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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, April 24, 1942, Page 6, Image 6

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Drunken Driving Cases Increasing Drunken driving and general vio lations of the liquor laws are liter ally crowding the docket scheduled for consideration in the count}' court next Monday. Up until yesterday noon, ten new cases had been book ed for trial in the court. Five of the defendants are charged with drunk en driving, and two others are charged with violating the liquor laws. Two others cases charge de fendants with larceny and receiving. A ninth case charges reckless driv ing. and in the tenth case the de fendant is charged with non-support There are a. few cases that were brought over from previous terms, and it is quite likely that other new ones will be added to the docket be fore it is finally made up for the court To l??ue No Driven' Licen$e? ft eek After Next Mr. M. J. MflrWd, local driver's license examiner, announced today that he will not be in Williamston to examine applicants for driver's licenses the two weeks beginning May 4 through May 16. During this period Mr. McLeod will be attend ing a special training school in Ral eigh for all driver's license examin ers. The school is being conducted by the Department of Motor Vehicles with the assistance of representa tives of the National Safety Council, cooperating with the American As sociation of Motor Vehicle Adminis trators might need a license during this period to make applications before May 4th Little County Child Died In Hospital Early Today Janice Carroll, year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Roberson. of Poplar Point, died in a Washington hospital this morning at 6 o'clock following an illness of about two weeks' duration. Meningitis was giv en as the cause of the little child's death. Funeral services will be conduct ed Saturday afternoon and interment will follow in a new burial plot on the farm Besides her parents, the child is survived by an infant sister, nine other sisters. Annie Bell, Daisy, O'Dell, Jamie, Ruth. Frances, Allie Marie. Polly Fave. Shirley Jean and Bet tie Lou .>!.d f I Vi 111 ? 11 h e . Zeph. Bill. Jr. Charlie. Bennie Earl and Lloyd Gray Roberson. all of the home. Senator Sayn Rubber Shortage Exaggerated Senator Herring, of Iowa, was quoted as saying that the rubber , shortage had been exaggerated, that many tires could be replaced before j they wear out. VISITING CARD SI'KC I A L EMBOSSED -85. ix-r 100 ENGRAVED 81.75 per 100 fAcir Chile Furnithed) ENGRAVED from Your Old Plate ..81.25 per 1(H) Buy yours now while these prices are in effect! Peele's - J ewelers "Gift Center" Draft Board Places 79 Of 233 Men In 1-A Classification (Continued from page one) 3076?James Teel, c, 3-A 3077?Biscoe Bruce Rogerson, w, 3-A V-307O?William Jesse Roberson, w, (volunteered) Jan. 7, 1941. 3079?Charlie Edward Barnes, c, 3-A 3080?Charles Williams, c, 3-A 3081?James Reddick Griffin, w, 1-A 3082?George Hyman, c. 3-A 3083?Elias Evans, c, 3-A 3084?Thurman Bell, c, 3-A 3085?George David Grimes, Jr . w, 3-A S-3085?James Ellen Whjtaker, w, 3-A 3086?J. D Holliday, w, 3-A 3087?William Lewis Patterson, w, 3-A 3088?Marvin Vernuri Taylor, c, 1-A ie F.arl Simpson w 3-A 3090?Elisha Speller, c, 3-A 3001?James William Taylor, Jr., w, 3-A 3092?Leon Spence Hardy, c, 3-A 3093?James Wallace, Jr , c, 3-A 3094?Clyde Buie Bailey, w, 1-A 3095?Classification pending 3096?James Edward Reed, c, 1-A 3097?Claude Samuel Butter, c, 1-A 3098?Roland Thomas Sills, w, 3-A 3099?Charlie Columbus Gainer, c. 1-A 3100?James Tony Cooper, w, 3-A 3101 Remus Ray Everett, w, 3-A 3102 Thari Katch, c, 1-A 3104?Benjamin Eugene Griffin, w, 3-A S-3104?Luther Mountwell Holliday. w. 1-A 3105?Henry Herbert Pope, Jr., w, 1 -A 3106 Joseph Waldo Griffin, w, 3-A 3107?Ben Staton Rogers, w, 3-A 3108?Columbus Harrell, c, 1-A 3109 William Clayton Whitley, w, 1-A 3110 Lewis Sherwood Davis, w, 1-A 3111 Isaac Jessup Harrison, w, 3-A 3112?Clarence Grady Godard, w, 3-A 3113?Rupert Russell Rawls, w, 1-A 3114?Horace Dee Dixon, w, 1-A 3115? Rufus Henry Taylor, w, 3-A 3116?Samuel Reese Edwards, w, 3-A 3117 Booker T. Teel, c, 3-A 3118?Alonza Hassell, W, 1-A 3119?Theodore Boston,-c,.3-A 3120 Turner Haze Slade, c, 3-A 3121 Almond Barnes, c, 1-A 3122 Joe BjlJy Harrington, w, 1-A 3123 Arnold Durwood Johnson, w, 3-A S 3123 Snencer Ravnor. w. 1-A 3124 Hubert Roberson, c, 3-A 3125 Alton Harper Stalls, w, 3-A 3126 Willie Curtis Wynne, w, 3-A 3127 Benjamin Hymun, c. 3-A 3128 Jesse Bennett, c, 3-A 3129 William Columbus Parker, c, 1-A 3130?Henry Edwards, c, 1-A 3131 Robert Edwin Manning, w. 3-A V-3132 Warren Griffin, Jr., c, 3-A 3133?Charles Worth Sessoms. w. 3-A ?? 3134 George Allen Smith, c, 1-A 3135 Milton Louis Goldman, w, 3-A 3136?Daniel Pagan, w, 3-A 3137 Benjamin Thomas Wynru w. 3-A 3138 James Gilbert Smith, w, 3-A 3139? Torn Henry Ward, w, 1-A 3140- Noah 3141?Claudie Haywood Rawls. w, 3-A 3142 Samuel Lewis Spruill, r, 3-A S-3142 Lonnie Garland Peele. w, 1 A 3143?James Moore, c, 1-A 3144 Cosar Gorham, c, 3-A 3145 Kenneth Frederick Woolard, w, 3 A 3146?James Barner Mann, w, 3-A 3147 Garland Burrel Whitley, w, 1-A 3148?Leamon Beach, w, 3-A 3149? Irvin Ralph Davenport, w, 1-A 3150? Booker T Wynne, c, 1-A 3151?William Victor Andrews, w. 1-A 3152 Theodore Williams, c, 3-A 3153?C. B. Price, c, 3-A 3154?William Leroy Hadley, w, 1-A 3155?rGeorge Lee Jones, c, 3-A 3156 Howard Lee Earps, w, l.C 3157?Darious Prembroke Respess, c. 1-A (Continued Next Week) Announcing ? The ? OPENING Of The Victory Beauty Shoppe Saturday, April 25 ? .' .. ?. .. ? ?. : ? ? w v; Come to tee u? for expert hair shapinjr and ?t\ liiifg. We im the very best mater ial* and supplies money ran buy. Over Eagles' 5 & 10c Store Entrance on Washington St. Williamston, N.C. TELEPHONE 393-J The 19th Week Of The War (Continued from page one) situation. Army and Selective Service The War Department said organ ization of 32 new divisions this year is being carried out on schedule. The department said the army medical corps strength will be doubled to meet demands of the expanded army. Physicians under 45 years and dentists under 35 will be eligible for commissions as first lieutenants. The department also announced forma tion of a new combat force, the tank destroyer command, which will be gin training in Texas^ early this sum mer. The department said it will grant furloughs of 10 days to inductees af ter their processing at reception cen ters if local boards recommend such action for men who need the time to clear u|t personal affairs. Select ive Servise Director Hershey said the supply of men c lassified as 1-A probably will be exhausted by the end of summer and the calling of men of 1-B classification probably will start in the Fall. Navy and Air The Navy Department said the Bureau of Yards and Docks will act as contracting agency for the de partment for all construction accom plished by private agencies, includ ing works subcontracted under a prime contractors Two new destroy ers were launched and a third was commissioned. The President direct ed Navy Secretary Knox tf> n er three plants of the Brewster Aero Nautical Corp. in order to increase their production. President Roosevelt and Canadian Prime Minister MacKenzie King an nounced jointly that all United Na tions with air training programs un derway in the U. S. or Canada will confer in Ottawa early in May on "further united military efforts.' Shipping The War Shipping Administration requisitioned all the remaining Am erican-owned ocean-going vessels which had not been taken over by the government previously. Every detail of operation?cargoes, routes of travel and time of departure ?for ocean going vessels can now be spec ified by the WSA. The President authorized the Mar itime Commission "to acquire, use and dispose of" any real or personnel property needed for the building of merchant ships. He also authorized the commission to award medals to members of the nation's Merchant Marine for distinguished conduct. War Bonds and Stamps The Treasury said a campaign will bo opened May 1 to secure vol untary pledges from all persons in the U. S. to purchase war savings bonds and stamps with at least 10 per cent of their income. The cam paign will include the establishment of war savings committees in every county of the nation. It will attempt to double the monthly volume of bond and stamps purchases The WPB said war bond sales totaled al most $5 billion ac of April 1: Rationing The Office of Price Administration reported the first sugar ration will be one pound per person for a two week period. 'Hie office said ration ing books will not be issued to per siv ponnHw of migur PorSOOS With] Two pounds on hand but not more than six will have stamps removed at registration time, at the rate of one stamp for each pound over the first two. Each sugar ration book holder will be permitted to receive a special allotment of not more than five pounds of sugar a year for home canning or preserving of fresh fruits and vegetables. Civilian Supply | The WPB ordered production of medium and heavy trucks for ci vilian ,use discontinued after exist ing quotas have been completed. The Board froze all stocks of new plumbing and heating equipment, with the exception of retail sales of $5 or less and orders bearing a pref erence rating of A-10 or higher. The Board also prohibited manufacture of oil burners and coal stokers for residential use. Amounts of shellac Used in the manufacture of phono graph records were restricted to 30 p. i cent of 1941 consumption. - Homing and Construction National Housing Administrator RlandforH said ho n-iii nntnhii?h -ror gional offices, tentatively set at 10, to shift more responsibility for plan ning the billion-dollar war housing program to the communities it will benefit. Responsibility for building the projects will remain in Wash ington. The WPB reported military and other essential construction in 1942 will give the industry its great est program in history?20 per cent above the 1941 record. ? Surry Parker Diet At Hit Home In Norfolk Mr. Surry Parker, well know in this section of Carolina for many years and the father of Miss Jane Parker, former employee in the of fice of the Virginia Electric and Power Company here, died at his home in Norfolk last Tuesday. Mr. Parker, 83 years old, was a timber man and carried on extensive opera tions from Pinetown for many years. Funeral services were conducted yes terday afternoon and interment was in Portsmouth. Mrs J, F. "Hogpen and Mrs J. Mc Kimmon Saunders attended the fun eral. ? (iatoline Rationing Is Scheduled For May 15th While high-ranking officials can't agree on the amounts to be allotted, it is fairly certain that gasoline will be rationed beginning about the mid dle of next month. Fourth County Man Makes the Supreme Sacrifice In War (Continued from page one) As far as it can be ascertained, the young man lost his life about the same time Murry Cargile, another Martin County youth, was killed at Pearl Harbor, possibly a few min utes before or a few minutes later. Austin Randolph Jackson, formerly of Jamesville, was accidentally kill ed in Pearl Harbor some weeks af ter the initial attack, and Dennis R. Coltrain, former Williamston young man. lost his life possibly off the North Carolina coast as a member of the United States Merchant Marine. Young Mr. Leggett is survived by the following brothers and sisters, Messrs Marion, H. Ernest and Andy Leggett, of Poplar Point; Mayo Leg gett, of Hopewell, Va.; Mrs. Bob Johnson, of Robersonville; Biscoe and Chus. Leggett and Mrs. Lee W1111f? i11 ti and Mrs. Albert li. Uray, all of Washington City. He also leaves a half-brother, Mr. Jack Leg gett, of Poplar Point. Three-Year-Old Youth Paste* In The County -t Luther R., three-year-old son of Mr. Joe F. Griffin and wife, Mrs. Louise Brown Griffin, died at the home of his parents in the Spring Green Community of Hamilton Township Wednesday morning fol-, lowing a brief illness. ?Besides his patents, the little child i is survived by a sister, June Griffin. Funeral services were conducted yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock at I the home by Rev. W. B. Harrington, Baptist minister. Interment was in the Stallings Cemetery, near James ville. Wants AMERICA'S BEST FLOUR ? TRY a bag of it. Best quality and guar anteed Price reasonable. Martin Supply Company, Williamston, N. C. a24-2t METROPOLITAN FLOCR ? THE best to be had. One bag will con vince you that it has no superior. Try a bag of Metropolitan and you will get another Martin Supply Company. a24 2t Loral (ontrartor Badly Hurt In Fall Thit ff 'rrk Mr. F. B. Birmingham, local build ing contractor, was badly hurt in a fall from a building in Snow Hill early this week. Suffering a broken shoulder and other injuries, he was removed to a Kinston hospital for treatment, later continuing to his home here. He is able to be out. 1 Mr. and Mrs. D Collins Barnes, of Murfreesboro, will attend the 25th anniversary celebration of the lo cal Episcopal Church here Sunday While in Williamston they will be the guests of Mrs. Barnes' sister, Mrs. J. H. Saunders. HAVE YOU EVER USED SUN gold Flour? If you haven't you are not using the best flour on the Am erican market for the money. Mar tin Supply Company. a24-2t GROCERIES OF^ALL KINDS ? j Both staple and fancy. 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