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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, December 29, 1939, Page 4, Image 4

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Martins Win Series With Olson's Swedes Locals Take Final Pair After Losing In Initial Meeting Brock I .cad- OffrnKUr Wilh 30 Poinlo in the Throe Kxhibitiou- J The Will mm Men Minim aid' |K ndent Ijdr-kHbdII f? <jm displayed a thrilling and exciting brand of basketball to take two straight iuntie*ta - from th??ni^ TriTifrtp Swedes after losing the first in a three-game exhibition in this sec tion this week The Martins lost the opener here Monday night, being edged out by a score of 36 to 39 How ever in Edenton Tuesday evening Willianriston gained revenge and evened the situation by soundly trouncing the all-star Swedes. The final game of the series at Washing ton Wednesday night was also awarded the locals after a tough bat tle. 34-33 In the starring role for the Mar tins was Don Brock, who although a good deal shorter than his oppo nent, Campbell, scored thirty points during the three games The Swedes offered great praise to Brock and all said that they tried to win every game, but found a much stronger team here than they anticipated. Fol lowing Brock in scoring were Jeff Grant and Fenner Wallace, who hit the basket for 22 points during the exhibition. Olson's Terrible Swedes were led by White, a forward, who made 31 points for the three tills and a large number of these points were made from difficult angle shots. But the real star for the Swede's was Jump aided as the man to watch. Satovich displayed his technique In a manner which labels turn the best passing and trick artist ever seen on the bas ketball court in this section. Jump mg Joe especially noted the close guarding of Bosko Anderson, who put a cramp in his antics The entire personnel bf the Ter rible Swedes was very compliment - ' cals and enjoyed their stay here very much. Swedes Win Opener In their opening game with Wil liamston here Christmas night, the highly-touted professional team won over the locals 39-3t> in a battle that seesawed back quarter finding the score m-W Williamston's favor, while at the half the Swedes were leading 20*14. To the more than 150 who witness ed this contest, the Swedes were just wtyat they were slated to be ?. a team that could score almost at will But everyone was mildly surprised when the final score showed only a : STORY IS SHORT ^ At Willuunston?December 25th William ston G F T Grant, f 6 1 13 Beaird, 1 2 0 4 Brock. c 4 .0 JL Wallace, g ' ?2 0 4 Anderson, g 3 0 6 Totals 17 2 :t? Swede* G r T White, f 7 2 16 Olson, f 3 II 6 Camphell. c 1 1 3 Satovich. g 4 0 8 Surface, g 2 6 Totals 17 S 39 At Kdrntun ? December 26th Williams ton G F T Wallace. 1 5 (I 10 Grant, ( 2 | 5 Corey. I Brock, c n 5 I) 0 0 10 Anderson, g Beatrd. g o 0 0 4 2 1 Manning, g 1 0 2 Totals Swedes White*, t . Olson, f Campbe ll, c Satovich, g Surface*, g TotaLs 16 1 33 G F T 4 1 9 0 0 0 2 0 4 1 0 2 0 0 * 7 1 15 At Washington?December 27th Williamston G F T Wallace f 4- 0- 0 Grant, f 2 0 4 Brock, c 5 2 12 Beaird, g 3 0 Anderson, g - 2 0? Manning, g 0 0 : Totals IB 2 34 Swede* C F T Wtnto. ( 2 2 6 O'son t * I ' VT Campbell, c 4 19 |. Satovich.g 2 0 4 Surface, g ^ i a Totals 14 5 33 difference, of three points. Jeff Grant, with 13 points, led the with*ij?Lj>pints, paced the visitors. Martins Win Handily Williamston took the second game in Ed en ton Tuesday by a one-sided score of 33-15, which was played to a small number. The Swedes had evidently lost the basket and were unable to come through with their usual scoring punch Once again White led the Terri bles ones in point-making with four field goals and D free shot. For the Martins. Fenner Wallace and Don Brock, each having 10 points, were the leaders. Martins Win Again With the games tied up at one-all. FARMERS MAKE NO MISTAKE START RIGHT BY I MM; THE FAMOUS ARMOUR Tobacco Plant SCO QCAUTTT' TOBACCO^ J Fertilizers We Have A targe Supply Ready For Immediate Delivery At Hie New Farmers Warehouse H. L. J. EDWARD Barnhill ? Corey Willitmston, N.C. One Untimely Death Rej)orted In County During The Period (Continued from pace one) attacks during Ttip period tr TO no fault of at least one of the attackers that the victims escaped death, re ports stating that flatirons were swung freely with heavy hands In Oak City a robber entered the horn4* of LvR^y l^arnpr colored, an<^ stole $75 cash white the owner away. _? _ Out in Bear Grass, robbers broke into the A C Harrison filling sta tion and stole ten or twelve cartons of cigarettes and a gallon of oysters The goods were later found desert <*d in an automobile, the robber ap parently feeling he was about to get caught Numerous maPI'lUges vme lepuil ed in the county Christmas Eve, but as a whole the marriage license bur eau did a poor business during the holiday period Business leaped ahead of the past year records, and Santa Claus was possibly more active this Christmas than last, the Christmas Cheer spon sors stepping into the*picture to round out a fairly bright picture in more than 100 unfortunate homes. Local police had very few calls and referred to the holiday as one of the quietest they had witnessed in a number of years. Three robber ies were reported early in the week, but none came to the attention of local police at Christmas. Over Robersonville", two plate glass win dows were sfnashed and small quan tities of goods were stolen. Pranks ters shot out several street lights and caused a damage there of about $125. All in all, the real spirit of Christ mas was more in evidence this year than in years past in this county Manager Parker Adds Two Plavers ?Dixie Parker, new manager for the Martin*. hub utarUtl rounding?out" his 1940 edition according to reports received this week bv J. Eason Lil le.y, club president. "We have a promising catcher lined up and a crack of a good outfielder," Parker advised Mr. Lilley. Advise me what other positions we need to fill." Par Just now the club officials are looking for an able first baseman and some more pitchers. Hopeful more lenient rules can be effected covering player classifica- i tions, President Lilley is holding his team intact. Of course, he is looking for players, but he hopes it will be possible to retain most of the otd lads fur actiuii this cuiniiig season The league directors are planning to hold a meeting within the next few days and give the recently adopted player classifications further consid eration, according to Mr. Lilley Tuo Fire ('.alls Received Here l)uring C.hristman The local fire company was call ed out twice during the Christmas period. On the .morning of Decem ber 22. the firemen were called to the humble home of Bell Williams in Leggett's Lane where fire, start ing from a spark, slightly damaged the roof. On Christmas morning, fire, start ing from an oil heater, smoked the apartment of J. D. Harrison, Jr., in the Godwin house on the corner of Main and Sycamore Streets The mantel and a small area on the floor were burned, but the firemen brought the fire under control with chemicals and without much re Attack Victim Leaves Long Trail Of Blood Returning to his home on Elm Street about 4:30 o'clock Tuesday morning apparently to attack his wife a second time, John Wilder, colored, met with flatiron opposition as he tore through the back lluur. Using a flat iron, his wife directed a heavy blow on his head and cau ed the blood to flow freely. Arriving on the scene about that tune, officers saw Wilder flee from the home. They gave up the chase after trailing him a distance by his own blood Wilder was said to have attacked his wife about one o'clock that morning and took her pocketbook and money. She is now seeking sep aration papers, the police stating that she is not very interested in prosecuting a criminal action against him. the two teams met in Washington Wednesday night in a battle that proved to be the most thrilling of the series The score at the first period was tied at 6-all, at the half, Williamston led by a margin of 10 to 14, and at the third period the Martins were ahead 23 to 22. The fi nal score was 34 to 33. The crowd was in an uproar most . .{ lives 11 nfl t Was loo#4 . nkt O ltd SW~4 in t* iv 111it* an wip ina rtwnjpv hands numerous timet, and the cut ups of Satovich made the battle all the more exciting. Olson and Camp bell led the Swedes' cause with nine points each, while Don Brock hit his stride to mark up 12 points for the Martins. Tenner Wallace follow ed with eight. And thus ends the series between the first real basketball team of na tional reputation to be brought to this section and the Williamston Mar tina, with the locals coming out on the big end. Next of the big-time calibre to play here will be the House of David team, which is ranked even better than the Swedes. And we say, let's see if they are better than the Martina. Funeral Services For C A. Harrison Held Here This Afternoon (Continued from page one) mercantile tmn m Palmy n he rounded out his business knowl edge and in 1916 he returned to Wil hams ton and forming a partnership jyith his brother, Mr. G. H Harri son, founded the Harrison Whole sale Company. *n*e business enjoy ed a rapid expansion and the fol lowing year, the large wholesale building was constructed on South Haughton Street. Two years later the partners en tered the oil business which has been developed into one of the largest of its types in this section of North Carolina. While he was recognized able business man. Mr. Harrison was better known in his other walks of life His associations were varied and touched at the very foundation of religious, civic and community organizations, not to mention all kinds of sports which he so dearly loved and which no man could en joy any more than he enjoyed them. When a young student at Camp bell College, he joined the Baptist chu^ph. and during all the years that followed he maintained an an xious interest in its growth and its work. He gave liberally of his time and his means in its support. His interest in advancing educa tion did not stop in the role of the patron; he capably served the local schools as a member of the commit tee for several terms, and no call to help the schools or any other worthy institution or cause was left unan swered bv him. He was a favorite in the local Ki wanis club membership. He was Mason and his enjoyment of life seemed to be multiplied at the Shrine meetings. He also was a member of the Woodmen of the World organi zation and was a member of the Modern Woodmen. On June 17. 1914, he was married to Miss Lossie Anderson, of Leg getts- the event marking the begin nihg or a E*ri6d' ihHrrem^nsrws crowded with happiness and con tentment. His home life, marked by a lasting devotion and companion ship, approximated the ideal A thoughtful husband and an under standing father, he held the admira tion and undivided love of his fam ily. ife jovial character radiated happiness to others, and he made friendships that could not be brok en. His softness of manner, his friendly voice and his willingness to abide by the rules of the game earn ed him a place' in the hearts of ev eryone. In 1930 Mr. Harrison entered poli tics for the first time. Winning a spintud L'unU'sl in the primary that year, he entered upon the duties of treasurer of Martin County the fol lowing December. In the four suc ceeding elections he was returned to office without opposition. Undc^ his office, Martin County finances have been held at a high level, and his ability has received favorable comment from high financiers. He was a director in the Branch Bank ing and Trust Company and was ac tive in the work tif the Martin Coun ty Building and Loan Association for nearly fifteen years as its popu lar and capable president. There were few things rated as worthwhile and uplifting that did not receive an able and ever willing support of Mr Harrison. He enjoyed life and he enjoyed seeing others enjoy life. Besides his wife he leaves three daughters, Miss Rebecca Harrison, a member of the High Point school faculty; Mrs. Claude Baxter Clark, Jr., of_Williamston, and Miss Blanche Harrison, ?a student at Converse College, Spartanburg. He also leaves one sister, Mrs. Delia Green, of Wil liamston, and four brothers, Messrs. J. E. Harrison and G. H. Harrison, of Williamston; D. B. Harrison, of Palmyra, and R. G. Harrison, of Hen derson. Funeral services are being con ducted at his late home on Academy Street this afternoon at 3 o'clock by his pastor, Rev. James H. Smith, as-" sisted by Rev. W. R. Burrell, of Asheville, a former pastor. Stale Anociationt Lend $1,321,000 For IS etc Hornet Building, savings and loan asso ciations of North Carolina made $1, 321,000 on home loans during the month of November, according to Wheeler Martin, of Williamston, president of the North Carolina Building and Loan league. This represented 878 loans, 308 of which were for the construction of new homes, totaling $357,573. More than 158 loans were made for the purchase of homes, to the amount of $260,000. In addition, 160 loans, to the amount of $117,516, were for re pairs and reconditioning of homes. The balance of 252 loans totaling $385,215, were for refinancing and other miscellaneous purposes, Mr. Martin stated. Chamber Of Commerce Meeting Here Wednetday (Continued from page one) group here is growing rapidly, and it is hoped and believed that local business and professional men will fall in line, attend the meeting and participate in the organization and support of the proposed chamber of commerce. There has been a mark ed interest in the proposed cham ber of commerce, and with a loyal support already pledged It Is quite apparent that the organization can and will prove of much value in the advancement of the town's and com munity's material i Quick Results ? Lowest Cost ENTERPRISE WANT ADS Cheer Mov ement in This Community Is A Marked Success (Continued from page one) program with the distribution of twenty-five bushels of sweet pota toes "It was a great period and a great event,'' one of the sponsor represen tatives said in pointing out how grateful the needy were. "Bowed of deep gratitude were written on nearly every face. Especially mark ed were the exprssions of gratitude as they beamed from the wrinkled faces of thirty-three aged persons. Possibly most of those old people will not be with us another Christ mas. but there is satisfaction in knowing that someone helped make this Christmas a happy one for them," a representative of the spon sors explained, adding that the peo ple of Williamston showed more real interest in the undertaking than in any of the other four years when a helping hand was extended to the needy of this community. "Just tell the contributors and others who assisted in any way in making the movement a success, that the money could not have been spent for a greater cause," the spokesman for the sponsors conclud-1 ed. ?In four caseSj the gifts were re- j ceived with indifference, the re cipients apparently accepting them as a matter of course. Thoses cases were noted and will be dropped from the list another ^year. In addition to the $161.30 cash contributions previously acknowl edged, the following wore added. II. D. Peel, $1; Eastern Bond and Mort gage Company. S2.00: Amerjfan Ijg-J gion Auxiliary, $2.50. and Bill Spi vey. $5.00 Robersonville Man .To Have Charge of Census In County (Continued from page one) Edenton. to make ready for start ing the business survey. Announcing the appointment of the county enumerators, Mr. L*upU stated that the Bureau of the Cen tU> allotted only twelve persons to handle the work in the entire dis trict .uijpn stated tliat the farm; population census would not be taken until April and that enumera tors for that work would not be se lected until the latter part of March. No information has yet been given him as to how many enumerators will be assigned to each county and those who do the work must suc cessfully pass a test. Enumerators do not receive any salary nor traveling expenses and are paid fees for their work. Numerous county people are in terested in taking the census, but as far as it could be learned here no appointments have been made. The appointments will likely be handled by the district supervisor either at his home in Pantego or in his office at Washington, and applicants are directed to get in touch with him ?i> Suffers Broken Ley In Recent Fall At Raleigh Mrs. Charles Davenport, of James ville, fell and broke her leg while crossing a street in Raleigh last Saturday. She continues in a hospi tal there, reports stating that she is gradually improving. Mrs. Davenport had accompanied her hiijih?"H nurhmn whoiw he went for medical treatment and was returning home when she slipped and fell, breaking both bones in her leg Recovering From Injuriea Received In Motor Accident Painfully injured in an automo bile accident over in Bertie Coun ty last Saturday evening. Mrs. Clar ence Whedbee is gradually improv ing at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mhs. Charles R. Mobley, on Haughton Street here. Her knee in jured. she will likely be confined to her bed for several weeks. Mrs. Whedbee W as riding with her husband when the car skidded on a dirt road and turned over. Mr. Whedbee was not hurt and the car was not greatly damaged. Abaolved Of Blame In Fatal High tray Accident W B. Smith, Durham man. waa absolved of blame in connection with the fatal accident that cost Fred Keys his life near Dardeni on December IS at a formal hearing held before ''Justice J. L Hassell here a few days ago. Keys was fatally injured when he stepped from behind one truck into the path of the one driven by Smith. Peanut Market Strong, Stveel Polatoet Moving Peanut prices are strong today at three and one-half cents. Sweet po tatoes are moving again in fair sized quantities, but farmers are xtnplalning about strict grading. FARMERS NOTE?WE CAN MAKE trie radio for a small charge. Koger Radio Co. Washington Street. Phone 245-J. d29-3t FOUND ? STRAY BOUND DOG. Owner please call at Willard Shoe Shop. AUCTION SALE ON TUE8DAY, January 2 We will offer for sale our farm at auction to the highest bidder. Also all the contents, con sisting of 2 mules. SO barrels corn, 400 bales hay, all plows, harrows, cultivators, carts, tobacco trucks, Delco light plant complete with ra dio, and a bunch of blacksmith tools Sale starts at 10 a m. OLander and Mamie Harrison. LOST ? LADIES' WRIST WATCH between high school gym and Tar Heel Apartments. Finder please re turn to Ernestine Barber at Davis Pharmacy. THREE ROOM APARTMENT FOR rent. Mrs. W. E. Warren, Haughton St. Telephone 59-J. APARTMENT FOR RENT: WILL be vacant January 1. Good location and convenient. Apply to Mack Simpson. d29-2t Consoliilation Of Colored High Schools In County (Continued from page one) pupils to the Williamston school daily from Jamesville, Williams and Bear Grass Townships. A second trip is made by the one bus here in serv ing the Bear Grass territory. The sec ond bus in operation, starts in the Hassell section and travels via Oak City, liassell, Gold Point and Rob 33 miles. The new bus will start from Palmyra, tra vel the River Road a short distance and enter the highway between 4Rimiltun and Oak City, thence to Hamilton, Spring Green, Everetts and on to Parmele, a distance of about 33 miles. Each bus will han dle about 50 pupils. CARD OP THANKS We wish to sincerely thank all our friends and neighbors for the many kindnesses shown us in the illness and death of our mother, Mrs. W A. Beach. The Children. The ENTERPRISE WANT AD RATES One cent a word (this type) eaeh in?prtinn 25c Minimum Charge 2c a word this size Cash must accompany all or ders unless you have an open ac count with us. We reserve the right to revise or reject any copy. The ENTERPRISE PHONE 44> SERVICE ? RADIOS, VACUUM cleaners and refrigerators. All work guaranteed. Call us for serv ice. Phone 245-J. Koger Radio and Refrigeration Co. Washington Street d29-tf FOR SALE OR TRADE. 440 ACRES of good black soil located in Washington County. North Carolina, within fourteen miles of the County Seat, Plymouth, most of land clear ed. Clear of all debt. Will consider good trade or cash sale at sacrifice price. Owner living in Illinois and wants to dispose of same quickly. Write Harry L. Topping, Arcade Building. Kankakee. Illinois. d29 FOR SALE: LONG SLAB WOOD IN small or large lots delivered or on mill yard at Jamesville Prices strik ingly reasonable Hardison and Car starphen. dl2-tf NOW FOE next year's savings. Join our Christmas club now. Guaranty Bank. Williamston. dlS-JUS WANTED ? VOU TO JOIN OUR ?Christmas Club. Guaranty Bank, Williamston. dl9-21-29 FOR SALE: UNDERWOOD AND Royal typewriter ribbons. Guaran teed non-smudge carbon paper. Sten cil ink. Enterprise Publishing Com pany. nl4-tf GUARANTEED RADIO RKFAIR ing done here. Expert service, rea sonable prices. Western Auto As sociate Store. Williamston. s22-tf Pre-Inventory Reductions tliimlre<l? of Opportnnitim Fur Those Vt ho Find Their Si/.e? ami Color* in DRESSES ? COATS HATS ?BAGS SHOES ?ETC. Savings Up to 50% ? - Buy And Save __ MARGOLIS BROTHERS EDENTON LAUNDRY ANNOUNCES ITS REOPENING With NEW EQUIPMENT AND EXPERIENCED HELP A ROUTE MAN IS IN WILLIAMSTON EVERY TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY All Laundry Intured Give l/t A Trial GEO. REYNOLDS HOTEL ? PHONE 12

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