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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, September 27, 1929, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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PAGE TWO Enterprise ' Published Every Tuesday and Friday by The ENTERPRISE PUBLISHING CO. WILLIAMSTON, NORTH CAROLINA W. C. Manning Editor SUBSCRIPTION RATES (Strictly Cash in Advance) IN MARTIN COUNTY ' One year . * ————— Si* months , « OUTSDE MARTIN COUNTY One year .- -$2.00 Si* months No Subscription '.eceived for Less Than 6 Months Adverti' g Kate Card Furnished Upon Request Entered at the post office at WilUamston, N. C., as second-class matter uiNler the act of Congress of March 3, 1879." Address all communication to The Enterprise and not to the individual members of the film. Friday, September 27,1929 Too Much Consolidation The contest for'supremacy of the American financial System seems to favor the New York banks, which are about to put the Federal Reserve System out of busi They are rapidly consolidating the banks every where, until the day will soon tome when the Federal Reserve Banks will have no more power than a free negro had before the slaves were emancipated. Of course, the New York banks are so'strongly •fortified that they are able to ignore the Federal Re serve Banks* and fix interest rates, not only for them selves but for the other batiks of the country. Now, with the new consolidations, there is little hot* for the average man. who will find himself more dependent, in a business way, than he has been at any time in the past fifty years. There is- too much consolidation in this country. The ma si s art suffering from it and it will get much worse. Hard Luck Hits the Shipbuilders Hard luik seems to have struck the shipbuilders. That fellow Shearer has told on-thenn and the United States Senate has made them tell on themselves. The news is out on them that all this big naval cost for years has been on their account: They have certainly been a lutky bunch of fellows everywhere. In America, a half dozen such concerns have bossed Congress. The same thing applies in Kngland, and the Krupps handled German naval |x»li tics for k quarter of a cenTurjT SIX BIG DAYS r ATD WFI?IT Sept 30th and AND NIGHTS r Alii W CJJIJY Oct 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 THE PITT COUNTY FAIR r\ Greenville, North Carolina * ' ' i _ West's Worlds Wonder Shows - 400 People -10 Rides -20 Shows 30 ALL STEEL RAILROAD CARS , RACES EVERY AFTERNOON FIREWORKS EVERY NIGHT . 1 • m. ■ £l-' • " ' ' ! *, * *" Honey Family Free Acts - Front of Grandstand After * •' * '' • v - -r —" :. 1 ' ' ' ~ '• ■ " ' noon and Night - Basil's Madison Square Band FAIR OPENS MONDAY NIGHT - " v . ;> v —A ITS-YOUR FAIR. SO BE THERE ADMISSION ONLY SO CENTS These gorups of profiteers have made it their busi i ness to get England to curse Germany, Germany to | curse America, America to curse Japan, and Japan, in turn, to curse England. They employed a type of j propaganda that produces suspicion and hatred and | infuriates the public mind until it will stand for a ; heavy program of war and navy expenditures. Ol i course, these fellows pay high prices for this kind of propaganda, but it will pay them in high-priced ship- building contracts. They, however, have other expen ditures They have to play lots of friendship and buy an occasional naval officer and use heavy tips in I Congress. This senatorial investigation is a fine thing for the people, who would not stand the acts committed in our own government a single minute if they just knew how much robbery a,tid stealing has gone on. It is very gratifying to know that things are far bet ter than during the Harding administration. The Woodrow Wilson administration was clean and honest, though extravagant, during the war years. The Hard ing administration will go down in history as the graft and theft administration. The Coolidge administra tion, in itself, was one of reasonable honor, though some branches needed investigation. The Hoover ad ministration has the real opportunity to serve the American j>eople, and to do so should investigate every act committed by any branch of the govern ment for the last ten years. If they will, it will be surprising how hiuch graft will be uncove;ed. Tobacco Grading Pays Tobacco grading helfx-d South Carolina farmers a bout 4.58 tents per pound on the Lake City (S. C.) market for-the week ending September 14. The Government graders graded 121,933 pounds during the week, for which the fanners paid S cents per hundred for grading, a sum of $609.66. But they received $5,584.53 more than their neighbors did for the same number of pounds who did not have theirs gracjMw, These figures are taken from the rejwrt of tKe United States Department of Agriculture. This is proof that buyers who .have to grade 300 piles |>er hour, or 5 piles per minute, do a very slip shod business for the farmer, and it is iin|>ossible for a half dozen buyers to pro|>erly examine a pile of to bac«p in 12 seconds, as has to be done under the bel ter skelter method now prevailing. The farmer loses because buyers under-grade as a matter of safety to themselves. How To Dry Up Washington What Washington needs is to confiscate all the li quor in the office of every person in the city serv ing in any public capacity including, of course, Sen ators and Congressmen—and their "ca,ddies. Then we would have the city half dry. Then confiscate the liquor of all the lobbyists who make a gptSCMty of wining" Congressmen for~the purpose of forming ix-cial contacts with them, and then, send the lobby its to prison with Sinclair and his associates. The hty wil then l>e three-fourths dry. It wjll leave only 'he fast women and gamblers to sup|»rt the boot iggers, and this will "bust" most of them. THE ENTERPRISE THE LETTER BOX SMITHWICKS CREEK CHURCH I regret to have to reply to the ar ticle of Jhe clerk of the Kehukee As sociation, but I find it necessary. This trouble in Smithwicks Creek Church was brought on and waged by those out of that church and some in no.cruch, therefore it has been a dis order from the beginning. Article 13 of the Articles of Faith rods as follows: "We believe that every church is independent in matters of discipline; and that association, coun cils, and conferences of several minis ters or churches are not to impose on the churches_ the keeping, holding, or maintaining any principle or practice contrary to the churches' judgment." Now, those few wrongfully accused oui church's principles and practice, and, though they had been right in their accusation; they still would not have the right to "impose on the church tht keeping, holding, or maintaining any principle or practice contrary to the church's judgment,". so you see their first step was out of order, and so it was they came into our midst anil began to criticize and stir up >trife, and the clerk declares the church was hopelessly divided, and because of the prestige and the dictation of that few the church was soon in awful con dition. He also says that correspond ing churches recognized the minority. A few of them did, but without any knowledge of the matter whate\Ser but by the same dictators. It his'been acknowledged by. one of the three that helped to fix the plan to work it through the union for the minority to be recognized, so it was put through the union in the same way. He says the majority was not recognized by thi association because their conduct | didn't merit the fellowship of the as iu ciation. Conduct was not questioned, to our regret The majority faction is composed of men and women of upright walk and godly conversation and of honest report. As conduct was not mentioned in the association, if there be any interested we would be WANTS WE WILL SELL AT PUBLIC auction at our hohie, near James ville, on Friday, September 27, at I o'- clock, all of our household and kitchen furniture, - W. I. Wallac«Tand wife, slO 5t , TOBACCO GRADER WANTS work Satisfaction guaranteed at a reasonable price. Apply to En terprise. 3t ROOMERS WANTED: GOOD Lo cation and reasonable price. Also unfurnished apartment for light house keeping. —Apply to J. It (jdrganlUV ~ Smithwick Street. 527 2t glad to have them question. Now, it was not conduct but a sham and rec ommendation and manipulation and by the aid of a few who were keenly in terested in the minority faction, and this was done by ignoring the advice and counsel of the oldest and brainiest minister in the association, who told them they should receive neither fac tion, but let it remain with the church. And that is our contention today. Now, I want to refer you to the 17th and last article of faith, wherein yav will read, "The decision of matters in such associations are not to be im posed, or in any wise binding, on the churches without their consent, but on ly to sit and act at an advisory coun sel" I hope these articles of the by-laws will be sufficient to disclose the par tiality that has been used. P. E. GETSINGER. otitperformiiigr all other low-priced sixes During 1928, ■ large pubUc 4 utilities corporation operated 996 automobile* of S3 different _ "* l "' to i.. than ever ~ ~ own accurately recorded coat figure*, its Pontiaca coat one cent leu per mile to operate than any other l(ru>-priced six in the field at that time. Yet even that great record economy. It being aurpaaaed —— by the Pontiac Bix Six becauae of a number of reiincmenta and advancements which thia latest Pontiac includea. 3B PONTIAC six PRODUCT or CENIIAI' HOTOII HT^ FASTER /. •• fc. Pmntime, ktUk. * ihr—Tawjiir H»dmm SMOOTHER V * "■ ** mm MlfUlTWtUmM'. mart popular •kadaa of I)urn. Wh •it you rum* to m« j i _ It Mn| raur iirMfßl cur for wr likeml MORE POWERFUL CMttUar tlw Hellfrred price mm «r!l mm £5 A ■ VI 11 Um lUt (f. o. Ik) price when mtnparin| a A Mlnnd IMI nil. ....I, ~~d ekarr* for fr«l«lit ami Mlvcry and ib« m A „ _ _ _ „ •k»r§» for any additional or MORE RELIARLE Pontimc, Mirk., piua drliwry rhn- of%. llima«ri, mpring rorari Imt j ty W IB V _ Vfe —— —* •hork mbmnrhmrm rrgulnr ttottytm.') Imt ILtf till- IS-Llf KD a rata. ROBERSONVILLE MOTOR CO. i Robersonville, N. C. | Mr. and M«. B. F. Clark, of Had don Heights, N. J., spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Everett. CARD OP*THANKS We wish to express our sincere ap preciation to those who so willingly and lovingly assisted as during the re cent illness and death of oar mother, Mrs. J. H. Britt. We especially wish to thank Drs. Warren and Rhodes, and the nurse for their services and to say that the floral offerings were greatly appreciated. THE FAMILY. NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of a judgment ill an action entitled "D. G. Matthews vs. W. H. C. Sykes, et al," the under signed commissioner will, on Monday, November 4, 1929, at 12 o'clock noon, in front of the courthouse door of Mar tin County, offer for sale* to the high est bidder, after due advertisement, the following described land: Friday September 27,1929 Being located in Jamesville Town ship, Martin County, North Carolina, adjoining -the lands of Ellen Daniel, William Sykes, and the road leading from John Hardison's Mill to the Jamesville and Washington road, and others. Containing fourteen acres, more or less, and being the same land described in mortgage from W. H. C. Sykes to S. J. Everett, mortgagee. This 24th day of Septmeber, 1929. B. A. CRITCHER, 527 4tw Commissioner. Backache V functional Bladder Irritation disturb* your sleep, cause* Burning Or Itching Sensation, Backache or Leg Pains, making you fool tired, depreooed and dtacouraged, why not try the Cystoa 48 Hour Teot? Don* give up. Get CyitM today at any drug store. Put It to the toot. 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