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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, October 13, 1942, Page 5, Image 5

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Distilleries Are Now Running 24 Hours For the first time in the history of the beverage distilling industry, a 24-hour-per-day production schedule has been adopted by a distilling cor poration. Distilleries are now entire ly devoted to the making of alcohol for war uses. The total output of these plants?high-proof alcohol and 'high wines' which are dedistilled in to 190-proof alcohol?goes to help meet requirements for smokeless gunpowder, synthetic rubber, chem ical warfare, lend-lease and other The 43rd Week Of The War The Navy announced that U. S. Army troops, "covered and support ed by units" of the U. S. Navy, have recently occupied positions in the Andreanof group of the Aleutian Is lands. Occupation was effected with out enemy opposition. This chain of some 24 islands stretches for 240 miles and the largest of the islands is about 275 miles from Japanese-oc cupied Kiska and is well adapted for use as an air base. The Navy said U. S. heavy bombers and fighter craft are already operating from air fields in these islands. During a week of heavy fighting in New Guinea, Gen. MacArthur's ground forces drove the enemy back some 40 miles from a point 32 air miles from the allied base of Port Moresby past Efogi Village, last im portant Japanese base on the south em side of the Owen Stanley Moun tains, Gen. MacArthur's headquar ters reported October 5th. American Flying Fortresses based in Britain attacked an airframe factory at Me aulte and a German airfield at St. Omer October 2, and returned with out losses after shooting down 13 enemy fighters. U. S. submarines operating in Far Eastern waters sank five enemy ships and probably sank two more, and damaged another. Army, Navy and Marine corps fliers from Sep tember 25 to 28 destroyed 42 Japan ese Aircraft and damaged three oth ers in the Solomons, without com bat loss of any U. S. planes, and hit two enemy cruisers, damaged an other ship and probably sank a large transport. The Navy reported the 8,378-ton Naval transport George F. Elliott and the small transport Greg military uses. The round-the-clock schedule has stepped up the com pany's production to an annual rate in excess of sixty million proof gal lons?or its equivalent of 30 million gallons of alcohql. ME1VS & YOUNG MEN'S HATS ? By? DOBBS BERG CHAMP and VARSITY CLUB All sizes, colors and styles Pittman's NEW BURLAP 40x72 PEANUT BAGS FOR SALE Slade, Rhodes & Co. HAMILTON, N. C. Ship welders Working to Defeat the Axis Along with sailors and merchant marine seamen, shipyard repairmen are doing their best to keep 'em sailing. This unique photo was made in the Todd shipyards in Brooklyn, N. V., as a crew of welders use acetylene torches to repair a giant vessel in one of the drydocks. The men are removing bent plates from the side of the ship. {Central I'rctt) ory were sunk in the Solomons but most of their personnel was saved. The Navy announced October 5 that the 1,526 ton submarine Grunion, has been overdue in the Pacific for some time and "must be presumed to be lost." The normal complement of the vessel would be 65 officers and men. The torpedo smking of four more United Nations Merchantmen was announced. War Production and Small Business Following an 8.754-mile two-weeks tour of the Nation?kept secret as a j special wartime safeguard? Presi dent Roosevelt said the War Produc tion program is going, on the whole, extremely well, allowing for a norm al small percentage of lag in a pro gram made a bit higher than hu man ingenuity could carry out. He said he thought the production pro gram would be achieved to the ex tent of 94 or 95 per cent of the goals outlined by him last January. The President said the war spirit he found in all parts of the country was in excess of the war spirit in Wash ington, and the people of the country are ready to sacrifice for the war ef fort to a greater extent than any steps yet proposed in Washington. American shipyards produced 93 vessels during September, a rate of three ships a day, the Maritime Com mission announced. The total dead weight tonnage of 1,009,800 was the greatest record in world shipbuild ing history, the Commission said, and assures that the goals of 8,000,000 tons this year and 16,000,000 tons next year will be met. WPB Chairman Nelson asked Con gress tor immediate creation of a war liabilities adjustment board to help protect the small businessman. Commerce Under Secretary Taylor also recommended establishment of a permanent agency whose task would be to "husband small busi ness." He estimated that 300,000 re tail stores face failure before the end of 1943 because of government I restrictions, material shortages and the draft. Army and Selective Service The War Department opened an intensified campaign to recruit 18 and 19-year-old volunteers for the Army. Ttiey may now volunteer for the Quartermaster Corps, Ordnance Department, Chemical Warfare Serv ice, Medical Department and the Corps of Military Police, in addition to the previous choices. The War De Wanted^ Swap Tobacco PAYING MARKET PRICE W. I. SKINNER & COMPANY WILLIAMSTON, N. C. Things To Watch For In The Future The Ruml pay-as-you-go plan for paying income taxes the same year the income is earned, by "skipping a year," apparently has been shelved for the present, but he and many others insist the plan is still very much alive . . . There likely will be a general readjustment of automo bile liability insurance rates after gas rationing becomes nationwide . . j Canning science has now figured a way to put that "all-time all-Ameri can" combination, ham and eggs, in- j to tin-canned form, for the soldiers . . . Plywood will get a big oppor tunity in the three 125-ton cargo planes called for in the Kaiser Hughes contract, with a type called partment said approximately 270,000 checks totaling $19,500,000 in family allowance payments are being mail ed to some 405,000 relatives and de pendents of soldiers October 1-10, including 135,363 first payments. No vember payments are expected to be twice as numerous as in October. Selective Service Director Her shey said he hoped mobilization for the Armed Services will reach its peak this year and will go downward with the start of 1943, but no one can make a prediction with any high de gree of certainty because of world military developments. "duramold" scheduled to constitute some 60 per cent of the weight of these giants. MEN'S and BOYS' SHOES ? By ? FREEMAN PLYMOUTH And Natural Bridge All Sizes und Styles Pittman's Sound Loans mmiTOSi BUY We Are Always GLAD To Grant SOUND LOANS To Worthy People For A Worthy Cause. Make Our Bank Your Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Guaranty Bank & Trust Co. WILLIAMSTON, NORTH CAROLINA. Notice Of Sale Of Real Estate For Taxes In Martin County For Year 1941 I, M. L. Peel, tax collector tor Martin County, State of North Carolina, have this day levied on the following tracts of land, and will sell same at public auction for cash at the court house door in the town of Williamston, North Carolina, on Monday, November 2, 1942, at 12:00 o'clock noon, for taxes due and un paid for the year 1941 unless said taxes, penalty and cost are paid before the above date. This first day of October, 1942. M. L. PEEL, Tax Collector. JAMESVILLE TOWNSHIP ? White L. W. Ange, 239 a S. E., S. H. Si J. D. Ange, 24 a Ange Est $ 77.70 Oresa Ange, 22 a M. P. Ange Albert F. Coltrain, 40 a Lightfoot G. L. & J. N. Cooper, 18 a Mizell Mrs. Lillian Corey, 1 res Mrs. Alice V. Davis, 7 a W. C. Mizell W. R. Hampton, Fishery J. R. Hardison, Est., 25 a Askew Lucy F. Holliday, 50 a W. T. Mizell & 50 a Pierce, bal due Paul Holliday, 12 a Turner Baker J. M. Jones, Est., 1 res W. C. & N. R. Manning, 100 a Grimshaw R. O. Martin, Est., 1 res J. A. Mizell, 7 a W. C. Mizell ? Mizell, R. J., Est., 50 a W. C. Mizell W. H. Mizell, Est., 7 a W. C. Mizell Mamie Macabe, 1 vac lot J. D. Price, 78 a Z. Z. Price Roanoke Chev. Co:, 9 a W. C. Mizell JAMESVILLE TOWNSHIP ? Colored Levia Ausbon, 5 a Gaskin - Brick Boston, Est., 75 a Boston Columbus Boston, 26 a res Hester Boston, 1 1-4 a Jerry Smith ? L. Boston, 1 a T. Boston ? ? Lucreta Boston, Est., 58 a James Willie Boston, Sr., 1 1-2 a Cordon _... Willie D. Boston, 9 a Geo. Brooks, 14 a Geo. Brooks, 11 a Fletcher Brooks & 16 a Charlie James Willie Brooks, Est., 6 a Brooks R. W. Butts, 2 1-2 a Godard Isolene Clark, Est., 3 a Pierce _ - Peter Dickens, 1 vac lot -.... Robert Gilliam, 25 a J. E. Boston ? Emma Gray, 1 res Henry Gray, 1 res Sylvester Gray, Est., 6 a Gray Bill Harris, 1 res Booker Hill, 2 1-2 a Godard Irma L. James, 58 a Stewart James - W. R. James, Jr., 6 a Gadyst Cordon ..._ ? Augustus Jordon, 5 a Jordan Frank Keys, Est., 2 1-2 a Co burn ..... S. W. R. Keys, 2 1-2 a Godard _ - Stanley Keys, 1 a Hinson ? Ed Moore, 2 1-2 a wood land Samuel Moore, Jr., 1 a James S. L. Moore, 7 a Putnam - James Powers, 3-4 a Powers Nora Rice, Est, 7 a ?,? Sam Riddick, 1 res Nellie Ruff, Est., 1 vac lot ?? Marina Sanders, 1 vac lot Willie Smith, 1 1-4 a Jerry Smith Minnie Walker, 1 vac lot Early Whitehurst, 1 a Fagan Flossie Woolard, 72 a Lucretia Boston WILLIAMS TOWNSHIP ? White J. C. Godard, 51 a Wiley Green , Mary C. Stailings, 2 a creek land Mary Warrington, 13 a Griffin Clemmie Wells, Est, 32 a Wells : Frank Wells, 5 a Wells - ??? s WILLIAMS TOWNSHIP ? Colored S. L. Andrews, 23 a Mose Andrews Burgess, Heirs, 37 a Burgess John Cherry, 25 a John Cherry Leon a Moore, 1 a Fagan? ?, Rebecca Reddick, Est, 30 a Stumpy field Edward Reddick. 1 a Reddick . R. Slade, 50 a Slada Charlotte Slade, 40 a Slade ?? - GRIFFINS TOWNSHIP ? White Mrs. Elizabeth Ayen, is res JohnW. Corey, 28 a?S____ Beverly Corey, Est, 8 a Sofia Corey N. L. Woolard, Eat., 200 a Peel Herbert Williams, Trustee, 100 a Ed Peel land GRIFFINS TOWNSHIP ? Colored Gee Butler, 25 a res BEAR GRASS TOWNSHIP ? White John E. Corey, 25 a Peel Mc. D. Cratt, 2 a Cratt Henry Leggett, Est., 20 a Mill Pond Mrs. Delia Mizell, 16 a Cratt Daniel Taylor, Est., 2 a res WILLIAMSTON TOWNSHIP ? White Mrs. W. F. Allen, 25 a Burroughs F. B. Birmingham, 1 res Watts St S. R. Bullock, 72 a Simpson J. B. Cherry, bal. 375 a Whitley, 60 a Melson, 50 a Dinah Martin, 640 a res, 49 a Gillikin, 40 a Bennett, 6 ten Haughton & Rhodes, 1 mattress factory & 1 vac Main St L. H. Gurganus, 1 res Watts St Mrs. M. Bonner Gurganus, 1 res Watts St W. G. Lamb, Admr., 1 res Smithwick F. K. Hodges, 1 Warren St ten John D. Lilley, 13 a res Mrs. Mary K. Mitchell, 1 res & vac Watts St C. M. Mizell, 10 a res Geo. E. Moore, 1 res Main St and shop W. M. Myers 1 res Ray St H. O. Peel, 1 Main St office, S. Ave. ten, 1 Haughton St vac Horace Ray, 1 vac lot, Ray St Mrs. Eli Roberson, 1 Main St res Malcolm T. Simpson, 1 res Smithwick St Mrs. Allie Steel, 2 stores Washington St W. E. Stevenson, 1 res Pine St K. G. Strawbridge, 1 vac Rhodes St and factory B. B. Williams, 1 res R R. St WILL1AMSTON TOWNSHIP ? Colored William L. Alexander, 1 vac Hyman St S. L. Andrews, 1 res, 1 vac Elm St Lucy Bagley, 1 res Rhodes St Eugene Bell, 1 res Leggetts Lane James Brown, 43 a res N Eddie Watts Brown, 1 shop Washington St Laura Bryant, 1 res R.R. St W. C. Bunch, 1 res Elm St., 2 lots Broad, 1 lot Elm Elisha Clemmons, 1 vac Sycamore St Robert Davis, Est., 1 vac R.R. St Caroline Ebron, 1 vac Harrell St Christina Everett, 1 res Center St Florence Everett, 1 res Washington St Bryant Gaynor, 1 res R.R. St Lenora Giles, 1 vac Elm St Chas. Godard, 1 res Mary Hyman, 1 res Wilson St Naomi Jones, 1 res R.R. St Maggie Latham, 1 res Church St Tom May, 1 vac Franklin St Isolene Meeks, 1 res White St _ . Laura Moore, 2 a Jones land Elijah Moore, Est., 1 res, 1 ten ... Thad Newsome, Jr., 35 a res Goler Ormond, 1 res Martin St Aulgo Outterbridge, 1 res _ Will Perkins, 400 a Woody Thompson W. H. Pugh, 1 res White & Matthew St ? W. T. Purvis, 1 res Center St . Geo. T. Purvis, 1 res Hatton St Mack Reddick. 15 a Little land Millie Reap ass, Est., 1 res Garrett Jane Rice, 1 res Broad St Beulah Roberson, 1 vac Blount Smith Roberson, Est., 1 vac Blount Rosa Roberion, 1 res Broad St Dave Rogers, 25 a Biggs Roberson Arnesa Rodgers, 1 res Garrett St Fannie Ruflin, 1 res W. M. St Whit Ruffin, Est., 1 res Elm St John Slade, Est., 1 res Church St Noah Slade, 19 a Slade land Turner Slade, 1 vac White St Birrissia Slade, 1 ten Reddick St Mattie Speller, 1 store Washington St., bal due _ Abe Spruill, 1 res. White St William Stokes, 1 res Washington St William Whitley, 1 res Pearl St Carrie Williams, 1 vac Hatton St Caroline Williams, Est., 1 vac Harrell St Joe Wilklns, 1 res East Main St CROSS ROADS TOWNSHIP ? White Bailey, Barnhill & Adkins, 30 a woods land Champion Auto Co., 22 a Clemons W. A. Roebuck, Est., 1 lot CROSS ROADS TOWNSHIP ? Colored John Ewcll, Est., 1 res John Griffin, 1 res Alice Johnson, Est., 8 a A. Johnson Connie Mizcll, 65 a res J. A. Koberson, Est., 40 a J. A. Roberson J. L. Roberson, Est., 40 a res ROBERSON VII,1,E TOWNSHIP ? White W. W. Andrews, Heirs, 100 a Rodgcrs & Purvis Mrs. W E. Ayers, 47 a Keel Walter I,. Baker, 1 res W. Byrd Ballard, Heirs, 15 u Smith & Bunting Mrs. S. Bain, 1 vac Parmele Brown, Heirs, 3 1-2 a Roberson R. B. & W. A. Brown, 45 a Roberson & Whitfield Mrs. Maybelle Bullock, 1 vac Parmele W. T. Bunting, 1 res K it. St S. T. Carson, 300 a Savannah T. C. Crisp, Heirs, 1 res Parmele J. W. Edmondson, 104 a Carson Ward J. W. Eubanks, 1 vac Pecan St Jasper Everett, 3 a Everett Vanderford C R. Gray, 1 res Outterbridge Mrs. J. S. Griffin, 1 vac Gold Point Gurganus & Bculah Jenkins, 12 a Stevenson & Purvis W. W. Harper, Heirs, 59 a Van Nortwick, bal due Harris Hdw. Co., 1 vac lot Gold Point W. L. Johnson, Heirs, 1 vac Guilford St R L. Nelson, 1 res Parmele W. 1, Roddick, 1 vac lot Green St D. D. Roberson & H. E. Rodgerson, stalls & lot G. D. Roberson, Heirs, Pressing Club R.R. St G. L. Roberson, Heirs, 1 vac Guilford H. L. Roberson, 1 res Roberson, 1 vac Purvis, 1 storage Mary C. Roberson, Heirs, 15 a Taylor & Robersand land Mrs. Maggie Roebuck, 80 a Ross & Hargrove land, bal due H. A. Rodgerson, Service Station, Academy St J. L. Speight, Heirs, 1 store Standard Really Co., 482 a Savannah land Eli Stevenson, 27 1-2 a Stevenson and res E. C. Stevenson, 37 1-2 a Taylor & Roberson Mrs. M W. Whitfield, res Academy St J. C. Wynne, res Parmele Mrs. Lila Wynn, vac lot Parmele ROBERSONVILLE TOWNSHIP ? Colored Ada Andrews, 1 vac lot Parmele S. L. Armstead, res Pecan St Geo. Barnes, Heirs, 1 vac lot Parmele Slade Barnhill, Heirs, 1 vac lot Parmele Hattie Brown, 1 vac lot Parmele Sandy Brown, res R.R. St C. L. Clemmons, res Annie Coburn, res Gordie Council, 17 a Mayo Council Will Edwards, vac lot Parmele Frank Everett, vac lot Parmele Lila Gainor, vac lot Parmele Robert Lee Gainor. res Parmele W. A. Gray, vac lot Parmele Lena Hilliard, 10 a Harper land John H. Howell, 38 a Nelson land, bal due Anna Jenkins, vac lot Parmele Annie Nelson Jenkins, res Parmele Claud Jenkins, res Parmele Lena Jenkins, res Parmele Mack Jenkins, Heirs, vac lot Parmele Anna Jones, Heirs, vac lot Parmele William Jones, vac lot Parmele Mack Latham, vac lot Parmele Hattie Leathers, 5 a Roberson & Taylor Mary Lewis, vac lot Parmele Mack Little, Sr., 5 1-2 a Gainor land London Loyd, res Parmele * Jno. D. Manning, vac lot Parmele Jane Mizell, 22 1-2 a Rogers land - Carrie Modica, res Ashley Moore, res East End Rufus Moore, vac lot Parmele J. L. S. Nelson, Heirs, vac lot Pamela John Pitt, Heirs, res Purmele 4.69 Bruce Pay ton, res Second St 11.57 Charlie Phillips, vac lot Parmele 4.31 W. M Powell, vac lot Parmele 2.07 Narcessus Roherson, vac lot Park St 2.92 Kil & Louis Spruill, res Parmele 2.92 Booker T. Staton, 57 u Carson land 38.90 Anderson Wiggins, vac lot Gold Point 2.92 Curiu'lia Wynn, res Gold Point 4 33 Nellie Wynn, res Gold Point 2.92 Richard Yurrell, Heirs, vac lot Cochran St 4.33 POPLAR POINT TOWNSHIP ? White Mrs. J. A. Li ggett, Bcfe yard 2.56 HAMILTON TOWNSHIP ? White J. S. Ayers, res v 19.91 Mrs. Annie E. Cobb, vac lot 3.28 J. A. Davenport, res 19.35 J. H. Knox, res 11.85 Dr. E. M. Lang, drug store 20.04 J. W. Pough, Est., res 8.10 J. F Purvis, Est., vac lot 1.95 Standard Realty Co., 100 a woods 17.56 E. C. Stevenson, 473 a Sherrod & Fleming land 116.52 HAMILTON TOWNSHIP ? Colored Richard Bennett, 18 a Nod Williams land 12.74 John Bonds, res . 7.39 Dolphus Brown, 4 a Baker land 2.40 Irene Brown, 17 a Hugh Pitt 6.60 Bertha Collier, res . 5.97 Mack Council, 21 a res . . 14.29 Nelson Council, 30 a res 18.47 Lola Gainor, 20 u Ewell, 51 a woods, 137 a Joe Slade, 6 a Homestead 73.76 Carolina Griflin, Est., 4 a res 5.07 Aaron Howell, 1 vac lot 2.84 John Jenkins, res - 10.96 Emma Jones, res 4.19 Golina Lloyd, 1 lot ._ 5.07 Alton Pitt, 4 a Abbic Gore land - 5.87 Augustus Pitt, 17 a Hugh Pitt land 22.07 Hugh Pitt, 17 a Pitt land 15.90 Sabra Raynor, Est, res 3.28 C. L. Tyson, 204 a Sherrod land - .... 96.88 ? Ernest Ward, res 7.39 W. H. Williams, Est., res . .... 12.21 Lee Wynn, 4 a Downs land 6.40 Geo. Wynn, 82 a Purvis land .... - 36.22 GOOSE NEST TOWNSHIP ? White J. S. Ayers, vac lot ..... 2.76 Bellflower & Johnson, vac lot 3.60 Cassie M. Davenport, lot - 3.35 L. J. Davenport, 1 house and lot ... 12.74 C. L. Etheridge, vac lot - 3.18 Mrs. Blonzie Bland, res _ __ 20.50 John Paul Harrell, 19 a Harrell land _ 4.70 Mrs. Lena Harrell, res 16.10 Charlie, Mollie & Annie Harrington, 81 a Harrington land 55.90 M. L. Hasket, Est., 200 a Hasket land, bal. 1-3 8.54 Richard Johnson, Est., 410 a Gatlin land - 49.79 Allen Long, 1-2 a J. Williams land - 8.27 Chas. W. Preddy, 1 house and lot 4.85 L. D. Roebuck, 290 a Cotton land .... 91.06 Mrs. T. S. Strickland, 15 a Capt Hyman land 10.75 Neta Thorn, 55 a Harrell land 11.05 B M. Worsley, Gdn., 68 a Hyman land .... 20.70 GOOSE NEST TOWNSHIP ? Colored Sarah Anthony, 17 a Bob Williams ___ ?. 5.92 S. T. Bell, 80 a Bell land ... _ 47.54 Bertha & Gordon William Brown, 1 vac lot 3.60 John Brown, res . 13.16 Jesse Bryant, res 7.40 Molesta Dollberry, Est., res 7.80 Charlie Gay, 1 vac lot 2.76 Ruffln James, Est., 70 a R. James, bal due 9.16 Ella Jones, 20 a Cassandy Hyman land 10.65 W. M. Hyman Jones, 30 a Harrell land, 101 a Sally Jones, 22 a Jones ._ . 77.10 Cora Lanier, 6 1-2 a J. Jones land . 5.82 Frank Leathers & Frank Barnes, 125 a Sally Moore land ? 62.23 William Lynch, 32 a Ebron land _ 17.07 Joe Purvis, 33 a Chesson land 4.45 Eliza Ruff, 1 vac lot ? , 4.86 Raleigh Sherrod, vac lot _ 2.60 Ida Staton, 84 a Bennett land 96.50 Wheeler Staton, 23 a Jain Dollberry land __________ 14.18 James Wiggins, 2 a res . ? . 9J8 Johnnie Wilson, vac lot _ . . 2.82

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