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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, May 12, 1942, Page 4, Image 10

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Civilian Defense Organization In This County Perfected Price Regulation Leaflet Available Richmond?Copies of the General Maximum Price Regulation have been received here by the Division of Information, Office for Emergen cy Management, and these are avail able for distribution to organizations and individuals throughout Vir ginia, North Carolina and South Car olina. Those wishing copies should write to William C. Bourne, Regional In formation Officer, Office for Emer gency Management, 10 S. Fifth St., Richmond, Va. No charge will be made. In general, prices are fixed at their Jjarch levels by the regulation. This becomes effective May 11 for man ufacturers and wholesalers and May 18 for retailers. Beginning July 1st, it becomes effective for services sold in connection with a commodity Items not covered by the program include basic raw materials, since prices on these are substantially conrtolled already, and articles ex empt because they do not conform with the Price Control Act's defini tion of a "commodity" or by reason of the act's special treatment of agri cultural commodities It is expected, however, that many items excluded The United Service Organizations Part In National Defense (Continued from page one) We have on hand now, to be used in Martin County, $265.24 Without the generous support and interest of the people of Martin County this great part of the Civilian Defense could never have been carried on. You have shared in a real way to bring comfort and happiness to the young men in the service of our country. The task of morale build ing rests heavily upon the people of our nation and through the USO you are helping in this great phase of our march toward victory. at present will come under future j supplementary orders, j It is believed that copies of the regulation will be particularly wel comed by trade associations, cham bers of commerce and other such or ganizations. They are available to anyone wishing them, though A single domestic hot water boil | er would yiel denough steel for a 37-mm gun. ? axts THREE DOTS AND A DASH FOR VICTORY PLEDGES YOUR SHARE J BUY DEFENSE BONDS BUY DEFENSE STAMPS; tiom Miami iMUp Niu* Thin S/HU-f t'.uiilribuleil By raylor Mill & Gin Co. KOBEKSONV1LLE, N. C. THIS IS YOUR WAR TOO Uncle Sam Needs Your Help Have you looked tliroupli your base ment, over your furm or around the _ lot for Scrap Iron. Old Tires, and Mel-? al of various kinds? If not, you should bepin riftht now for these items should be collected. WE PAY Highest Prices OLD TIRES, IRON And METALS Of ALL KINDS. | We Buy The Following Items Which The United States Government Needs Badly? Rubber heels and soles, with or without nails, boots and shoes, ov ercoats, tennis shoes, drug sundries such as hot water bottles, rub ber gloves, etc., raincoats, bathing caps and shoes, tire beads, buff ings, solid truck tires, cotton covered and rubber covered hose, matting, jar rubbers, fly swatters, rubber stamps free of wood and all other items containing rubber. Williamston Parts and Metal Co. Volunteers Ready For Action On Home Front CHAIRMAN Recently named chairman, C. D. Carstarphen is perfecting an extensive organization for a county-wide, nook and corner, sale of war bonds and savings stamps. Citizens will be asked to invest 10 per cent of their in come, and if they fail the pro gram will likely be made com pulsory. Uses Spare Time To Write Poetry ?*? Tins poem, written on a scrap of paper, was found recently plastered to the side of a shack used by air plane spotters in Pennsylvania. It was penned by a young man who was called upon to do double duty during the night when the men as signed to relieve him failed to re port. For Uie life of me, Damned if I can see Why no one watches From twelve to three. If the Arm yand Navy Felt like that, \ The Japs would take us In nothing flat. God help the good old U.S.A. If all we do is sit home and pray. Wars are won by facing facts, Not by Grandstand Quarterbacks. If anything makes me see red, It's guys who can't get out of bed. The pay is small, that we admit, But we should try to do our bit. Excuse this bad attempt at rhyme, It'ii dune to puss awu^_the time. Below, in someone else's handwrit ing, ap)>eared the following: 1 love my bed, of that I'm sure, For that, Alas, there is no cure. But to save my bed, my head, and thee, I'll gladly watch from twelve to three. Leadership Chosen Io Take Action In Defense Emergency (Continued from page one) Williamston Council Mayor J. L. Hassell ? General Chairman Civilian Protection. W B. Parrtet, Chaiiman?Williaro iton Control Center. Mrs. C. A James, Chairman?Ci /ilian Defense Volunteer Office. Fire Protection?G. P. Hall, Chair nan; Members: G. P. Hall, J H Ward, W. I. Harrison, J. E. Harri son, Julian Harrell, G A. Harris, John W. Manning, F M. Manning Jack Manning. Jim Manning, Moses Wheeler, Lonnie Bullock, Charles Peele, W A. Daniel, J. H. Hines Dick Taylor, Jack Edmondson. Auxiliary Firemen?G. A. Harris Chairman; R. E. Watson, Garland Coltrain, Jack Fitzgerald, R. E. Ru disci!, J. D. Thrower, N. S. Riddick Harry Jones, Johnnie Rawsl, Bcnnit Baldree. Colored Auxiliary Firemen?Flem ing Allen, Chairman; Richmond Johnson, Percy Brown, Sam Wil hams, Walter Johnson, Victor Rob erson. Auxiliary Police?G. P. Hall, J. H Ward, W. I. Harrison, J. E. Harrison Julian Harrell, G. A. Harris, Johr W Manning, F. M Manning, Jack Manning, Jim Manning, Mosei Wheeler, Lonnie Bullock, Charlei Peele, W. A. Daniel, J. H. Hines Dick Taylor, Jack Edmondson, R E. Watson, Garland Coltrain, Jack Fitzgerald, R. E Rudisell, J. D Thrower, N. S. Riddick, Harry Jones Johnnie Rawls, Bennje Baldree. Rescue Squads and Bomb Squadi ?V. J. Spiyey, Chairman; W E Dunn, Harold Hargett, J. R. Leggett H. D. Harrison. W. B. Daniel, Chairman, Air Raid Warden. G. P. Hall, Chairman, Blackout Warning Fire Watchers?H. L. Swain Chairman; R A. Taylor, W. M. Man ning, M. S Moore, W. T. Stinnette. Dr. E. T. Walker, Chairman, Em i rgency Medical Service and Hospi tal F M Manning, Chairman, Casual ty and First Aid Stations. Emergency Food and Housing ? Mrs W E. Old, Chairman; Mrs. H L. Swain, Mrs W. E. Dunn, Mrs John A Ward, Mrs A. R. Dunning R. E Manning, Chairman, Utilitiei and Public Works, Repair, Demoli tion and Decontamination Squads. Jamesville Council W. W. Waters?Mayor. J. C. Kirkman?Assistant Gener al Chairman. G. M Anderson?Fire Chairman. W. C. Wallace?Police Chairman Charles Davenport?Air Raid War den Chairman. \ Wendell Hamilton?Air Raid War den Chairman. Luther Hardison? Salvage Com mittee. V. B. Hairr?Salvage Committee. Mrs. Hubert Sexton?Emergencj Food and Housing Committee. Mrs. Wallace Fleming?Emergen cy Nursing. Mrs. G. M. Anderson?Emergen' cy Medical Service. Mrs. George Beard? Emergency Medical Service. Oak City Council Nat Johnson?Mnyor. J. H. Hopkins?Fire Committee. Wiley N. Craft?Police Commit tee. J H. Ayers? Air Raid Wardeni Chairman Wilber Barrett? Air Raid War lens. Wilmcr Worsley?Fire Watchers. Dr. E. E. Pittman?Medical Serv Heads East's Defense Early establishment of an Eastern Military Area taking in the entire Atlantic coast from Maine to Flori da, as a wartime security measure, was announced by Lieut Gen. Hugh A. Drum, commanding general of the Eastern Defense Command and 1st Army. Under this order, the Army would control dimming of shore lights and regulation of enemy aliens along Atlantic seaboard. ice Chairman. H. M. Ainsley?First Aid Chair man. J. H. Rawls?Blackout Committee. Ruritan Cltib? Salvage Commit tee. Robersonville Council H. S. Everett?Mayor. W H. Gray?Fire Chairman J. W. Griffin?Assistant Chief of Police Chairman. D. A. Roberson?Salvage Chair man. Mrs. R. K Adkins? Emergency Feeding and Housing Chairman. C. A. Roberson?Air Raid War den. Dr. Ward ? Emergency Medical Service. W H. Gray?Blackout Committee. B. F. Coburn?Public Works. A. R. Osborn?Volunteer Office Chairman. Hamilton Council W. H. Anthony?Mayor. John Ayers?Fire, Police Chair man. J. R. Everett?Air Raid Wardens. Dr E. M. Long?Emergency Med ical Service. Mrs. E. M. Long?First Aid Com mittee. near una council W. A. Brown?Chairman. Leroy Harrison?Fire Committee. T O. Hickman?Police Chairman. J. Kussell Rogers?Air Raid War den Chairman. Garland Whitley ? Emergency Medical Service, First Aid Commit tee. Pete Mendenhall ? Emergency Medical Service, First Aid Commit tee. Hassell Council E. C. Edmondson?Mayor. J. H. Haislip?Fire Committee. Qrover Knoa?Police. E. W. Eubanks? Air Raid War dins, Emergency Medical Service. Everetta Council C. B. Riddick?Mayor, Air Raid Warden Committee. A. P. Barnhill?Fire Chairman. A. R Roberson?Police Chairman. H. M. Ayers?Emergency Medical Service Chairman. ? "ON THE JOB" Training "on the job" in war in dustry has resulted in as much as SO per cent increase in production in some cases, according to reports of the War Production Board's la bor division. Training within indus try is one of the ways in which the United States is meeting hte skilled labor crisis. ? North Carolina is producing a rec ord peanut crop to meet the war de mand for vegetable oils and the War Production Board has permitted a large increase in the manufacture of peanut picking machinery to help get in the crop. ^ROEKY. EVERYONE.' YOU ft MONEY ? NEEDED TO DEFEAT THE ASUS POWERS. PLEDGE TO BUY DEFENSE BONOS V NOW AND EVERY 0?Y/ j Thit Space Contributed By A.E. Smith Hardware ROBERSONVILLE, N. C. \uthorities Expect Everyone To Help In The War Effort (Continued from page one) line public-spirited men and women taking First Aid courses, and in a short while a good many of these will be in position to impart knowl edge thus acquired to others in the | county until it is probable that near ly all who are willing will be able to acquire some knowledge and training in First Aid work. Tlie Board of Commissioners of Martin County have been coopera tive in our program of trying to or ganize the entire county for fire pro tection and police protection. Due to so much demand on the Government Printing Office*, the Office of Civilian Defense has not been able to furnish local councils, including our own, with necessary books, pamphlets and instructions, without which it has been impossi ble to thoroughly acquaint our citi zenship with the absolute necessity and importance of participation by all citizens in this important work. But in spite of the lack of informs tion, wherever the citizens are ed on they have reacted as true ercians when they see the need. The chairman above named is very appreciative of the cooperation of Martin County citizens. From time to time now valuable instructions will be distributed so that very soon all the men, women, boys and girls will understand what their Government expects of them in the home front in this all-out war, looking toward a full and final vic tory for our Nation and their A Hies rork. rma- / call-/' App BUILDING SUPPLIES For HOME REPAIRS and IMPROVEMENTS Dou'l let your home structure "break down" because of neglected repairs. Make them now . . . Many materials are available that may not he later. lxM>k over the needs of your home today and let us furnish you with an estimate of the eost. I)() YOUR PART . . . BUY WAR BONDS Ami STAMPS Williamston Supply Co. DONWINSUOWOf TOENAW h FRANK MARTIN EK V'1 r MERES WHAT I MEAN. RED. EACH DEFENSE BOND >VE BUY MEANS MORE SHIPS AND PLANeS FOR OUR NAVY.' rN S DON VflNSLOW OF THE NAVY SAYS SHIPMATES, LET'S OO ALL OUT FOR OUR EXPANDINQ NAVY BUY DEFENSE BONDSI Do Your Part BUY Defense Bonds & Stamps To win this war, our fighting forces need millions of dollars worth of equipment and clothing Now, in addition to billions of dollars worth of planes, tanks, ships and guns. They need them NOW. "La ter" may be too late! TTiis is your country. TTiis is your war. What do you say? You have only one answer: Buy War Stamps every day. Buy a Bond every day. Can't afford them? Yes you can?if you realise that you can't afford to risk losing this war. That will mean losing your freedom. Better buy those bonds and stamps?they're cheap at any price. TOWN of JAMESVILLE W. W. WALTERS, Mayor ' W. B. GAYLORD, O. W. HAMILTON, H. L. SEXTON, Commissioners

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