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The Dunn dispatch. (Dunn, N.C.) 1914-1978, February 17, 1915, Image 4

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‘ ' " V ■ ■ ■ , _ Special Bargaina FRIDAY 19th. FOB M MINUTES FRIDAY. FROM UiB TO IS OtUXX, 1 VOX SELL 10 YARDS ONLY TO A CUSTOMER. OF THE HEAVI EST FLANNELETTE AND OUT DfQ FOB Me. The Crowds were Enormous at PRESTON WOODALL’S MAIN STREET, BENSON, N C. Now in the Hands of the U. S. Special Sales CoM for only 4 days Longer Special Bargains for FRIDAY 19th. FOR flO MINUTES FRIDAY, FROM 11:30 TO 13 O'CLOCK, I WILL SELL 10 YARDS ONLY TO A CUSTOMER, Or THE HKAVI E8T FLANNEIJ5mC AND OUT ING FOR ft»c The first days of this Colossal Sale smashed the selling record of Preston Woodall’s Store, and established a high water mark of success which future sales, in the unborn years, will try in vain to reach. If this marvelouscarving of prices on peerless merchandise has not developed into a sensation, the fault is not" ours. AX^e simply print a conservative state ment of facts for the information of the people and the people continue to respond in crowds that tax our selling capacity, The opening days were admittedly the greatest crowd-bringing days ever witnessed in Benson. For miles around the people come to this sale: coming m such enormous crowds that it become necessary to increase our force of salespeople in order to wait on the trade. This sale will not be rgotten. a e that will go down in history as a boon to the saving and thnfty shopper. The special values which we have prepared for Satur day 8 business will appeal with telling force to economical thinking peaple everywhere. COME! AND COME EARLY! Hundreds and Thousands of Other Bargains too Numerous to Mention. We want you to Come and Profit _All Transactions During this Sale will be fafcCash Only. Positively no Phone Orders Taken._ FREE TRIP TO BENSON: We will pay railroad fare to out-ol-jfl^Buyer» both way* on a $25.00 purchase within a radius of 25 mile*. ^ra_i_ _LOOK! READ!! REALIZE!! PROFIT!!! PRICES WRECKED IN EVERY DIRECTION. LA DUET TAILOUD SUIT8 $2.98 to $13.48 •• Wta* hUa, PuMn stylos, loSsot oiliH asw.oisrrfcoodlos, ssU on soar tfco wssU frao $8.00 op to WA Tfco U. & Hpostol Solos Co. $2.98 to $13.48 98c to $2.48 tS Skirts la sotst* fskordtaos, ote toHms, «LM mp to KM 98c to $2.48 MBITS SORB $2.49 to $13.48 $2.49 to $13.48 stnrr suns 98c to $7.48 $S> Boy* Sstts. oS opoa, NorMfc •Sfc *0, tmmuU so* hr'"lM wp to $188$, mIs prtoo 98c to $7.48 LADIES' COATS $2.98 to $12.48 109 LsdW Coots, 1914 —-rilih. *11 sisss and oofcws osw offsets, ragalar rates 94.00 op to **540 U. 8. Spoe lal Salsa pries $2.98 to $12.48 TABLE LINEN 18c to 78c 14*0 yards Ubls Uosn la srUts aad eslsrsd, fonmty sold Cor 26e op te $14* yard, sals pries 18c to 78c MBITS OVEBCOAT8 $3.78 to $13.48 909 Mas's Orsresats is Mas lots aad silos, ragalar rmtos *840 op to 9*940, wfaUo tesy lost $3.78 to $13.48 BOT8’ KNEE BANTS 19c to 78c Boya* Km Boats, all agaa sad Pattaraa. Wfdtf rates* 96e ap to *148, wtUlo tWy test 19c to 78c SILK ramcOATB 78c to $2.48 10 in 8m lot. all colors, can rgv lari/ far 91.00 op la IA00 U. 8. Special Sales Co. price 78c to >2.48 I DOM GOODS 8c to 78c yard Dr »oe Goode, all colors in aargea, - gaberdiaee, wool, ala. ter mer price lie op to 9LM per*. Sola price 8c to 78c yard MOTS I* Aim 98c to $3.98 MO pairs of Mob's Toots, al Maas sad pattens la aargea, veretefe, ate, soil an aver the world fat 91 Ad op to 9M0. Sale price 98c to $3.98 CHILDEKN-S SHOES AMD rut HISHIMOS AT THX COST OT PBO DUCTIOM. LADDS' WAISTS 38c tv $1.98 n to the M, Ilf pin 10a op I to iLM D. a. Bp—tol Sola* Cm 38c to $14)8 Wa qooto a tow apairtala wUoh will tolM plana — filAy, fikraaiy 11th (— • It—tod tana only. $ro— 1W» kiln wUl aafl ooata 8ftol ItwM 0* Ika A apaai anly 4 a Flaw id* to f ww wOl aoll Froot 4a Laa— Stoatotof yard wi4a , IV r*r*t to a aaaOaaaar tor TOm Fla— • to StS* too wS aaU (lAO A-i tpm4 tvly t to • nftoMtr for mm mJk. LAD 1X8' MILLINKBT 180 Ladies* Hila, elegantly trimm ed. newest ehepea sad styles, Paris lea fashions, former price 81.50 op to 810.00, while they lest at leu then wholesele cost. ] ---- DOMESTIC8 SeSse Island 8tte yd, ®* A mock sag Gingham 6Vtc yd. 10c Proot da Loom Bleaching 7 Sic yd 8c Plaids 4Hc yd. 10 and 12c Outing Flannel 8c yd. 1004*8 SHOES 98c to $3.98 1*800 pair* of men's sheas in black tana, farmer pries 8150 up to *8-00, while the lest 98c to $3.98 OIL CLOTH 15c yd. All oil cloths formerly cold for 20c «p to 26e the yard, this tale 15c yd. LADIES' SHOES 98c to $2.98 300 pair* ladies' shoe* in black and tan* 1914-16 style* sell regular ly for 6160 op to 66.00. U. 8. Spec ial Salem Co. price 98c to $2.98 8ILK8 17c to 78c yd. 2,000 yards of tUk In all coors reg uar price 26c up to 61.60 par yard, sal. price 17c to 78c yd. MEN'S HATS 38c to $2.98 75c Hata 38c Stetson 66 00 bate and up 62 98 Other* reduced in proportion. 38c to $2.98 CHILDREN'S COATS 98c to $2.48 100 dddrea’t coats, aD color* and siaca, regular ralua 61-60 up to 66.00 This aala 98c to $2.48 CORSETS 38c to 79c CornU sold for 50t up to $1.26, whlla llioj ltit 38c to 79c laces and embroideries at LESS THAN THE MILL COST. LADIES' FURNISHINGS 10c Hom 7^e 20c Hom lJe 25c Hom Igc 60c Underear Jg,. Mu»lIn underwear end other for niehinfi reduced In proportion. MEN'S FURNISHINGS lOe Handkerchief■ fc I0e Hom 7*4, *0e Hom iae ISe Hom Lgo 60e Underwear gge 60e Work ahirte sn< 60c Dree* ahirte gge 91.04 Draaa shirts 7^ 91.00 Wright's Health Underwaar 78c. 1 TRUNKS AND SUIT CASES All trunks and leather foods te fo *t leas than maanfaetorerm cost. Nobody £EM3l ^tte U^Wfrd&Je* Co. 'whrf 4^XShTnVtfi k v,Uho"t fjS^^J0" g!i,he h< nefit chant* do. No, indaed we *ell at manuf^torer’.tUt «*u*e thfcy don t have to figure co,t and then add a profit, like mer Special Bargains for SATURDAY 20th. rot m MDTOTBS IATUKDAT, nom 11 m to u o'clock. i i WILL nu. Ma wlua wrote AT ««, 10 TABXM OWLT TO A comm. >*. /4' / >/' , J V • ^—_ ■ ■ ■ I . A 24-lb Sack of Flour Given Away Every Afternoon at 3 O’clock. —--*:- - • 9 t# • : 'ISON, I 1,11 11 1 ■ ' Special Bargains for SATURDAY 20th. ro* *> minutes Saturday, r*OM 1I M TO It O'CLOCK, i WILL SELL Me DRILUANTINE AT S7e, IS YARDS ONLY TO A CUSTOMER.

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