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The news-record. (Marshall, Madison Co., N.C.) 1911-current, July 26, 1973, Page Page 2, Image 2

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! Thursday, July M. 197 The The News -Record BOX 367 MARSHALL, N. C. 28753 NON-PARTISAN IN POLITICS PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS, INC. Second-class privileges authorized at Marshall. V ( a;;3 JAMES I. STORY, Editor Subscription Rates In Madison 15 Mos $4.50 12Mos 4 00 SMos 3.50 6 Mos 3 00 4 Mos 2.50 ( Add 4 percent tax AIR MAIL EDITORIAL Should Food Be Cheap? With all the talk about high prices, it may seem foolish to ask if food should be cheap The answer is not as obvious as it may seem. It depends on what we mean by cheap. If by cheap, we mean that food should be produced and marketed as efficiently as possible and sold at the lowest price that will yield a reasonable profit for producers and marketing firm, then food should be cheap. If, on the other hand, by the word cheap we mean that everyone in the food industry should operate at a loss so that everyone else can afford to buy T-bone steaks, then why should food be that cheap? Food is essential to life, but so is clothing and shelter in most areas of the world. In a society such as ours, one might argue that transportation is also essential. However, style changes in clothes make costly wardrobes outdated long before they are worn out. And certainly not everyone can afford tailor made suits and original design gowns. Neither can everyone afford an expensive house on a hill surrounded by five acres of landscaped scenery, or a large super-deluxe automobile. Society does not seem concerned about these "problems." It reasons that not everyone should necessarily be able to afford a luxury car, wear expensive clothing, or live in a mansion As long as the essential needs of the not-so-rich are met, society is satisfied. But when it comes to food, values are different. If the price of steak goes up, there is a cry that poor people are going to starve. Everyone seems to be entitled to eat steaks and chops, and if they can't, it is. a "national disgrace " Maybe everyone should be able to eat steak. But if they should, shouldn't they also be able to have expensive clothes, houses and cars? It is not the value system that is questionable, it is the inconsistency of values that appears to be questionable N.C. To Get SI Million In '74 North Carolina will get $157,234,770 in fiscal 1974 as its share of federal revenue sharing payments. U S. Rep Wilmer Miiell, R -N C , announced Monday. The state government will receive $52,417,100 and local governments will device SHABOWLIINE, INC. JOB OPENINGS TRAINEES AND EXPERIENCED SEWING MACHINE OPERATORS Permanent Jobs With Security Starting Pay 32.10 Per Hour Premium Pay While You Learn Fringe Benefit Program Comparable With Jhe Best In This Area . Paid Holidays . .. . Vacation With Pay Hospital and Life Insurance Retirement Plan v- Purchase Merchandise at Cost , ; " :, APPLY: ;, :( . PERSONNEL OFFICE )i Li: OI F 21 NORTH ON 21.1 WliST, MARS HILL ! y: Ltt V.s Dhcuss An! Show You The Job 1 'II f ' News - Record 2 Subscription Rates Outside Madison 15 Mos $9 00 )2Mos 8.00 6 Mos 6 00 4 Mos 4 00 For All in No. Car. 40c Per Week Irlilll'li 57 Funds another $104,017,670 Added to the revenue sharing payments already allocated to the state. North Carolina will have gained $365,783,222 through revenue sharing since December, 1972, Mi sell said. By POP 90 degrees plus several times this past week has caused many persons, in cluding this writer, to sorta wish for cooler weather but if I remember correctly, last winter when it was so cold I said t wouldn't gripe when hot weather came... so I'm not gripping. ..just giving facts glad Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Eure are able to be at home again after being hospitalized following a wreck recen tly.'s always nice to have "visitors" drop in the office either socially or on business. ..Evelyn Clay and pretty daughter, or Decatur, Ga., recently came in to say "hello", etc.. so did Carol Hunter, of Southgate, Mich... ditto, Harold Connor, Roy Rice and several others. ..was glad that J. C. Henderson, and his children dropped by... they live in Decatur, Ga... .un derstand that Joe, their young son, is quite a musician.. . plays the piiano quite well and is going to study organ.. . wonder if he gets his talent from his father or mother?. ..seeing Louise Rector and Neva McLean head toward the Dixie Grocery a few minutes ago reminded me of how faithful and efficient these two gals have been for years as clerks. ..they both are always courteous and pleasant and I think they deserve much credit , there are many other employees in town who deserve recognition for their fine work and pleasant Letter to SHADOWLDME PLEASED Mr. Jim "Pop" Story Editor Marshal NEWS-RECORD Marshall, N C. 28753 Dear "Pop": May I take this opportunity on behalf of the employees, the management and the stockholders of Shadow line, Incorporated to express our sincere thanks and ap preciation for all the fine efforts and cooperation you and your paper rendered to us. Your distribution of publicity, when we were planning and making our initial labor survey of Madison County and the surrounding area, made that undertaking successful. So the seed was planted that bore the fruits of the location, construction and, finally, the opening of our new, modern plant in Mars Hill. Your latest contribution in announcing the actual opening of this plant on July 9, 1973 is truly appreciated. I am certain that you must join us at Shadow line in deriving a great sense of personal satisfaction in seeing a beginning plan become a reality. Yes, you were present and participated at the very outset. If my memory serves me correctly, I recall that you HEARD and SEEN By POP dispositions.. .and then there are a few who act like it hurts them to smile.. .thank good ness, just a few.. .among my favorites who are always pleasant and nice to be around are Jan, Daisy, Cynthia and Marie at Roberts Phar macy. ..they have wonderful personalities.. .and this also goes for the gals who are Bob Terrell Is Guest Speaker At Book Club Bob Terrell of Asheville was guest speaker at the Marshall Book Club's annual picnic meeting held Monday evening, July 16th, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Baker. He was introduced by Mrs. James Story, program leader. While a youngster in Sylva where he was born, Terrell gave thought to becoming a gospel singer, but he could also write and he chose to become a writer. Following graduation from Western Carolina University he took a job on The Asheville Citizen and is now associate editor of the Citizen-Times. His daily column is read by thousands in his native North Carolina and beyond, and it is Terrell upon whom the Citizen calls to cover the activities of the area's No. 1 resident, Billy Graham. A close follower of gospel music through the years it the Editor stated, "I hope you people are serious in your intentions. The people of Madison are tired and frustrated from continual surveys by industry with no results." At that time, Mr. Jim Field and I assured you that not only were our in tentions but our motives were absolutely sincere. So, on the first Monday of July, 1972 Shadow line, In corporated accepted the responsibility of joining the communities of Mars Hill and Madison County as a cor porate citizen. 1 Speaking on behalf of Mr. Salsbury, the President of Shadowline, Incorporated, this responsibility is accepted and we will make every effort to live up to the expectations of the people of Mars Hill and Madison County. May I add that Mr. Thomas Stuping, the Plant Manager of the Mars Hill plant, will continue to need the support of the people and leaders of Mars Hill, Madison County and the surrounding area, as well as your paper, in recruiting and hiring qualified people to accomplish our systematic plan for controlled consistent program of employment, training and growth of the work force. Again, thank you for your many considerations.; I remain with warmest personal regards Sincerely, -8- Arthur T. Sakowski V ice-PresidenUPereonnel SHADOWLINE, IN CORPORATED iv:.:r:s-Xv:-x-:-x-M Pharmacy Comments WHATS Y it used to be com knowledge that from to toe the rhemical valut the human body was iuft rents. But Chemical and E gtneermg News reports th (nun is tome up like ever thing H Today, CE claims the rhemical value 13.50. But wait, don't tell yo-' irlf thort! Biochemist D. NoteboomorthcUnfare Into? Ky of Misuari hM W . He dHMUi (mW44o Include bums rum vWR mUs for $15 I 1 " 1 It h4 l 1, COMM - -J ' 'V till rowai ' .1 employees in the cour thouse. days are "just around the corner'" and this means it won't be long until football.. .I'm looking forward to the season and hope that the PATRIOTS are exciting team.. .I'll have more to say about them later on. Dot Shupe would say, "have a nice day." was only natural that Terrell's first job of book-writing should be about gospel music. The book authored by Terrell is titled "J. D. Sumner ..Gospel Music is My Life," which he discussed at the Book Club meeting. He told of how the book was written in five days' time after talking with Mr. Sumner and several days of recording sessions. "J D. Sumner" was born in Lakeland, Fla. and has devoted almost his whole life to singing gospel songs. The book is a good history of the development of this form of entertainment in the U S Sumner had his ups-and-downs as a professional singer and his really big-time career began in 1954 when lie joined the Blackwood Brothers Quartet, with whom he remained fro 11 years He is now with the Stamps Quartet Terrell said writing the book "was an easy task. The man is humorous, talented, human and professional beyond belief." Terrell is presently involved in writing 5 books which in clude a book to appear next spring containing a collection of his funnier columns. Those attending the picnic meeting were Dr. and Mrs J L. McElroy and their daughter, Mrs Tom Crossland; Mr. and Mrs Overton Gregory, Mr and Mrs. Walter Ramsey and then granddaughter, Kristy Pat ton; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde M Roberts, Mr. and Mrs John Corbett, Mrs. J. B. Tweed, Mrs. Wade Hfltey, Mr and Mrs. William IvanDervort. Mr. and Mrs. Bfo Terrell, Mr and Mrs. James Story and Mr and Mrs. Leonard Baker Union Service Sunday The regular Kifth Sunday night union service which includes the four Marshall churches will be held next Sunday evening at 7 30 o'clock in the Marshall United Methodist Church The Rev. J E. Pedew, pastor of Ponders Chapel Baptist Church, will deliver the sermon. The host pastor, the Rev. Michael Anderson, and the other two Marshall pastors, the Rev Spencer IeGrand and the Rev. Arthur F. Williams, will assit in the service. The public is cordially in vited. !SS::ftW:i8S$SfS Regionalism Echoes By BILLY PRITCHARD Citizen Stuff Writer "I've gotten a real kick out of this thing," the lone female representative on the 16 member Region B Planning and Development Commission said Wednesday of last week. Mayor Edith C. Osborne of Rosman made her comments at the close of Region B's July meeting in Skyland Village Hall, where the conunission's male members "got a lot of things off their chests." The regional unit, made up of elected officials of different political and other per suasions from 16 county, city and town councils in the four county region of Buncombe, Madison, Henderson and Transylvania, had become bogged down last week. Mrs. Osborne's comments at the close of the meeting Wednesday seemed to sum up the new conciliatory mood of the commission Tlie mayor said she was amused lj the all-male squawking "because e ladies are always accused of linding fault and fussing "But it is wonderful to see v hi men ionic along and Two County Stills Found; Man Arrested A MadiMHi (' in ested 1' i ida .aurtl se !i"ii VeraliMi' an Fedi i a i c c i.iniij man was in the Shelton oi. charges of ii-gal distillery. " al otf icers al U::m a.m. ved 2b' gallons I ided ., ':! Friday of nor, hsuliV gallon: Flack, cliarge lcoln unit of ile: pud liquor, two t cms and 300 .sik'i! mash, Kolen of n.Milent agent in 1 1 tho local office of the . ToLicco and Firearm the Tn usury I lepart- iiient re)oi toil Flail: said (I, Slielton, ,.J HI was ai re ,t d ,:' tin distillery (if !lie desti to ii. iiit is ,t. type. 1- lack said One of the stills gallon ojieiatioii H'lle Hell Marshall, site of the two stills a steamer was a 125 and the other, hill c(llll)ed u 1 doublet .rid gallons, was a steam boiler, ooler, he said HeueTit Came t Mars Mil! This Saturday The Mo i Hi'l Cm tan Club 1 i"1i I i ague liase I ,. , 1 M.i. In neti! g t!n: Saturday , 11:11 ,S Cm i ,' Admission r proceeds will die program league parti CiviUin Cluh pi. , p ni on t the Mats H. lu hit-Id oil- and all o lo improve r the Little lpants The ved the Mars Hill Lions ( lab in a basketball gjinie in Man fi which netted $100 for tU Little U-ague Program The Lit'de League Managers will field a lineup which will include Hobby Hernadez, I-owell Merrill, lYeston Fox. F.dwin Fox, Roger Swann, Bruce Baldwin. Kennit Ball, Uine Merrill, flary Phillips, William Wilde. Bill Walker, Gerald Young, Jake Grieg, and Fin ley Jal,V The Civitans wi ""u'th express yourselveni haft your- differences, "and come back into an agreement like perfect gentlemen g hould." There were aiso;wme male comments made' ! at the meeting worth repeating. "I'm a third generation Republican, but I don't g ive a hickory damn what a man's politics is," said William Hickey of Black Mountain, calling for unity of purpose among commission members. "I'm mayor of a small municipality," said Mayor Norman Austin of Woodfin, "and "and I would just like to say that without it (Region B) the smaller municipalities would go under. This is the only place we have to turn." Tom Wallin New Member Lions Board Joe Orr of the Hen dersonville Lions Club was elected president of WNC Lions Inc. at s recent meeting in Waynesville. Other officers electetf.were Robert Barnes of West Asheville, first vice president; Raymond Ledford of Cullowhee, second' vice president; Joe Wallin of Balck Mountain, third president; Eros Pitts of Biltmore, treasurer and William Osborne of Clyde, secretary. New board members are Arthur Siegle of Hayesville and Frank I-edford of An drews, zone 1; James Brown of Highlands and Robert fhristopher of Cherokee; seme t; R. S. Kuykendall of Waynesville and Carroll Waldrop of Canton, zone 3; Kenneth Gowan of Erwtn and Luther Parris of West Asheville, zone 4; Clifford Samms of Beaver dam and Tom Wallin of Marshall, zone 5; Dick Whiting of Haw Creek, zone 6; William Nicely of Pisgah Forest and Charles Morgan of Etowah, zone; and William Livingston of Columbus, zone 8. Husband Of Mars Hill Lady Is Named Dean Mrs. Delores C. Jones, president of Biscayne Southern College, announced that John R. Hamrick of Matthews and formerly employed by the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system has been employed as Dean of the Charlotte campus. Dean Hamrick attended the Mecklenburg County Public Schools He graduated from Mars Hill College with a B.A. Degree, and -received his Master of Education Degree hi Administration from UNC fn 1971 He has also attended the Universite de Dijon in Dijon, France Dean Hamrick is married to the former Elizabeth English of Mars Hill. Mrs. Hamrick, is the librarian at Olde Providence Elementary School in Charlotte. They currently reside in Mecklenburg County in the Matthews area. After Conciliatory Meet Zeno Ponder, the Madison County representative who ita as secretary on the commission's executive committee, told a join about an ao-year-old man awaiting execution on death row tor rape. A priest administering last rites to the old man com mented that it was an im possible charge. Ponder went on. Area Junior Dairy Show Scheduled For August 1 The 29th annual Western North Carolina Junior Dairy Show will be held on Wed nesday, August 1, at the WNC Agricultural Center near the Asheville Airport. The event is sponsored by the N. C. Extension Service, Vocational Agricultural teachers and the Dairy Commission of the Western North Carolina Development Association. Entries are expected from 4-H Club and Future Farmers of America in a dozen western counties. Purpose of the annual show is to encourage interest in dairying among rural youth of Western North Carolina and to recognize those doing out standing work in raising and handling their animals. Personal Mr. and Mrs. McClellan Deaver of Orlando, Fla. are spending this week in Mar shall with Mr. Deaver's sister, Mrs. Anna May D. White; and his brother, Bill Deaver, and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. Moody Chandler spent Thursday and Friday of last week with Mrs. Chandler's sister. Wade White has returned to his hone near Mars Hill after spending several days in Winston-Salem with his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Green, and their daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Chandler and family of Mars Hill had as guests last week Mrs. Chandler's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Bradley, and their son Tony of Hollywood, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chandler and Mr. and Mrs. John B. Harris, of Little Rock, Ark., are spending two weeks Walnut News Dr. and Mrs. William J. Reeves and children from Concord spent the week-end with Dr. Reeves' mother, Mrs. Fleet Reeves. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chandler and Mrs. Chandler's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. John Harris, from Little Rock, Arkansas are camping at the Old Mill Wheel and visiting Mr. Chandler's sister, Mrs. Pauline Chandler and other relatives and friends. Mrs. James Reeves from Belleville, Michigan spent Monday of last week with Mrs. Fleet Reeves. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Tweed and Miss Ruth Guthrie spent Wednesday and Charlotte with the rMre,Jtn' ay vAnd "I know it," me man said, "but the evidence sounded so good I Just couldn't deny It" And . before ' the meeting dosed, L. D. Hyde, Region B executive director, and Mayor Charles H. Campbell of Brevard, commission chairman, received votes of confidence from the mem bers, with Campbell receiving a standing ovation as well. Activities will get underway an Wednesday with a picnic kincheon being given for the exhibitors, parents and leaders at 11 a. m. The snow itself will start at noon and continue through the af ternoon. Cash prizes and trophies will be presented to the snow inner s. Dairy farmers, milk plants, banks, farm supply dealers and others are providing $1500 in awards. Prize schedule is $15 for blue purple ribbon; $12 for blue ribbon; $9 for red ribbon and $6 for white ribbon animals. In addition, all exhibitors and animals will be graded on fitting and showing and awarded prizes and plaques. in the county visiting relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hen derson and family, of Decatur, Ga., are spending several days here with relatives and friends. Dr. and Mrs. Roger E. Jones have returned to their home In Miami, Fla., after visiting with Mrs. Janes' parents Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Greene of Weaverville, formerly of Madison County. Mrs. Jones is the former Unda Gail Greene. Mr. and Mrs. Ed NUes, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Reeves and Mr. and Mrs. Fain Sprinkle and families returned last week end from a vacation to Myrtle Beach, S. C. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gagne, of Minneapolis, Minn., were bouse guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ma co Wallin last week. Senate Seat Up For Grabs In '74 Election One of the two Senate seats in the North Carolina General Assembly from the 26th District may be up for grab by the time the 1974 election campaigns get under way. The two seats from the district, which is made up of Buncombe, McDowell, Madison and Yancey counties, are now held by Democrat! Lamar Gudger and I. C. Crawford, both Asheville attorneys. There is increasing speculation that Gudger, who has always had a keen interest hi' the Judiciary system, win Ckp out of the leglslstire branch of government after tms session. if that happens, it's I certalnity that Gudger a candidate for Court judge. rvtcemen BERT D. PADGETT ne Pvt. Robert D. t, son of Herman A. )t of Hot Springs, oas fed for duty at the Corps Air Station si Point Dean's List hJane Freeman, a m lianfaaD. hM uned ta the Deaal t I ncond semester of U kiligiblsrar OmDcmI I be a of ttMCoOasja, ,n grades for the r nsc- 'S ; - u - --GraMTT.a .ntor . Salem CoOeC. iSalenBiawJss 1 list She ahw r"""- - TwoooturjU dv has Taw. Alan uai

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