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Brevard news. (Brevard, N.C.) 1917-1932, April 21, 1932, Image 6

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LOCAL B. Y. P. U. AT I DISTRICT MEETING __ T I YUlyh Uamsey diWctor of?the B? vaid Baptist Young Peoples Union and president of the Western Regional S< TP. U. Dietrkt ptfes$4ed. over the annual District Convention held 'ji Franklin Friday and Saturday of last week. Rev. Paul Hartsell and 12 members of the local Union attended the con viction as delegates and it was said that there were over 280 delegates present from the district unions. 1 A number of inspiring addresses ami short talks were delivered by out standing speakers of Western North Carolina and the meeting was pro nounced success. -m.-mM BREVARD BOWLERS WIN TWO CONTESTS Brevm il's crack bowling teas) de feated the Hendersonville rollers on their opponents alley's Thursday ev ening April 14 in a duck pin contest by 71 pins. Box score: , i DUCK PISS f> >'i vxrd Totals Kilpntrick 93 95 85 273 Hardin 87 105 88 280 Loft' 100 119 84 303 Beo" 80 84 104 258 Br 109 100 106 315 1439 Ht Uuriotivillc Totals Jones 84 80 90 254 Case 107 79 100 286 Brookshire 85 80 94 259 Bradley 80 101 95 276 Md>.u> 91 108 94 293 1368 Bitvards rollers defeated the Ashe ville team at Asheville Tuesday even ing in a Duck pin contest by 63 pins. lire-van! Duck Pins Totals Bean 96 1C0 105 301 Hardin 87 97 123 307 t.oftis 81 70 96 256 Grcgan 109 1Q1 110 320 Bridies 102 119 122 343 1527 Ai-hn iHi Totals Hall 101 94 117 312 Hoffman Ill 108 90 309 ii. J. Rrisett .... 108 85 86 279 Gilbert 92 109 96 297 A1 (>Hs"tt 87 82 98 267 1464 HOLLY SPRING NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Bert Lee of Davidson River, spent Sunday with Mrs. Lee's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Kilpnt rick. Mr?. S. B. Drake und children of Hendersonville, visited Mr. and Mrs. Donald Drake Sunday. Miss Lula McCall has returned home after visiting friends and rela tives in (Jreenville, S. C. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Drake yisited the former's sister recently, Mrs. G. C. Me Call. Mrs. Low Davis and children of Blantyre, spent Sunday with Mrs. Davis f-'ther, Henry Drake, here. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. McCall, Mr. and Mrs. Henry McCall and family, were visiting in Asheville Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Patterson and small s<-n, Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Nicholson and little daugh ter, Bobby Gene, were picnicing in the Flat Woods Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Orr, and famk lv spent a few days last week with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Orr. ! Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Brown of Hend t-rosnville, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Drake Sunday. Mrs. Paul Gilreach - ' Marrieta ' ?., is spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Orr. ? i Mrs. (i. C. McCall spent Tuesday! with her s:ster, Mrs J. R. Brown ox Knon. >! * 4.Mi' WHAT A BLADDER PHYSIC Should do. Work on the bladder as castor oil on the bowels. Drive out im- ! purities and excess acids that cause, irritation which results in getting up nights, frequent desire, burning, leg pains or backache. BU-KETS ( 5 gr. ' Tablets) is a pleasant bladder physic.! Get a 25c test box from your druggist. After four days if not relieved go hack and get your money. You will feel good after this cleansing and you get your regular sleep. Long's Drug ! Store. Use'* NEXT S We contribute to your good looks. You can get a Vitalis treatment here, $ the vegetable oil tonic, also the Fitch producta. It Pays To Look Well r ! SMITH'S BARBER SHOP 5 Blaalyre Breexes r'l Ltroy Duvis, Miss Agues Maxwell, J M-j. Maxwell attended the eom-j nwnceineftt at Etowah last Wedneft- , lay night. |, We were sorry to hear of the recent , ?iness of Mn. W. K. Duncan. J. Mlas Bell? Reea of Candler spent < h<? weekend at het home here. I . The small son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. 1 'rady fell and injured himself last .'i-ek. 1 B. A. Twichel! was a Brevard i visitor this week. 1 Sirs. Clannie Justus visited her ' jarents, Mr. and Mr?. Milfred Mor ran, last Saturday night Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Setzer spent i he week-end with Mrs. Seczer'3 1 /a rents, Mr. and Mrs. John Reed. : We were glad to hear that Mrs. Lee Cash, who has been ill, is better. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Setzer and Miss iculah Cantrell and Ralph Reed were J icndersonville visitors Saturday ?vening. , i Otho Scott visited his parents, Mr. ind Mrs. J. F. Scott, of Little River, ' recently. i W. K. Duncan and Loyd Galloway .ent to Hendersonville Saturday. ] Mrs. J. T. Justus and little grand .-ion, Bruce Justus, called on Miss 1 Mary Ellen Reed Saturday evening. ? Claiuiie Justus and Raymond Reed went to Big Willow on Business Sat urday. i ' Misses Agnes and Freda Maxwell , ; .isited their sister, Mrs, Harvey English of Boylston last week. Little Jewel Reed who has been ill . \s improving. : Mr. and Mrs. Leo Moody visited Mr. Moody's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ee Moody, Saturday. Mr. Lee Gash has had the misfor une to loso one of his horses recently. 1 Mrs. John Reed called on Mrs. i Clannie Justus Saturday, Clannie Justus who has been work ing at Toxaway spent the week-end at his home here. j Mrs. Virgil Galloway visited Mrs. Clar.nie Justus recently. WEEKLY LESSON IN ENGLISH WORDS OFTEN MISUSED Do not say, "I shall try and go to morrow." Say, "try to go." Do not say, "My figures are ab olutely correct." Omit absolutely, "'cnect does not require a superlative 0 qualify it. t Do not say, "Where are you going 1 go now?" Omit to go. Say, "Where re you going now?" Do not say, "We must go right ;way." Say, "We must go at once," o? "immediately." I Do nijt say, "He gave me four ?mnds full of walnuts." Say handfulls. Do not say, "She is always knock ing him." Say, "She is always finding 'ault with him." WORDS OFTES' . MISPRONOUNCED Hundred. Pronounce hun-dred, e as i bed (unstressed), and not hun lerd. I Salary. Pronounce sal-a-ri, first a a in at, second a unstressed, but hree syllables, and not sal-ri. Dishevel. Pronounce di-shev-el (not iis-hev-el), i as in it, first e as in >Rt? last e unstressed, accent second syllable, | Gallery., Pronounce,, gal-er-i, a as in "at, e as in her, i as'ip it, and three syllables, not gal-ri. Diverge. Pronounce di-viirj, the i ' is in did (not as in die), and accent last syllable. Dilate. Pronounce di-lat,' i as in did referred, a as in ate, and accent last syllable, not the first. WORDS OFTEN MISSPELLED Ervsipelas. Observe closely al' vowels. Repertoire. Observe the oire. Dilemma. Observe the two m's. Remit (one t). -? Remittance (two t's). Raspberry. Observe the p. Enterprise; prise, ntt prize. ?SYNONYMS Diversion, amusement, entertain ment, recreation, game, play, spoyt. Irreligious, ungodly, profane, im pious. Entice, lure, allure, coax, decoy, tempt. Smart, clever, capable, shrewd, active. Envious, jealous, suspicious, dis trustful. Irresolute, undecided, unstable, changeable, inconstant, wavering, vacillating. WORD STUDY "Use a word three times and it is yours." Let us increase our vocabu lary by mastering one word each day Words for this lesson: DESUETUDE; state of disuse "Many words have fallen into desue tude." AMALGAMATE; to unite; com bine. "It may be possible to amalga mate the two factions." INDUBITABLE; not- doubtful; '.inouestionable. "The satisfactory re sults of such action are indubitable." INDIGENT; needy; poor. "The ?hildrcn were indigent of the things necessary for their comfort." SEDULOUS; diligent in applica tion or pursuit. "As a student, he was very sedulous." INTEGRITY; moral soundness; ir?r)>htn'"5s. "We do nol question his integrity." Ilorses were buried with men in ?\jjul tombs, Palestine. Fruit farms have small barns. S>lk hose originated in Franco, to<50. Scientists are studying origin of xlestial lights described in the bible. Canada buys two-thirds of its im o ts from the United States. Horses were the first livestock to :ach Virginia. Daltimore had a farmer's weekly n 1835. Michigan ear. no longer supply its wn lumber needs. Chicago is the leading meat mar Irelar.d ha& a high twin rate. ? ' Local and Persona! Items I Milts Alice McCail who ws grad uated from Mission HoafitaJ in Ashe eille is spending her vacation at home with hey sister, Mrs. J. H. Tin?!ey. ? Mi*. afe<5-?fcf8. Picaw:l^?. McCorklc of Greer, S. C. apent Sunday visiting in Br?vard. Mrs. Louise Lewis and daughter, Miss Vereno have returned to Raleigh ifter spending the week with Mr. and Mts O. L. Erwin. Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Ciement wen? visiting Mr. and Mvs. Verne Clement Sunday. Ashe Macfie of Weaver College spent the week-end in Brevard with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Mac Tie. I Rufua Jolncs of State College is visiting his parents hero this week. I Misses Margaret Miller, Agnes; Clayton, Josephine Clayton and Ruti\j Waters were shopping in Asheville, Saturday. , I Mr. and Mrs. Cox Paxton of Green ville, S. C. spent the week-end at their ! summer home near C.herryfieid. . j Miss Winifred Nicholson was shop-, ping: in Asheville, Saturday. Miss Eliza Henry?who has bien teaching in the Gastonia City Schools spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M, Henry, A. H. Kiaer, County Accountant, haa been confined to -his home for several days with an attack of flu. Mrs. C. E. Orr and C. IS. Orr, Jr, and Miss Rowena Orr have returned to Brevard after visfting friends, in States vilte and Hickory, N, C. and Florence, S. C. Le? Aldridffe spent Sunday in Hen ^ersonvllle visiting with his mother. Mrs. Carrie Dorsott and Mrs. John ston Woodcock of Asheville spent Wednesday here as the guests of Mrs. J. E. Clajfton. Mrs. Frank Gaithev haa been con-! lined to hw homo for the past we?k with a flu attack. T. W. Whitmiro attended the con-! vention of the Carolina Motor Club in Asheville Monday. Mr. Sneed and Joe A. Slntaid, Bre vard riflemen attended the shooting1 match at Black Mountain Sf.turciay April 16 and won several prizes with; I their siri!L They plan to attend a sirn j iiinr meet at Black Mountain Satur day April 30. Frank Gaither was a business vis itor in \Eaaley, S. C. Monday. i Miss Cunningham has returned home after visiting her sister, Mrs. C. M. Levy af Norwood, N. C. Mrs. G. K. Levy and small son George, Jr., of Norwood, N. C. ar? visiting the former's mother, Mrs. M. <J Cunningham. W. E. Breese was visiting in Green ville, S. C. Saturday. THE PRAYER CORNER I [From th* files of long ago) THE VICTORIOUS KING RESURRECTION NOW "If yc then be risen from Christ'' ? Col. 3:1. A writer whom I highly esteem has said "Resurrection is a great word. It has the power to stir the mind, a charm to quicken the imagination and an attraction to draw the heart." "What thoughtful person car. re peat that sentence of the Creed which says of Christ, "the third day add that triumphant utterance of 'He rose from the dead,' and then death defy ing faith, 'I believe in the resurrec tion of the body,' without a great thrill of hope and joy?" But these two thoughts of resur rection do not exhaust its meaning. It is more than a sublime fact of the past. It is more than a glorious event in the future. It is an experi ence in the present. It is a happening today! At this moment, a new and eternal iife is unfolding within human souls and transforming human bodies in fellowship with Christ. At. this very moment men and women are passing from death into life, from darkness to light, from the perishing to the imperishable, by vital union with the spirit of Jesus. Here then is the great thought which the spirit Hashes into our souls, THERE IS A RESURRECTION NOW| There is a triumph over death for which we do not need to wait until the graves are opened. We may have it. at once. There is a victory of life for which we do not need. to.-.igok to some one far mstant morning. ' We may feel it today. A PRAYER FOR THE RESURRECTION NOW j Dear King of Glory, we v/orifcip I Thee and rejoice in Thee this day. | Thou hast made life powible by Thy ! victory over the grave. Thou hast i touched each one and called him to i rise with Thee. With Thee, 0 Christ, ! we would risag^ideed to newness of ' life. We beseech Thee, make all things new to us. Let the old duties, the old [work, the old burdens, the old friend ships, be transfigured as Thou dost [touch them. Lift us up with thine own rising, dear Master. Let us know the fullness if life; let us know the glorious hope; i let us live in the new way Thou hast | opened. Keep us in peace and glad I ness, in faith and trust, in calmness and courage. Help us, by Thy call, i by Thy messages, by Thy beauty, by Thy goodness to be Thy true children looking to Thee and serving Thee. And when at last Thou dost cali us, I let us be ready to meet a Christ. wfi | have already known, and to live a life ;wc have already begun. Amen. C. D. C. i CAMP VIEW THIS WEEK ' Hickory Camp No. 80, Hickory, ; N. C. was chartered April 16, 1&03. They now have 200 members, with $254,000 insurance in force. Since or ganization 36 members have died, j their benificiarys have received $41, i 000 from soverign camp. Social fea : tures of this camp are a dance once ja month, a banquet once a year, and a picnic every summer. The camp meets every Friday night. R. A. HEFNER, Consul Com. i B. A. MILLER, Financial Sec. liaise Tox&vmy H&wt j , Ji Mr. and Mrs. Andy A<km?<rfE?^ Uporte. spent l#et Sunday whh M ? AW ffe. Mil. Cob Let ^ 9ir and Mrs. Letter Owen of Well mSuSJ Mr*W. |A^, jgL Mrs-' Bartte- Oro ^u*T*Mr. ,_mw u.. (Wens daughter; Mrs, civvt Nicholas at Enfc** a5so * Carton last Saturday. J. B. Hall of Gloucester, agent las Tuesday night with Vcrner Hall. Mrs. Maebtll Lee visited M^j, son Owen Thursday of last w?,k. I Mrs. Ford Reid and chUdrwcf^p i B hire was in Toxaway.ian Monday. I* Mra Henry Alexander cf L25 a*. Hall last week. Mrs. Ha" ha# in* | very sick bat ia improving. I Bishop League was very sick 1?? week with flu. ... Mr. and Mrs. Berlin Owen and lit tie sen, Ray, was Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hall ?e?t Sunday. Rev E E. Yates and sons, Jam*3 i,?5 w ?i i guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. * ? Wi.liams i SUM?and Mrs. Luther Owen of Wolf ! Mountain spent last S?ndayv? their daughter, Mrs. Cole Lee and Mr. L Mr. and Mrs Clifton MerreU an<j nnci a. F. Ray of Ashevihe and Mrs Bradford of Gastonia have re turned to their homes after s^'nt? several days with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. I^Mias Doreen Lee has returned to Cullowhee after spending the ww^' i end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. D. "Lee. . ~ v J F. Corbin of Rosman was in Tox away last Saturday on business, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Oldham of Me., spent last week with Mrs. Olu hams parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. 1 Harold Galloway of was the guost of Warren Case Friday of lr*st o^ei'i Owen spent the w'^-erid ''"Guy Zachary of Cullowhee spent last Friday night with L. C. Case. lJrRev E. E. Yates of Rosman filled his regular appointment at the Meth S st church last Sunday morn ng at eleven o'clock and at hamur in the afternoon at three o clock. L. C. Case, Jr., has returned to Cullowhee after spending theweek end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L' Miss Laura Duckworth of Hickory is visiting her nephew. W. W. MC Neely and Mr 3. McNeely. Miss Essie Owen is at home now j with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben i ?To. McCa'.l of Quebec was her* I last week listing taxes. Cecil Robinson of Quebec was i Toxaway last Sunday ana Sunday "'Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Sanders wen Brevard visitors Saturday of last W<Mrs. F. Y. Willbanks has returned home after visiting her sister in Ware ^Mrs.' Brown spent the week-end at her home on East Fork. Miss Marjorie Johnson and A l, Owen were the dinner guesta Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Granville Fisher. Quite a number of Toxawoy people attended Grandma Hendersons funeral mm immm SUCCESSFUL PUY "Mon-dah-min," an Aaier lctn Ind!t?t Legend get to music was por trayed In voice and coeiumc on the Brevard High school stage, Monday evening at 8: 16?. o'clock, by. the _Bre Tcrd Music Lovers Club. The Cantata was pronounced gener ally, as one of the moet outstanding I stage productions to be given here for t5? appreciation of better -ewases of ' xuu el?. Ar; unusually large number of I people attended the prolan), packing { tie snditoriom almost to the point of caffccaiioav It was revealed that among the Ojibwa Indians it is the custom each spring for a choaets Maid to walk aronnd the field of young corn at night, alone, thus insuring magic pro tection againnt the beetle, bog and crow. This occasion was dramatized end described in the chorasea of the cantata. i Mrs. Carol Kilpatrick, wiwrfy known here for her skill end grace in per forming classical and artistic dancing performed the part of the chosen maid, Mon-dah-min, meaning corn. Solo parts were sung in superb, professions! manner by Miss Mary _ . I Frances Eiggers and Mrs. A. H. ; Kizer. and Mrs. Kixer and Alvin ; Moore sang a duet. | Members of the club taking part in j the choruses were: i Mrs. Mack Allison, Mrs. Bean. 1 Miss Mary Frances Biggers, Miss Eva | Call, Mrs. 0. L. Erwin, Mrs. Alex ; Kizer, Mrs. Grady Kilpatrick, Mrs. j J. E. Loftis, Mrs. J. 3. Piekelsimer; \ Miss Long, Miss Merritt, Mrs. Ralph j Ramsey, Mrs. Frank Jenkins, Mrs. ; Arthur Jenkins, Mrs. J. B. Jones, ' Mrs. T. H. Hampton, Jr., Miss Janie . Strickland, Miss May Jenkins, and Miss Lillian Jenkins. i Prof. Alvin Moore, instructor of music in tho Brevard Public schools played the piano accompaniment for the entire program. ! According to officials of the Music , Lovers club the members of that or ganization feel indebted to several people for help in staging and pre senting the Cantata given Monday night. They wish to express through these columns their appreciation for the as | si3tance of Mrs. Carol Kilpatrick, j Donald Jenkins, Misses Elizabeth Al i lison and Martha Kate Moore and to | the Giri Scouts, Girl Scouts assisting ' were : Emma Denver, Ruth Pickel ' simer, Christine Yongue, Charlotte i Patton, Willie Kate Waters, Ruth ; Fulton, Mary Sue Jennings, Nell j Duckworth, Elizabeth McCoy, and . Rachel C'rr. j In addition the club extends hearty | thanks to Prof. J. B. Jones and the school board for the use of the build ing and to tho orchestra, directed by Mr. A. B. Carter, whose music con tributed so much to the Evening's en joyment. Also to Mr. and Mrs. Hinton i McLeod and Sandy McLeod for the use of costumes and assistance in stage arrangements; and to Edgar i Loftis, David Ashworth, Garland : Sledge, who generously donated their time and labor and helped in ! numerous ways. Monday morning at Oak Grove Bap : tist ehurch. I Mrs. W. J. Owen was very sick ? last week. Quite a number of our people at tended the baccalaureate address at ' Rosman last Sunday night by Rev. J. i R. Owen of Asheville, ? a WE HAVE JUST INSTALLED A NEW flrestone SPARK PLUG TESTER Which tests Spark Plugs under compression, just the same as the compression developed in your motor > this being the only Fair test to a Spark Plug, and the one that tells the story as to the condition of your plugs. 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