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The Dunn dispatch. (Dunn, N.C.) 1914-1978, January 30, 1918, Image 2

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THE DUNN DISPATCH April 1st, 1114, at Mm post office . st Dus. K C, under Iks set of March *. lift 'v:‘. lilt tuuvt] TO THE COLORS A Call Bp The Ownw. On the third day of September, 1917, 1 baaed a proclamation calling into active military eocvteo aO am tstwsmi tbs agoa of twenty-one aad friptm Thaaa mea constitute tha foam Onard aad are tho guardians of tha peace aad safety of rim State. I now cal te tha Colon all the women is the State, aad all tha boyi and girts between the ages of twelve The one sapieme task before the f ravrican people b the wincing of tha war. Tha oao sainm necessity for the wtanlag of the war b food. The ope sure way to supply this ■ uprime necessity b te man the l mod line with the w—an power, the ley power aad the girt power of the I hacoby aomiasts aad appoint every woman la the State a rjru ■ mitt an of oao on Garden Spots. The doty of each committee b two-fold: 1. To taka steps st cnee to pro pars aad cultivate a garden spot for hersotf aad family. 1. To boo to it that every vacant parcel of land is the neighborhood la which aha lives b converted into a t» Join torn* active canning and dry inf e!»b to tW end that everything may be saved and eotblag bo loot. Lad year tha women canned and dried c gbtooe ttama a* mack fruit* and vegetable* aa they did too year be fore. This i ea pterions record. Doable ii. I call to ths> Colon every boy aad gill between the apoa of twelve aad t —ty eae. I ergo ovoay on* of you to Join the Con, the Pig aad th* Poultry Clmha. Ia aa doing you wiB bcooae* aa omoatial part of the army that am wto the war. Today wo haea only thirty-eix kaa <Irgd Cora Cleb boys. I want to aa* one huadrod thomsad merehellod ia ihvlaoiblo array. Lot ad boy bo a slacker, but lot every oao fall prompt ly totem .. tUa call we wiO surely wla the war atltodm^ieetersleineMm yraaa aa It wfl souat far rntrsm la this supreaeo crisis he tot world tt*m gto for aadmtap paaco. T. W. BICKETT, Governor. January 14th, 1«1«. WAB PAVINGS STAMPS Th* worhlsiii by which the pur rhaae of a Thrift Stamp or a War Baviapa Stamp is to bo mads aa oaay and eoavoalcnt aa th* purchaa* of a spool of thread or a pound of nails, in ovary community ia th* United Sts too, is rapidly being established. Already 1(5,000 War Savings Stamp / reacts* hue* boon ostabhafaad aad by to* doe* of January this number *rlB have boon incrcoood by >50,000. Ia addMou to thooo upoacio* torn HB b* 1,000, POO “eaUs station*. v hick do not ruaoivo direct aathoria * Jen to make toe sales from to# i cerutary of the Treasury, hut obtain ttrhr stamps from asthsrisod spent* sad sell them over thair couatsrs at their cashiers’ window*, and other Fifty thousand poet ofScoo now huvo MM banks mi4 1*90 individual Aran rod cevpofntloac here be«a appointed cgoate. Mae thousand Interstate corpscnttoas having please ef buei n«M la several Stataa win soactttnta II MOO additional agencies. An Intensive campaign le now on the iat all hailing ef War Bn rings •orietlaa atoll can he organised hr I# or nm parsons in any communi ty. erhool. ateb, cksrth, factory or •Oco and ana ho agUtoted with the Na ttoaml War Barings Comatittoc at WaaWagton upon application. '/ 'f'' ! V e bRy disahlod, will mein Id addition rehabilitation and facial education iud training to At him for mm work. Ike efforts of the Tvcasary Depart mot to have every :eeaW of tho military amd naval (c m taeared un der this law can be ;rcMly assisted by the people at home of tea soldiers and sailors if they v 11 Join in urg ing them ta taka o. I the insurance offered. NOTK RECISTRATtOI • F GERMAN ALII: i In puvaaaitea of . I ority of tka Proclamation ef tfc. ident of tka United States, dst.'J .November 16, 1317, notice b b»:v ./ given that t. All natives. - ''teas, demisene ar sabjecta of the C n-n Empire or of the Impanel Gsrr »« Government being males of th- sge of 14 year* and upward, wl. are within the United Statea and r' t actually natar aHsad as American . :Fr-vna, are ra il, uired ts register a ■ lion enemies. t. Thb ngmtraG tall extend -ad apply So all la.:** .-I water, con tinental or tsenlsr. It. u way with in the juriedietloa o( C.u lilted Statea. 3. An alias enemy required to rag Ktor who fails to complete hie regis tration within the time Axed therefor er who violates of -Useapt* to vio late or of whom there fa reasonable [ground to believe that he Is about to viobte any regubt'nn duly prmnul gaied by the Prsridcnt of the United Stall— or these Regulations, in addi : don to oil other per video prescribed by tar.-, I.-, li-lilc *.n restraint, imprt sonm-r.V and detent nn for the dura tion of the rar, or to give security United States in then-, inner proscribed by sections 4407, 4CS9, and 4070 of the United States I a vised Statutes, and to alt pemaltiei prescribed in the several proclamation i of the Presi dent of the United Mates and in the regulations duly pc "lulgated by oi under lbs authority e_" the President 4. An alien anem. required to reg iiter who shall after the data fixed for the issuance to him af a registra tion card be found •-'thin the limits of the United Stmt--, its territories or possessions, witbo '—ring his reg istration card on h • -mm, is liable to the aforesaid p- -’I'm. Time Far S ••*r-*-tse». The Attorney Gf •< if the United States has fixed th ': it tor registm tien of Gorman A1 rhwmles as the 4, S, 6, T, I, aad 9 d- of February, 1918, Inclusive, fieri 1 a. m. to 8 p to. on each af aM in-a. All German aliens are required, nudar heavy pen alties, to present th-'ueelws for rn gtotretkia to the Rjttrsis In theta lefancies, aad to N{:*ttr thtmsolvot hi accordance with tbs requirements k *.,J.tra«4ed.’* 1. In dties of MOO or mors inhabitants legistrel -n will be made before the chief of p'Kce or such aa he may have designated aa Aanmt aat Registrars. L In non-urban areas or in sub urban districts not within the juris diction of the Chief of Police of a city of S,000 or more inhabitants, registration must be made bsfoTe tbs l^nl postmaster. Method of R.fMtsmUew. 1. Re gist ration rhall be made by affidavit of the alien rnctay required to register, to be executed In tri plicate, accompanied by four un mounted photograph* of the regis trants nut largsr then 8x3 inches in sise, oa thin pa-r with a light back-ground. Each photograph must be signed by the app'.i- ant across the face thereof so aa n«t to obscure tbs features, if the aptirant is able tc write, which eignetu -- must bo made in the presence of tv* registrar. Each r.i.uo I'oittv rcqair* • in rfjr»;pr inui be required to rev"-ter hie finger prints. 2. A registration .ad will bo le aned by tho registrar end delivered to the registrant. Inlo'mt'os end r*«rurtion* to ra gletrer.;- will be p' .-n by the chief* ef pot nr postair tire upon H>pH cation. Registrant* arc r 'i ilrrd to again prerent theawelva* before the regis tration officer after H, bat before fifteen deyr from fe» U<t day fixed for regiatration, to rM«‘n a ragtstra tioa raid upon wbt \ lie Boat sign hi* mmr or Bales h rr\rr\ and place hi* left tboab print In the pTusam of tho registration -Tr - Robt. M. Chief Registrar In '>•»-*‘rban Area* ter Eastern D1 l* tt nf N. C. RUTTING rr 2TRC; ICT-Y, ROT NOT too rrroHG'.v The State, *f Columbia, 8. C., fra qaoaUr finds Itaeff *« i early la a Raa with tha Tea Ccautoadmeate, and the Sana** aa th* Mon at, that H feela eaOed upon t' notify He read er* that M dew aot r-ri. ad to be re Igioae, that It eperbt merely fa* the latere at of deerary eed goad Ward lag. Raffle* It t* rev that H gnln la the peiat, aad with a force (hat b hhaly to leash the quick where the •rt^Rlhi are set utterly coHoaa Take this ea profanity: “If aclf-ra apaet aad nemail for tha dotty wO Mt preveat Mg from candag la p»d II*. ■ prove atto* shoe Id ha prevtdad hy law. Oaa ha# no trirm legal er ■wral right to ear- In tha praaeae* a# a etraagrr la a p*b'># place thaa *aa haa to Jeatta the rtiugg eat ef ffla tray er to apea hie ahae. Te •he baffler part ef auaViadl whether er aad M he safipi a ref salty Is a - i twtioo from ft la a right to which ft b entitled. Public profanity is no tbs priviiogo of any clam of m«a than la public drankennm, light ing or ribaldry." b there any da, in the whole raU k>»ao to which human depravity has given birth, 'hat offer* each a gratui tout intuit to God as the sin of pro fanity? Hen yield to other sine under the pressure of UmpUt.on, but what temptation is there to euree? What good docs It promise? WWt relief does it offer? What appetite or pas sion does it gratify? It Is absolutely Wrtboat power to profit tha earear or to iojnre the cursed. It is vox at praetarea nihil except as it relates to God. We should enlarga on the topic, if ere thought our words would roach the eyes of any who need reproof. Bnt surely no reader of tha Standard can be guilty of profanity. We >»l. it that the readers of -the Standard erhen not Christiana are c|(har ladies or gentlemen, and none ofthesa will cune. We cordially endorse another Paragraph from the Stats: "One often finds himself practically excluded from the smoking room of a paaaen gef car by the atmosphere created In it by persona who would light at tho intimation that they were not gentlemen and whosj twnmsai of language betrays a eor.;?*a ignor ance of the obligations rest up on all gentlemen.” The July assign able reason for cursing ia just innata casaedscaa.—Presbyterian Standard. ADMINISTRATION notice. Having qualified aa adminrtratei of the estate of Cheater A. Barnet deceased, late of Haaett county, N C., this is to notify all porsons hav ing claims against the estate af said deceased to exhibit them to the an detained at Costa. North Carolina on or before the 4th day of January 19IB. or thin notice will be pleaded la bar of their recovery. All person) indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment. This the 4th day of January, 1918 A- P. GRIMES, administrator oi Cheater A. Bernes, deceased. L L I-evineon, Attorney, Coeta, N. C. NOTICE OF SALK. Underand by virtuo of the power oi tele contained In a certain deed oi »»•* »>y C. C. Butler and vtfe to Clarence J. Smith, Trustee teid deed of trust bring rvenred is JK>k N«- H*. page 148 in oBce oi tte Register or Deeds for Harnett County. Default having been made in the payment of the note secured by ••id deed of trust, the undersigned will on Friday, F.brun^S 1918 at the cbortbotue door la LUI mgton la Harnett County, expose u **** >? th* hlfboet bidder for cub lr accordance with the terms describee in eald deed of trust, the following 9-criV* tenet or panel ad laud e£ uatM La Attmbord Township, bmi Oe teem of Dunn, la Harnett coon te teJd tract or parcel of land being boand and described aa follows: Too lota ia Black “R"in the plat °f the Young property as recorded ii the office of the Register of Doedi for Harnett county, being lots Nuia bor One (1), and Five (C) in said block. TIME OF SALE—Friday 12. M February 1st, 1918. , PLACE OF SALE—Courthouse Door, Lillingtoo, N. C. TERMS OF SALE-CASH. 1917** th* *0til <i,y °f December CLARENCE J. SMITH, Trustee. ONLY A PRIVATE (Dedicated to the Privates of tha aotl Division, U. g. A., Camp Sevier «. C., 1918). He ir only a private we know it, witl r.» ribbon, ao braid or bar To mark hi. deeds of gallantry, 01 v bore he will go or how far. Boi > i. know when doty calls him, hi v .U have but one word to say I am Willing to light to a finish and die for Uo U. 8. A. But who win know he was fighting for no mark of distinction wai there. With thousands of othera just Kki him, and ballets filling tha atr. And when the battle is over, and they find him on the field They will only any he Is gone, boys bnt that's not the way we should feel. For we know be died like a boro thoufb villi no marker to mart Ms grave. / With bared heads we will do him benor. with only the Master to praise. And whoa life's battle Is over, and wn have answered the final roll. We'll all be private* together aad no one will wear the geld. ****** ones that were gallant and were seen by the One who knows, The Cemmaadcr of all great armiaa— tha Leader ef friends and foaa. Aad >Ie will fan the medals, aa matter •ho you are Oa the private ae well ao the general, vbo wore the braid aad bar. —Barry R. Peal. Pint Sergeant Ma !**• °«* Ca., 119th Infantry. °**» SerWr, A a ” _ " ■ nHEXT FIDEflffiWMWARi morny Year Flrea la United Flats* 5 Oaetroy Kaantfi Material ta g Wla the Mg War. I lenitanas will wla dw war. ft haa baaa aid If military expert* that 1*000 Iwertiea earoplaue would wla tha war and Corea Oeraeeny to har knaao In * plan tor paaon. Put tta* the erarwes eoet at Uiaaa at »T. M0 Serb, Imsrlns htrne ap la a j ear tha vmlaa af K.OOO aeroplane Destroyer* win whi the war. Marat expert* tall a* that aa aided Corea at * handled ead ntty destroyers would pat a ds« nils and to tha mb aoariae nwaaoa and qin tor alllad ship pta# tha aadlapntad open traffic oa tha Atlantic that wend pot troop* end aappUaa oa the battle del do and speed ily ooaqasr the Rnaa. The Nation s ' dr* taOl for oaa yang, would kelA these hundred usd fifty daatrujan and equip Food will srtn tha war. From May 1 to Ootobor It Ah year annuib food -waa Osotmred by dr* •vary mhrata to tsod 1M soldier*. Dur lac tha period under consideration 111. 17COM ta food el oaa waa destroyed by Amerlee'e worst me wiles—rtre and Carets* me ea. Mosey will wtn the war Tha crest«et dnaaclnl scheme rrer nsdartahaa by tha cOUsaot of a nation area tha o-raruubecrlptloo to tha First and Second Uberty loan* of tha Unit ed State* OoreramanL The to incest aa the taro loan* h annual approxi mately |IS4,000,000. America'* eannul dr* bUl wtn pay this Interest. Adequate boepttah will *nT* oonot lane thousand* of oar soldiers An tBreatmeut ad $00,000 will equip n haa* hoe pi tel. nepsblw of ourtnc far 4M slab or wounded. The amount of waste In America tor ooe year from to—— a rnilil bsQd and equip J.W0 nek hospitals. TVle would approxi mate one to nek half-mile on all Baropsaa battle fronts. Destitute orphan ta Prance mat be eared. ta destitution la the bar oared hoaiae to franca are mmItlfndea of the chil dren of thoes who hare atrea their Dree oa the battle fields Appeals hare been made to American ban to tone# apoo the bash of tan costa par day per child to provide tor their taimedtete necessities. Six mill Ion each little one*, or tor more than tha total number la need oo«M be support ed for the coat of America's senseless destruction. < The Answer Is up to yon. Destruction of property by flee It a ■tartar of tadtrMual responsibility. Back one moat taka R to hlmaaU as a personal matter. There ere fifteen hundred Brea each day ta Imarlna, or —re than one to tha minatw. What right has aay ooe to sesame that all of these will occur an tha praaad— h' "other people r* rrom whatever stand point R Is eg—I R mast toe realis ed that ovary pr—hla are. Uttla ran b4 bo iin ocorxrrraoi ta mob* arty oontrollad by him. sad raises ha makes this resolve effective by tnuae- , dials Inspection and correction at ell Ora besards, he cannot be conffdared ' a time patriot so matter what map be tats nonf—a Inna SOKE OTHER USIULTY USTS •M Ml am Arno* of ghstl Pin or Qu—How* WMmm Hu Asm UMtrWn. Not all tks casualty Hate printed to ttnaa day* of war m tee result at shall Am or poteen gas oa tks battle (root to franco. The naoaruinty ot home sodstanoa la kroaght to mfad to • raoaot report •< » wan known scst ' dent com poor sbowtng claims paid by | the company. Tks following Nam ! (ram the Ksasle City Tinea tolls tbs story wall: If the soldiers in the (renews should read the recent rsport of a oartats so ddsnt lasarsaoe company they might • hare some seek feelings as the sailor whooe ship waa thrashing akoat to a great storm at sea. > *T Pity the folks oa shore tonight, with chimney pete tailing gutters blowing jg the aatraa of honses and The report fires the rsoord of soak dawte to tko company's potlcy-hcldwa too last Urea months. It shows that a »•»»«>• doesn't hare to ga to war to ka la danger. Nineteen man fall dawn ■lairs at bams and wars Infarad; ton supped on doors sad ware hart; aar onty olua sprslaod toslr aaktos; three ■Upped to bath tabs and ana died from that hnrt; three wars Injured s swing •at at bad; saroaty ware hart wblla at play; tores ware hart white dressing, and thirty**ren ware hart white work, tag skoal tks bona* la owe ease a soldier want through the gas-cost knitted af tea war an tu tored. and white home on a furlough tell and was sortonaly Injured. A anted seoaomlet asakaa toe foltew lag stertUgg compart son: K wa shoe Id open (ha doers af oar paalfeatlsrisi and lorn tease all oar sanrtstsd tbtares, (hags, dorpsr* and mmrdarars, lbs Ispritetfoss of tkos* anfsatrakls cttlasn weald probably not cost any mom Ufa and property than weald bo aarad by too aUmlaartoa af tks aorml heard to are tosaraasa a a a WALTER JONES • flslb * ALL KINDS OF FEED STUFF * * . ,, m wall aa tha * I ^ BEST GROCERIES IN TOWN * I Pbona 27 * I .. . I f THE CHRISTMAS T '’I I SAVINGS CLUB I g 4| ► THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK’S CHRISTMAS «ij L SAVINGS CLUB FOR THIS YEAR WILL OPEN ► ON THURSDAY, JANUARY, 31,1918 | P A small deposit each week, which you will never 3 i miss' surprises you at Christmas time with dollars Jg ► saved as follows: S r 25 cents per week for forty-five weeks end ► ing Dec. 4th, 1918..$11.25 « Z 50 cents per week for forty-five weeks end ► . ingDec. 4th, 1918..22.50 ^ $ l .00 per week for forty-five weeks ending » Dec. 4th, 1918,..45.00 F 4 per cent Interest Paid on Club Accounts. Christmas checks mailed out on Dec. 15, 1918. h If our representative should fail to see you, please call at the Bank and open an account, get Your Z Christmas Card and begin saving for Christmas s 1918. I_ E fe» PA The John A. McKay Mfg. Co., Dunn j! (Incorporated) 's(‘ General Foundry, Machine and Metal Works. jj r“‘ "We make, deaTSTRa^SrSna JCSpSSnOf*^ »' kinds of machinery. We have one of the best plants a°f this class in the State. We carry in stock at all k times a nice line of Steam Fittings and Mill Supplies m Shafting, Boiler, Tubes, Pulleys, Mandrels, Swing F Saw Machines, etc. We carry constantly in stock a large stock of the celebrated James Ohlen & Sons Saws. Inserted and solid tooth, both Cut-off and * Rip. See us for anything in Machinery or Machine work. —-• Over Quarter Century of Knowing How The John A. McKay Mfg. Company, Dunn, N. C. . . .... .... . I Announcement! We take this method of announcing to the public of Dunn and this community that we have purchased from the Johnson-Denning Company their entire stock of gro ceries and the good will of their business. We already have assumed the management of the business and are now ready to serve the patrons of the former concern and our friends. It is our intention to carry a complete line of heavy and fancy groceries, the freshest and best money can buy, and accommodate our customers in every way possi ble consistent with sound business methods. Our store is situated at 119 E. Broad street, between the Barnes & Hol liday Co., and the Fleishman Bros, stores, where we will be pleased to have our friends call on us. ; Assuring the customers of the former company that we will appreciate a continuation of their business, and so liciting a portion of the business of our friends, we are. Yours very truly MORGAN BROTHERS U Perry Morgan Willie Morgan I

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