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Brevard news. (Brevard, N.C.) 1917-1932, December 08, 1932, Image 1

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BREVARD NORTH CAROLINA* DECEMBER 8, 1932 VOLUME XXXVII DEER HUNT WILL BE SEEN BY THOUSADS V INLYING PICTURE Government Is Making Picture# Primarily For The Extension Service ALL THIS SECTION TO BE SHOWN ON THE SCREEN Will Be VaiuabfePubUcity For Transylvania County, It | Is Said | While all Western North Carolina will obtain most beneficial publicity results from the deer hunting now in progress in the Pisgah National Forest, Transylvania county will be especially benefitted. Four hundred men were drawn by lot, and given permission T-o kill one deer each, with the government exercising complete power ever the regulations of the hunt. These four hundred men will , be accompanied by others, an<l this i within itself >vill serve as a great | advertisement for this county. The ! papers throughout Eastern America are carrying daily news uf the acti- ' vities of the hunters, all f.f which is considered most valuable publicity. Perhaps the most important pub- j licity, certainly the most valuable, will come after the close of the hunt ing period. The United States gov ernment, with the management of i the wild life department, is having complete raotion pictures made of the hunt. These pictures, made pri marily for the extension work in col leges and universities, will also be shown in many theatres throughout, the country. These pictures will first I show Western North Carolina, that those who witness its showing may j (Continued <yn Back Page) CLUBS LEAD SALES j CHRISTMAS SEALS Most of Proceeds Go To The Undernourished Children Of Couaty AH local and civic organizations of [ Brevard are cooperating in the sale of Tuberculosis Christmas seals, j which began here Monday morning.! The booth is located in the lobby of | the postofficc- and the movement is to ! be county-wide in scope. The Mathatasian club had charge; of the booth on the first day; on; Tuesday it was in charge of the U. j D. C., and on Wednesday the St. Phil- j ips Auxiliary conducted the sale3. A different organization has charge each day. Thursday, Dec. 8 ? Miss Peggy West and Miss Roberta Bryant will be. in charge. Other clubs and organizations in' charge are as follows: Friday, Dec. 9 ? Fortnightly club;' .Saturday, Dec. 10, Methodist Auxiii-j ary ; Monday, Dec. 12, Baptist Auxil iary; Tuesday, December 13,4SHRD; iary; Tuesday, Dec. 13, Wednesday] club; Wednesday, Dec. 14, Music Lov-. era club; Thursday, Dec. 15. Business and Professional Women's club: Fri day, Dec. 16, Presbyterian Auxiliary; Saturday, Dec 17, Daughters of the I American Revolution. Seventy-five per cent of the pro*! ceeds of these sales will remain in 1 the county and will be used locally . for undernourished children and oth-j er tuberculosis cases. The remaining; twenty-five per cent will go to state ?' and national headquarters. Miss Florence Kern is chairman of - the seal sale and Dr. C. L. Newland: is treasurer. MAYOR R. H. RAMSEY 'BROADCASTS STORY OF COUNTY'S GROWTH ! And Describes The Beauties | I Abounding In This Community > ! RECORD OF PAST IS BASIS FOR ITS FUTURE Radio Audience Of WWNCj ! Hears Most Eloquent Cotsaty j Appeal Mayor Ralph H. Ramsey, Jr., in j an address over radio station WWNCj Sunday night, paid a tribute to Tran- j sylvania county that only one who j kr.ows his e'ounf.y and who has its ' interests at heart, could possibly pay. ] His speech was in connection with a j series of similar talks being heard j over this station each Sunday night, j describing the counties of Western North Carolina. His speech follows: Ralph H. Ramsey, Jr., of Brevard,! spoke last night over radio station WWNC on Transylvania county, in one of the series of talks on western North Caroling counties which are being broadcast each Sunday night. Mr. Ramsey described the scenic attractions, industries, agriculture, and other features of the county. Transylvania offers special attrac tions to the tourists, he said, as it is part of Pisgah National forest, it has many summer camps for boys and girls, and has some strikingly beau tiful scenery. His address follows: "Transylvania County is grateful to the Citizen Broadcasting company for the opportunity afforded through this series of weekly broadcasts of learning more about our sister coun ties in Western North Carolina, and of telling you tonight some of the {Continued on Back Page) ANOTlR CAR LOAD OF FLOUR RECEIVED Transylvania's consignment of ai carload of Red Cross Flour has been j received and is ready for distribution ? to the indigent families of the coun- . ty. Distribution is to be under the: direction of Joseph S. Silversteen, chapter chairman. fho central distribution depot is J in Brevard and operating ir. the va- j rious communities are other depots' located in Pisgah Forest, under su- 1 pervision of Bob Mackey; Rosman, in! charge of Craig Whitmire and Lake' Toxaway in charge of W. H. Arro-j wood. ! As in the past this flour will be! issued only on orders of committees in charge of the relief work in the county. This is the third consign ment received in Transylvania coun ty within the past few months and it has been a Godsend to many desti tute families throughout the county. DOGS NOT PROPERLY j TAGGED TO BE KILLED The board of aldermen met Mon-j day evening at the City Hall for | their regular monthly session. The only matter of moment other than the regular routine business was the order passed that all dogs on the streets of Brevard after December 15 without the city dog license tag will be killed by the town authorities. If I you have paid your license be sure that the tag is kept on the dog or it will be impossible for the authori ties to determine whether or not the tax has been paid. Whiskey Drinking Since the Election Shows Shocking Increase, Bost Says Effort will be made in the Janu ary session of the North Carolina legislature to repeal the Turlirigton prohibition laws. During tha recent campaign, Hon. Jake JT. Newell and other speakers oft?fc asserted that this move would - be m$a&, but little thought was given to t^fi^tatements. They were brand, ed aa political propaganda, because Mr. Newell was such an ardent dry, and was leading the Republican cam paign in the state. . Already report? aro coming from Raleigh that recently elected mem -bers of the legislature are "feeling out" the sentiment, and are embol dened by the results of the recent election that they will be safe in of fering repeal measures for the Tur lington law, the state's own prohi bition law. Whether the bill wocid D&sa or not is, of course, problematical, yet there are many men who predict such of the measure, if it is offered. If offered, it will be in the nature of a revenue-producing movement. Bat there ia one chance of ito failure, ^ and that is the way the lickeritea have been openly drinking liquor since the election. Read what Tom Bo?t says in Only one thing ?X. : ****** (Coniinue^ a The Greensboro News about the mat ter: The state is going to be forced to adopt either the general sales or the luxury sales, tax. There is no way' ?to placate public opinion unless this, is done. Anybody with as much sense as a fried oyster knows that the luxury or the sales tax in Hsu of the 15 cents ad valorem tax would have left the state in worse financial plights than it is now. but the strength of the sales taxera of both; kinds is that the state did not adopt ? their plan and did employ the ad| valorem- method of raising about I $4,000,000. Seles Tax Opposition ) There is much more opposition to both forms of sales tax than tbeve is to a booze tax. Tha state is afeoot j reading to cash in or. its drinHr<.? gais and high school boys- Tho! will be no way to get Uk out of business, bat there >i some tax lifted from Hauor. si national Congress passes * lies? and imposes its state legislata?? Mayor Ralph K Ramsey t Who delivered an address Sunday evening over WWNC, teiling of the many advantages of Transylvania county. CHURCH WEEK AT BAPTIST CHURCH Revs. W. Hershall Ford, J as. A. Ivey and Others On The Program ? Plans are now in the making andj almost completed for a great meeting at. Brevard Baptist Church. Begin-, ning Sunday night, Dec. 11, 1932, ! the church wili observe Church Week. ' These meetings will be held each eve ning at 7:15 in the church auditorium. Church problems cf local and \vorld interest will be discussed' by local, men, Mr. Ford, pastor of Render- , sonville, Mr, Ivey of West Asheyille,' have been secured for these meetings j and we hope to have Mr. Olive, re- 1 cently of China, with us. ? The purpose of the meeting is that ? our church as a whole may be brought . into more vital and spiritual touch j with the problems that confront uai today, The program is so arranged j that" each individual may make his! contribution to the discussion of thej problems presented. The main pur-| pose of the meeting is to bring about I n better understanding, a fuller fel lowship and a greater unity in the things concerning thd Lord's work here in our midst. "it is important that every member make his arrangements to attend each meeting. Young and old are urge-l to attend. By coming and entering inty this meeting you will be making your contribution to the greatest institu tion in your community, the church. Tjje church is the most vital organi zation we have in . the life of the community or the world. What would be the value of real estate without the church? What would, inspire us morally and spiritually if the church were removed? What .would becqme . of our churches if nc one gave it serious thought and sacrifice? The church must set the spiritual stan dards. It must inspire hope and point the way back to a vital faith in God and man before these other vexing and distressing problems that con front us can be removed. Let us make a better church and we will build a better community and a hap pier world. Members of other Baptist church in the county are invited. All others are welcome.? Paul HartselL NO M(M ORDERS ON COUNTY ALLOWED J The county Board ?f Education met Monday morning at -which tiro? it was decided that orders m the salaries of the various employees cf the school system wit! no longer be honored ana 1 ntusi bo discontinued. It seem* that, it has fccowe a practice for these pecde to S'ake purchases and give: orJjrs on their sslrjfies but*, since tkia la caRsiryftsn unnecessary a?.*' Wrfettewne. wwsut of hoofckeejsmft Jt must $e tfiscottthxrjed. ' -J 1% was ate#-, deeded by -the w?*o acvsrcisfi and sell the Laurel Creek Softool hocse at Cascade lajfcg SUPERIOR COURT IN SESSION HERE Judge To wo send la Presiding; Court Convenes Wednesday Morcrag Judge N. A. Townscrid, given spe-i c>al appointment by Governor Gard ner to hold court during illness cf| Judge Walter E. Moore, convened the j regular term of Transylvania Coun-! ty Superior court her eWednesdeyi morning. Hon. J. Will Pless, of Ma rion, sloicitor in this district, is pro secuting the- criminal docket, wnich is unusually large. The Grand Jury returned many true bl!s the first days of court, one of which was against Clifford Fisher, charged with the murder of Will Fisher. This case may be heard dur ing the first part of next week. The following were named members of the grand jury: R. Flem Glazener is forman; An-; thony Trantham, J. C. Cash, G. K.J Woodard, Madison Allison, G. W. j Hendrix, R. E. Mackey, W. H. Mc-| Kelvey, 0. J. Maflley, C. E. Fortune,! Fred Landreth, C. F. Norton, G. H. ! Paxton, L. E. Bagwell, R. b. Cansler, j S. W. Radford, D. M. Read, Avery! Reed KiWANiSTOPLAY SANTA CLAUSHEREI Santa has numerous disguises bat] he is the same old Santa right on. j This time it wiJ! be .members of the | local Khvanis club wl'o wili play the i role. This was decided at a meat- ' ing of the directors of^ihe club , at a meeting held with Rev. V- H. West at his home Tuesday evening. Each member of. the club wili se jegt five children from tW commun ity who would not othc-vwise be fa I vcred with a visit btj^ld Santa and jwill take th'em to ti^swree wh'ch | to be erected by t^HRib. On this tree each place a weil rilled stocking of the chil dren he brings, 'mth him. Furthe*-" business transacted at this irreh'-decl a to extend . L. New-lard tfce^thanfe of for the work 1W did in the ttr? rrJif.ic recently. nner by Rev'. West ly em'oyed 6y-4.?}0?e present MRjMNljilT TLANTA HOffi j Atlanta, ifeec. 4? James Allison, I railway acoouS^nt, today wm fotsi^ ' <$nea in a of his hosts by Mrs. Allison w-aKn she rettrraed from ?>hj tch. i'wSMces. Allfeoti^SjRatiiL? of Brevard, M. is aardved by his parents Mr. and Miy. xJrT. Avisos, at Wal Mtt. G?rg* lit*; md i- brother iffi? STATE NOR COUNTIES CAN EVER PAY PUBLIC DEBTS So Declares Former Speaker Willi# Smith, In Dealing i With State Condition# I 40 COUNTIES ALREADY ! IN DEFAULT, HE SAYS! Smith Gives Analysis of Public) Debts of State, Counties And Cities; PoJ/jts Way Public debts of North Carolina, will be repudiated, or an adjustment i made of these debts, declared Hon. j Willis Smith at Rocky Mount in j speaking to the Current Topics club jof that city, Already, Mr. Smith stat-, ! ed, 40 counties in North Carolina j I have defaulted, and others will soon i ?follow suit, unless there is an ad justment made of the state, county ] and municipal bonds. Mr. Smith was speaker of the house j j of representatives in the 1-331 leg- j 1 islature, ar.d is looked upon as be-| I ing one of the beat informed men ; ? in the state on public affairs, j Mr. Smith thought the sum total i of the 40 county defaults was bad < nough in the light of the $3,291, 000 which these counties can. not now pay. But their plight is vastly worse when it is considered that , 'hey owe $67,000,000 more. The j counties do not come of the agri I cultural east alone or the mountain-' j oua west. Camden falls slightly I with its $3,900, but Buncombe piles ! it on with $1,500,000. And Mr. i Smith says, that before another sum | mer's sun h&3 set the misery of these 40 defaulting counties will be greats ly mitigated by the company of others not now in arrears. He takes the total bonded in debt- i ( Continued on page four) SCOUT TROOP AIDS IN CHRISTMAS WORK I j Many homes will be brightened this ; Christmas by the visit of Old Santa 1 that would be without this Christinas ' ?dfcw wwe it not for the work of the I local Scout troop in collecting toys from the community to be distributed on Christmas day. The scouts of troop one have col lected quite a number of toys which are to be repaired and distributed under the direction of Captain Fred Miller. He is. being assisted in his work of repairing the playthings by Mr. W. W, Babb and Mr. George W. 1 Hayes. Those scouts participating in this work are: C. K. Osborne, Ralph Gal loway, Charles Allen, Jackie Mor??n> Billy Nicholson, Billy Hutrgj?rf??6'eT1'1 , Zachar.v, Henry Miilejv.-??wis Ham- ? lin, Alien Smith aj pJ Lucien Deaver. The pt.-ipla -cf we community are coopen?tiofr 'with them and it looks ajj. -Cfcough Santa will have a lot of holp this year which will enable him ; to reach a good many homes that he ; might otherwise miss. TEACHERS TO BE PAID JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS Prof. J. B. Jones, city-county su-l perintendent of education, stated yes- i terday that funds are now on hand ; with which to pay all employees of j the city and county school system their salaries for the current month, j Payment will be made just prior to j f the Christmas holidays, which will , j begin on Wednesday, December 21. I Dinner Will -Be Prepared From j Produce Of Transylvania ; J j ' County JMUK ! HOME ECONOMICS CLASS j TO SERVE THE - DINNER Bruce Webb, of The Asjievill* Citizflii-Timej, Principal Speaker The Brevard Chapter, Future mers cY America, will ?taga iheip an nual Father-Son Banquet in the High | School auditorium Friday evening, December 9th, beginning at 6: 45 t o'clock. I The stage, which will be utilized ,-for the banquet, wili be attractively, decorated for the occasion, the Christ-' ! mas spirit being carried out in every, detail. Music will be furnished by ! Hon. W. M. Galloway and his string i band. The program includes a number of interesting and educstiocal feature* ; and will be devoted largely to a dis cussion of the Jictivities of the Future Farmers during the past year, a num ber of talks being given bv various members. j Bruce Webb, of AsheviHe, widely known for his work in promoting the j Citizen-Times' Five-Ten Year Farm I Program in Western North Carolina, ! will deliver the principal address of the evening. The menu to be served will consisS almost entirely oO Transylvania grown products supplied by member* of the organisation and prepared by the Home Economics class of the Bre vard High school- onder the skillful (Continued oh Back Pag*) ERWIN GIVEN TAX COLLECTOR'S PLACE County Officer# For The New Term Qualify For Their Positions Clerk of the Court. Qttu administered' {he oath . . the newly elected r'g0? , " wmm i Monday morring. the ?i -up Sgfil were their own a"u tiiose taking ,-ath of JJF* ior lhe nrxt t'ro years were s^r"0*8 : ? Sheriff tax collector, Thomas Si S. deputy sheriff, sue ceedto?^- K- Fatton, Jr. jjjf.^ter of deeds, Jkss A. Gallo w&. . succeeding himself. Treasurer, 0. L. Erwin, retiring chairman of the board of county com missioners succeeding Mm. Geo, VL Justus. County commissioners: W. B. Hen derson, W. L. Aiksn tmd Li V. f'ijf mon. Messrs. Henderson and sigiiioa succeed themselves. The new sheriff's family will oe cupy the living quarters- in the jail, and Tom Wood. Jr., son of the sheriff will 1x2 in charge of the jail. Retiring members of the board fir> H. A. Plummer, now engaged as Irr- . veling salesman, and Mr. Lyday, v. ? ?. is one of the leading farmer? of !'-? county. T. S. Wood, -vho had beer, eleot^ as sheriff -itaxcollector, resigned the latter offiee, and 0. L. Erwin ? ss appointed as county tax collector. Mr. Erwin had been elected and inducted into office as county treasurer, but this office was abolished. Wm. E. Breese was re-appointed a* county attorney. Women' Christian Temperance Union To Continue Its Fight for Prohibition K r"~ -? That the Women's Christian Ten: j pferance Union will continue its grea. i fight against any changc- in the na-r j tiorial prohibition law?, except to mafte i i them more effective, is evw?c-?d by' | a stalemapt mad* l>y~ El 'a A. Book, , | natior.o! president. j ; Following is the statement issued by Mrs. Boole. ? For two years tba National Wo-; man's Christian Tepiperaoce union ha3 centered its work on observance and enforcement ? not repeal, a slogan ' peculiarly adapted to the political1 ait uatioa of 1031-32. Now we enter upori j a new era. K We believe that prohibition ifc#>c i be& method o,f dealing Iqnor tw^-ic/tut biggest j [(Ms. solution jrf'tSe problems giwmg; cut ni fee of. the Eighteenth] i an^-r.dwwac asfifclfeu national prohib: >"ct - propositions : To S??*3n? iwsr. . To ?fp?a eigbt??fcth amend jsnoBi ? v ' " 1 To sabffiit as | meat siathorizlsg ?a$b s**;? J? jiteowara^wd stfj \ Tha W. G. T- tf. -icaC isw, feat; J!? tb* ?** . We hii.c- no rea s>.n to bclievStfi,^ would obey the rcatrict:asi^^ i ivrj would' ;tv hayc^nHSM grated in any ,.Mft n(,jjMEaHMlB an#WP* : : .,T ?S?? preai-:.; .ohihi' ^SfflESB B BSmI It' 8j*j- ?.<?:! the afJfctk-i ; ; any awasuti w :}]??' icrejat -? Of entftrm'-nz capita ir A W?*t' liquor' thro?';: WH.e spfeaj ?*- "-Sr. u BR Waj t iff) * te r St -?i t>W liqucr '3HMB ?{l ?te ?etia??Mk "Wo *w it wou'eiiketigfrast. 1 ly increased Cffesnpttoil '.??E8jj5M* and womw raarfc retveat ii thiStfre** zi^e-tir* no* L'kevJ trafflt BS ?or the W." gJ$ 0 wHI oppoM fiH there pe^fa?W #*? step of the .way. tsaSftv Of r*M*t , we propose I I An '?'HHjftlfri' iirijirinTft riijl i ?i3 w>t* yc^ttf.y.rv-.?^^aaL^fg^ pa

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