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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, July 16, 1940, Page 5, Image 5

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Your Future, Our Future Tobacco Farmers Depends Upon A Planned Program VOTE FOR Three*Year Control On Saturday, July 20th THE APPROVAL OF THIS THREE YEAR CONTRACT DESERVES YOUR VERY SERIOUS CONSIDERATION. It Will Be Impossible To Sell Tobacco At A Profitable Price Unless You Vote For Three Year Control. TOBACCO CANNOT AVERAGE MORE THAN 6 OR 7 CENTS UN LESS SOME RESTRICTIONS ARE PLACED ON THE PRODUCTION OF TOBACCO. If (juutati are approved for 3 year* there will he no cut or reduction in tobacco al lotments for 1911. If quotas are approved for 3 years, growers may expect prices at or above 1939 prices. If only approved for one year, it will be less. TO FLUE - CURED Tobacco GROWERS With the large 1939 crop and the effect of the war on export markets flue-cured tobacco growers are facing a serious market situation?worse even than the ait uation from 1930 to 1932. Fortunately, the marketing quotas ean be used to prevent extremely low prices and severe losses such as those suffered by growers in 1930. 1931 and 1932. ?= Recent amendments to the tobacco quota provisions of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 authorise a referendum on quotas for a period of three years. The ref erendum will be held in July before the opening of the markets, and any loan ar rangements to support the market will depend upon a dncixlon by growers to re* ulate marketings. ~ The amendments also provide that if quotas are in effect for three years no farm allotment (except in case of violation of the quota law) may be reduced during the three years below the 1940 allotment for the farm by more than 10 per cent: and that no farm allotment which is two acres or less in 1940 may be reduced at all during the three-year period. It is hoped that a sufficient part of the export mar ket can be maintained so that no downward adjustment will need to be made from the 1940 allotment during the three-year period. livery effort will be made to keep our export market and it may be possible to increase the allotments during the latter part of the three-year period. One of the recent amendmruts makes adequate provision for full Collection of pen alties on any tobacco marketed in excess of quotas. Under this amendment, which goes into effect for the 1940 crop, any farmer who markets tobacco from an acre age in excess of his allotment will have the penalty of ten cents per pound on the excess marketings collected beginning with the first sale of tobacco from the farm. Since the quotas are on acreage basis and farmers can sell without penalty all of the tobacco produced on their allotted acreage there will be no transfers of quotas or sales of marketing cards. I hope that each tobacco grower will consider carefully the Issues Involved and vote his conviction in the July referendum. 7TB. HIJTSON, Aslant Mow AssistatMT I'i'oiii The LYiloral Gov ernment Will Bo llcalizod II Tlio Growers Approve I lio Throc-Voar Gontrael. J. B. mil SON SAYS: The Fe<l em I (Government Will !\ifl Support The Export Market, As It Did Lost Year IIy Financing The Purchases (If Imperial (Grades. Un less Quotas ire Approved For Years. ?? . \ rCKS. Bl iSINKSS MUN AND MKKCIIANTS SHOULD ALL WOBK LOB AND ASSIST IN IIIK MASS ING 01 i in; i vlab con i ilact. Martin County Business Men Humbly Plead for Passage of 3-Year Control Program BEAR GRASS Rofers Supply Co. Terry Bros. Herman Rocerson JAMESVILI.E Davenport Hamilton Sexton's Store Brown Bros. G. M. Anderson W. J. Holliday. Jr. OAK CITY G. W. Barrett E. N. Harrell J. H. Ayers and Co. Mia. E. B. Chrsaon James A. Rawls W. V. Daniel and Co. J. C. Rosa Dr. E. E. Plttman J. P. Faithful HAMILTON Slade Rhodes and Co. Asa Johnson W. F. Thomas R. E. Downs ? Johnson Matthews Co. L. F. Stokes B. B. Taylor P. L. Salsbury HASSELL Salsburv Supply Co., Inc. P. C. Edmondsoti and Co. WILLIAM8TON Clarence Griffin Hotel Geo. Reynolds Ann's Variety Shop The Enterprise Wllllamston Cafe H. A. Bowen New Farmers Warehouse Planters Warehouse H. L. Barnhlll New Carolina Warehouse Roanoke-Dixie Whse Wheeler Martin The Barf ain Place Woolard Hdw Co. Barnhlll Bros. Clark's Drue Store Economy Anto Supply Co. Davis Pharmacy Belk-Tyler Company B. 8. Courtney .S. R. Biffs Dr. J. L. Spencer Dr. J. 8. Rhodes Moore Grocery Co. Williamston Motor Co. Roanoke Chevrolet Co. Central Service Station J. L. Peel and Co. P. P. Peel Pickwick Pool Parlor Pender'* Store Martin Supply Co. Farmer* Supply Co. Willlamaton Hdw. Co. Texaco Service Station John A. Manning Peanut Co. Quality Grocery Martin PCX Service Jone* Service Statluu J. C. Norri* W. I. Skinner and Co. I.indsley lee Co. Dixie Motor*, Inc. H. L. Daniel Service Station Two-Way Service Station Farmville-Woodward Lum ber Co. Red Front Grocery Co. J. E. Pope W. G. Peel Dr. J. T. Llewellyn Dr. R. G. McAllister Leslie T. Fowden, Poatmast'r Eastern Bond & Mt(. Co. C. H. Godwin J. L. Hansell, Mayor C. R. Mobley r B. A. Crltcher, Atty. Elbert 8. Peel, Atty. Wlllard's Shoe Shop Welcome Inn Cafe The Harrison Supply Co. The Soda Shop Proetor Shoppe Peele's Jewelry Store Huffh G. Horton, Atty. J. Paul Simpson Wr"" H. L. Swain, Atty. J. C. Manning, Supt. Schools Alpha Cleaners Wllliamston Plumbing and llealinc Supply Co. Darden's Dept. Store A L P Grocery Store No. 276 Guaranty Bank t Trust Co. Woolard Furniture Co. Branch Bank t Trust Co. C. B. Roebuck, Sheriff W. H. Coburn, Atty. R. L. Coburn, Atty. J. Sam Getsinger, Register of Deeds l<. Bruce Wynne, Clerk Su perior Court Rose's r> 10 25c Store J. W. Watts, Theatres Standard Fert. Co., By ('. G. Crockett, president V. J: Splvey Harrison Oil Co. ROBERSONVILLE H. S. Everett, Mayor R. I.. Smith and Sons II, C. Norman, Insurance D. R. Everett Central Warehouse Vance Roberson W. II. Gray, Chief of Police Dr. R. J. Nelson C. D. Carraway A. O. Roberson and Co. Guaranty Bank Si Trust Co. O. E. Roberson W. B. Rogerson. Oil Co. M. C. House Yellow Front Market Robersonvllle Furniture Co. Everett anil Williams I). A. Jamrs Quality Cash Store Keel Tailoring Co. Wynne Radio Service Joe V. Moye Sanitary Harber Shop Rose * 5-10-25 Store Geneva J. Weaver, P. M. Dr. J. E. Ward Adlerbi Store Kohcrsofivllle Kun'al Parlor Kdmondson Market Public Oil Co. Harvey Koberson Gray's Cafe? I. M. Illghsmith Paul l>. Koberson, Atty. I,. B. Williams and Co. Brady E. Smith OeLux Cleaners Or. J. M. Kllpatrick I. 11. James, Livestock V. K. Koberson ted Front Warehouse j. D. Grimes Drug Store i. L. Koberson Kohersonvllle Mercantile Co A. V. Howen, Insurance Bourn Service Station Standard Service Station It. \\. Nash, Insurance Better Chevrolet Co. A. Worthlntfton Service Station Adkinx & Bailey Whse. Taylor Mill & (lin Co. It'vllle lee & Coal Co. GOLD POINT J. I.. Williams and Son Cold Point Cash Store II. II. Roherson. Service Sta. C. I.. Johnson Service Sta. PARMELE J. II. Roebuck EVERETTS J. S. Ayerx II. C. Peel J. W. Cherry Cash Grocery Company II. S. Hardy, Market Barnhill Supply Co. Bullock Service Station G. W. Taylor Store J. B. Barnhill Service Sta. V. A. W ard Rocerson Bros. The Only Hope for the Tobacco Farmer Is A Favorable Vote for A Three Year Tobacco Control Program

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