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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, April 12, 1940, Page 9, Image 9

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Cotton Houses Are Seen For South In The Near Future Cotton Building Fabric Give* Promise As New Outlet For Product Washington, D. C.? Houses built from cotton are a dream which may come true on a large scale in the not far-distant future, the National Cot ton Council revealed recently in re viewing experimental work conduct ed with cotton building fabrics. Department of Agriculture experi ments m cotton house building in the South have shown that cotton cov erings may be used successfully on both interior and exterior walls as well as for roofing. Experiments are also being made with cotton insula tion material. "Cotton construction lends itself to prefabrication and mass-production, it is aesthetically pleasing, and it produces houses of neat and color ful appearance," a department of agriculture spokesman reports. '"ITie houses are also highly fire-resistant; and last, but far from least from the Southern point of view, cotton houses could provide an outlet for a consid erable quantity of the present bur densome surplus. We can hope to see the day when the South can be hous ed in buildings made of material grown on its own farms." Ain't Got But Half A Shirt Today, Maw Memphis, Tenn?Do you wake up I in the morning with only half a shirt to put on? Figuratively millions of Americans | do, the National Cotton Council says, pointing to the vast shortage in cot ton garments and household articles in the United States. Estimates indicate that existing personal or family inventories are as follows: dress shirts. 2.6; under wear, 2.5; pajamas. 2; sheets, per family. 4; pillow cases, per family, 4; towels, per family, 8; overalls, 1.5; work pants, 15, and work shirts, 1.25 To bring American personal and family inventories up to a point that would permit two changes a week would require approximately 1,566, ? 000 bales of cotton above the quan tity already consumed domestically, the Council said. Johnston County Farmers Plan To Mop Their Cotton Farmers of Johnston County are planning to mop their cotton to con trol boll weevils, and are showing more interest in diversified farming I than ever before, says M A Mor gan. extension farm agent. Debt The United States farm mortgage debt, in the fall of 1939. was the smallest in 20 years. Local Dod^e Dealer Back From Meeting ^ith Recent News Bringing with him the information that the country's motor vehicle sales were greater for January. 1940. than in any January in automobile his tory?with still incomplete February records likely to show that more new cars and trucks were sold in the sec ond month of the year than in any previous February?bar none?Mr. William Everett, of the local Dodge firm, Dixie Motors, Inc., has just re turned from Raleigh where he par cipated in a meeting called by the Dodge Division of Chrysler Corpor ation and attended by Dodge deal ers of many other cities as well by factory sales executives. "I was greatly impressed," said Mr. Everett, on his return, "by re ports read at the meeting, of large numbers of orders for new Dodge cars that were being booked by deal ers in all sections of the country. Dealers with whom I compared ex periences were generally agreed that the number of people who will ex change the cars they now operate for 1940 models will be much greater proportionately than in former sea sons. "The reasons for this decidedly favorable indication are found in the general economic upswung as well as in the fact that the impressive beau ty of our 1940 Luxury Liner does much to increase the new-car buying urge. "Dealers at the meeting were sur prised at being introduced to two unusually interesting new Dodge models?one a gorgeously appointed four-door sedan called the "Dodge Hollywood Model," the other a smart Convertible coupe with a top that is raised or lowered by the power of the engine. ? ? ? "Pleasing as the prospect of oper ating a new 1940 car is for the in You will always have the COLOR with the S-W PAINI anclCOLOR STYLE GUIDE SEE IT HERE T0DAY1 just look through the huge pages of our new, exclusive Sherwtn Williams Paint and Color Style Guide. They are over 2 square-feet in size . . . contain 120 pages, 14 * illustrations?95 of which are //<// color photographs, each filling an (?mire pagel When you're through ? you'll know just what colors and color combinations will best suit both in teriors and exteriors of your own home It's the quickest, easiest, sur est way to visualize colors and col or combinations for your home and every room in it. It's color styling as yoy've never seen it before! Come in today and let us pive vou a demonstration of this amazing Style Guide. No obiigition! WOOLAKD Hardware Co. StimwiH Williams COLOR HEADQUARTERS Political Announcements FOR COUNTY JUDGE Subject to the wishes of the Dem ocratic voters tn the May 26 primary. I hereby announce my candidacy for judge of the Martin County Record er's Court. If nominated and elected I pledge my most sincere efforts in handling the duties of the office in an equitable manner with fairness and justice to all. W. H COBURN Williamston, April U. 1940 al2-tf FOR COMMISSIONER I hereby announce my candidacy for Martin County Commissioner from the Williamston-Poplar Point district, subject to the wishes of the Democratic voters in the regular pri mary to be held on Saturday. May 25. If nominated and elected I pledge my best efforts in handling the du ties of the office. C. D CARSTARPHEN Williamston, April 12. 1940 al2-tf FOR COMMISSIONER I hereby announce my candidacy for Martin County Commissioner for the Jamcsville-Williams district sub ject to the wishes of the voters in the Democratic primary on May 25 Any and all support accorded my candidacy will be appreciated. C. C. FLEMING Jamesville. April 2, 1940. FOR COMMISSIONER Subject to the wishes of the peo ple as expressed in the May 25 Dem ocratic primary, 1 hereby announce my candidacy for County Commis sioner for the Williamston-Poplar i Point district. The support of the voters will be appreciated. JOHN E. POPE Williamston. April 2, 1940. For County Commissioner I wish to take this opportunity to announce to the voters of Martin County my sincere desire to serve them again as county commissioner. If nominated and elected. I promise to give the office the best services of which I am eapable. I will perform the duties of the office honestly, ever keeping in mind the people I serve. m29-tf _ JiQMBT JuEE.PERRY? FOR COMMISSIONER I hereby announce my candidacy for Martin County Commissioner for the district of Goose Nest and Ham ilton Township. I assure the people of my district any support accorded my candidacy in the Democratic pri mary. May 25. will be appreciated. R A HAISLIP Oak City, April 2, 1940. FOR COMMISSIONER Subject to the will of the people as expressed'In the May 25 primary of the Democratic Party, I offer my candidacy for Commissioner of Mar tin County for the Robersonville Cross Roads district. The support of the voters will be appreciated. C ABRAM ROBERSON, Robersonville, ? April 2, 1940. FOR COMMISSIONER At the request of my friends and after giving the matter due consider ation I hereby announce my candi dacy for Martin County Commission er from the Jamesville-Williams dis trict subject to the Democratic pri mary on May 25. a3-tf JOSHUA L. COLTRAIN. NOTICE OF CANDIDACY I hereby announce as a candidate for the office of Treasurer of Mar tin County, subject to the action of the Democratic Primary, May 25th. Your support will be appreciated. m22-tf JOHN R. PEEL. tending new-ear buyer, there is sim ilar satisfaction awaiting the used car customer. Because when new-cur buying proceeds at a lively rate, the used-car customer is assured of wid er choice and relatively greater new ness in the selection of his used trans portation." All of which, in Mr. Everett's opin ion, is good news, for the automobile dealer, as well as for his customer. FOR COUNTY TREASURER I take this opportunity to announce to the Voters of Martin County my sincere desire to again serve them as Treasurer of Martin County. As many of the young people may not know, I was Treasurer of the County in the way distant past 1 promise, if nominated in the May Primary, and elected, I will use my very best ef fort to serve faithfully, ever remem 1 bering the very high und capable service of past County Treasurers for the last fifty years and more. Sin cerely yours, mlD-tf H. M. BURRAS FOR TREASURER Subject to the wishes of the Dem ocratic voters in the May 25U) pri mary, I hereby announce my can didacy for Treasurer of Martin Coun ty. All support accorded my candi daey will be very much appreciated. m22-tf BEN COURTNEY. FOR COUNTY TREASURER I hereby announce my candidacy for Treasurer of Martin County, sub ject to the Democratic Primary on May 25. WARREN 11 BIGGS FOR TREASURER I hereby announce my candidacy for the office of treasurer of Martin County subject to the wishes of the voters in the Democratic primary on May 25. Every vote- cast for me will be greatly appreciated. m22-tf DICK SMITH NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP Notice is hereby given that the partnership composed of J. C. Mc Clees and Roy MeCless trading as McClees Bros., it being a retail groc ery business located in Williamston, i N. C., is hereby dissolved by mutual j consent of the partners. I Further notice is hereby given that j debts will pay the same to Roy Mc [Clees and Nina McClees, partners trading as Quality Grocery and all parlies having bills against the said McClees Bros, will take notice that 55TJ Quality Grocery muma and agrees to pay the same. Thltlhe 14th day of March. 1M0. "3 C McCLEES. m 15-4t HOY McCLEES YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND THE FREE MOVIE AND LECTURE ON Johns - Manville l\Sli VI'INO HO\M> I'HOIUCTS Mon.N ight, April 15 H P. M. ACRICULTURAL BUILDINC w n i l \mston. v I'l\cr\ImmIx i? inxili'il. ami e-prriallx eonlrurlnr*. Iniilder*. Iioiiiv owner* and pro?pecti\e liomr owner-. Tnrnishetl Thrimali The C.ourlexy 11/ Willianiston Supply Co. BELK TYLER'S MONDAY SPECIALS Oval Hooked Ix>vely Hooked Rugs ? Large As sortment of dolors, With Contrast ing Colored Borders. A Special Purchase For This Event?Be Sure To Come Early. While They Last Regular $1.29 Value 77c Belk - Tyler Co. Colonial Apple SAUCE 3 No. 2 cans 20c Strictly Fre?h EGGS dozen 19c Pat or Carnation MILK 3 tall cang 21c Sliced or Halve* Calif. .PEACHES 2 large cans 25c Netc Pack-Cream Style -CORN 3 No. 2 cans 19c PE11DER ?am ? ? ? ? / (Jua/iti/ JooaStore Week - End Specials Check Every One Of Thete Grand Valnei! Pender's Select BACON ? pound 25c Double Fresh D. P. Blend COFFEE?lb 20c Choice Evaporated PRUNES?4- lbs. 15c. Our Pride BREAD?Large loaf .. 8c Pender's Cloudy AMMONIA ? quart 10c LUX FLAKES?small pkg. 10c large pkg. 25c Libby CORNED BEEF ? can 21c Southern Manor CATSUP? 14-oat. bottle 14c Green Giant PEAS ? 17-oz. can 17c Vegetole SHORTENING 1-Ib. pkg. .. 10c 4-lh. pkg. .. 39c 8-pouiul package 78c Colonial Blended JUICE 3 19c Fine Dried Blaekeye PEAS 2 11)8. 13c Freth Tatty FIG BARS 2 lbs. 17c Triangle Brand FLOUR 24-1 b. bag 83r 18-lb. bag--.? 81.65 Mother* Relith, Salad DRESSING quart jar 29c DOLLAR SQUEEZER" RAR6AINS Prices go through the wringer in this great sale! 6ET THE CAB YOU WANT AT THE PRICE YOU WANT TO PAY! WE'VE slashed prices right and left.. . boosted value sky-high WW in this great sale of better used cars I Come in today and look at the wide variety we are offering. Check their unusually low prices I You'll agree here's an opportunity not to be missed?an opportunity to drive a better used car for less costl LOOK AT THIS GUARANTEE! i *) :t i h O |{ I) (Dtoltr'i own guarantee, Life- CO \ C II __ i Guarantee, "SO-SO" or reg RtG guarantee goes here) y $135 I 9 3 5 F (> R l> c o A <: 11 i 9 3 r> F O l( l> c: O A C II rr_ I 93 5 CHEVROLET c: o a c II... I 9 3 7 CHEVROLET CO A C H ... $200 $265 $200 I ?> :? 7 F O It I) <:o \ <: ii I*MH I><-l.nM F <> R l> C O A C II I <> It ?) CHFVROI.FT <: o a ( n i ?> ;i 7 PLYMOUTH 0 O A V. II ... $300 $395 $495 $250 Williamston Motor Co. / ^ Williamston, N. C. Low coat Universal (arms quickly ArrAn^Mf/ low PRICES-EASY TERMS * AIL MAKES-All MODELS IN USES CARS!

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