Leßoy Taylor, Poplar Point; L. ,R. Everett, Hamilton; J F. Crisp, Goose Nest. The law requires all persons to meet the list takers of the townships and list real arid personal property. For statistical purposes and not for taxation, farmers are asked to come prepared to list the number of acres of each kind of crop, including fruit trees and truck. * ■ Uusually there is a last' minute rush with the list-takers, and owners of personal and real property are urged to see the list-takers as soon as possible to avoid the confusion in the last few days of listing. REGISTRATION IN GOOSE NEST Old Books Lost and New Registration Ordered by Board of Elections A new registration in Goose Nest precinct which includes the whole of Goose Nest township, was ordered to be held by the County Hoard of Elections in a meeting held here yes terday. The order was made when it wad learned that the registration of IJJ26 had been lost and could not he found. All members of the board, Sylves ter Peel, chairman; B. R. Jenk,ii)s, and C. 11. Fagan, secretary, were present. Outside of the business dealing with a new registration fo| Goose Nest precinct, the board transacted no business. TO HOLD STATE EXAMS HERE Is For Graduates of Non- Accredited Schools Going To State Colleges .State Superintendent of Schools A. T .Allen has announced that & Stat« examination will be given in the office of the county superintend ents of schools of each county in the State this year. The examination will be given the graduates of any non-accredited high schools in the State for the purpose of admitting such students to the colleges of the State on an equal basis with the graduates of accredited high schools, provided they can stand and pass a standard examination. Mr. R. A. Pope, \,superintendent of schools of this county, has announc ed that the examination in Martin will be held in his office Saturday, Jutfe 0, at 10 a. m. He also states that he wantß all who wish to take the examination to notify him within the next ten days so that he might procure all necessary papers for the examination. Several Feature Pictures Coming To Strand Here Rex Ingram's production, "The Garden of Allah" features the pro gram at the Strand theatre this week,, the management announcing it for showing Thursday night. Star ring Alice T6rry and Ivnn Petro vich, "The Garden of Allah" is the author's favorite romance ut of more than twenty-five works of fic tion Robert Hichens has written in as many years. The famous English writer firnt published "The of Allah" in 1904, and since that time it has run through nearly one hundred editions, aggregating more than one million copies. VJ 1 , Next Monday and Tuesday, John Gilbert and Greta Garbo appear in "Love," a Metro-Goldyn picture. Other coming , attrcations include Richard Rartnlemess in "The Noose" May 24; Ramon Novarro and Norma Shearer in "The Student Prince", May 28 and 29; and "The Love Murt", featuring Gilbert Roland and Noah Beery, June 1. Mr. Fred Hill, of Tarboro, was a business vistlor here this morning. COMMENCEMENT SERMON SUNDAY Large Congregation Hears Dr. Frank Deans, of Wilmington ». Sunday morning in the Episcopal church, Dr. Frank. Dean*, rector of a parish in the of Wilmington, delivered the commencement seimon to the thirteen members of the graduating class of the local ffigh school and to a large number of the townspeople. The service was mark ed by simplicity throughout, but was very impressive. Dr. Dean preached no regular sermon, but spoke of those things he had found in life which he recommended ty the class,. After commenting briefly on th« trend of the tmes, stressing the courses for the apparent revolt «>f youth, he went imediately into the heart of his message. The outstanding objec tive in life according to his inter pretation was the making of friends. The essence of conduct that makes this po.saftde he ventured to assert,, was living friendly. Dr. Dean's attitude toward* youth with its bubbling over with eager?, nesja and enthusiasm was" very tol erant. He spoke with almost SQTBOW that age lacked that priceless char acteristic., Life in its abundance in youth offered opportunities which the- youth of today was accepting no matter how the world thought. And as for him, he was willing to leave their course to them should their lives be tempered with the likeness of Christ. Though age differed with them, his prayer Was it should not itand in the way of such lives seek ing truth, beauty and friendship. Tonight, the seniors hold their class exercises in. thA school audi •nrtuni at 8:00 o'clock. Tomorrow evening at the same hour, Dr 1), It. liryan, Dean of Wake Forest Col lege, will deliver, the main address thr thirteen grajluaka—iuul pa irons of' the school. The public is invited to attend both exercises and a large number of people are expected to hear Mr. Aryan tomorrow evening. He is an able..speaker and his address will be well received by those who hear him, no doubt. MISS SLEEPER'S APRIL REPORT Twenty-Four Meetings of Girls' Clubs; Seven for Women This past •month, the County Home Agent..spent seventeen and one-half days in tho field and seven duy in the office; travelled 635 miles in conduct ing the thirty-oiw mt-etings—held fir the county. Seven meetings for the womne were held by the Agent dur ing the' .month. Two meetings were conducted , by leaders and one meet ing was held in the agent's officii to train the women leaders in food work. This meeting was conducted by Miss Mary Thomas, nutrition specialist, of ltaleiigli. All womens clubs in the county were represented except one. There has been a total attendance of 'lO3 women at the meetings held during the month. The girls clubs in.the county have held twenty-fourt meetings with, an atteridance of 271. The clubs of the county exhibited work at tl«« eoanty commencement held in April. The i work «f the women was also includ-1 cd. Ribbons were given the" best club exhibit and the girls' individual in hibits of the best garments. During the month fifteen news arti cles were written, bulle tins distributed, thirty-five letters were sent out and two circular let tors were prepared. Fourteen differ ent homes were visited, ten office calls were held and there were twelve telephone calls received rela tive to the 4 work in the county. Snow, Sleet, and Rain in State Last Few Days \ ■■ |' Changing from ar> almost mid summer day last .SatunlJvy to a day akin to January or February, the weather in many states is said U> have been the most unusual yet re corded for this time Of the year. Snow flurrietT and sleet were re ported from Rock Hill, S. C., and several neraby points, an almost un precedented occurence. he weather bureau at Charlotte re ported that. 2.16 inches of rain had fallen at Greenville, S. C., In the 24 hours ending at 8 a m. yesterday morning. Wilmington and Raleigh reported no rainfall. Temperatures in this state ranged a maximum of 60 to a minimum of 48. i _ Mr. J. E. Griffin, of Griffin's town ship, was a business visitor in town this afternoon. Sheriff and Mrs. A. L. Roebuck and Misses Mary Alice Dunning and Lela Roebuck visited Robersonville Sunday. Advertisers Wtu Find Our Col umns a Latchkey to Over 1,600 Homes of Martin County ESTABLISHED 1898 FIRE AT GARDEN TERRACE WIPES OUT 2 BUILDINGS Filling Station and Laundry Destroyed Yesterday Afternoon FIREMEN HELPLESS Lack Over 100 Feet of Hose of Having Enough to Reach Blaze; Fire At Same Place Sunday iFire, starting from an oil stove,, destroyed the old wooden building und a filling station,- a few feet away, at Garden Terrace on the West end of Main street yesterday after noon. The al&ijfn was turned, in shortly after four o'clock, and be fore the fire company could reach the scene, .the walls of the building had fallen in. The members of the fire laid more than 900 feet of hose in an attempt to save the few remaining timhers. but they could do nothing when, the last of hose was connected and a distance uf more than a hundred feet re mained uncovered. The wooden struc ture and the filling station caused a volume of smoke, and hundreds of spectators were attracted to the spot. During the past several months Mr. J. W. Tucker had operated a laundry, in the building, and the Mjonday's wash of many citizens went up in smoke when the flames spread so rapidly that nothing could be removed from the building. TeUphone connections to the west were serve red when a pole and wires of the Carolina Telephone company were burned. A fire said to have, starred from the same stove Sunday, was extin guished with very little damage re sulting. The fire company was called out then,, but the laundry operators, _who were there at-the time, ehecked the fire. The building was erected several years /ago by . Mr. J. S. Peel and .others and for a while it was used by a country store. Dances wore held there, first by the whites and then by the colored, "Vho later converted it into a hotel. Several months ago the building was leased by its own ei, a Mr. McGowan, of Greenville, to Mr. Tucker. The lextent of the damage could not be learned, and it was not def initely stated as to whether the build iiijr was insured, „ COUNTY AGENT S APRIL REPORT Eighth Car Drain Tile of Season Delivered During Month County Agent 1\ 0. llrandon had aonther busy month during April when he held one hundred and thrfee conferences, answered eighty tele phone calls, wrote one hundred and twenty one letters and eight articles, • pent sixteen days in field work and nine days in his office, visited thirty eight farms and t-.aveled 942 miles attending to official business. During the mAnth, Mr. Brandon treated 458 hogs for thirty-three jfarmres in all section of the' coun ty-. One car of hogs was shipped to Richmond and sold, bringing sl,- 648.16 shippers. The report, given to the county commissioners at their meeting here yesterday. shows- that the agent supervised the shipping of a > third car of poultry during - April. The shipment amounted to 10,063 pounds and sold for $2,119.16, bring ing the totul number of pounds of poultry shipped since February from the county up to 34,964 pounds, and the total income up to $6,898.28. A saving of appoxmiately $1,500 for the farmers of the county was made possible by "these shipments, it was pointed out in the report. ... A saving of SBBO. for farmer* was effected through collective or ders of drain tile, the agent deliver ing his eigth car of the season dur ing the month. The greater part of the agent's time was taken up by treating hogs, delivering tile and getting the poul try scheduled and advertised. Negro Minstrel At Jamesville Thursday A Negro minstrel has been an nounced for showing in the James ville school auditorium next Thurs day night at 8 o'clock. The Poplar Chapel quartette will take part in the. entertainment that evening and other numbers in connection with I the minitrel will be given. Music by a string band will also be a feature on the program. Mr. W. T. Overby, teacher in the schools there, stated yesterday that the program for the evening is one of the best yet offer ed and that a large attendance is expected. ' k •

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