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The news-record. (Marshall, Madison Co., N.C.) 1911-current, June 08, 1923, Image 1

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- r ' i. ' i .1. J v " 1 2 Madfsorr County Record 1 J ...4i.k Jan IS, 01 J Tke News-R 40004444000444440004 I AN X MARK HERE I French Broad News t EtUbliibad Ma? 1, 1MT Means that your, snb- S J scription lias expired. J 0PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, CONSOLIDATED MOV. i. IMI V.' i ,0000000000PPP0000000 ( THE ONLY NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED IN MADISON COUNTY VOL XXI MARSHALL, MADISON COUNTY, N. C. FRIDAY, JUNE, 8th, 1923! No 22 ecord X A V f'i s JUDITH OF BETHULIA S Stirring Motion Picture Religious I Drama Of Ancient Times Directed By That Greatest Of Directors ; D. W. Griffith; Baptist Church Friday Night. j This intensity dramatic feature fakes its name from trious woman by whose fortitude and prayers the Children were preserved from the destruction threatened by an illis of Israel their enemies BRIDGE STREET: One of the oldest of the few streets of the town of Marshall but one of the necessary ones for it for many years connected the south side of the county with the town proper. Then when the Cotton Mill was built it be came more than ever necessary for the business section of the town It led out to Sky land and Sandy Mush and the Little pine district Before the bridge near the sectioiyof the center of the town was built all the. farmers of these sections came into town that way. ' It was at one time that the railroad depot might be built oh the cor nar lot that even unto this day is vacant but it failed Bridge Street even ' today has its Share of traffic Tut because of the steep hill on the other side of the river most of the travel is by the other bridge. The bridge which gave the name of the street was washed away in the flood' of 1916 and a hew structure has taken its place. In the picture which is shown this week the mill appears in the distance.-On, the side of the street the business build ing are stilt there except that the one nearest the bridge has given away to the ware house that was occupied by the wholesale house. " At the time the picture was taken McLendon and Morrow carried on a Supply house for lumber and household fixtures. It is well for us once in a while look back on the Marshall that was. ' f I i I I Characters and scenes arc taken from the Apocrypha and the poem of 8 (Thomas Bailey Aldrich entitled "Judith and Holoferenes". It je divid- i . . .. . . . . . eiJ into three great parts The iowcr Tne Assyrian Camp And I he Flight. . ' . . , The opening scenes take? one into the Holy Land with its beau tiful views of women drawing water ftt the wells. The touching episode of Nainii and her beloved Nathan, and of the beautiful Judith in ber tower, give the atmosphere of the East. The coming oLthe Assyrian hordes, "like the wolf on the fold," thrills one with the sense of im pending disaster. The mighty men of battle, with their pikeB and ja velins, the arches and slinger the horse and chariots, s A oop down up on the water carries: After the opening battle, Holferenes, the leader sent by Nebuchadenczzar, lays seigo to the city. They stormed the city wall with all the zeal of conquering warriors. When the city seems doomed to fall, Judith, inspired by her visions, goes to Holf erenes, I, Her beauty trained her admittance to the king. By her ever wiles, she entrances Holferenes, wfio gives her a finely appointed tent and the freedom of the camp At lenther he falls a victim to the wine cup. Judith is shown in her great emotional struggle, but 'chooses to share the afflictions of her people rather to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. A truly great picture such as seldom is produced one that is not forgotten easily, and in which Dorothy Gish takes a prominent part. Admission will bo FREE, but a silver offering will be taken up to meet expenses. We are doing our best to minister to. the social Lneeda, as well as the spiritual ones, of our town. If you are with ua snow it uy coming out f riuay wgni, auu at wic same finie enjoy a pleasant evening and. be thrilled by a truly great Motion Picture. r ; . ' r : One Dead One In Jail, Result Of Shooting Affair. When they arrived at the home of the daughter, she is reported to have told them that her fa ther had lert f6r parts unknown, but intended to give himself up in a day or two. Officers made a ' ' search of the immediate neigh Sheriff's Forces Are Search-lborhood buuouid not locate the ' Ing For John E. Anderson, ! alleged slayers- ': ' hWaidkA CHvai An hour after the shooting, the , Aiiegea siayer. y body wa3 pIaced in ambu, . lance of Hare and Reynolds, local Eli jah Gentry, age 22, is dead, I undertakers, and brought to the Nora Burrell held in the Bun-lcy- The corer ordered an in" combe County jail as a material 'quest for 10p o'clock this morn- i . witness, while members of .the Sheriffs department are "search ing in several sections' of the ' County for the .whereabouts of , -John Erwin Anderson age 4, as i . g result of a shooting 'affair -ab-"out 2:30 o'clock Sunday morning '" on the main road to Marshall at r k point about 11 miles f rbn Ashe ville. . "'':) (''" :". .' ? Although Anderson vhad not been located at - an early hour - ' this morning, friends of his in- . 'formed the Sheriff that they 'had . iseen him and that hewasprepar ' Mng to give himself up some time : today. These f riends told Depu ty Sheriff H T. Dillingham who investigated the tragedy, t h a t . . Anderson shot in self-defense. - iThe Deputy Sheriff was infof rried that Anderson is preparing , to pl ' secure the services of an attor- ' ney and put up a fight for his ac f v " J.quital . - ... ' ; , , Meagre details of a former love affair between Anderson and the - Burrell woman were gathered by ? the investigating ; officers." An- . ' derson is a widower and has five i - childron'inarried .:daaghter lives at Skyland and the omcers traced Anderson from the scene if the killing to West Asheville, Asheville and thence to Skyland. if ing at a local chapel. It. was re ported that the deceased was shot through, the heart, the bul let enterning from the back. According to Deputy Sheriff Dillingham, the woman upon be-1 ing placed in jail,' informed him that she was formerly a sweet heart of Anderson's, but t h a t they had "broken off' Anally ab out two months ago.".' The Bur rell woman, Anderson anif Gen try are former residents 'of :M a dison County. Anderson isa car penter by trade ' and for some time has been employed in a lo cal furniture plant. Gentry was reared on a farm in Madison County.Asheville Citizen. NOTICE AU PERSONS are hereby no tified not to Jake my children out drivmg in. any -automobile, without my permission un d e r penalty of the law. . S..T. MOODV, GIRLS Who Are Going To At tend The Summer School at Mar shall can obtain room apd board with Mrs. J. N. WEST. 5 4-to 5-2-,5-23 P. ' . ; ' Death of Mr. James B. Henjsley : On the morning of Saturday May 26, 1923, Mr James B Hens ley passed through the gate to take up Eternity on the other side. ; -v v:: ' - Mr. Hensley was born in Madi aon County, near Mars Hill He moved to Flag Pond, Unicoi County, Tenn., during" the Civil War and was deputy sheriff at that place. However, he moved back to Madison 2 County feooti and has lived in said County ever since t - ' He would have been 85 years old in October. Mr Hensley has been in poor health for some time and Jiis. death was not 'all together unexpected, v Funeral services were held at the house and was conducted by Rev. Mr . Evans. Then the Masons, took charge and concluded ':. the services at the cemetery, - J I Members of , the frmily from Asheville' present, -were: : Mrs.'i Logan r and family, Miss Hattie Rollins and Mr. Tom Rollins!- '- Mr. Hensley leaves to mourn his going besides bis many friends two daughters MrsLawson from Johnson City and Mrs. , Mallisia THE ETERNAL CITY-THAT QF THE SEVEN GREAT HILLS--! ROME. Italy. ' In Pictures at Baptist Church, Sunday Niht. J For both historic and religious reasons, Rome, for centuries to come, will continue to be one of the great tourist centers . of the world, for the ruins of its ancient grandeur ,tell a tale of . which men will never tire, ' while , the splendid , triumphs of architecture upon the foundations of many of these ruins bear inipressive testimony to the self-renewing power of-humanife. 1 It was in ROME also that the great Apostle PAUL did a mighty work, bringing the Gospel of Our blessed : LORD to the attention of even the members of Caesar's Household. . We have sent for two reels of the best kind at a UaytleM entitled-"THE RUINS OF ANCIENT HOME and A WAl& THROUGH ROME," for use in connection with; ou Mgsiar service on Sunday night You cannot affod to miss it. . 'THE GOD OF THE BIBLE SERMON fO. TWO," will he the subject of the Gospel Message. ; y V . ' 'At the morning service we will take up the following line of thought -' "GOD'S TESTIMONY TO JESUS CHRIST." If yb'uvish to be rooted and grounded in the faith once and for all delivered to the saints you are cordially invited to be present . at this service for we really .believe that you will find it to -be "Faith Strengthening One, from Beginning to End." Will do -our best to make it so at any rate. ' .- - Oh, yes, and on Sunday night, before we forget, it, we wish ' t say. that, in a little prelude, we will make answer to some statements made by the speaker at the recent graduating exer cises at the Court House, our subject being just three words, -vizi'CUSSING rYANK-SLANG:' You are invited, and we really wish that it, were possible for the one who,. gave the graduating address to be present also. ; But it were possible for ' the one' who gave the graduating address to be present also. But then he will know all about it, for there are those "here who Will tell him, and we really hope that they will. Those who graduated are especially invited to be present. " , ,.? ::; "JUDITH OF BETHULIA," is the title of one ofhe very, best photodramas of ancient times. ' It has to do with- religion and everyday life. It is stirring to the last degree. Great bat Ramsey six:: grand children and J tie s c e n e s-s p i d i e r s -archers-rChariots - slingern a ja d 6ne great grand child. Mr, Hen ley had two sons who preceded htm to 'the "great Beyond. i ' '..Mr. Hensley's funeral w a s largely attended. He was buried in his private cemetery, near the town cemetery. ; :' I ThelNews-Record extends sym pathy to the sorrowing ones. ' . ;. -...;i KIDNEY PIUS ;oa hhcumatism HinHKY ans awoof mighty men of battle in; general take an important part in this eight reel production by thatmaster artist D. W. Griffith.. : will be given at our church on Friday night, June the Eighth. Admission will be free, but a silver, offering , will be taken from everyone to meet expense If more than to meet' expenses is taken in it will go to provide free films for our Sun ? day evening services. . If you are for us ;believe in U3 -want to encourage us and are ;of the opinion that we ari on the right track hVendeavoring to provide good, clean and wholesome en tertainment for all, be present Friday night. ; ' ; Thankirlg you again for your past heaity support -hoping to see you Friday night and Sunday, and with every good wish in the world, to those Who do not likcme as wellas : to those who do, I remain, as ever;-, . Your old Friend, ;; EVAN RIDGE EVANS.' Mrs. Swann Dies At Home On Montford, ' II! Several Weeks .Survived Ty Husband and One Son I'ujieral . ServicetkiJeing Arranged. Mrs. J.'R '$wann, 67; -idied at her home, 271 Montfofd Aveni e, IdRt night at 9:4.rv o'clock," after on illness of' several - wci ks. land w as surrounded by ! members. f h e r family at the time of her dculh. . Mrs. Swann was the wifa of J. R. Swann, of the Swnw -Motor Company, and .'was-widely known in Asheville. : '. . Survivors afe her hu'shatMl o n e ' son, J. R. Swann; Jr., and W. C. Uritton of Nashville, Tennessee. Funeral services are being arrang ed. - . ' : - The. many friends of Mrs. Swatin were sorry, indeed, when News carne to Marshall that , she had - passed away. Mr. and Mrs. Swann and Jack Swann Jr., hai'c becnj greally missea since iney. icu ftiarun, to take up their residence in ,Ash ville. They were always interest - ed in thev well-fare of the.!people and town in general. They were very active in Church work,, hay ing been a member of the. Metho dist Church for a number ofyycars, and w e r e greatly piissed by the people. News Record and the many friends of : Mr. ,Swann and Jack thy.4 r ; .; Hotel for , Marshall The News-Record has insistent ly asked that some one with caDi- tal should erect a good tourist hotel where those who wish to spend some- time in the! cool breezes of the" mountains .might come and while aw&y ,the hot months, . There are many, sites where these might be placed. The Mashburn field on the 'other side of the river ..would be an ideal place and would be of easy access from the town by road that could be built from thfe road that leads to Asheville. Thfeh the hill back of the town readieg up from the railroad would- be a fine place. The hill above, the school house would also,, open a fine view "for thev people "who might come There are beauti falridts eut from the.' town ; In the direction of Laurel and to warl the: Asheville .section . There are hill galore for. the gues-. to climb and a river 'whe" they could while away the tirnVv'fish- ing. There could easy lenolifch be gotten up A company of one jhur. dreti thousand dollars and . a ho- iei duih inai wouiu sausiy . me most exigent of Visitow. One of the hotel men 6f the 'towh ?who knows the requirementsoft the tourist, has said. that. it, w,puld be a great money maker a(opA that many would frequent yery year. The pebpie;, are reajjr to' pay what is asked if ttfek gt t what "they : want? "MarsKalJ f few other 'town's? 'can giye' jvhafc is asked ; jb .everything is 'heie that is to be desired. Alf ifiat s! . lacking is gcnie;"'-orief.''or.:!a;.!Tpom-'. pany of men to form .a st6ckv;or: M piny and build' the ' tioieEf We! are sure that it 1ouM ptJWV'-' hotels Of AsheviHe are Increasing,., in number and ail are ; nTakinif mdney." Why shujd"' nof Mar-" shall have a part of 'this,' T h 6 requests for boarding p l a'ce iv show that 'men' and woraehVknow. of, Marshall 'eMl its "beauty of surroundings and- would c6mb to us had we the facilities for the accommodatibn6f the guests? A liye idea. ; It 6ny lack's somisVna to take it up. ' , , - v.. f tf i , " . t4 , ?-i ' .5'-'-' I .(

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