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Brevard news. (Brevard, N.C.) 1917-1932, April 27, 1917, Image 2

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BREVARD NEWS, BREVARD, N. G. Heware of Ointments for Ca tarrh that Contain Mercury u.i nii-ii'ury ^v^ll surely destroy the sense Ml.II and completely derange the aystem when entering it throuRh tiu* mil.'Oils siirfui-es. Sir h arli‘les should ii«\*T bo used i-xcept on prescriptions r. put!ibli» physieians, as the damage \vill ilo is fold to the good you enn ;.ossilily derive *'*tm them. Hall’s f';ii!ir!!i Cure, manufactured by F. J. & C'o.. T«)ledo, contains no iiiiMury. and is taken internally, aetiiis ’.V upon the blood and mucous sur- f; «'f the system. In buying Hall’s t';ii ii . ii Cure be sure you get the gonu- it!’, H is taken Internally and made in Ml, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Tes- 'i lls free. f“.'M hy liruggists. Price 75c per bottle, llall'a Family Pilla for coiistipatioa. NEW SUIT COSTS FROM $10 to $50 ■>) DR. ENGLISH BUYS FIRST X'RAY MACHINE FOR BREVARD Your old suit can be cleancd, pressed, repair ed and made to look almost ns jroodasnewfor 50 cents; Sl.OO a month for foui suits. City Pressing Club \ J.E. WATERS, Prop. Dr. E S Enf?lish has insttilled in his now ofl'ico in the Piokelsiint-r bniUHii^ onii of the most inoiU'rn X-ltay nmchinos on the mark«*t This is the first machine of the kind in Tninsylvaniu coimty. It is a very expensive instrument and the cost runs wt'll up into the hun dreds ot dolhirs. Till* X liny tt'urure, of the instru mtMit will irDiiHi in liandy in loeat- ini; frnolures, dislocations, foreign objects, lun{; cavities, etc. In addi tion to this ft'ature the wonderful |)iei^ of miKdiinery is eciuijjped with dt'vi(*(’S for the treatiiient ot various ailments in twenty-one dif ferent ways, including radio treat nient, electrical niassagt's, cn*atiun of heat, etc. THE LARGEST FLAG Muny U. S fln^rs, tiny, small and a litil»‘ iire in evidence in Bn*var.l hut F 1). C’li'mi'tU has tlu; oi all jtlayin^ in the hree/cs 1II 1 rout ol his store. NEWS HONOR ROLL ity Market 'c per pound cash paid : • hi'iis and fryers, (^ash !;et prices paid for e-j;s. 'x’o have the followinjj; ! its and produce for sale: ' ickens I, Beef i ork Fisfi Ckicry voft Pt)fa?')cs 'I'urnips .. e buv all kinds of hides. et> J.. F. ALLISON, Proprietor PHONE 47 ' New Subscribers. Wm. H. (lanlincr. Ktowah, U F 1) Ci. Uosman .1. K. 1 .amc _ Rosman •Mrs. (\ i'. ('tioj)cr Forest Mrs. I'^ahi'lla Uol)ins(»n Hainier Orei^on S. .1. 'I'inslcy lCa.slcy. K 5 Renewals Fred .Johnson W 11. Sumnu-v \. L. Allison .1. I). Keivl .1. \\ ike . .\ilison Furniture ('o. .1. K. llan lay . . M. A. i'i>. J IT i'j. r, . :i \. K. it.>;i Mrs. M. \\. (i.iili\va> . .1. W . Diu k'.vorth 'P. ('dli nian C.alloway W. I*. I'lark l.ce F. N'orton K. M Lean Dr. C'. lirinisl'iaw _ Hrcvanl, K 2 Kosman Davidson Rives L:ike Toxaway - Sapphire .AunisUtn Ala. . .(^rcenshurji, 1';l Cciol^ w'A'c [’rv v;'.rd •Ir.'vard r.rcvard ... Hrcvanl Ki.^vard . - I’rcvani, R 1 Lake Tiixaway ...Los .\n}.;clcs, Cal. ^.Sapphire PLANS MAKING FOR BIG SUNDAY SCHOOL RALLY IN BREVARO ON MAY 1 Try a Diversified aJv, k f:, I. K' V 4\ Dsborrke MarKet Nex' Door io W. E. Bkhcp & Co. Wc will carry a g;ood assortment oi fresh : icats, poultry and vc2;ctc:b!cG in season, Wc arc going to 's:V for cash and will give you " i: beiicfit of ch.'.'.per meats because we will not ask you to pay for bad accounts resulting from credit Di:slaess, cost oi bookkeeping, stationery, etc. Open at a!I hours. Give us a trial. The Sunday schools throughout the county aro making prepara tions for representation at the county {Sunday school rally to be held at the llrt'vard Institute bnild- intrs »)n 'I'uesday, May 1. This will he the third annual rally and while the others were ^ood in charf»e of the one for this year hope to make it the most interesting of any. An itnportant change in the pro gram of last y«‘ar will he in the? riiatti'r of rffr«‘shmt*nts. Last year tlu Sunday schools of Brevard fur- ni.'ihcd the n freshments. This year all schools will he re(piest>d to co- ()j)erate, each school working u]) at h>ast enough interest to ])rovide food for all its ])upilsin attendance. The diMUi'r will he served on the Institnti* t:rt)nnds from a loiii; table arr:n'.Ui'«l 1>'r taking care of all tlu* jirovi.'iions. While a workers’ council was held in the aftt'rnoon last yi*ar no lixed ]»rogr!im was arrangi'd. This yt*ar topics of interest to snjH-rinti'n- dents, teaclu’rs and otluT Sunday school Wvirkers will hi' intersj)ersed with the nu'ntal contents to tak" ])lace in the jifti'rnoon. An organi- /.ation will he ])i‘rf»‘fted so as to hav(‘ ]»ernia’ii*nt ('iiict'rs to look after tin' rally arraiigeiiit nts from year to \ t ar. Tviornin,; rroj;rap.i. .Mi>> .\!n« Cin.i’.-- ;1. )!!'>n;ited. will act Ilia r.-'!ial. SiimUiy >;-l;ools will I :iss;-iiilili at the Ki)iscoj>al church at 1 o :;;o o’l-ioek and l)egin the lino ol iniiich, 1 w» ahrcast, ],roei'i*din^ up Main s'rt rt to Caldwell, thence to l)t'])ot s'rcr ])ast the Southern il' l>ot and np Whitniire street to the Institut;', as.'cmblinij in the two auditoriuinsat 11 o'clock, l-eginning the ])rogr:im at ll:;!ii. Kaeh Sun day srliool is I'.xiiertfd to take some j'ai t i?\ tln“ ])i o^'raiu by niu.-'ie, talk, recilation, rcadin::, otc., tl’.t' kind of I'.Xfvei.'e to i>e oj)tioital with tlu' schttuL 0S30R.KE MARKET - . e\t Door to \V. K. I5islu»p ^ Co. till' a'ldn ss iit v>t lco!m“, to v> liicli Bo\. niig lii lult r.-on will n'.-:;)oiil. 'riu- f.vcrcist's rendered ])y The various rchools will bi> inter.'-;>t r.-'t-d with a selection ivoni IheHai'her i“ho]i chorus of lirevai’d. 'i lie !lloMliji_' eXi rcise.s will v>itli l! cliorre-. “'I’lu' Stur Si;:*n'.rled Bnii- I UIT." toll wed with ])r:iyer by Ke. . : A. .1. MaT'leV. i VV. ►. l*a,i k« r will a«'t as chiel' u-dicr 111 the j i o:ili' ainl in dii! ct I j] or-e ]',,i r‘, ici ji:>. t i lu: in the ’iroicraiii Ifeni on.‘ auditoriuiti to | ru.-niiii- wln rc a cornfMittee » V v: rii vV hen you go horseback riding, v/aikin.g or enjoy camping trips no wearing apparel can be substituted for our high grade of Khaki wear for women. Money spent for it vyiii be wisely invested. Hat, $1.00. Leggings, $L.SO. Walking Skirt, $3.30. Cent, S3.75. Riding Skirt, $5.00. SILK DISPLAY Just now wc have a grand assortment of silks of all kinds, e want you to come here and look these silks over '.'.ether you wish to buy or not. .in Taffetas ... sh Silks. n 'cc'-' ..$L(K) to $L40 ..SO to LOO . .25 to .70 Trepe de Chines Lli5 to L50 Messalines l.(ii) to L40 WEILT’S CASH STORE t1i'- oilier sini'c it will 1-e neees'ary ^^j|] to };avc the ]i!o.:im'ii ]’e])e:ited i:’ onier 1e aeoinniodate all the m ii.le. ive a:i:l take earc of them. At the clos ‘ oi' the ni trning ]>ro- .;’;nn liiiiC.i wiil b' si-rved on tlie L,'!'-T.mis ol tlu- iii.'t’titc', all niir arou!ul a lonv tabli>. ^ Thost* s>*T'.diTiir I'efI’esIiTnents c.n ,'idatesor ])latt are n (pi. sted to wiit(‘ names o;i .'a^ne, also on briskets. ?ui:s. (>. L. Ei;wi\, Chairman lit'i j ('sluneiit Connnittee. The names of tho'^e serving on the I committees lollow, the letter within I parcnthi'.sis ht fore each name indiialing Afternooii Program Convene at in main audi torium . .Mis ,L A. Forsvthe—(traded Lt s'ons. I lev.,I. II. Hhv—“How to Interest lioN > in ^^ ;t',d iy Sehool Work.” ' “Ah'thods in Increasing Sunday School Attemlanet*’’—Rt)und table discussion h d by Noah M. Hollo- well. I I, 4- .• . • ! the denomination or Sundav s:-h()ol renrc- ! Fertectinif ])ermanent organi/.a-i , , . - ‘ scnted, the iirst-nam^d l)L“ing chairman. Athletics: (P.) .Tohn Smith; ((). (k) tlon. The atbli'tic f mtin-i* of the rally will incii.ile a l»...''elmll game he tween Bruvarvl and Brevard Insti tute and a basket ball game be tween the town and the Institute, in the afii'rnoon. Mental Contests. The rules and conditions govern ing the mental contests for the jafternoi u exerei.^ics on the covinty- I wiih' Sundav sehool rally day on j >biv 1 at Bri^vard Institute, are given l' h'w. The:?(^ contests jtre o])en to members of all Sunday schoi'ls II'. tlu' county. In the morn ing intigram every Sunday school in the county is requested to take a partin the way of u song, recita tion or some other exercise. Sun day .sc!',ool superintendents are $15 Per Cord for Chestnut Wood Cut your chestnut into telephone poles and you will reccivc about $15 per cord for them. Write for prices and specifications. ERSKINE POLE CO., WEAVERVILLE, N. C. Cash Paid at Siding. make the exercises as representa tive as possible. Contests In Bible. The folio Aring passages are to be recited from memory: Nineteenth chapter of Psalms. First cha])ter of Psalrns. Thirteenth chapter of First (Jorinthians. Fifty fifth chapter of Isaiab. Fourteenth cha])ter of John. Essay Contests Essay of not moni than 1,000 words on “The Witnesses for Christ” as presented in John’s gos- l)el. These essays must be written by | Sunday School students but sug gestions as to wording and penman- ' ship may be made by Sunday school, ti.-ach(^rs. ( Map Contests. “.Map of Christ’s Gallilean Min istry or (hie of Paul's Missionary •Jouriu'ys.” j Ma])S and essays must he ]>re- , Si'Hted to Brevard Institute or mail ed to I’rof. (’. H. Trowbridge not i later than Anril 27. I Singing Contests j For best rendering of either quar tet, chorus or du('tt of any one of the following hymns: J.i'tid Kindly Li^ht. .lerusalcin the (toUIcu. Clnitian S )l(ii(‘r.'«. Bent'atli the ('ro.vs of •le.'-us. Abide With M Holy, Holy, Holy. The Son of (lud (.toos Forth to War. Faith of our Farfhers Living' Still. () Master let me Walk with Thee. Fling out the Banner. l)‘ar Lord and Father of Man kind. Immortal Love Foiever Full. () Little'I’own of Bethh'hem. We Mar.'li, We Marcl' to Victory. I There will ]>e jiKLres in (>ach iji j tiiee contests and 'nonora!:!'* men-' il.-nrv IJans.n Nvill i.resil.‘ over i ' in the iJrevard, the exercises of the luurning u„d i N‘‘-^vs of t hose makiii- lirst, second jai.d tliird j)laces in ( ach contest. The iiiorninu' si'.-'sion will opi'ii Vv ith the soiur.’-Auiei ica." all stand- in;,'. v.ili b>- followed with jtrayer hy Uev. Dr. C. 1). Cii!i]):nan. I’rof. C. H. 'I’rowbii(iuM‘ vcill deliver 4 FANCY ICED CAKES FOR EVERY SPECIAL OCCASION WEDDINGS. BIRTHD^S. PARTIES, ETO. Philipp’s Bakery Phone 24 PMCES LOW Furnishing Refreshments The relreshnient committee on I the Sunday’ school rallv ti) be held jonMay] wishes 1o call attention' jtoth'* chan_^‘ in tlie ];.Mgram of: I last year in tie* matter of reiresh- •; nients. Bi'evard :ind i)a\' (irove hercto- t'oriil.ave furni.-i,i d lunch for tin county. 'I'liis year tlit* coMiniitteo retiui'sts each .Sun.iay s;-hoo] r'‘])r(*sented to . s--!id ii.ii •]! ;}i,i.-e in atteii'^ance - Ironi S'.iiulav ."^cliool, an»l in this \V!i'' hoji.*s to rouse a s])irit of Cl i-o:;.ml i . ''I'lie '.ia>k.-rs will in* h ft at the Tiiain be.ihr.n.r of th‘ li.stitute on can save you money on soap. We have in stock many vari eties at many prices. II you think you can get better soap at less cost through mail order houses you are sadly mistaken. Keep your money m town, anyway, even if you doD t buy from us. But perhaps we have lust the soap you like. Come in. Get acquamted. COX 6c KILPATRICK Phone 41 n Kugene .\llison; (.M.) Woodford Zachary; (I.) John Hamrick; (K.) Alex Kizer; (H.) Joe Tinsley. ! Mental Contests: (R) J. C. Jones; ((). : Ci.) \V. H. .\!!ison: (M.) .Miss Hattie .-\iken; ' (I.) .Maud Klien l>ike; (L.) Mrs. H. N. j Carrier; (P.) Miss Katherine Krwin. i Refreshments: (K.) Mrs. (). L. Krwin; (O. C.) Mrs. W. H. Allison; (M.)Mrs. T. I). | Knjrland; (P.) Mrs. (hiode Cheathain; (H.) Mrs. W. M. Henry; (I.) Miss Alma Trow- hridge. Program: ((). (I.) V. I). Peek; (B.) O. L. Jones; (P.) A. B. Riley; (I.> A. F. Mitch ell; (M.) Miss Sue Cannon; (L.) Mrs. C. M. ' Doyle. I Hardship Better Than Poverty. The merchant, dreading the south west wind wrestling with the Icarian w^aves, praises retirement and the ru ral life of his native town, but soon urged to It.ok after this matter and ' he retires to his shattered bark, in see to it that their schools are rep- capable of being taught to endure pov- resertf'd in some wav so ns tf>i®*^y- Horace. The Comfortable Home is one essential to happiness in life. Mcike your dwelling place as inviting as your means will permit Our Furniture will meet your desires, whatever they are. It would be hard to surpass in queility the de sign, coloring, finish and workmanship which give distinction to the easy chairs, daven^ ports, reading tables and o^er living room furniture we display. Come and inspect the stock. Fair prices and courtesy assured. Our Word Is a Guaranty of Honest Values HOME SUPPLY COMPANY C. M. COOKE. Proprietor. BREVARD. N. C.

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