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Brevard news. (Brevard, N.C.) 1917-1932, September 28, 1917, Image 3

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NEWS, BREVARD, NORTH CAROLINA Real Estate For Sale Do you want a home in town or country? Are you looking for a safe and profitable investment? LOOK—SEE Ten years have more than doubled values in and around Bre vard. Ten years hence will more than double these. Brevard Insurance Agency CALLOWAY &. MINNIS, Agents Personal Mention Look through these columns; see if the names (»f your guests are there. If not, you have neglected your duty ^toward them. It does not cost any thing- Teh'phone, write or bring your news to News olTu-e. DON’T RUSH PAST a tliinj.'. |)on't you know ynu I an j^na !on^' way and luul as in the line of ^’jocerics as you wiiiilil find ri^jht hero. We are lure to stay, which ini-ans that we \ahu’oiir rt-putation f^ieatir than ptohl and will inat vou so that yvui will Ji'ii nuui'i.d us to your friinds. MITCIiELL 1 ho (Jrocor. Buy From the Merchant Who Advertises. W. K. WnrriMi jiiul family have moved from Brevard to (’iMlar Mountain. \V. \y. (Jash of Now York rocontly visited liis father, T. L. (taHh of I’is^ali Ft^rt'st, for a few days. A vacatK’v lias been left in th(' Srliv'a jmhlic school by the resif^na- tion of Miss Proctor, teacher of the intern\t‘(liate grades. Mrs. Morel and dauf'hters who have been occnpyinK Mrs. Han ' cock’s honse in West Brevard, have j rcturn(‘d to their homo in f^avan- { nrih, (Ja. I (). \V. Clayton, is sufl’erin{» with • a Itmkrn arm, the accident be'in" caused by the kickinj.; crank of an I auto. Both boiu's of the ri;^ht ft>re- ' ai’Mi were broken. ; Walter Hurst, wl)0 went to Penn- I sylvanui durin*^ tlm summer, and hiis been at work in. PhibidclpbiH, is visiting bis mother, Mrs. A. N. i\)('le, and otht'r relatives here. I j Kt‘v. K. Allison, who was recently taken ill wliih-* ])reachin' in Hen- i (lerson ( o'lnty, was brought to his home «t l.,jttle River, and, accord- j in^ to latest reports, is improvin{>:. I F.iends ln;re of Dr. Virjj:il W. ; ('.sltorne will be interested in learn- inu' that lu* has made a])j>liCfition aiiii s(')od examination for second lit utenant'scommission in the army m.'iiical cor]>s. Ho is still at Stone Mtiuiitnin, ia.. awaitinj; the result ' of his ajiplication. .Mr. ai.d Mrs. J. H. Hutchinson I of AndiTson, S. ('., motored liere hi."t W(‘fk on a visit to .J. M. Ham lin. Mr. Hutchinson is a re]iresen- tutivt* frniu Anderson county tn tti • li'^i^lntnre of South (’arolinri, ai'.d his wife is a niece of Mr. Ham lin. ROSMAN SCHOOL NEWS r Lyceum Also for Library Also for safety from attack on Friday by the Daughters of the Confederacy Bara'ain Sale Sept. 28th I ' Season Tickets SI.50 Reserved Seats 25c extra Single Tickets 50 cents. Library Tickets one year $1. The Doering Orchestral Quintette . . . October 3 Paul Sunshine * Dietrick ..... November 2 The Winona Entertainers—readings, vocal solos and duets. The Beverly Quintette. The Dietrics— -magic and music. I>iitos for the three hist numbers arc not yet settled. Buy a ticket, pin an 1. on your coat and you are safe. l ive of tiie uuarantors have },M)ne to the front, others are subject to call; don’t let us lose anything; f*jr them. 1 he Daujjhters of the Confeiieracy are selling the tickets, and Transyl vania Cliaptcr expects every Dauyrhter to do her duty and se!! at least three tickets. Bre- \ard Institute hu^ btm^lit a block of 100 student tickets; keep up w'ith the Institute. Every cent of the m()ney stays in the state—$285.00 «oes to the Piedmont Lyceum Bureau of Charlotte; .Sf«2.50 for the Auditorium; the balance (if there i', any) pays for this adver tisement n'ld f^oes to the Dawj-hters of the Confederacy to p.iy for rent, for insurance, for scholarship . tor h;K;k,s anJ for librarian s salary due and overdue. Y'our summer visitors admire ^ou.'^ town lihr.iry and -upport it. Keep up with the vi-iitf^rs. It you c-n’t read buy a ticket anyway and your contrib:iti(M shall go towards paying for a teacher lor lihterates. If V5,u can't pay for a season ticket, your friends to join you, pay the 5I f and to at least one pk,‘rformance. Mail orders for season tickets received up to Monday, when sin}jle tickets will be on sale at Clement’s. Don’t for-et the day, Friday; don’t forget the prices: $1.00 Library Ticket, $1.25 Student’s Lyceum 1 icket, .SI 50 Season Lyceum Ticlvet, SI.75 Reserved Seat Season Ticket Don’t forj^et the time-S.15, October 3, at the Auditorium. Salfs-Comnuttv.-: Annie lean ('.ash, Presidi-nt Tran.sylvania Chapter; Mr^r^aret Brccse, Treasurer and Librarian pro ti ni; Liear.or Townsend, Maude Allison, Mrs. T. K. l'ati >n, Jr. W. p. Whitmire of Henderson ville was a viKitor her this week. Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Halo SiniarJ, on Wednesday, Hopteniber Il>, a son. Rov. C. R. Hemphill, D. D., and family, left tins week to return to Louisville, Ky. (Jharles Pickolsimer, left Tuesday (»n a business trip of several wetdjs to (‘astern \'irj;iriia. The family of 4. (’. Middleton, a n(M)hew of (’ol. W. Middleton, has n»turn»‘d to Hastings, Fla. Mi ss H. Mc( . Rhett, who sjxMit tlu! summer at her oottat^e in West Brevnrd, has returned to Charles ton, S. (;. Mis« Maud Bryson has acce pted the jmsition in tlx; teli'jdione ex change formerly ludd by Mrs. Jason Huggins. (’ol. W. ('. Middleton and family left on Thursday of this we»>k, re turning to their winter home in St. A'lii’ustine, Fla. F'rjtnk King It'ft last W’eek for unotber session as student at the iJiiilcy Military Institute, (irer»n- wood, S. C. Miss Julia [’lias(‘, who has b»‘en in Bri'vard for the last two yt;ars, leaves Friday for her home in Jacksonville, Fla. Miss I'Ih Jollay returned to her honu' at Pino Mountain, (ia., altt'r a visit here of several w».*eks to her aunt, Mrs. M. M. King. Miss Permelia Wakefield of N('w Orleans, who luis been spending tlie summer at Idbnvilde, W. H. Duckworth's home, left this week. Miss Katherine Erwin n*C(‘ntly ac«'j)ted a ])«»sition as t**acher in tlu* Bailin bigli sdmcd and left last Friday to begin her work in that place. Mr. and Mrs. C\ B. Wilson mo I tored u]) friim Abbeville for tlie week-end. ,\lr. Wilson is(*xpecting to be calb-d out for military ser vice from bis county. ■ j Mrs. Seward, daughter, and 1 grandson, who liavj been sj)ending the suiinm^r here, have n-turned to ) Auirusta, (la. Mrs. Seward has I be.'U a r»'gular visitor lu‘re for \ several summers. j Mis Daisy (>rr, who recently ci)Fn)>lert (l her ctiur.'-e in nurse trdiTi- ^iriLTat the (irace hosj)ital in Mor .'union, -;iiue liere fur a S'hort visit itlii' week. Slu' and her sister, j Mi^s Hattie, loi \ e t his wt ek to vi.-it ^ their brother, ,vis (>rr, in Chatta- 11(11 >L'!i, 'I'enn. I ('laude, (it'orge and ('arl Fortniie, I all in tlie field artillery stationed at ’am]> Sevii'r, (irc('n ville, c*ame I borne last week to visit tlieimiothei, Mrs. S. 1-’. Fortune, who at that - fimi‘ was critically ill. Her condi- ' tion since Jja> coii.-'itlerably iiiijirov- |C,i. amltho tliret'young lui ti luive ; returned to eairrj), ^ Miss Mattie Davis, wlio returne{» a tew Weeks ago from Korea, lias ■ L'one to resiiT'ie lier work in the I laculty of Flora Mu ’donald c dlcgi' I at Red Sjirings. .^Ii^s Dayis was , granted three Vt'ars leav(‘ of nbsenc® by the college in I'.Ml in ordci to teach the children of missionaries in Korea. Gt) to Farmers Supply for Scales. NEW HOUSES IN SELiCA I louse building at Selica is ju>t now in a llimrishing state. Beside the new on the farm sold by H. N. I'.lake to the commissioners for a county home, two other houses are being erected. H. N. Blake is building a 7-room house on a lot near the railroad on the east side of ('athey’s c'reek. It is a wooden building with a cobble stone basement. C. C. Duckworth is also putting np an eight room honse for his own use on liis land a short distance south of the school building. The basement and tlrst story wull be of cobblestone, the second story of cut rock. W. B. F. Wright and E. F. Moffett are in charge of the stone and car penter work respectively in both these houses. The Tox:iway Litsrary Society of the scliool met on Friday afternoon and orj,ranized tor the now school year. The follovvinf; officers were elected : Inez Glaze- oer, president; Beulah (iillespie, vice president; (iaine Carmon, sec retary ; Nedio liii-hardson, treas urer ; Frank Fisher, marshal; Kitt.y [iatson, (;ensor ; B H. L*nvis, critic. Public lebatt‘s, recitals, plays and ! social iictivities will feature the work of tlui S(jciet.y. j Rosman high school will enter' the annual stat; wide debating cen- ! test in the sj)ring. A triangle will soon b(? formed, ' A cornmerf.'ial C(jurse will b(^ given for liie first time in the high school. A full c, .nrse in bookkeep ing, stich as is giv«*n in tlu; leading business colleges, will be 0])timal to the alvaneel ])uj>ils. Any young man or woman desiring a business education can seeuie such here free of tuition. This c(nirse s«*lls for about fifty (bdlars iu the commercial solujols of the cities. Tim Woman's Bfdterment hsso- clation m*t on Thursday afternoon witli a good fittendanee. The fol lowing otlic'urs Were elected : Presi dent, Mrs. J. 1). Bullock; vice president, .Mrs. L. K. Pov.cll : treHsuri'r. Mrs. P 'P. I’.auman ; tsec , r*'tary, Mr^. B. H. liC.vis. ( on; | mittet's were aj>point(‘d and jibiie . are being made for many school , im])rovements. | The school has closed for two j w«'eks for the teacb(*rs to attei.d the institute at Brevard. ()ctol:er j >ith the doors will be (t]>en again. Get your Lard Cans at I'armeis Supply. Oh, Hush! Aa authority on zoology, Ellen Vel» vln, author of “lYom Jungle to Zoo.** says that there are only two absolute ly dumb animals In the world. They ar6 the giraffe and the kangaroo. "1 ime to plant ONIONS for early spring use. They will not freeze. Have a small supply 01 fine sets. G. DOYLE, Brevard, N. G. Did You Ever Wash Clothes in the old fashioned way with wooden washtub.s.^ Perhaps that is still your method and you look forward to each w’ash- day with delitjht. Well, hardly ! A set of 'i$tandard" laundry trays would mean an orderly laun dry, one of more invitintj appear ance and easier laundering and your sati.sfaction would not be lessened by the hit;h class workmanship which characterizes the work we do. \v. £. BISHOP & eo. Phimbing Tinning Hardware a. NUXATEDIRON** strenKth of il*-lioate. n* rvous, run- ili'wn poiiple 100 per »nt. In ten days In tiiany Inst.inces. $100 forfeit If it fails as per full explanation in large nrtiole soon to appear in this pa per. Ask your doctor or druggist about IL Macfie-Brodie Druo Co., Duckworth Drti.? Co., Brevard; R. S. Morgan, Rosman. N. C. We Are Now In a position to supply you with genuine P'ortf and Max- parts direct from fac- t(5ry. We also have a shipment of the Famous Sterling Tires now in. We would be Klj'd to show you these tires and explain our GUARANTEE on them. Also a line of Auto Sup- pli es and Accessories. And don’t forjjet we are distributors for the Smith “Form-A-Truck.” The j^uar- anteed one-ton truck. Teague & Turner rhe Garage That Appreci ates Your Business.” GLENN’S Jewelry Store Lee Strange, who has had charge of Glenn's Newport, Tenn., store, has accepted another po sition. We had expected him to take charge of this store October 1st. Glenn's Jewelry Store will have to be closed here for a few days until we can get another man, but if we can't get one Mr. John Glenn will take charge here himself. JAY ALLEN GLENN, Mgr. Glenn’s Jewelry Store SHINGLES. have sohredmiKijOOr proUeai. We are^Arouglft wrA >airsand Daily Thought. The greatest success Is confidence, o; perfect understanding between sin cere people.—Emerson. m appearance^. Mijy THE STORMPROOF ROOn^ ^ ■R-'- Ay" .•/ MILLER SUPPLY CO., BREVARD, N. C.

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