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North Carolina Newspapers

Brevard news. (Brevard, N.C.) 1917-1932, July 27, 1917, Image 5

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ASHEVILLE BUSINESS DIRECTORY Use it to Plan 'S our Shopping Trip, or tor Mail Inquiries, riic I'irms Listed Will Serve You Well. Ailvfrtisiii};. HDOKLKl'S aiul wiittiMi. US Anu'rican I?.ink Imililin)!;. Ciill. WKKKLV Ni:\VSl*ArKKS. WoshTii North t'ari)lina tfi i itorv. KatrsV (lill. Aiitoiiiobik'S Bii; LINK rsi:i> c \us I'ash or indit. Auto t'o. CllKVKOl.Kr ilistrilnitors. l.ivcry aiul auto M'rvii 1-. riianihors iJw \\ l avcr Co. Monuments anti I'ombstones. iMONl'Ml'^NrS, 'roiiil>stoiu‘s, (’lit Stoiuv 'I'ilf. C'. S. T’l 1 ay. Miisieal Instrnnients. I'Al.K Mu sii' llousr. 7() I’altoii a’.riiuf IMioiu* L'0(>. Men’s and IJoys’ I'lirnishinji.s. VO I know U.S. CASH talkn. I'siii t.iis, 0\irl:iii>l A''hfV I'vt'iv inakr. Ic S.til's Co. IS Hroailwav. .1. W. Ncclv \ C (lafos. UOAl^D ot Ili'altli s.,vs: "i'Ic.mcst in town." 1^! •'.uir>V I air. Ht)Ml!M A1>1' laiiilic'-. ust.iuiant. soila. I'luh Calc aii.l Canilv Kit> !icn. OfpartiiK'nt St.)ros. Office Siipplie.s. i SI C(>., tv|ii‘u 1 itfis. add ing iiiai liim s, salis. 'M I’alton avt tun . Optoiiietrist and Optician. »%%«%%%• n. UKI'\V()t>l' .'v CO . ( lottu's. h.its. umirr Wfar. t tv'., ;or t \crvl>ndv l>t \ roods, iuljs, Hult i-riv k palti'Ti:--- Druu Stores. MKKl' VMur avinui'. !rii nds lu tr. 1.^ I’atton fa: ami'urit I 'ru:; Co. WllKN . 'U (>n.'fn Hri'ihi ;a 1 urnit wr'. . 1 uiaitr.ic All think ol I OKKl.C'l'CI..\Ssl'!S. .'I-’ I’allon avi iuic. Ol»'ndt isun’s .Icwt lrv stoic | |)i. I'cmsnii. Photographers. illCiCi.\SON S’i I 1H(>S, Ml I'attona'f- luu' Oppositf post oliiic. .\itistu poi tiaituir. ri'^l/ro.N S'l'CUlOS, rack square. llii;h- ^radc portraiture and loninicrcial jilio- to^raphy. Pianos 'I'linetl. Kl'^l’.\IRl';i). I'^xjK'it work. .\il ^juaran- tC'..Hi. Klks buldiii^. ^'.'llliara.^ «.M; IlutVinan. \ 2 P222H * I'Uiiinoiil i:m\fniiin iii ..((icj;iis nl \\ a.-!iiiii.MMii ijtKiiii; physirjil iraiiiiim undor tho iliroction ..f W;iIi.t ('amp. “ .V'",' "i" wiili fli,. r.rilish typo of I„.lin.'t and shrai.n. l pmnf (...dy Caiiirx III Cl'III inii'i or I'ron.'li ;:iins in Iho liani)ia^no roirimi. -J I'lin; Vic pi-..^id. ni who loji.l tlio ropuld».-an f..rc,.v; Unit 'iipprosso.| tlio .Maiiclui rest..ration. Kuo ('Ijan; llio '|iinoso NEWS REVIEW OF THE PAST WEEK \yuiTi-: nr Tvui K Holiv ('I T KA TKS. ur more. (ieiU'tal MeciiatiK s. nr si c M. i\.u V \ S-a Ic rKlNi'lNC., Vdur Uiiidcrs. Printing. I’lookhindin^, Loose l.taf Haciviicv Mo.lie ('o. (iroi i'i ies. 1.1 cl ',c' .uni'untini: $.^.00 i'wcc i vV Ciiilins. I larJw are. HL lLIU-'.US' iiware a •'pc.'Mlly. N.'i! M l'.i’’i liaidvvare Co. .lew elers. «%%%%%%\%%%« *» Till-:-House ol (iili-. I'ar 'n avt-nue. t'h.N‘ V IteniiiTson. \SSi;.> litted. Cvpcn ii repairing. L^ Cl.uri'h. 11. M. Frosi. .L L. C.XKi'CN l l K. .ie'^-.> ler. W.-.t, li u- pairing; specially lo .N 'rth I’aCK .^quart'. Kodak I inishinvr. Real Mstate. VV. 'I'. KOWLANl) .-C CO. Farms. “It Can lii- Doiu-." KL.\L I'.S'r.M L, Insurance, L^ Scuth i’ack Square. I’lione LVlt). Lorick Co. America's Great National Army Is Drafted, 1.374,000 Men Being Called. to .'-tori, il’dii. 'ial ii.'i'l oil rost'^. Ill a’- ! liidr po:ico rosoliitioii at iln- liP't o|>- Mriiancc wiih tlio "rnir pi’oliis" onl'T jiorlunity, aiul it was a-'>crlc.| th** of I’r* 'ith'iit WiK'on and iiir-y ooni- ; r-. ;isnro would ;:ot tho voto.s of ”1:1 ph-ied in --ix inoiiihs. l-'raiicis .T. Iloiioy ' dcpiitios. i.s in 'harL'o ni iho lo^al end of it. Ii is hard to \\hat will eniiio Hampering Our Government. | out of Ccrm.Miiy’.s mi ss of init rnal •Vs Itif Cnltfd .'lat‘s s'v\ifl!y ai>- i frotiido, for. o\or horo at least, it i-n't proaehos nmrt* activo parti-ipation in j lin(»u n just what put into it. ihf War. ihc Coniian aironis ;mil spies ic.eior .Mic|i;i,.lis is thin:: of aa ami th*-ir fri.-ncls in iho ediintry !>»■- ; unknown !uaniity, thoiii:h ilo ro is a eo'iio iiioi'i* lioM nnd oriiorpri'-iim in stroni: siisj.icjon that tio will tn- found tht'ir cfrorts to liampor iho ;:overn- in he |n eiiliro accord with Von llln- nicni. 'I heso elTorls rani.'o all tho way ; (h'nhiir;; and LmicndorlT and tint from ridicnloijs stories of Am'iieaii ■ liioso niilitarv lo;id'rs uii! eontlnu*' to LAW UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA LAW SCHOOL Excellent Faculty Reasonable Cost WRITE FOR CATALOG THE PRESIDENT, CHAPtX HILL, N. C Patrons Praise Our Ice Cream Sodas HALF THAT NUMBER NEEDED UKAL i'lS r \ 1 K I’.KOKKR. See Ui hen. 11 Ciujrch street. .inu'S W. .\Slil'!\ 1LL1-- Realty 1 in c.-tnu-!;;.-Xnieri- can i;«iik huildin”. Henry T. Sharp C'. IF «n‘eresleii in .\s!ie\iik taik to Riai Ivsi.tU' John .\cee. War Preparation Progresses Despite Many Rows and Schemes to Ham per Government — Chancellor Michr.clis Sides With the Junkers—Crown Prince Beaten at Verdun. Kooftnjj:. MKTAL SHlNt;! I'atlon. ,r.S. CiUtteri:';'. S]'nutinj;. .\. 1.. Ml i.ean t o. .Seetls. K\!'K : r Work, onicr'- >olicited. I'.istn'.in acciu). .Mail Hr ■ ■Uociis Cii. Koiiak .Supplies. KOl' XK lievelopiii^. pnntinLT. mail orders. .Amateur supplies ivi hinson I’lu't ■ Store. Launilry. Till-'. \i hois wav t ir I.:.r,nilry Satisfac- tiim. .\slu \ ilU-S'can-. Laundrv. Loan Office. S'llMCKi'K’ SKF.l* Cu.MI ANA. wholesale atiii retail seed niercl'iants. I'oultrv sup plies. Sportinj; (iooiL. %%%%«%%%« Hl'iN Sl-'(i.\L. I ii’,ars. ;dl s[iortin: ^roods. I'ack Square. 'I'ailors and Hatters. TAIL(»Ki;i> SI ITS piiSt tdlilf. ( ^I'p' 'Sltt* Vnur.r, 'Lire Repairs. 1-TNKKi.S ri:iN'S tiunk''. le.i’iier ^'o Lean ittiicc. .lewelrv. ' S1-'.\T> us vour tires and tuhes. >d l-’.MIi fn'.re avenue. . .\slieville Steam N'uKani/intj (' THE NS:W OLIVER NINE A TYPEWRITER REVOLUTION New Machines for Half the Former Price Was $100 Now $49 .\T tho vt'TV l:i'i„'!.t I) tht' iv;)f\vr;'>-r nu: ■ -' and !.>r' '*d a.i oT L*-"- • • fiicf c:i.:s a h;lt T- > ..c ♦•x,\va\ :- o;. i: • c,,rc.>-!i. A curi'parv .>truni.' en‘'i;;-h, lart.'c eni'U,'!; anil hravc r. ^u^'h l d a hie, 't.irt’i.. ■ thinu Hkc t:r^, ii. --c!\c- a heaiiii)^. 'I'he 'I. 1 is :.r ■ - ' :-r’!i in ou: aniazin^ c\;. -.utc ;Mr.;i (i "'I . e Hi;'.' Cost ’f T;. p H rite; Th" Rca'-i-n uri l i:.' l\(-nic'!v." (M;e ...j.v vi'.l he !i,.uled ti Vou il V"U s, U'^ the c:..;j.i'n hehiW. !? Tiif Oli'.’or T\ powr;t.«'r ii;)s*>t' .-! '• c.'.t. ! ; when 11 intri«iui'oi \ wriTn;; • •o.'. \o'.». ;ii I'.vM'liil C’(jnipnii\' wi r d u. itiiii.- Uu- t\-;io'.vr’it'r,'. ,1. !rc*‘- i)i;; t-r.~ ot a HOW WE DO IT htMiiL^ your own salesman. .\nd w‘ uain 11'l'iiic.i.ies for ours( too. So it I'l’.'l idiilanthriipv. lu-t the !i> u. v hicii-nt way of doiii;^ luisinci>s to i prt-.'cr.t i;av ec-,i!'.on.ic changes. N'C.i- tliis !;ici carefully. W'c offer the identical (tliver Nine the lati'st m ■ iel hrau'i n^.\^. tor .'>5'^ the i vuct oi’.e v.hich was .'>loil until .^larch 1st. The Latest Model Henc tor'.h J'ii-cr I vjn'.vriter ( oni- Do not eonfus- this ffer of 'I'he (diver {Ktnv u;.: :..a.;.;a:n i;o e\;'^v -ales 'I'v ji,-v. i iter (’''".'.par.v itself of a I'lar.d tori I- "t ]■'■'' > :.esn en and a'jeiits. 15,w, hitest lundei’* witii offers of .stcond Henceforf •, w 1 pay no hi.^ih rent' ;n .■'• iutnd or rehiii'.t machine.^. eitie-. 1 ■ • re v\.;l ii.- no idK- stoik-. I'liis is tlic lir^t tim- in lustorv t!i:it ;i ^ ou. .M’. 1 -i r,'.\;;1 ;r.;l dire t now with jicw. standard .Sl'Mi tvpewriter lias hei u the ai' r^ :a:;ai tun r. No mi'ldlcmeii offered tor ^ 1'^. We do not offer a suh.-ti- no useie-s toils. We end the waste and t^tc model, cheajter. different or rtduiih. ^iv- you the s.ivinj_'s. '> ou jji t tiie 1 hy ivead ad the secret facts in our docu- m«-nt, entitled “'I'he Hif^h Cost of Tvpe- writers The Ke;ion and The Reniedv.” The coupon ht low mailed lodavwill hrinj.' vou one copv. FREE TRIAL No moiicv down no ('. O. 1). After you read our hoik vou mav a^k for an (Miver lor tivf day-*’ free trial, lie votir own salesman. S.ivi- voursclf ^'ou decide in the privacy of votir o'.vn oihce or horn'-, --is you st e the Oliver. 'I'hen if yon want to own an (diver you may j)ay at the rate id 10 cents per day. .Mail tile ((lUpon now for “The Hi;^li Co>t of Tyjiewritcrs 'I'he Reason and The Rem'ilv.” It rips off the mask. Cut tin- ecupon out now. THE OLIVER TYPEWRITER COMPANY 1223 Oliver Typewriter BIdg.. Chicago, III. SAVE $51 Tliis Nine is a twenty-vear (levelopmcTit. 1' is the tinest. costhesl, most sue,. -'ful type'.vriti r v. i- ever huilt. It i' V .!•' for !'* t ent - ; iav in montl'ilv pavments ol .■''Hi. I'.v- ervone ca;-: oun ;i f. iii’-'. r:ier now. Will anv ■■.'.lie person t\er a. ain pav Jl(Ht for a -'.ind-Td f.povrit- r the StaiKi.ird \ .iile (diver .Nine sells for ? 1'/.’ Send todav for your i opv of our hook and further details. 'I'ou’ll he surprisc(L Over 600,000 Sold THE OLIVER TYPEWRITER COMPANT, B-7 Oliver Typev^riter BIdg., Chicago, 111. I)o not send a machine until I order it. Mail me vour hook, “The Hieh Cost of 'i'vpew riters 'I'he R’eason ami 'Phe Remedv,” vour (h- luxe eataloj.:s and further information. .Name . - Street .\rldress ('itv ^ State ADMINiSTRATORS’ NOTICE this date, or thi.s notice will be plead in ■ 1 ar of their recovery. Having a^lministrator of All persons indebted to said estate will the estate of .M L. . ones deeeasc-fi. late of immediate payment. Transylvania ( ounty, N. ( .. this is to notify all persons liavintr claims against This .lulv 21,1917. G. T Lyday, said estate to present the same to the I). L. ENCi.tsii. Administrator. undersij;ned within twelvemonths from' Atty. 7 1*7 6tc die ; 9y CDWARD W. PICKARD. AO,erica's war h'^icry. to deli-rinini' tiio iiioM ho shall iiial.f up the .N;i tioiial arniy, was hc!d in Wa'hin;:ion on I'ridav. .Iul\ L'i. Ttf wtndo pro- (••'.■■I ' . ■■ il \ i-c(l l.y I'i-.'\o-i .Mar-ii.'i 1 (;«-ne.',,l Croudor ami hf - aid-. wa> eal- ciilali'd lo m:iko ilio (jraM a!'--o’i;tol_\ fair and lo ;:i\i’ iho vouii;,' iiilllionain' and ill.' \0i11r4 latioroi- oc|ual ehaiicf-. to serve ill.;!' eoiiiiii'\. pro\j,li'd thov aro ph\s;ealiy and !iientall\ iii. .\li tlio iianic .if tlio n.aiiy ion million ri'L'istran: > w.'r.' drawn, th.' .■h'liieui of • 'haiH'o d.'loniiinii;;-' l!ie ord.T in whleli th. \ -hall ho calh'd |..' 'ho . \ani iiiiuL" hoards in ;ho .xaiiiiniiu li>lriet'', Maeli local hoard lias I o.'ti inforni.'d of the numl'or id' m-'ii it niU't fiirni'-li lo malo' up its (juofa of tlio CisT.immi III, n li.-ed-'i! on Iho tiri call, and has I1. .11 told l.> eall '_'i >n ],i |- ooir of th.' ;u.‘Ja *‘ir .xatiiiiiaiion. t*. j'!'.. \j(!i' ■;i", in i!io ir.h'r !• tcrinin.'d h\ 'ho draft. Norih.-i'u s.natois and re)»rcs,uta- tivfs lia\o |.,-on I'l.'.kin.' "’I'oriLr pro- !• Sts aL'^aiii'l t'l" i.ooul.-ilioii o-iiniates i:..hy tho .■.■ii-us huro.a'i for iho pi;;-- of (jot .-I!;! i :i illo' .piotas f.>r !h,' draft. 'I'ho .'^ou'li, ii is as-ort.'d. has unduly 'axor.-d. Th'' war .i. par' moiil has a.liiiilied il a: llio quota'- for ;ho 'Irafi '.'..r.' ti\. .1 in '!isr.-_'a r.l of. til.- ]iro\ i-io;!" of ih'- dra'.'i law. Progress and Rows in Washington. i .\n iiiiip' ii".- 'a..!'1n oi' pi'.-].ara 1 loll is boiii;: .arrio.! on al Wa-iiiii::;.m hy llo si-on-> of . \piTis in hi] and l.'cli !lie:i| liio’- ar.' .'lidill^ ih.- L'oXei'U iii.'ni and ill. r.' !:" .loalo rhai all 'M -iuii>' oi;' rii:h' .'N'i'Ii: nally. ?d.'an , \vl;ilo il.iM'.‘ ai'o many aiino\inu' ili-- pui-'" and di'aur.'.'iiioiilp.-rhap.s un ' ji\oi'lal.d.'. Th.' row |.r;u.’.'n ’l.air- ni.'in l'.'!iinan and O.-n. ral (o.oiliais .-i-- t .1 iho h iihli '-.Lr .1:' :i ii..;'.!i:inl ina I'iio roach, d ih.' point wioTo ih.- ini. rv. n- ti..n . Cr. -i.h-ni V^'il-.'n . .'otn.'d ii.'o- o--M'\, Tlf inaimor in wiii.'h con- tr.'icls ar.' h. inir lot for Ih ' L'ovornni.'Ht j ihi'oiuh ill.' opoi'alion .if ih" ad\isoryi coMiniiMo.'- of iho council of naiioual: (li'fi'iis.- ha\o 1m. n s,.\,'i'oly ril ii/..-.C h\ S. n.alor l\.'n\..n and olli.'i's and ho- cauo ih.'s.' .oinniii loouion ofion are intor.’siod in ;_'roal huin.'s -oncorn' thai ar>' h. ini: .•alh'il .111 I» funii-h sup j lilii— lo ih.‘ uoN'ornni.'ni. iho\- ar»‘ nc- eusod of sookiii'_' lii.'ir «iwn prnnitii- In 111.I"! c;i-'."' 'ii'-li .'har'_:os are inani fosily unjusi. Wliil.' tin- senators w'it» eai".-yin:r oji tlioii- iniorniinaldo discu^ sion .if iho f.ioil liili. a violoni ailite!; was niado on .Mr. lloovor h\ .'onal"i Uood, who saii llo.c.or had h.'on {^aii;- Idinir in food and cl.itliin;.^ as ehairia;:;! of iho .\ii!orican coimiiission for rolj.'i in r..'lL:iuni. 'I'lio swift doni;ds oi i 1!.. as-oo;aios and friends roally | woro unii.'i'osary. | Th.- i-oiitrol liill, as linally ar * r.Miiu'od in iho sonaio. euntaiiiod the e. 1:; 1 pi-on 1 iso aniondniont s oliininat ini: from tho .qioraiion ot' iho ni.'as’iro ‘.ii- loi;, stool, hhlos. luiahor and all other :irliol.-s o\e pi food, food and fiiol. nnd cr.'atiiiLr a h.iard of foutj ndininisira- lion oonsisiiiiLT of iliroi- nion. 'Phe , tirsi of iln'.vo ainonrlnioiits is in ao- coi'd with iho wislii'- uf ilio iidmlnis- ■ tralioii, and iho > Is noi disploas- inL' to it. for Hoover will h* made , eiiainnan of tin' hoaril. Ho and his j assneialos in tho food I'onscrvation I eain)iai'.’'n ar.' not dopondini: too niiieli ■ n ' aeCoiis if 'onirro-'S. 'n.o i‘.'(!o"al tr:ido eoinmi-'.sion bnran il ■; in.piiry into i!io eosts of profiiii'- ' in;: and niari-;oiinir food eoniiuoditi(‘s, si.'irlin;^ v.itli tln' Chieayrn piiekiiif; in- .a-try. 'I'lu- iiivesii;,"atiou is to si)read soldl.'i'-. dyini: like Ili.-s from disoaso in Fiir.ip.-, d. — iuiiod lo di'-courai-'o 011- llsliiiL': ]'lol to provont th.- harv.'stin;^ .'i . I'oiis in Iho W.'si liy doctoring court pla'^t.r with l.'taniis bacilli; hurninL’ o!' i !.'\ator" and w aroh.iuos and ex- pli.sions in fai-lorics; kiliiiiL' of livo '-i'.el. : foia. ntiiiij’ of slriko and ri.ils, tij* tlinniirh atioinjils to involv.- tin- ci'iiniry in ini 1 rnai ional irouhles with fri. ii'lly naii‘in>. I.' .h'lih.'rat.- hloi'l-;iim of much n.'od. .i h"_'ilati.m h\' CniP'd s;;-,!,., .,,'iia!. iis wli'i^.- I . 1:1-1 it a.'ni s iiui'di.'r lari-'.' nuinh.'rs of O.rinan- .\ni.'rle;Mi'-. Th.‘ li\phi'iiaf.'d lerin is I>o tho roal dictators f»f ih.' einpiro’s I'ourso so far as war an'! i.*;o'o aro I'onc.'rnod. 'I’ho situation is compli- .'alod hy tlio swift irrov.ih of i!i.' So cialists in ini’nli.'i's and inllii-'iico sin.'o Ml.' drafliiiL' if llardon inio tho o.iv- ornnieni servi.-o arnl iln- snjipi-o.-'-ioti of his ji.aper, and hy ilio opj.o-ii i.ui imliey adopted by I'.orr IIrzlloru'.'T, the* eoiiter load* r, who howi \. r. is not fol|o\', .'1 l,y mai y of ids fa.'lion. Not to I lit of fa-hioii. I ;r. at I’.rit- nin liad a eahinot shakoiip of i's own hi"! wook. Sir'd (’ar—in j.iin.d Iho war cahiiii't wi'hi.iil porlfoll.t and i and clcail. Only highest grade cream an(i pure fruit flavors served. Fountain and equipment of most modern type. Everything sparkling tiM'd sull h.'.'aiiso Iho ]' allinh'd i,j phieo as first lord of tlio ad.iaira'iy I lo • h.'Mi''. !\•'- -o.iii unwilling' to have tak.-n l.y Sir Lri.'’ ('a mpli-'ll | It di'cardi'd. Tlieir pre^s and lh.‘ ae- Codd,.--. I »r. 'hrtsP ; hor .\ddi-on was . r w I'l'.is of laanv of 111.'Ill iiiak* la'ii' this .'l. ar. An install.'.' of ih>' way in which h'ui-'la!!■ Ill i' di'lay.'.l -’jpidi.'d la--l w.'o'^, Th.' aviaiion hill approprijitiiii: .sr, IIIII 1,111 (II, p'l -0(1 hy tho houo and ndiiii!lo(l!y of ]iriin.' iini'ortanco. cani.' up ill ill.' '-•'iiaio, ih.' covornnioni anl all Its oxp. rt ailvi^-ors in iho nian‘T of :'vi.';Ui::, urjin.: ihai il h.' mad.' la'.'’ ■'..'f.i!'.' !h-' w.'-k .'l..-.'d. Can llard- wh'k .if Ooorj:ia and nw.'ii of nkla- hoiiia propo'.'il aim iidiiionis that mad.- .-I I'lain a h'i!-C ih'ltal.'. and La folh'lii' of Wi-con'in and o''inna of .Norih I >a- kola'.l in ih.' l.lockiiiL: i.i-o.'.'-s in order 1.1 mak.' af:.ks .>n Mi-- .!raf' . iaii".'. .N" on.' will aci'i:-.' '1.. o ni.'ii of boiiij ;>.'r''onall> di'-loyai to ih.'ir (.ikt ii hut ili.-r.- c..i;i!i r;. , hai iii>' . ..iir-.' .>f a.'ti.ui f"!- iow.'ii h> ila'iii and .I'lu'ps of:.'n i as (*n'.'Ci ual as If i!;cv w cr*'. 'I'll.' '.rof. --'..iial ]'a.'ir.-:s v.a'l th,' "o ' *iali"ls aro sinL'iii'-; •'inalh r ili"'.- T!. • S'l'!:..'!' I. ■ ■ : \\i;h li!:l.' sy-apalhy and 'liti'.'orl. :.nd ih.- S.x iali't pariy is .'I:.• .i 1 - i'h..i.-.'-i I'l. inh.'rs b.'cau-e of its pro«;.'rman :,'?irud>‘. More Trouble for Russia. ; Kussia's pr.'_ros': loward \i'''ory and' a ' h- -■'N.'Tiinioni 111.■! wi’h t'.\'.i s,-t-' backs hi'-t v.o.'k. ihoii-'h hoCn it is !•.• ho]..'d ar.' oiil\ teniiioi'arx. In 1h>' t.' .■ii.'i'',; ihi- l:i'.'"1 .iri\.' of liio; Slavs in Oali.'ia, iho 'rouions ru'-hed j iiji lai'L-'o re-.'nf.irc.'ia. nts .lra\ui fi'oin ; the l'ron> h and llalian fronis, and | f.iii'o- c.iiiipolh'.l iho I\n"-ians lo o'sa.'i'ai.' iho inip.iriaiit town of: I'valtJ'Z. which li.i'l been ’ho (i.Tiiianj ar, \ h.'a.i.pi:'r:.'I's an.l tho I'apiurei of whii'li hy ihoni had Ihroai.-n.'.! Lom-! 'I'h.' liudiiiiiL: ir. tliis r. -'i'in was 1 Iivi.'(> all ill.' wook. and on iho whole tlio Ku'^^ians did not tiavo much iho ^\orst of it. li is inr.'rcstiniT 1‘ learn that I'.ril i^h ;irnior.'iI nioior th'tahnion*s .•nid I’..'!i.'hin troop- aro takinu part in th.- Kii^-'iaii offoii'-ivo In (Iali«'ia. and an* j doiiiL' i_'ooii work. .\l ho.110 the pr*'>\ i-iona 1 l.’'o\oi-nniont was aliaeke.l hy l’olro;:ral ri.iiors l.-|, li.\ aiiil.'ioi's o,' i!i.' i;..|shi\iki ar.d -Maxlnialisi faeiion^ wh.i donian.i.''! ronioval of th.' “-c.apiialisi" ’aini.sio.-' Mos] of iho iro.ips it, Iho -apilal wer.' hiyal .''ud so.m s uppr.'Sso.l liio now' "r volulioii." llionL'li sovoral jiors n- w.'i'o killed ami many wouinh'd. .\t th.' same time thro.' or four nL'iid-.*!'" ' f I I'o-iLiii'd and iho jir.' nii-'r. I’rin. .' L\olT. aniiouncod iha’ .a- soon as iho di-oi"«h'rs aro ond.od st.-p- will h.' lakoii for iho foniialion of ji put in char;.'o of r.-.-. n'^ and j his porifolio as inii.i'i'-r of niiinitions j was Lrivi'ii to Win^toii Sp.'iic.T ('li'ir.'h- ; ill. l'!dwin .^^>ntaL'U was mado •ary for India. »f Tlio-.- app.-inim. rils ihat of .Nbmiacii was t!i> most a‘-. .'cpiahl.' 1.1 tho -oii.-val puhli.', and Ih.'it , of ('hur. hill I'aiis.'d lh.‘ most ad\.'rsO' criih i'-m. .bdin !'i!l.>n tried vainly to -!ir up a '•ow in I'arliarien! h.'caus.* ■ i'or.'ij-i! .Mini-i. r l’alf"iir will n.>! dis- nii'^s I’,.'iron I lai'liiiL'''. un.h'r oe|'o’ary, ; who was olio of ;!ioo hohl i-osj'op.-ildo !h.' lii'si M.'-opoiamia .'anipai.:n. ! Crown Prince Back Where He Began. All U]' aU'l down Mi.- w.-si fr‘'iit Iti.'i'.' '.'.a- \i"''.';t lijfTin:: •larinu' iho Ti'.-ii' !.e lak.'ii and r.*- : llnh' r.-al .'I:'!:,-:.' | of {10-itii.ri .•\''' pi in ill.' N'.'r.hin ro-; ■j'oii. Th' ro pi'ir!'.■ inadt'* ; ih-'p.'Tat.' at»ai'!s ,.n tho l-'r-'neii llii't j dri\. n .'f!' '>\i‘h I'i -I of liJi* To iho t:.'rniaiis. w h" !:i all\ f-'!l ba-'k lo -uli-!:u;li: 11\ til'- sal'o i',!..‘S ih'-y. ...'.'Upieil h.'f..r.' :h.' ''riv.' on Voidnn s iio'.j'iin mo!''' '' '.n a y.'ar a_'o. lo'ii. ’A. d acti\i:y on ;!io l’or."i; ’ ;ati from ind.ieai.'d iliat ll;.' Roiiniaujan army Is road.y to r.-um.' ih.- warfar*'. (■Jre it was an;'"'iii'-e-:. is pro].'ir- ' il;L' 1.1 I 'I? an arn';\ of e.insi.h-ratd.* jir.ii'.ii'tioii In 'h.‘ !i. M. V.'iiizoh’' is in lull control l!a r>'. , 'I'ho Scamliii:i\iai'i couan'i.'s and Holland ar.' nialcin_' stromious ob.’oe-| li..n to ih.' .\moriean . 'n'larj'o. a waS lno\ itali!.'. but it >-n'i lilo'ly m 1o ill. Ill any LTood. Onr i.'-.iv.''iino':'.l ha.S ill.' facts aii'l lie'll'’.'-; lhaf ju-iifs i's .-.lur-.' and ile.-'O m'n'r;.'" lllU-'T o.-aso To s.-n.i si;].p!l: s to lor- . many. i Till' I'oporl of iho r.rilish admiral'v ; on submarini' acti\itios showed lir’e , ,'han'_'i‘ from that of i]io ] [ we.'k. bill iho jiooplo of llii-land i!» I not soom ^aii-tiod wiih ih-' wa\ in 1 which ill.' r-?ioat pr.'lih-ni is h. iiv,' , handh'd. TI.^ Il'Iio ''..r ddfYov.-ni rf'- ! salts I'lidor Sir I'l'i.' Oe.Mos, iho n'ew 1 lii'si lord id' iho'.idniirM’y. .^.'xera*. Iul: 1 liners arri\ii.'_' at .\in*'’'ie-;n ]i.irls ro-I Iiorio.l ha\iii'-: h.-eri altack 'il * y sub- ; mariiio-, in some ca-. s a.s nr.a h as a j thousand mil" froiM :tic Irish eoasi. i Several .\jii.-ri>'an naval oilieer.- of , hi-h r.aiik hoer, uririiiij' I’resid.'iit | Wilson to direct ih.‘ Cniied ."siaP'S i na\\ lo Stan a xii^ .roiis offensive i .'iL'ainsi C.onnany f'y aiiackiii:: In r si;),. [ marine hases in «\. r\ \'.a\' pos-ihl.'. j They a.dmit it w.uihl ho a iraiiilde ;is to resiill. hut beli.'Ve ihe .iiane.' is I Tr>' a Box of Our Candy;. A Large Assortment of the Best From Which to Choose. R. S. MORGAN, Druggist ROSMAN, N. C. Professional Cards. ROBT. L. G.A.SH 'X'. F. KRF.RSE. ’r. GASH & BREESE LAWYERS 11 to 17 McMinrv Building Ni.rary ~ DR. J. Y. McKiNNEY DENTIST Office Pickelsinier Btuklinj:. DANIEL LEON ENGLISH Attorney and Counselor at Law Brevard, N. C. fjj.;.', t>s'ute'law ar.d ai’strac''[of tiC.e:i a rpeciuli.v. ERNEST H. NORWOOD Architect ai\d Builder Remodelling and R.epoir rg a Specialty Clayton, Claytoi\ &. Fisher Attorneys-at.-Law r,uKV-vi;i), y. WELCH GJiLLOWAY attorney Practice in all the Courts Brevard, A^ C. CliAS. B, DiLAVER Attorney-at-Law Office Cooper Bk)ck ALLiSON & ALLISON Attorneys-at-Law Ii\ Old Cooper Building j BREVARD woi'I-.meii and soldiers and of ihe [t.-.;ts anis d. iiouiii'od ihe riois as the aeis of trail.u's. The wonder is noi ihai^e • lioiild be such di-^ordors in lliissia. h.ii (hal ihiy sh.iiild not he ai;>J :.'rcator. Michaelis With the Junkers. Coniianx '' le w iir.perial cIk.•icolior. Poctor Miehai'Ms, made ui Ti iirsii.-i;.' tiu'aldress to ih.' I'eich-'^lai,' w liich li.;! bee!i awaiied \'.iih inli'iise inP r sj 7 ' llio p' ace iiar'.y in tho eaipir.' h:'ii: "'vM-e'od h'.s support. U was ii s;;],. o.i^nli'd. Ie!' he p,.,i.llv lo.ik lia’ side Ceiiera] J'.TsI-.inLr's .'\poliiionary COI-rEMAN GALLOWAY force is liow con'.fortai'ly « sr.-ilill-lie.j | in its intensive tr; ininir cani]i ha.'k of Ihe linos in Cr.-inc.', .-lud .‘Nor; man is w.irkini: to th.' limit P> u.'l in sii;:|,,'‘ for tile real e..n!:i. i. »(a 'i'hursday (Jent'rai Sih, r: iiisp.'i'ted ih.' (|iiarie,"s i and the nun. .-ind 'oeiaed in the main very w.‘II --alislied. j ^ Si;.Tra::is;s- an* reioi-'im.' o’.oi- tho| ji."\s Mom W.-'sii';-'' , a. Si'.itcn of •.heir milii.'at si -i.v- wore ai\i'ii t:i) ! ihiys in the '.vor^vhotise tor i.ieke!in',: i ti e Whiiv' >!oi;s.‘ Lri'.unds. wo;-.> j 11:'"'ioiied by I’residt nl ^Viison. Sinii;! | taneoasly (aine tl>" rejxirt that Attorney-at-Law Cooper Block Erevtrd, N. C. CC^INESTEE LODGE NO. 237 I. 0.0. F. Meets every Monday V*isitor.s welcome. of 111" jnnk'Ts and doelared his ;iil- he>ion to the siihmarino eamiiai:,n as \\'il-.on is seriously con'enip!;!ti'm nial - a law lul me;isnre. jii.stiliahly adojued. inir woman suifrairo an adminisi i-a1 ion wai- iiu‘:isiire. which iiiiLrh: niean that ihe Am bony am-Jidaa'iit \vou)(I be fon.'iMl tL.‘iu_'i.. adapl.'d for shorleninjj: llie war. 'I'ho nia.joi'iiy parties in the rt iehiai:. c:.> the other hand, decided to iiJirodiici* DUNN’S ROCK LODGE NO. 267 A. F. & A. M.

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