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The news-record. (Marshall, Madison Co., N.C.) 1911-current, November 20, 1947, Image 1

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1 1 ' iK '(.' V ' v1. V H. ytk. 1 1' 3 .Li. L- L w w 4 1 4r r. r r 'A r VOL; 46 t KO. 47 lira INTEREST SHOWN FRIDAY AT HEALTH MEET COURTROOM PRACTICALLY FILLED; COMMISSIONERS WAIT FOR RULING Much interest was shown in the establishment of a public health unit for Madison when Miss Elizabeth Lovall, public health educator from the North Carolina Health depart ment spoke to a large group at the courthbuse" Frftlay afternoon. Miss Lovall first showed a movie present ing the.nesd of health improvements, then told the group how the county could have -a health department and of the different phase of work car rad on by such a departmet. Miss Lovall stated that Madison County is one of only four counties in the state without a health .depart ment. She suggested that the county go in with one of the adjoining coun ties in establishing a health unit, as the county would be unable to secure full time health officer at this time. If Madison joined with another coun ty, besides having a part-time health "officer, she would have two public . health nones, one sanitarian, and one ', xlerk who would live in the county sad devote fulL tbs tw tfsweelu Included te thft seiricea offered bf auch a departmantwottfd be a ten weeks' dental ' . program during the year, crippled chiHratfa.eliBlen, pre school climes, mobile nit for Xray for Tuberculosis, etc '".v - The county wouia be required to appropriate 1 6,666 to operate the de partment for one year, and the state and federal governments would match that amount, making a total pf ?13, 330. If the money can be raised, the unit could be started by the fust of the year. Also speaking in ths interest of es tablishing the department were Mrs. Max Ammons; Dr. W. A. Sams, who stated that the county Medical So ciety favored the plan; J. H. Sprinkle, Mr. Livingston, district sanitarian and others. Following, Miss Lovall's .remarks, an open discussion was held In which several participated." The group-went , . oar record as iaxoring the .esUbiiah ' ment of the health unit." - A coinmiitesif composed of dtlsens -V, from various sections of the -county " was appointed- to appear before the commissioners -at Uwir nt regular ' meeting to present the' facts to tnem. Herman English represened the com missionar at the meeting. , ' . v ; Mrs. Loy P. Roberts presided and introduced the speaker. DO YOU WANT TO MAKE SOMEONE HAPRY7 By JAMES STOHY " You can help make some girl or boy very happy this Christmas if yon will Just giver a little of your ' time and energy. There are many children who will awake Christmas morning with broken hearts and crushed spirit because . 'Santa Claus forgot to "top." ' X . a k. BeeauM tf insufficient funds by ' which to buy toys, mani children will, para "to if? without 4olla, trains, balls, nets, games, wagons; and many other useful gifts. Let's not have this hap , pen lnMarshaU If w can possibly prevent It, - '- '. . Perhaps you know of some child -J2 fcia mW tors .wsw-.r---"71 1 . w-T.v- ' " j j:..rAA thorn. Mavha VOU sua .ww w?v . " iTi-t. know-w"re there are seme wye nave tsen , "--- - - wt -4 wm broken, Mre burned or ' roe other mino c-'-o. It aet, , ;.aV. -.t; a f r-r- ",. ' :tcli hi more Uu.w. htedvear ri lnme. -AlUiowth f that le more wan.w.. ati,t.;ro w vr z.aZ toSSk n Aour or toy lram .b new nn 1 Cftrisim.a until Christmaa ve . of . i, K would. otherwise -be dis- Bonsbt 1 at some child wouia w - anbointed Chiistmas morning. - , If the ministers oi margunu, mm theaid of ot! - .UPP y. wltt a ik of otVn supply me with a tf B4dy ci... j"n, I believe that cn be Wairei and deJwsred to a bcivr CI --'--8. V'.-:'v list toys Here's how ioy-can oeipj "- .vrywhere for discard tys of -all f u'Eri r t! a to Ihe evs- o; 2 tffice ill vill see tUt these ie- are 4: x en f. ,, tu ar i rented In making f. ,".- - !s s, ; l "t n I . in 1 1 0 PAGES TO AW IN INVESTIGATION REP. J. H. UVTCHINS HUTCHjINS AMONG THOSE NAMED TO AID EDUCATION eemhly, Mtornd feat Raleigh this wee, waste b went, on nnsiness m f ceuneettoc with tii afensW being made concerning preblema of education. It is nopea nil ims invesaganon wiu 1 lead to a sound overall educational program in -North Carolina. Represen tative Hutchins was unanimously chosen by the Education Commission to - act as a memDer oi one oi ing the investigation The commission will report its nnmngs ana msxe ks recommendations to the Governor and ie lienerai AssemDiy oi ww. ur. utchins U a membeLof4h commit tee on finance." . , ijvYsisRViCE: HERpUPQAY tt was announced here thi vnornmg the Oouper Memorial ; Presbyterian church Sunday, afternoon at three o'c ock.' -The Rev. C.-. Gibson Lewis will be the principal speaker. The public is cordially invited to attend this service. Union Service Thanksgiving It has been announced that the union Thanksgiving service will be Thnrulav mnrninir. at ten o'clock at the 'Methodist church here. It expected that the combined choirs of -the churches will provide the music, , The nublic is cordially invited to at tend this service. Mixed Term Of Court To Begin Here Monday . Superior court W convene here Monday morning fW thaVttf al of civil a iul Tlwr are Itfty- wen eases hated On the docket. Al though it Is not denniteiy Known who e presiding Judge will , be, t u 4L.u k.f 3,,rfr PhlUos will nre- side. W. X. McLean Is the aohcitor. Saf4GREGORy , FOUND DEAD' 1 r . WEDNESDAY WMW?!. frT'rCr'Jii r w""" j " -Onrr. wh wee aUv m, nan i om " 'zT"nI i '.n ,7 ti. I -nUl cmnor . w r ital edition was gien as Je We of the sdicid No Inquest was ield. .. , ,'.. ''"V.'." ' ..w..; 1 !. 7. -v ! "! c r I i 5 t) ' 1 MARSHALL, Madison 'ioioiinccs Farm Committee Elections Election of agricultural conserve tion community committeemen and delegates to the County Convention will be held in each of the 23 commu nities in Madison-County on Tuesday, November 25, according to W. C. Radford, Chairman of the County Ag ricultural Conservation Committee. A nominating meeting will be held promptly at 9:00 a. m. on luesaay, November 25, in each of the commu niHpa fur t.hp nurnnse of nominating? a panel of farmers to be voted on as community comm'ittcemen and also a panel to be voted on as delegates to the County Convention. Voting will start immediately after the nominat ing meeting and close at 6:00 p. m. 1947 Burley growers may obtain their marketing cards at their respective voting place. All persons participat ing in ine j.v Ar are engiDie w vote whether owner, operator, tenant r ahArfrronnpr. and since everv farm er has an interest in seeing that the National Program fits local needs, he should use this opportunity to select the men to administer the program who will best carry out this respon sibility, the Chairman explained. "These annual elections give farmers an opportunity- to make their voice heard in tie development and adminr istratien ef the: program," Mr. Ras ford said. "With eontiiuied demand for food and eecvsaniiding . hevry men will be eonfronted with many de cisions aracung currauv ana f mare proddction. Farmers will be called upon to do all they can to produce the abundance of food and . fibre nMifaH frvr nuiRiimAnln this count.T'v and to share with the hungry of other countries. As the demand for food and fiber increases, the conservation of soil and water becomes more im portant These reasons together with the farm program and what it has and is accomplishing lor the benuit oi the consume well as the farnw er should be sufficient proof why every eligible farmer in Madison Pvnntw stVinailfl ,Wa n Ka Mintnni a. wOuni men 9cnooi9 innountcu All hio-h achnnl nrHnninals met in the office of Superintendent on No vember iztbf Tor ine purpose oi scheduling basketball games between th Aitfartmt IUhno1a In the COUntV. Tk niinn,inr aphednle wu nrenared: walnut va, wars tun at olu. . , DIM t U71 nut, Jan 16; Hot Springs vs. Mars I MM M W Bin I1T. VM. JuBIB. UU d b n M Hill at Mars mn, Jan. - xo, aot Springs vs. Walnut at Walnut, Jan. on. nnt SnrinM va.1 Walnut at Wal nut; Feb. 3; White Rock vs. Walnut at White Rock, Nov. 18; Whits Rock vs. Walnut at Walnut, Jan. 8; White Rock vs. Spring. Creek at Spnng Creel, Jan. U White Rock vs. Spring Creek at White Rock, Jan. ,21; White Rook vs. Marshall at Walnut, Dec. 2; White ltock vs. Marshal at wnite Rock Dee, 8. , Marshall1, vs. Snrinar Creek at Spring Creek Dec. 12; Hot Sprbgs vs. Spring Creek at Spring Creek tw- 1 nfc TJn'rlnmi Tv. - SnrinK Creek at'Sprin fm Jaii. t; I Wsl nnt vs, Spring iTwek at Walnut Nov. Spring Creek i Dec, 9u Marshall vs. or.l.n .f Wlnu4 Ja. ill Marshsll vs. Walnut at Walnut Feb. 17, Mars ESa vs. spring 'Green at stars ttiu, 1n. S3 ; Vv hlte Rock vs. Mars Hill at Ian Kill Jan. 29 ; SpringCwe vs. f aranau at wainox uec la: mm - ' 1, THUIIOAY, NOVEMBER Stores To Close Thanksgiving Open, All Day Wed. It has been announced here that practically all stores and places of business will be closed on Thursday Thanksgiving. Th.o grocery stores have agreed to remain open all day Vednesdav. Nov. 2(i. in order that thev might observe Thanksgiving. Attends Reunion In New York Charles Rector, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard C. Rector, attended a re union of the African Field Service held in New 'rVirk last week-end. Tha Fip'H Rprvicp has five children representing two foreign countries at tending Warren Wilson college tms year under American Field Service International scholarships. Revival To Start Here December 7 Tt wma mnnouiraed here this week that revival wiH start at the Mar aali Free WiH Baotist church en Sun day, December 7. The Rev. M. L. Bowman, pastor of tne cnurcn, wiu be assisted in this revival by the Rev. TIT t i.J.. TTmnoll nf Woof A oho. villa, Services will be conducted each evening at 7:30 o'clock. The public is lordlaliy invited to attena tne services. Friendly Five To Sing The Friendly Five Quartet heard on Radio Station WLOS each week day at 4:30 p. m., will be at the Old Bull creek Baptist cnurcn (on tne Mom Hilt-Mnnriall HicrhworA , Sun. day night; November SB, 1847, at 7 :30 p. m. The public is cordially invited to attena, Marshall Loses Final Game To Sand Hill. 31) The Marshall high school Red Tor nado lost its final game or the season va aviiflv. hn tha Sand Hill field when the Sand Hill team scored a 81-0 vic tory. , shall vs. Mars Hill at Mars Hill, Feb. 5; Marshal vs. Mars Hill at Mars Hill, Feb. 10; Marshall vs. Hot Springs at Walnut, Jan. 28; Mar shall vs. Hot Springs at Walnut Feb. 12, It was decided that the county tour nament would be held at Walnuteb. 27 and 28. Ahio, the principals voted unani mously to comply with the State a Jopted basketball rules for eligibility of players. Some of these rules are: Norstudent may play in a regular tame, who is over 20 yearn of age in or before Oct. 1. A student must was three subjects. A : student who jna Tint attaml the SChOOl. i Which school district he resides, is not eli- r.ble to play in a regular game, a w other routine matters were dis- otm the THndiwlw. ' . .. 5 20, 1947 Paper Day Earlier Next Week! ' In order that the employees of The News-Record might hav a holiday on Thanksgiving, The News-Record will go to press a day earlier next week Wednes day. Correspondents and mer chants are urged to cooperate by preparing their "copy" by Tues day Noon. The Editor R. B. Conner Gets 8-Point Buck An eight-point buck deer was killed by R. B. Connor, of the Spillcorn sec tinn of this county last Saturday morning about nine o'clock. Mr. Con ner, well-known sportsman, stated that this deer was felled witn a ..Jo cattbre Remington rifle during the hunt, in th Piseah Forest and took place on North Mills river. Thp huck weighed 128 and one-half pounds and was five feet, seven inches long. This is the only report yet made during the hunts that a Madison county huntsman has killed a deer. The deer caused much concern Sat urday when Mr. Conner stopped in Marshall for few minutes. I sure- got a thrift est ef bagging the eigfat-ptttnter," Mr. Conner ssioV Father Or Marshall Man Passes Away navpaMp i-ifju f nr Charleft C. Ram sey, 69, of Weaverville, retired Madi son county businessman, and father r.t MoVlnloir Patnapv of Rollins, will be conducted at two o'clock Friday afternoon in Rector cemetery, witn the Rev. J. A. Martin officiating. Mr. Ramsey died Tuesday night in an Asheville hospital "following a long illness. The body will remain at an Ashe ville funeral home until time for thft service. Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Maude Dodson of Walnut Cove, Miss Frances Ramsey of Murphft and Mrs. 8iiVi( Taiinm. of Marxhall! a rk MeKinlevi Ramsnr . of IMarshall: Taut a sister, rs. xmnse nvxm yi i -i-- . . '4 ... 1 d . 1t.. ' -A MaxshalL V 1 n WitXlAMS SHOT, CUT SATURDAY Carl Williams, 23, son of Mr. and m. rwa wiiiiama. of Marshall. Route 8, was seriously injured Sat urday night aoont thw o cioca w he was slashed with a knife and shot : .uA .k4. aip virh a niatol. Acr III V11C mill. Tmv n. J . cording to officers who investigated, the shooting too Place aunng .k...k mxrini, at. Rriirman'a Chanel. on little Laurel, about 18 miles; from Marshall. According to reporw, bovb ral men were standing just outside the church when the shooting, occur red. ' ' i ; Williams was pushed to the Fox hospital," Greeheville, Tenn., where his condition is reported as serious. Coolidge Uunter, son oi Mr. ana Mr. Rennv Ranter: Charlie Gunter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gunter; Roger GosneU and Uariey uosneu, au of Marshali. Route 3, were brought to Marshall f investigation and ques tioning. The; two Coanell me were released but Coohdge Gunter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Benny Guhta and Car lie Gunter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Char he Gunter are being held in the coun ty jail without bond, pending the con dition of Wjlliama.;v -' j , Late repoSrw Weefeeenay-were that Williams' condition was improved. Madison Farm , 4 V e A "n:i. itVUri eiiaetlag tead p the Wvm Tin i sen 'fHii,,s Vr"f'.'J'P'' J1 "en .wsjeduled'Ci-r ' . ! vvK1(t in the'i. ",whalV;fcisa eahao tuditnium an4 every larm ourau nvembfr and another people wbo are ima tn rami Knrean work honl4 olan,to attend, this meeting .AH , Interesting program mi own Penned and the r iidentw. of the Teen,ei County ,;Tn'B!Me, , Farm rreus: beh inv 1 t.t-,ak at 4is meHinsr. Plafs Wi.l also be mad for Sk Winper meeting which -w I.l be Y'1' JW t-f "'i'i. " V ' ' , . f Martio trnt I i nw of B65 tr"n. ' 'otad tt Te Mwi;son C ten 'ill be a!' to n 1 "oa Tifnay nir t. ' t"r,V,X!"rt are 1' - p ' r s 1 e PRICE $2.50 A YEAR (MISTRIAS SEAL SALE BEGINS HERE MONDAY SCHOOLS PARTICIPATING; PUBLIC URGED TO BUY SEALS EARLY Mrs. James Story has been named as the 1947 Christmas Seal Sale Chairman for Madison County. The campaign will open officially on Monday, November 24 and continue , until Christmas. Letters containing supplies have already been mailed to the principals f all the schools in the county and every citizen is urged to do his part in helping stamp out this preventable disease by buying generously. Mrs. P. P. McCain, of Southern Pines, is the State Seal Sale Chair man for 1947 and sends the follow ing message to the people of North Carolina : A MESSAGE FROM MRS. McCAIN "We are coming again to that time of year when our thoughts turn to the Tuberculosis Christmas Seal. This year we have not only a pretty seal but a very suggestive one a team of oxen pulling a sled of Christmas trees. What a wonderful thought TEAMWORK. Teamwork has saved 4,000.000 lives in the United State since the or- 'gejsimtioa the National Tubarcu loais Asceciatien in 1904 It. has saved 4JSW, liven cash mar in North Caro lina. Conservative figures say each death costs the State $3,000 thus a saving of $4,000,000 per year. This aama i'nnnpT'aT.irm ttaa nrvn irViT: ahnnt an 80 reduction in the death rate in the last 4U years. Teamwork in selling Christmas Seals and in Tu berculosis Education has had great part in this fight. The splendid co operation between tuberculosis lead ers and governmental authorises in the providing of diagnostic facilitiea and beds af or those needing treatment has Deen very important, we an proud of the showing of North Caro lina in 194628.5 deaths per 100.000 against a national average of $$6 J deaths per 100,000, Another impor tant factor in this overall teamwork Sicture is the part played us tne sight y those who have had the disease, themselves. VMore power to thf ex-v eurers in our Statel ', 1 .: K, ' U aMm M,lu4 Ana t&av aafa n aaala. I, Mil fnr m, Iwiat . program; gO. k sent to the North uaroiina Tuoercuiosia Association. (These percentages are 80 and 15 wher there in a local fnlltimn paid worker). The remaining 6 is sent to tne National Tuberculosis As sociation. The monev U snent on aneh Important projects as: education, sponsoring clinics, rehabilitation on-tJlinl nf AY-tiihAmiloala nafisnti return for treatment; this Can be stop- 1 1 . ' . . m ... pea ano researcn. may uoa disss all groups as they work together especially the Research agencies. May a Cure be found in our day. Until thn dav eomea. hmmvsr. "mnat continue our teamwork in the selling oi ineee ujs vniM X' aeais ana m teaching the urgency of yearly ex aminations and X-ays. i . Ri,f la i irnDlS ffimmirt 'naailnil Yes, as long as there i a single case . fl . . Mi '1 . .. . t ... . em ise peopie uiea in nwis Caro lina in "194f from' this preventable disease. Tuberculosis still leads ths list of deaths from communicable di sease. It kills more people between the ages of 15 and 35 ttuu any .other iliaaaM. ' Anlv tjtatriTjrnvk wilt Inrrv the fight U a suocesjiful finish. ttest wisnes tor a uooa ana aeaitny Christmas." ! ' MRS. PAUL P. McCAIN State- Seal Sale Chairman Shower, GiTen - t Mr,' aImvFrW Wis' 'honored with a surprise stork shower Mon- . a. .1. t. ,M . oyernoon. B,r tn(B- noma w sugena raru' t Wwd u4 wum&mwto mm mm- Springs, mpm' cr of the Symphony . s Orchestra of f , si sproar wi'h t' fall concprt, 1. Ver . 94.. Tv ' he 1- '( ' ' r ..urg, s. v. wiu , . f -r its ""ual ' !r ' I " tf; Jan. ! t nd 1. v. averse Col-. . C 1 i 1 VY . 5 '

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