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Brevard news. (Brevard, N.C.) 1917-1932, July 04, 1919, Image 2

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FRIDAY, JULY 4tli, 1919 THE BREVARD NEWS, BREVARD. N. C. WATCH HIM GROW Here is a “baby” who will give you no trouble—one who eats extraordinary 'Yood. Take habits of Thrift and Savings. Put in Thrift Stamps and Feed •'ftegularly. Then just watch W. S. S. grow. You’ll find him a wonderful jcy. SAVINGS MADE SAFE FOR SMALL INVESTOR LEARNING TO MAKE * MONEY ONLY HALF Uncle Sam Provides Protection for i Wise Spending is Also Essential Thrifty Citizen Wh-o Wishes to Lay Aside Part of Earnings. This is the day of the s'liall inves tor. Tlie war owened the eyes of some 50.(>c0,')()0 Americans to the borselits of iLVr'siins in sovernnieiU sec-iirities; it inir).;!;iiz;v.l to the sxme extent the uieuaoe of iiv.uuulent i>roau)tions in wiii'-li ni.iny lif e's savings huve been Bunlt. War Savings SL’.mpa are mak- in:: investiniT s.iiV for the sinall saver. Kvery investor should realize 4lia': a dollar saved while money ;s the cheapest commodity offered will pun-iiase twico as much of almost any oUi<rr commodity within four or five yc.irs, so that, in addition to the in- t'nM t that War Savings or other gov- 0[T,:r.eiit secuiitie.^ yield, (he investor roaily has earned 100 per cent in the T»urchasiag power of the dollar saved. Small sum:> certainly are worth sav ing. Amounts that seem insignificant soon pile up into figures that are im pressive. A sreat French v::'f orce asked the secret of Frenr'i ihvirt. an>. ]he replied, ‘Compound interest.” Just as constant waste, even in little things, may change one’s life from success to failure, so the steady sav ing of money will eventually bring 'ndepcndence, if not actual wealth. There are very few persona who cannot, without inconvenience, lay ^jside 10 cents a df>y. Within ten yehrs one's daily savings of this in- .iiigniflcant sum will amount to $365, 1-1 addition to |8ft.36 compound in terest. making a total of $445.36. By .saving 15 cents a day for ten .'f(’ar.s, with Interest conipuunded rt 4 per cent, on^r will have the lonifort- «Me sum of SGoS.lS; 20 cents a day n(‘t Save 50 cent.^ a dav Tor ten years and there is 52.227.75. A dollar a day will make a total of ,455.74 for the ten-year period. All these figures are based on the savings being put ont at 4 per cent x-ompound inte4'est. War Sir;nic:3 Stamps yield more than 4 per cent. According to War Savings Organization. CHAPLIANWRrrESOF MONROE WnSON USSONS mi mcB TBRin IN »»LS Learning how to make money is only half. It is learning how to spend w'isely and save judiciously that caunts. Even saving does not necessarily mean wise spendlni;, since the pres ent day offers so many equivalents fc* our money. It is oniy by making a j careful, systematic stady of the house- i held i'dniinistratioii that a proper bal- I ance may be found between the dif ferent icems in.the average budget of the home. There are items in every household on which too much money is spent. The fact must be r’aced that if too much is spent on clothing, for in stance, less must be spent for other nec?ssities of life. Si-viug, hovrever, is the item that should be emphasized. Poor- houses ar^ full of yeopl3 who did not have a sMvings il«^m on thoir budgets. I ■■ v:aployr';‘ nt, .--it';:jess. old aga and y.v.iny o*hrr ‘I-,*!'; ■ ;d.-! nscesr.i'ate a call on the r:’.o. : ve i’jntl, the lack of which will re.sult In st;frer:ng and wrint. Every going enterprise is conducted on sy.stem. If the home is to be a suc cessful institution it must also com ply with this wise rule of economics. Systematic household accounting will make a home more cheerful and pros perous. Household accounting alone, however, W’ill never return its full ben efit until it is backed by an intelligent family budget. One must consider the problem of whether it is wiser to pay rent or to l.niiUl a home. In n large measure this depends on local conditions as well aa the size of the income. Amusement and recreation are es sential in family life. The child ami the adult should have an allowance for this, though tSlo total be very small, averaging from 4 to 5 per cent of the income of the family. The wise spender plans the needs of the family so that the amount spent in the “miscellaneous” items will be as small as possible. This item should not be a “catch all” Ih home records. Pamphlets Giving Outline Course May Be Hsd by Writing War Loan Organization. The War Lean OrganiKation of the Fifth Federal Reserve District at Rich mond, Va., has just issued an outline of a cour.s9 of thrift for elementary schools. It is designed ecpecially to mp(*t the needs of teachers, hef^inning with chapters for the smallest young- ster~ and continuiifi: to those for pu pils up to the eijrhth grads. “Thrift in the Sch«>ols” 'contains fascinating suggestions for the teach ing of thrift to the little ones at the "Mother Gocse” age. Then for the ■older children there are many other ways at bringing the lesson home. Ceography. hygiene. English reading, budget making and problem# in arith metic adapt themsalves to the teach ing of thrift. Besides tTiese items the pamphlet contains supcgcsticns for momin.? talks for all grades; tentative read ing lists, with the names ’of the pub lishers of books included; and, in each chapter, a paragr?.ph on the practice of thrift. The si:mmary of the aihis of the leaflet will probably gife the best idea of the outline 1. To give the child a broad under- itanding of th? f-jcts and ttndertying principles cf thrift. 2. To train the child in the of consen/ation and the wise use of •all his resources. 3. To crep.te through the schools a public sertiir.ent in favor of thrift and ecanomy, and through this public sen- titnent, to cultivate the national Sxabit of ♦^hnft. The Wf'.r Loan Organization in Richmcr.d, Avill furnish these leaflets In any qinntity. froe of charge. FMH JIM FOUND BY VIRGINIA COMMUNTTY Thrift and Junk business are bocm- ing at EJmporia, Va. “It keeps me busy running to the post office to get Thrift Stamps to jMiy for all thi sal vage that i.i coming in now,” said the proprietor of one of the junk shops. "Where all tSe junk comes from is a constant wander. No one would have believed that so much stuff could have been hidden away in a town of this size.” Under the voluntary organisation c< Mrs. W. B. Goodwyn, of Emporia, all the housewives cf the town have been conducting an organized salvage caimpaign, in accordance with the plane outlined by the War Loan Or ganization of the Fifth Federal Re serve District. Salvage so c<rflected Is sold to the local junk dealer for Its full value in Thrift Stamps. According to arrange ments already made with most deal ers In waste materials in the Fifth District, wagons will call for Junk wherever a "Salvage” card Is dl» played. These cards have been dis tributed all over the State. Not only has Emporia found that this crgar.’zed ramp.nlgn is resulting 5n a highly bent'ilcinl town “cle.Tri-’ip.** but fi. srurco cf economic TV'?‘??re h'xrdly known before has thtis corae ty lis'at. The salvage campaign has proved so s3ti?factory in E-mporia that junk w'flgona are new beinj run out to th« surounding towns. The following letter, written to the mother of Pvt. Monroe Wilson by the chaplian of his company, reachcd here too late to be read at the funeral last Thursday. Dear Mrs. Wilson. The sad news has been sent you of the death of Pvt. Monroe Wilson, and as Chaplian who visited him often and was with him yesterday during the severe illness that resulted in his death, I want to send you this express ion of sympathy. I have visited Monroe regularly, almost every day since he entered the hospital, and have always found him cheerful and hopeful. He expressed to me his belief in our Christian faiti and I know he was prepared for tha journey to the far country. He wa^ always appreciative and it was a great pleasure to wait upon him. Nurses, doctors, anrf assistants were always ready to serve him in any way, and I assure you that no means were spar ed to care for him or to restore him to health. There seems to be an added sadness considering how near home Monroe came. Yet we should be thankful that he was spared some of the hor rible tortures of war, and that he was enabled to reach his native land again and to see some of those whom ha loved. Yesterday afternoon, just two hours before his .severe attack came, he spoke to me, expressing his hope that he would soon be home with the family. ♦ He has served as a loyal soldier and fought his good fight. His re cord is clean and he won out. May God’s blessings be with you in this trying hour, and the memory of this noble boy, and faith in God's mercy and love, comfort you at this trying time. Your friend, Douglas L. Rights, Capt. & Chaplain U. S. A. WATCH The News next week for date of our TREMENDOUS SHOE SALE, the most stupendous Bargain Event in the history of Henderson County. MUZZEL YIHJR DOG Don’t allow you dog to go loose until Sept. 1, 1919 unless muzzled, under penalty of dog’s life and penalty for dam ages. Dr. W. J. Wallis, Co. Health Officer. T. H. Galloway, Mayor of Bre vard, N. C. WAIT Till you read what we have to offer and then come to Hendersonville and save money on your *SHOE BILL. Glazenei^ Shoe Store HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. J MONEY MAKING MONEY. If the fr''F; hadn't slid back he -would -^ntter out -of the well. Don’t bo 3 fr'^g. Keep on buying War SaringK Stainijs. Do ■ ' tJon? Cn Be:;' taa S2'• to take a real vac»- «. S. One dollar put :iside every week for five years will give yc’j over $287; for ten years it v»rill make $638. Of course, $2 a week will give you about double that, or for five years $575.09; and so on. Buy a lead pencil and figure on that. It will be one of the best Inveatr ments you ever made. Safety, increase and ready money are all provided hy W. S. S. Tli»y c:ia &’ '.vn5s bn convertetd into cMh on . - J not ^URS3. Yon I ton days’ notice at the nearestt post- 3. i oSice. ENAMEL WARE SALE NEVER BEFORE HAVE WE OR ANYONE ELSE BEEN ABLE TO SELL ENAMELWARE AT SUCH A REDUCED PRICE AS AT PRESENT. DON’T FAIL TO GET YOUR SHARE OF THIS ENAMELWARE, AND REMEMBER, THAT SATURDAY, JULY 5th IS THE ONLY DAY YOU CAN GET IT AT THIS PRICE, AS WE WILL BE CLOSED FRIDAY FOR THE FOURTH. WE WILL SELL LARGE SIZE DISH PANS, PRESERVING KETTLES AND BUCKETS FOR 59 Cents PLUMMER & TRANTHAM Garren’s Blood Purifier and Tonic SOLD UNDER GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION FOR THE VARIOUS AILMENTS FOR WHICH IT IS RECOMMENDED, OR YOUR MONEY REFUNDED. As a remedy for Indigestion and Stomach Troubles and Various Other Ailments Brought on byJ an Impoverished and Impure State of the Blood. It is purely a vegetable preparation, compounded of roots and herbs of the most approved medical value, gathered out of the mountains of Western North Carolina where their curative properties are in the best state, and is carefully compounded until the drug in each ingredient is fully extracted from the root or herb; hence in scrofula and scrofulos affections, blood poison, skin diseases, such as pimples, blotches, boils sores and chronic ulcers, it is a wonderful curative agent. For gout and rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica, kidney troubles, pain in the back and bowels, it can be used with assurity of getting better results than from any other blood medicine. It is mild and gentle in its action and does not shock the system like strong i;iineral medicines that are commonly used. It is suited to all ages and conditions, and for the reason it is truly like a family remedy. We have always been careful to advance no claims for our preparation that could not be substantiated by live proof from those who have used it. The people in every walk of life voluntarily give their testimonies where they have been' rescued from chronic state of ill health by the use of Garren’s Remedy. Such being its history it is a satisfaction to the Garren Medicine Company to point to this record and state that, its restoring powers only wait a trial to return to health the many thousands that are today dragging out a miserable existence. The testimonies we give in which the parties testify they wer cured of indigstion, rheumatism, general debili ty and all blood troubles, were those who had tried many other remedies and had been under treatment of the best physicians without getting any relief. When the stomach is involved by a fullness after eating this remedy has no equal. In indigestion and dyspepsia it can be taken with confidence that a healthy condition will soon be formed and eating will be a pleasure rather than a discomfort. Constipation will soon yield to this remedy. Garren’s Tonic contains the following: Sarsaparilla, May Apple, Yellow Dock, Yellow Parrilla, Pipsisewa, Wild Cherry, Golden Seal, Yellow Root, Lady Slipper. For Sale by your Druggist or Community Store , I Manufactured bv Garren Medicine Co., Hendersonville, N. C.

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