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The enterprise. volume (Williamston, N.C.) 1899-201?, December 22, 1942, Page 3, Image 3

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State College Hints For Farm Homes By RUTH CURRENT Dayi are short and work will not get done unless we plan to make each hour count. Simplify your housekeeping. Time-saving short cuts can be worked out for most homemaking jobs. Make your time management plan a family venture. It will be more fun. Help the children to understand that their work is worth while. They will want to share in working for victory. Allow time for the companionship of your family and friends, as well as for work. Plan to share in com munity wartime activities. Choose those in which you can be of most service. Victory takes planners, victory planners on the home front as well as on the battle lines. Home-front planners work out with their families ways of spending Relief At . Last For Your Cough Creomulslon relieves promptly br auae It goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel rm laden phlegm, and aid nature too" i soothe and heal raw, tender. In flamed bronchial mucous mem branes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with the un derstanding you must like the way It quickly allays the cough or you arc to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchi*" less, saving more, making things, wasting nothing, and guarding the strength, the health, the happiness of their own. Home front planners work with their communities, stamping out hoarding, sharing what they have, providing for the needy, protecting and building the safety, health and happiness of their neighbors. There will be a shortage of doc tors, dentists and nurses as a result of demands for medical units to care for our armed forces here and abroad. This means we must do ev erything we can to insure our fam ilies with good health.- Rest, sun shine, fresh air exercise, and good food will help to keep the family well. All-out victory cannot be won by people who are all-in. Long or serious illnesses may wreck a fam ily spending plan. These suggestions might help avoid such a calamity: Set aside a certain amount each week or month for an emergency fund. Cdnsider possibility of joining a hospitaliza tion plan. Enroll in Red Cross Home Nursing and First Aid groups. En roll in a nutrition group. Netc I rink Potato Variety Yields 375 Bushels An Acre Sequoia, the new Irish potato va riety developed at N. C. State Col lege, yielded 375 bushels an acre for R. S. Ray of the Pensacola commun ity in Yancey County, three umes more than local varieties. Hemp The WPB has approved a program for the planting of 300,000 acres of hemp for fiber and the construction of 71 mills for processing the hemp into line and tow fiber. LIKE A GALLEON OF OLD T MIK modern vessel cut# through the name waters . . . but with new ?|khm| . . . and new de*tinatioiiM. The modern business man earns bin liv ing aw did (be guildwmen of obi . . . but willi greater profit . . . and the added advantage of being uhle tr save, and earn with Ilia savings. Branch Banking & Trust Co. WILL1AMSTON, N. C. "THE SAFE EXECUTOR" bar Federal Depoalt Insurance Corporation W estern AutoStore We are bark in the Tire Business again. If you have a eertifirate to purchase a tire, see us before you buy. We ran save you money. If you do notdiave your eertifirate, we will be glad to help you in any way we ran in get ting your certificate. We Still Have A Few More AUTO HEATERS, SEAT COVERS And ANTI - FREEZE 32- and 53-Piece DINNER SETS At Low At $4,95 Per Set Have your tires inspected during the months of December or January. W. J. Miller, manager of the Western Auto Store, has been appointed as Tire In spector. Bring your tries to him and he will be glad to^make this inspection for you. WesternAutoStore W. J. MILLER, Owner. Boys' Gubs Collect Pennies For Army Jeep BOft CUB'AMERICA MCTMWraTEK This group of boys, members of the Boys' Club of San Pedro, Ca!., are shown with Charles Gaffney, director, Carl S. Burbridge, president of their club, and Sergt. McArdle, as they began their drive to collect pennies to buy a jeep for the U. S. Army. With Boys' Clubs all over the nation aiding in the collection, it is expected that the necessary total for the purchase will soon be reached. The jeep will be presented to the army in a formal ceremony in Washington. flIXTY SIGE - he wants ter know, Ef a feller calcalates to hep cure ther world of its wrongs and mis deeds and on-human ways, hadnt he better tackle ther jib in gineral, and not jump flat-foot into ther privat affairs of individul families? Now old Jim Sprukes was a prut ty good and uprite man, as all his nabors would testify. He praised ther nght, and frowned on ther wrong He hadnt never caught a nnbor in a-tite, and drove a hard bargin with im caus he had lost his grip. He paid what ther deal was wuth to im, and not what he mout force ther other feller to take. He had worked hard and saved his surplus and laid up a little for old-age thout skinnin no bodys hide offn 'em and leavin em lookin lak a scare-crow. He growed up berfore ther days of fast drivin, and his world and his nabor hood was measured by ther distance of a buggy-trip. But after seein many suns come-up and go-down over old Dobbins head, ffilks at the County-Seat that made fertelize for ther farmers, and them that sold credit on ther craps, and many that ginerally traded on shore-profit, bergun to sell thay buggy-hosses and buy tham-air caboos lookin things called orter-mobiles. But thay prices was way-up yander outn ther reach of country-folks that had to give what thay was charged, and take what thay could git for ther things thay growed and put on ther market, so thay hilt to thay bosses, and drove in ther ditch and let ther rich folks and them-ar things hav ther road-bed Then one day, country-folks ber gun to hear that thar was a feller name Henry Ford that was a-makin a gas-wagon that would sell cheap, sos ther farmers cud ride fast too, and purty soon folks bergun to see em rolhn round. Sum called 'em Flivvers, sum called 'em Tin-Lizzies and sum called 'em Henrys, and thay was marked Fords, jes leavin ther Henry off. And one day Jim saw one of 'em drivin thru ther streets at ther County-Seat, with one thejn-ar music-boxes in it, singin?"I'll take you eny-whars you wants ter go." And rite then is when Jim's hanker in got ther best of his keerfulnes, caus he had made up his mind to have one. Now Jim's wife was name Lizzie, and she prided her-sef that she hadnt never fed Jim outn no tin cans. She claimed Jim deserved three squares a day, and them to cum mostly outn a pot, not outn a tin can Fact was, she want in no har mony with no tin-cans. So when Jim went home and told bout what he calcalated to do, he didn't call it no Tin-Lizzie, hit would a-spilt all ther harmony he was a-hopin to create. He says?Lizzie, we hav bin livin in ihif here naborhood ter-gether nigh on to twenty-five year, and aint nev er got futher than a days-drive with old Dobin; I'm a-calcalatin you needs a Honey-Moon trip futher away than that day we drove frum ther church to home here, and thay say that them noo Ford cabooses called Flivvers kin go a hundred miles in one day, ef you jest lams how to dodge ther mud-holes?what you say to us git tin one, and fixin up a basket of what-all you kin cook, and see whar we kin git to in two-three days?jes you an me on a real Honey- Moon? ?Maw and ther boys kin keep look out here twell we git back, and meb by thay turn will cum next, when we gits ther trail blazed out into ther big-world, lak old Danl Boone dun cordin to ther boys school books what you say? Lizzy was so took with surprise that she got all caflaba-gasted and says Amen berfore she ever took time to think once, much less twice. And all that is how, few days later atef Jim had took sum lessons on things to push, and things to pull, and ho^ to twist ther steerin-wheel, that ho and Lizzie turn out ther front 15? ther foad, and way past ther-County-Seat, and into summc "hd past summo County-Seats that thay had never seed berfore, and whar thay didnt know no-body, and evything thay past by was new and interestin to 'em, and thay was havin a Honey-Moon to not swa/F*btf. Now Jim had dun many things in his life-time that showed his intrust in man-kind, and one of 'em was? one day he was passin by one these sink-holes close by ther road-side that ther boys calls thay old swim min-hole. Hit was a deep hole, not fer frum a swamp, and the spring rains had fulled it oer, and summer had cum, and sum little boys was paddlin bout ther edge, and one of 'em had got irv the deep water and was holloing every time he cum up. Jim saw 'im and shuck off his shoes and as he made fer 'im he saw u al igator that had cum from ther swamp, and was a-makin fer 'im too, but Jim piled in and beat ther gat er, but as he turnt to swim out with ther boy, ther gater grabbed Jim by the rehel and bergun to turn over and twist JjpVs leg all outn socket, hit seemd lak; and then sumthin happened to that gater,*caus he turn ed Jim's foot loose, and Jim brung the boy out. Jim was laid up with his heel fer quite a spell, but ther nabers went after that gatehr, and dragged ther pond with a hay rake with ropes tied to it, twell thay pull 'im out, fightin mad, but he couldnt fight; his low jaw was as limber as a calf rope tied to a halter, and thay went back and told Jim that there want no doubt but what ther Good Lord had struch that gater, not with lock-paw, but j|ith drap-jaw; and thay carried ther gater to ther church to show ther folks ther mir acle that had saved Jim and ther boy. Now all that made Jim feel that it was just natally his duty to do all ther good he could when folks was in need, and that brings up to what happend on this here Fliver-Honey Moon Jim and Lizzy was a-havin. Thay had drove fer three days into ther wilds of wonders with new 'things to see, and evy-body strang ers; and long a country road wharl ther woods was thick thay cum to a openin, and hcered a woman hol lerin murder, hep, come here, and lots of other things ealcalated to stir a man to run quick, and Jim stop ped ther Flivver, and told Lizzie to watch out, and he run to a house he seed in their feld, and thar was a man had his little weasly wife down on ther ground jest a-slappin and a-boxin 'er real brute-like: And Jim grabbed ther feller, and flung'im down, and was giving 'im what he desarved when ther fellers wife got Jim by ther hair and yer-bout pull ed all out, and Jim had to turn I loose, or light ther woman his-self. Jim was disgusted and went a-goin I to be today, and 1 jest wante to ay that 1 lives nabers to these yer-scala wags, jes quarter-mile off, and I knows thay air rascalions and a-row in all ther time, and evy thing thay hav sid about this-yer fight, aint so, cause 1 cum round the woods-path jest as ther stranger run to ther house and pulled ther triflin rascal way frum giving his wife ther beat in I knows she desarves, and I aint a-feered to tell ther truth on 'em, cause thay aint got ther guts to do nuthin to me. And thejr Judge turnt j Jim loose, and Jim and Lizzie went strait back home, and next day Jim driv ther Flivver down to his own County-Seat and sold 'er fer less than lu* gived, and that night he says to Lizzie Next time we goes on a Honey-Moon it's a gain to be ber hind old Dobin rite here in ther clearin. And lliens one more time Lizzy says ? Amen. Deferred The Selective Service System has been directed to request its local boards to classify in Group 3 B all livestock and poultry farm workers who are deferred on grounds of de pend ciicy. Many County Lads Volunteer in Navy Quito a few Martin County lads acted before service enlistments were frozen, according to a fairly; complete report received here this week. It is understood that several, other county boys enlisted by their | papers have not yet been cleared in draft board files in the county. The names of those Martin County , boys who enlisted either in the Army or Navy in recent weeks are, as fol lows: ^Georgie Glynn Edmondson. white, of Hobersonville; * James Thomas Moon', white, KFD 1. Oak City; Wal ter Brownie Harrington, KFD 1, Wil liamston: John Benjamin Godwin, white, of Williamston\ Gaston Lee Savage, white, of RFD 3, Williams ton; Simon Earl Perry, Jr., white, of RFD 3, Williamston; William Ray mond Rawls, white, RFD 3, William ston; Wade Ellis Holmes, white, Wil liamston; Clifton Earl Ward, white, Williamston; John William Miller, white, Williamston; Clyde Alfred Glass, white, Jamesvile; Albert Vir gil Wobbleton, white, Williamston; Dewey Ralston Whitehurst, white, RFD 2, Williamston; and James Hay wood Simmons, white, Jamesville. Edmondson, Godwin, and Ward enlisted in the Army, and Miller en listed in the Army Reserve Corps. AT FIRST ^ SIGN OF A U C$666 666 tablets, salve nose drops Saturday's Shi pair n I Sold Oat! BUT ANOTHER AKKIVKI) TODAY FOR LAST-MINUTK SIIOITFRS! See Our Bin Line of Betitiliful Coats?Dresses and Millinery Sam's Bargain Place STKCIAL CHIilS'l'MAS SALK ON SUITS- SHOES?HATS DRESSES ? COATS tor I,I'nreliases, I'uy I s ti I isit . . . II e (."?n Satisfy \our Christmas Meeils! ISRAEL'S Wll.l.l \MSTON, N. C. To the Heart and Mind THERMOS JUGS And IIOTTLES TRAVELING KIIS GLADSTONE RAGS ELECTRIC HEATING I'ADS ( OMR And HRIJSII SETS ruid(;e cards SHAVING SETS IIILDREN'S MUFFS CIIMION ROTTLES III HIRER TEETHING RINGS WHITMAN'S SC1IRAFFFS <???<1 MARJIE REEL CANDIES Conk I in, Parker And Everidiarp PENS and PENCILS Coty, llonliigunt. Evening in Parin llndmit, Ko^er and Callet, Old Spire, I riend-llip Cardeil PERFUME SETS Funey Rox Stationery llaliy Food Warmer* Clark's Pharmacy Give Basket for Christmas EITHER TO YOUR FAMILY OR SOME NEEDY PERSON. YOU CAN MAKE YOUR SELECTION FROM OUR CHOICE STOCK OF STAPLE ANI) FANCY GROCERIES AND WE'LL DO THE REST! Everything you'll need for Santa and the family ran be tecured at thin ttore. Eroni/pt Service and Tico Deliverie* Each Day! MOORE GROCERY CO. Fruit Nuts Candy Williaiuston, N. C

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