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The Roanoke beacon. (Plymouth, N.C.) 1889-1929, April 05, 1918, Image 7

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IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL '11 - ESSON ran ik (By E. O. SELLERS, Acting. Director of the Sunday School Course of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago.) (Copyright, 1918, Western Newspaper Union. 5 flowing LESSON FOR APRIL 7. S3 L iMm urn IS iELPIll LUU . the sun witb luutiLlvgLllJ) Vision for a moment those far off ports beyond the trackless seas-1-, From Arctic ice, to the torrid lands beneath the Southern Cross From towns tucked in the mountains, to the busy river's mouth WRIGLEY5 is there! There, because men find comfort and refreshment in its continued use. Because of its benefits and because WRAPPED IN A Cold Girl. "I hear that Miss Chilton was an old flame of yours." ) ' "Not exactly; an old icicle." The Particular Time. "You say you wori.ip me? When do you do it?" "Dearest, in rny idol moments." It Cost the Average Family Less Than 10c Per Week for Packer's Profit in 1917. 1 The Meat Bill is one of the large items in the family budget but less than 10 cents per. week of it goes to the packer in profits. In converting live stock into meat and getting it into the hands of the retail dealer, the packer performs a complex and essential service with the maximum of efficiency. The above statement is based on Swift & Company's 1917 figures and Federal Census data: Swift & Company's total output (Meat and by-products) - 5,570,000,000 Pounds Swift & Company's total Profit $34,650,000.00 Profit per pound $.0062 U. S. Meat Consumption - 170 pounds per person per year 170 pounds at $.0062 $1.05 per person per year The average family 4V2 persons $4.72 per family per year 1918 year book of interesting and instructive facts sent on request. Address Swift & Company, Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois Swift & Company U. S. A. 58 Tjtr -Wir far " 3r ' ""' .. '".tf - ." JESUS SETS MEN FREE. LESSON TEXT Mark 7:1-37. GOLDEN TEXT If the son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free In deed. John 8:36. DEVOTIONAL READING Psa, 72:1-17. ADDITIONAL MATERIAL FOR T EAQH E.RS Matt. 15:1-31; II Cor. 3:17, 18; Gal. 6:1-25; PRIMARY AND JUNIOR TOPIC-Je-bus and the deaf man. MEMORY VERSE He hath done all things well, he maketh even the deaf to hear and the dumb to speak. Mark 7:37. SENIOR AND ADULT TOPIC Chris tian liberty. This lesson deals with the last of those four events which mark the crisis In the life of our Lord at Caper naum. It occurred just before the third period of his Galielean ministry and the time of his final departure for Jeru salem. We have seen what the atti tude of Jesus was toward the law of his nation. In this lesson we see his attitude toward the rabbinical tradi tions of the people which were the opinions of men and not the law of God. Just so many today look upon tha forms and ceremonies bf the church as being verily the law of God. Moreover, these traditions were made a pretext whereby men evaded the law. So today we find men very relig ious and punctilious In their churchly duties, who fail miserably in their ap plication of the moral code to conduct. The analysis falls into four general divisions: One, the accusation, (vv. 1-5. ; two, the answer, (vv. 6-13) ; three, the application, (vv. 14-23)., and four, the illustration, (vv. 24-37). I. The Accusation, (vv. 1-5). The growing hatred of the Pharisees, led them to make long journeys from Jeru salem that they might spy on Jesus and find a pretest for accusation. While they were studying him, they re vealed their ideas of the kingdom of God. They took special notice that the disciples of Jesus ate without washing their hands. We must not un derstand this to mean so much the re moval of defilement, as the neglect of a ceremonial observance over which the Pharisees were punctilious, (vv. 3, 4). Verses three and four illuminate certain traditions to which the Jews adhered tenaciously. -Thus exempli fied we can see that their ideas of man's relation to God were largely a matter of external ceremony. Purity to them was an outward matter largely governed by the traditions of men, (v. 4). II. The Answer (v. 6-13). The an swer of Jesus reveals the very oppo site ideal. He begins by calling the Pharisees hypocrites. A hypocrite is a play actor one who hides behind a mask. Applying the prophecy of Isaiah, Jesus plainly tells the Pharisees that they are hiding their true charac ter behind the mask of ceremonial cleansing. Such play acting is but a poor imitation of the real heart con dition demanded of God, (Psa. 51:10). Their hearts were far from God, even though with their lips they professed to serve him. The love we express to God consists not In ritualistic worship, but in doing his will from the heart. III. The Application, (v. 14-23). Jesus takes advantage of this discus sion, and, turning to the multitude, up on whom the Pharisees would bind a grievous burden of ceremonialism and falsehood (Matt. 23:4),. warns them that It is not so much that which en ters into a man that defiles him, as that which issues from him (v. 15). It seems quite natural that in their per plexity the disciples should ask Jesus what he meant by that. In his reply (vv. 18-23), Jesus shows very clearly that "the issues of life" (Prov. 4:23), reveal the corruption which is within. (See Matt. 12:34, 35; Gen. 6:5; James -3;10-12). If the heart be not cleansed, what will it avail if we wash the hands? What then is the application for this present day? Clearly we are taught the danger of lip service with out a change of heart. Substituting good for the best Is sin. Forms and ceremonies are good and have their place; they are significant for they are Important teaching factors; but they must not be substituted for a pure heart. We must beware lest we hide behind such a mask. There is here also plain teaching as to Jesus' estimate of the Pentateuch and inferentially of the prophecy of Isaiah. He specifically calls it "the Word of God." Surely we can accept his estimate as contrasted with the tradition of the elders or the "con sensus of modern thought." Less talk and more walk, Less wishing and more doing, Less preaching and more practicing, Less organization and more of the spirit. Finally, we have two Illustrations as to how Jesus sets men free, (a) Jesus silence appears to deepen faith in the pleading Syrophenician woman (v. 24-30). (b) We have the cure of the deaf and the dumb man, (vv. 31-37) ; in stantaneous healing, showing divine power. Jesus was setting his people free from their bodily Infirmities and at the same time delivering them from their sins and imperfections and bring ing them into his spiritual Kingdom. This he is still doing. Calomel Salivates! 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