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Brevard news. (Brevard, N.C.) 1917-1932, January 14, 1932, Image 8

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HUGii CORPORATION j TO RELIEVE NATION IS BEING FORMED (Continued from page cue) and they axe being put through the .Senate and House on that basis. Or dinarily Congress would not commit itself on proposals of so important a character without waiting to hear t rqp- the country. In this instance the public relies upon .the fact that the measures have secured non-par tisan support in both the Senate and the House. Only three Republicans and five Democrats voted against the Reconstruction Finance Corporation bill in the Senate. For our own part we rely largely upon the fact that Senator Carter Glass of Virginia, who kn'X s more about such matters than any one else in Congress, voted for the bill. "There is another reason for think ing that the Reconstruction Finance Corporation will prove a valuable emergency measure. It is modeled after the War Finance Corporation which proved enormously useful. That agency not only aided in fin ancing essential industries during the World War but it was also invalu able in the post-war years in facili tating loans for the export of agri cultural products and in reconstruct ing credits for domestic production and marketing. "Its very existence," as was Brought out then, "with large funds at its command, tended to in spire confidence, opened up other av enues of credit, and facilitated the financing of transactions through the usual channels.'' It is confidently be lieved that the Reconstruction Fin ance Corporation will be able to ac complish similar results now ? and much larger results, it is hoped, for its powers are broader. S "As we understand it, the plan is to put the credit of the Government, to the extent of two billion dollars if necessary, 'beneath the private credit supporting the present going busi ness structure.' That would be a very objectionable thing to do in normal times, but these are not normal times. The board of seven which will con trol the corporation will be clothed with the largest authority. The idea is not that they will undertake to breathe a value into securities which are in fact valueless; but that they wilt thaw out sound values that are frozen under existing conditions, will put the banks in position to take care of legitimate requirements of busi ness, will give very practical assist ance to the exporting of such com modities as cotton and in general "?ill relieve the existing credit conges tion. "A practical illustration may help i indicate the probable workings of the pfan. The December 31 statement of a port city bank showed a consid erable amount of money as having been loaned secured by acceptance of '?otton at SI 8.25 a bale. Now $18.25 a bale is a little over three and a half vents a pound. In other words, the bank in question had been willing to arrange credits for the cotton ex porters of its community. But it had not felt that it could finance these ex ports at' more than $18.25 a bale, or about three cents a pound under the prevailing market price ? or, to put it another way, at about half the market price or a little better. "This was sound banking as things are today but it is obvious that when the exporter can finance his cotton exports at only three and a half cents a pound for cotton or there abouts his shipments must be cur tailed seriously. It is stated, indeed, that cotton exports for the present season could have beer doubled if sat is^actorv cvedits could have been ar ranged; and that would have helped the cotton situation enormously. Back in 1921 or along in that period the War Finance Corporation was able to start cotton moving abroad with a credit of only five million dollars. It was prepared to arrange very much larger credits but they were never needed. The initial $5,000,000 did the work. Probably a relatively small credit will do the work now once it is known that banks can assist in a matter of this kind with the assur ance that the Credit Finance Cor poration will be behind them if the need should arise. "That is only one way in which che Credit Finance Corporation is ex? oected to help. Its hig service should be the removal of the fear that has! hung over the Danks as well as over business in general and that has com pelled the banks that were liquid to maintain that liquidity far beyond the normal. Fear, as we have said many times, is not a major cause of our present troubles but it is a ma jor cause of the inability of business to get going again?' MASS MEETING TO BE HELD AT COURT HOUSE JANUARY 30 ( Continued from yape lone) | well as the men of the council, to at I tend a meeting at he* home at David son River on Saturday of this week. Plans will be discussed for making the county-wide survey listed as one of the first essential steps toward putting the 6-10 year program in operation here. The meeting will be held at 2:00 o'clock. Ladies of the county who are .present members of the committee of farm women are: Mrs. Charlie Gravely, Ea?t Fork; Mrs. Martin Shipman, Mrs. Claude Shuford, Little River; Mrs. Jordon Whitmire, Mrs. T. P. Galloway, Rosman; Mrs. F. Henderson, Mrs. Tinsley Brown, Con !nestee; Mrs. J. N. Williams, Brevard, Route 2; Mrs. Sam McCullough, Cherry field; Mrs. Bates Patton, David son River. i Other ladies of the county are j expected to be added to this working 'committee as the work progresses. ONLY THREE BANKS ! CLOSED LAST WEEK I Raleigh, Jan. 13. ? Only three State Jbanlfs closed in North Carolina last ; week, indicating an improvement |over the week before, when 15 closed, j Those closed last week were the Cal 'donia Savings & Trust Co., Fayette ; ville ; the Bank of Yanceyville, and the Bank of Pender, Burgaw. Com jmissioner of Banks Gurney P. Hood 'expresses the belief that liquidation ' has practically been completed and ' says there are now very few weak 'spots in the state banking system. I Observers, say practically every state I bank closed in the last few weeks was I due directly to the closing of a Na 'tionnl bank." |MUST HAVE LICENSE j ON CAR BY FRIDAY i I Brevard. News Bureau ; Raleigh, Jan. IS ( Tuesday of this week is the day set ] by Chairman E. B. Jeffress, of the N. C. Highway Commission for highway ; patrolmen to begin active work on motorists who do not have 1932 lic enses. After Tuesday they will be sent to a license bureau or ordered to i park. After January 15, arrests will ; be made, Mr. Jeffress said. Exten sion of the time, while a convenience to many, has been taken advantage ? of by others, it is stated. Licenses for 1932 have dropped to 192,320, as compared with 219,119 at this date jlast year. Officials expected a de crease, but not the more than 26,000 now shown. AND IT HMS EVEN SO i And it came to pass that a GREEN i salesman read in BLACK and I WHITE that business was bad. And jlo, when he beheld these tidings he became BLUE. For he was YEL LOW. And he spake, saying, "Woe is me! And likewise Whoa! For I am stopped. Behold the wheels of indus try are at a standstill. And there are none who will buy my wares. Thus ! let me sit upon my brief case, and | don sackcloth and ashes. For evil i days are upon me." And it was even so. But there was in the same land, !a RED BLOODED man who passed that way, saying, "Brother why sit test thou thus in sackcloth and ashes, with a countenance BLUE as indi go?" And the BLUE salesman ans wered, saying "Hast thou not heard? Lo, business is bad. The wheels of in dustry are stilled, and there are none to buy my wares." "How get test thou that way?" responded the RED BLOODED salesman. "And where dost thou procure that stuff? For behold I have this day gone forth and secured four contracts, each decorated with the customer's John Henry. "For lo, this is a season i which promiseth much prosperity for the willing worker. Be thou not 1 dismayed by talk of depression, for jit is but the croak of him who hath la calamity complex." And it was even I so. And when he pondered these ; sayings, the BLUE salesman arose ;and shook off his ashes, saying, "Now [I will procure a shoe shine and a | shave and fare forth to break me a ifew sales records, for, lo, I have seen ; there is business to be had." And it was even so. FRESH OYSTERS SPECIAL -? 25c PINT Full Line of Fresh Meats, Cured Meats, Fancy and Staple Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables. WE DELIVER PHONE YOUR ORDERS CITY MARKET S. F. ALLISON, Manager PHONE 47 19 MAIN ST. POLAND CHINA PIG OFFERED AS PRIZE (Asheville Times) Interest in the contest to choose a slogan for the 5-10 Year ?. Program should rise to high fervor over the announcement made over station WWNC Friday night during the reg ular weekly farm program that the second prize was to be a spotted Poland China sow pig of champion ship breeding. The pig which will be from three to four months old will ,be donated by Mr. John Wilt, of the 'Wilt Farms, Hillsboro, Indiana. I Mr. Wilt had sold E. A. Fonda i whose farm is at Weaverville a very J fine boar and in the correspondence jhad learned of the contest being held for members of 4-H Clubs, vocational agricultural and home economics J classes. His offer was entirely volun I tary and is a wonderful opportunity for some boy to start a herd of ! foundation stock from the world's 'champion herd of spotted Poland i China. The gilt is sired by a world's champion boar, and will be register | ed, the papers being delivered direct i to the winner. Such interest is being . created in the 5-10 Year 'Program | that pigs from such breeding should I bring a premium next year. I The first prize is to be the choice of a Jersey or Guernsey purebred ! heifer and the third prize, 100 baby chicks, donated by the Farmer's Fed eration Hatcheries at Acton. The contest is a very simple one and every boy and girl eligible in Western North Carolina should en jter. More than one slogan can be en j tered by one person. The slogan | must not have more than three word - in it but the use of the letters W.N.C. ! would not count as a word. To illus trate, "W.N.C. Organized Farm Movement," "W.N.C. Farm Pros 'perity Program," or "Diversified I W.N.C. Farming." i LOOK AND LEARN I i_Who uttered the words, "Liberty \ and union, now and forever, one and i inseparable"? j 2 ? What is the derivation of the ab breviation 0. K.? 3 ? How many words are in the j average novel? ! 4 ? Has an infidel ever been presi dent of the U. S.? t 5? What is the longest river in the United States, and how many miles? 6 ? Who was Commander-inChief oi the U. S. Army during the Mexican War? | 7 ? Are natives of Alaska, the \ ir gin Islands, and Hawaii citizens of the United States? I 8 ? What is a panacea? 9 ? Who was Italy's great sculptor? I io ? What is the greatest natural wealth of England? | 11 ? Who was vice-president durinsr the administration of Woodrow Wil son? I 12 ? In what states are the Guada , lupe Mountains? 13 ? Why is a spider not an insect? 14 ? Who was the poet of Scotch ' chivalric legends? ! 15 ? On what river is Knoxville, Tennessee? 16 ? Who was the founder of Virginia? ! 17 ? How many miles of railroad are there in the U. S.? 18? What planet is nearest to the sun? I 19? What metal expands by heat less than any other? i 20 ? Which European country is farthest west? j 21 ? What was the first coin pro ; duced by a U. S. Government mint? 22 ? Who was the first President to .draw the present salary of $75,000 a I year? . 23 ? Which is the most ferocious of the bear family? 24 ? On what date in the Civil War did Lee surrender? 25 ? What straits at the southern end of South America are named for a celebrated navigator? 26 ? What Biblical character said, "Am I my brother's keeper"? 27 ? What state contains both the highest and the lowest land? 28 ? What is the branch of zoo ology that treats of birds called? 29 ? Whom did Pocahontas marry? 30 ? What is the largest city in Africa? ANSWERS 1 ? Daniel Webster. 2 ? Okeh is a word taken from the Choctaw Indian language .and means, "It is so and in no other way." 3 ? Between 60,000 and 125,000. 4 ? No; though religious faith is not a reguirement. 5 ? The Missouri River, 2900 miles. 6 ? Sam Houston. 7? Yes. 8 ? A cure-all. 9 ? Michael Angelo. 1Q ? Coal and iron. 11 ? Thomns R. Marshall. 12 ? New Mexico and Texas. 13 ? Because it has eight legs in stead of six, and has no wings. 14 ? Sir Walter Scott. 15 ? Tennessee River. 16? Captain John Smith. x 7? Approximately 375,000 miles. >J4ercury. 20-F^r oi ?r?r^Per eent 22? Wilharn Ward Taft. 23? The grizzrs i?,. 24? April 9, 186Keal' 25? Straits of Mage 26 ? Cain. 27 ? California. 28 ? Ornithology. 29 ? John Rolfe. 30? Cario, Egypt. "I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have. I must stand by any body that stands right. Stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong." A. Lincoln. WELFARE BOARD IS DOING DOUBLE DUTY IN GREAT PROGRAM! ( Continued from page one) plan for cleaning up unbecoming! lots. [ Miss Kern announced Monday that | several individuals and institutions | of Brevard have made unusually; generous donations to the Welfare j Board, to be used in their work. Mrs. | J. S. Silversteen, Plummer Co., Miss ' Emma Bagwell, Mrs. C. 0. Robinson,! Mr. T. B. Crary and Mr. C C. 1 Yongue have donated vegetables, cash appropriations, shoes and clothing to the Board. "Due to the quick action and generosity of many people of the community many pairs of shoes have j been secured, " Miss Kern declared, j Monday. "However," she continued, j "many calls are being received for j overalls and sweaters for young boy:- j and sweaters and dresses for girls, j Clothes especially for children and i young boys and girls of school agei are desired at this time," Miss Kern i said. If you have any work to be done, you are urged to see Miss Kern for suggestions before you select someone to do the work, in order to give the jmost needy persons employment. Miss Kern has investigated. many cases of j ! needy folks and she is well posted ? I upon the needs of the families of thej" | county. | Want Adi Are Good Selling Agent Perfect-O-lit FOR MOTORISTS New Headlight Discovery Sweeps Nation Over Night. Two hundred thousand shipped in one order to Los Angeles, California. Police Chiefs all over U. S. A. are the strongest boosters for Perfect-O-Lites. High way Officials praise and recommend Perfect-O-Lites., It costs you nothing to try them over night. They are'-Jj the greatest invention since starters were put on auto mobiles. Come try them out. If they fail to sell them selves, I will take them out, and that is all T. W. WHITMIRE REPRESENTATIVE W ALTERMIRE HOTEL SOMETHING TO SELL?IRY OUR WANT ADS. Tire* ion Again ReducM Buy Now. Don't drive on worn, smooth tires when you can have new Firestone Tires at these low prices. Never before could you buy such remarkable values. You get extra, strength, extra safety, extra service with every Firestone Tire because of these extra Firestone con struction features. Gum-Dipping, the Firestone patent ed extra process that makes the cord body tougher and stronger. Two Extra Cord Plies Under Tread, a patented Firestone construction that gives added protection against punctures and blow-outs and stronger bond be tween tread and cord body. Tougher, thicker non-skid tread that gives greater non-skid protection and longer non-skid wear. 1931 ? i the year in which values counted most ? was for Firestone a year of great accomplishment. Because of Firestone's unequaled position in buy ing raw materials ? rubber and cotton ? efficient factories and economical dis tribution, they gave car owners the greatest values in their history. Drive in today. Equip your car with Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires and enjoy their extra safety and satisfaction at the lowest prices in history. ViVf of Cir I' Ford. \ ' Chevrolet ' i Chevrolet . Ford Chevrolet Whippet - Ersklne... Plymouth Chandler DeSoto ? Dodre Durant .... I Gr. Pnigo i Pontine.... ; Roosevelt | W illys-K. 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McCrary Tire and Batter* Service Brevard, N. C. Telephone 290 Listen to ^ I VE IN AND EQUIP YOUR CAR TODAY ESTQNE" Every Monday Night over N. B. C. Network ?s5sS?8?,"~"" .... .

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