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The Dunn dispatch. (Dunn, N.C.) 1914-1978, September 11, 1919, Image 1

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On Next W ednesday and Thursday Ladies will Canvas feown for entries for the Fair. Be THE |DISPA v«t s KT™*” ~ ‘ ' HARNETT COUNTY REMINISCENCE! __Ml The .outers along the Capa Pna war* greatly divided tn their seut manta during the Revolution—eve ■aambf s of the Mine family support lng dir.'rent allies in the struggle— b«l Ih. y lived together In peace ■ nelghb r» At Croea Creek lb Whlga would drill od one aide of Ih river i nd llio Torlaa on the othai and v .an their exorcise* were ova they would go home and live a friend* last u the two political par tin* do today alter a campaign i over. Dut this was out their atti tude towards an opposing party out aide of tbalr own community. The] considered inch aa aa anamy tubjec to toe attacked at a convenient op Poriuntty. After Galas' defiat at Camden tbi British and Tories overran the conn try south of the Pee Dee river, and many of the Whlga la that territory left that section end went to the Neves river, as that eountry was set tled by Whlga. and remained Ull it waa safe to return. Vmong these refugees were Capt. Calp of 8 C. and Col. Wade of An*..* ......... Whan Oen. Oroene had driven Cora arallle out of 8. C in tba dlraciton of Ouliford courthouse, tka refugee* decided to rctara home, aad lh« above manltoaed oflcers eel out on their way bona wllh several wagon load* of anppllea they wars taking bask with them. They crossed (ha Capa rear river at Sprola i Kerry a few mllot below LHUagton late In the afternoon and camped for tha night between there and Lower- Ut ile river. Seme of the men went to the bouse of a John McDonald, who llvad near where they camped, and stole a ptere of new cloth from a girl named Marlon McDonald. She bad rpaa the thread herself and had a weaver iu the comm salty to ^aaKa M for bar. a%l after the work was hTiJSft^niBRpBi wmwi The Tories on the river. lesmlnK | that a party of Whigs were passing I through the neighborhood, deter ■tosf to lottow them aad make an attaefc oa them Where they woe Id camp the neat night. Couriers etart •■d out early to the morning to notify the Tories to meet that night at Long Street, as II was thought probable that thay would camp naar thare. Jennie Bee McNeill was living In tha community, and It la thuogbt thet her son John planned the raid. But to avert any suspicion he went over to Col. Folsom's that evantng and re mained till after sundown. Folsom lived about a mile across the river from Lilltngton. and le barled there near the eroeeroada. He waa a ^hlg but was suspected of having lively Tory sympathies. After dark John McNeill muunted kls horse, aad bid ding Folsom goodnight, rode down the river to 3proles Ferry where 8. W. Withers now lives, crossed the river and rode on to lung Street. Where abont 100 Tories had gathered •nil they followed the refugees, com ing op with them In camp naar the hood of Rockleb Creek. Thla place la known as Finer Bottom, end Is north of Raetord They airlved about an hour before daybreak and determined to attark them at once They were all asleep except one sen tinel. for they had no foer. They had paused the Tory settlement on the Capa Few. Capt. NeUl MeRalney waa Jit it below them on Roekdah to keep the Tories In check, and Cot Matthews was just above them on Cranes Creek tor the eeme purpose. The sentinel helled them ae they “me up, but they did not answer. He then Bred hie gun The Tories rushed op end shot down about half a doaen of the men as they sprang up from their sleeping places. The rest eecaoed la the darkness, tearing eterylhlng behind them. There wee a motherless boy In one of the wegona that Wade wee carry ing buck to Ms home In Anaoa. Ha crawled oat and beggad for his life. In spile of Ool. h.cDoogald'e etorte to eere the ehlld. Duneea Pergueaon. a deserter from tha American army, apltt bla head open with a sword he carried. They took everything they coaid asrry away and burned the wagons They Irted te bury the dead, but harlug an tools the work wee no' completed. Capt. MeRaleey seat klaloom Monroe. Allen Cams roc. Neill Bnmh aad Philemon Hodgee neat day to Inrestlgete. and lhay found tkree sf the bodies serstebad ap by wolrea la rereage for tble attack at Plaay Bottom. Cape Bogan came down fro an Aaaoa eoaaty with !•* men aad camped owe elgit oa tha prem lees of Denial Pmltarwoa, the piper; ure Used eg Drowalag Crash, Just *_ above Pi itcrnon bridge. Finding tin P'F" bn«w who (lie parties wen J ‘bey bet Inn mi he told the name «t all In (be community that wen connected lu the Plnoy liotlnin at!atr They ir.ada a raid In the neighbor hood and killed several who wen with llir Turin. But they never wen noar the Tory neul on the Oupe Feai where donbtloee tho Monte .huulc I have retted. 'I When John McNeill waa gulag Maine from Piney Bottom he Hopped Mat John McDonald a and (lowed lilu 1-iundor he had lakes, among II w.ilcft waa n piocu of new cloth. McDonald recogmaad It aj 1 the pmoe teken rrom her by the re fujtoc. ano John returnad It to her. ’| After iho war wee over. Wade had John McNeill tried lor hla life In Cumberland county court oo tha charge of mirder w. Plney Bottom, but he wae acquitted on the evidence of Col. Foloem, who ewuro that John Wi'i at ale Uouea tha evening before till after eun.trt. Tie Jury oonvider lag the Jinan ce fro:;i there to Pluey Dottom by a clrcoltoue route through - ,c'r 'orT having practical y no roade. deemed It Hnpoaniblc to ride lb.:, .lit 1 chi r through the dxrkneje and arrive at riney Hoitom a> hour hlfcia day-break Rn they rendarod a verdict of not guilty. Dir. John i*rt)unaid ear Murt-jn, nor the eld wearer waa not at the trial, br they would have proven that he waa there No doubt hla frlendal brlpud h'm int! giro him credit of Claanng UlniHalf by hie o.a ehrewd Iiera. for ho w.-.a known mt "Ca inlng John** ever eflerwarua When w; road n! Pr a! Rcvera'a ride, or tfhertdun'e ride, not to men - Dun John Uilplt.'a or Wm C'Shaa tar'a racer we wonder If Harnett Itaa not left them all behind with John McNeil!', all-night rlda to Pinny Bottom, even If It t. not eo much re nowned in aong or elory J McO. • Praakllnton, N. C.; Min Cora Ballard, Alexis. N. C. 8#eobd grade—Miss Nodi Pridgen. Klim City, N C.; Mias Us bis Davis, Pink HOI. N. C. Third grade—rMln Amanda Cobh, Lumber Bridge, N. C.; Min Lens Westcott, Rocky Mount, N. C. Pourth grade- Miss Lula Wroton, Denmark, S. C.; Min Elfreda Carter, Leo. S C. Fifth grade—Min Grace Hester, Elisabethtown, N C.; Min Christies Johnston, Howland, N. C. S>»th grade—Mias Carolyn Holmes, erasers!!, N. q.: Min Anal* Park.r, Monroe, N. C. Seventh grads—Miss Blanche Thomas, Burlington, N. C.; Miss Pau line Dominick. Newberry, A C. H. A English and Prencb—Min Janet Westherspoon, Sanford, N. C. H. 8. History and Mathematics— Min Janie Ipock, Goldsboro, N. C. H. A Latin and History—Min Ceram ir Roddey, Rodday, 8. C. H. 8. Science—Min Annie CarrolL Columbia, A C. in* n*w North Urtliu eompul •ory school law should receive th* moat cartful attention on th* part of •very parent In *he Dunn school dis trict Under thia ruling every child In thia school district from the 8th to 14th birthday ia compelled to aV tend school each school day for the ontir* school term and no ahaaneo will bo allowed by aehoal authoritlea except for certain most reasonable excuse* Parents will be hold re sponsible for the sheens* *f their children aad a heavy penalty ia im posed in case* where parents wilfully keep their children from school. A county welfare officer will aid In th* enforcement of the law. Th* program for the opening of th* Dunn (leaded School la a# fol lows: Monday, Sept IS, from I to II o'clock—Teoehen* mooting. Monday, Sept IS, at I o’elaek—All new pupil* (except drat grad* chil dren) will report at school building far clamf Aeation. Tuesday, Sept. U, ,t f odoek the eatir* achool win naaeohl*. All pu plla aheuld bring their books and be ready for regular work. Wednesday, Sept 17, at S o’clock, examinations will be given to pupils who seek eradit for certain delinquent work of tha port session. ftoeretory Redd eld Realgua. William C. Rod As Id, secretary of commopee, has resigned end hoe on ooarveed that ha will return to private business. Preside!* Wilson has ae •eptod the resignation to ha effective Norm her I. TharV la no hint aa to who will AS the ptaoe. I MUST FINISH THE JOI OR DO THE JOB OVH ' So President Declares in Sneed Supporting Trmefr^ CONFIDENT OF R£JUL1 PrasUaat Sara That P.opU At, Da teemUed That Treaty Shall B Ratified Pravidaatiai Trail Climb in* Raaldaa On Board President Wilson’s Spa clal Train, Sapt. 10.—To crowd! which aurrvundad ha private car to day at Kasdan, N. D., President WU •on dsclarsd a weak ef travel in th< heart of the country had convlncat him that tha nation stands together f®r aa international guarantee ol pane*. “I am glad to gat oat to aee thi r*“* f°> " ko amid, “to fail the touct of thaTr hands and know aa I hava com* to know, kow tha nation W.-S. togathar in tha common purvey to [comvIetB a hat th* boy* did arho ear. riad thair pins with them ov*r tha see. “W# may think that they finished that Job. but thay will tell you thay did not, that unless are as* to It that veac* ia mad# secure thay will baa the Job to do over again and ws la th, meenttaa trill ram under a eom atant apvreh.naion that wa may have to aacr.Oc* tha Goner of oar youth Wf IW. “Th« whole country baa —^ up ita mind that that rfrnll not ‘•-ppm acd preeenUy, afetr a taaaonabla time ia allowed far --rirj w> wU; e* »ot of tbia period of <teabt and Ur ita the whole fore, aad .inSo once of the United Staeta to «^-dT the world in the liaea of pmaeo. a-a '* ho the (troodeat thine nad Saoot thlB* that America ever did. Ha waa born to do thooa thiafi and now ■ho ia feint to do them." . Crowd Cheer# hpcuh, ’ +t th. »n the rear viatfenn to shake handa, but on the whale H waa a day ef raat whUo hia train aped waatarard. The >nly aat apaaeh daring tha day waa at Btamarek, tke atate capital, daring a two hoar noonday atop and for tha ftnrt lime smc. ha left Washington a we« kago there waa no night addraaa. Th# Presidential epeeial picked up a second engine late today aa It be gan to climb Into the Rorkiei on one of the longaat continuous puBa of ha 10,000 mile journey. The next ache doled atop after Bismarck waa at Billings. Mont., whar, the President will apeak tomorrow morning. Tomorrow night ha wtU addraaa a meeting at Helena, Mont. Tha short ipeeeh at Mandaa waa the second tha President has mads from the rear platform tinea tha trip btgan. Upon the advice of hia physician. Dr. Gray Mr Wilson haa aabed hit voice for th« larger meetings sad has taken precautions after &ia addmaset not to take cold. After the night meetlnga. espec l*Hy, Dr. Grayson haa bean insistent that tha Praaidcnt ahonld not use hit voice more than n are miry or expose himself while bidding goodby. to the crowds at the railroad stations. Perspiring after a peaking In a crowded auditorium, ha is taken to hia car and given a rub down by his valet. On Dr. rmyson'a prescription he drinks before retiring a ssasli cup of steaming Sot but V beef Mi. h wmi decided today that the proa tdential special would not run into Coeer D’Alene, Idaho, from which point the presidential party will mo tor foor mil** to the Coeur D’Alene auditorium. After the address Use return M th. train at Ratbdrum will be made by'motor. To Review Fleet. Plana aleo ware completed for the review of th. Pacific float at Seattle on Saturday. Arriving early hi the afternoon th* Praaldont win go •board tha historical battleship Oro gnn at • o’elock. The Oregon, which wiU b, the reviewing ahlp. than will proceed la Puget Bound and *»>». ata tlon for the earamony , A ftar the review the party win dlno at tha Hippodrome, hot tha Proa Ideal will make no addraaa until ho •peaks In tha evening at tha a rone. At BiOMrrk today Mr. Wilson apoka In tha elty auditorium, tha amallaat hall in which ha ho. •d during hi. trip i, holds about MOO oad was filled Bo soliaHossa wore tha local officials to guard against oserrreceding and eoufnMon that oner tha Prauidaat eaa tnoMo, they locked tha doors and refused to op^ than for ony purpoao whoOovor, ■bill the addrooa was over Ao ■ ra t'd* the ekiof of polioo of Btomorak, I '* i di*cu» non u to nriBrill ot cotton b *° l0* wk*jmr Jtf'badaoad wo •umptloa ct°a!BI Ml allU. da* u abor eaadltlaakScTraS-dalar la r*U fylnf tba »wnK|m« whatbar H I* do* to tb* ooadlUoD to tba financial llJKl do** aot natlar. Tb* (act wmafldl tti tana an la aot gattlag a bM bal aad now f* tba Una to taka jM i* to proraat tba fraataat lajuact* brae attoaptad on tb* ootloo grofo K . Lot's cot to golhar aad aoa «b kt can ba don*. JNdZ t ANTKONT. JPi I Ooanly A root Tba County W I at Daaa. October mb to l*th. 43bi on* of tba blg geat aad boat hAn of tb* Stale What ara you icllng .to aahlbtt? A aoceaafnl Itkf of enmaoa elo rar plantad th»LJM>aU will lacraaa* yt or crop iJ> on tb* ■»— land rmit yaar. •’ ; J Plant rya a£M 1 paaa, aoybaaaa or tobaeao. It la 4 JbM oovar crop aad jxaallaat for th Mg Jala tbo NoAjk Carolina Cotton ' inoclaUcti aoAv'l iold your oottoa of of tbo nu.rkat bjklla u |* bolow 10 ooeta. It vlU'fcl big bar Mas a a UlAil application of ground IlmaatMt bofor* plaottag oodror crop ;. aap/|U grain or paata ra graa* mtaturo*... -.1 wakb couirry battv udn aOROU CITY Be*. W. H. lAeddleh. a aaUre of Wak* eounty LU * prominent North Carolina pruoMr, 'died euddanly laat Bandar nlfkt Ipj Milan. Oa. Tha fo aaral Mrrteaa 4*i*e eoadar'ed Taaa day U Morcaatoa. Ha waa boro near Helaaetttau aad bafora going to (>eor*ia tkroa Men ago, waa at dlf> ferant tin)** Motor of chare hw In Morgan tow, Wafaaboro aad Oaatoal* Bar. U*la|tMd fahaaoa. editor of lb* Blblleal Hoarder, attended the fnoaral. /• , »o nrm. JtTH-KATlON itdaat llrlag d not ■kola after < ik* that akar* aaah oar I Ham FAVORS LAW KEEP STRIKES DOWN He Told the Other Gorman The* end They Agreed RETURNS FROM FAR WEST Cevocwoe Talks «f Hi* Trip ta tk* Wart Other Matterr at |a>rrrrl Tree* the State Capital. Selrlck. Rapt 10—Governor T. W. Biekett, freak from Bah Lsh* City and western environs, eras in his of fice todey after aa a bar ere of four weeks. The chief sxacutivr rusticating ell l lilUliiiWctaon etaoa eta on eta aa those days returns to find the state's hastate* in look lag-op shape and the Wrtke teeaea a trifle leas minatory thao when he went away. Ha horn «P fairly wall with the North Caro Une situation through Associated team disvatcties aad daily night let-il ten front hit office. »«# arm wet— IMl CUM Ua ■way was th* governor1* conference which took tf chief executive* to M‘ **>» CHy. Thrs. things, ho d* elarwa. th* conference did which may have aoeae interact to the country at larga. They worked on th* high ceet of living and eeat a conunltts* to Washington to talk It over nattoaally. They took «y the aUike trouble* and Mekett led t he dtecuatlon In the tmrm Of th* print Its! speech *f th* acea «**»- The third diacueeioo was th* rtroaglhenlng of the aatlonel guard. Oa these race th* widely differing political tastoa agTeed Maay governor* wer< kart at hoaae W Hrikes This reduced the aaa a^arply end not a few had legie. tatareo on their head*. Bet the con ference was st that wall stt<vdod and pes^dsatial poeeMJti*. Wsr. |a ths group of chief ■aglstum by carnation ad__ .,m who have no relation _ *° ‘h* *"••* *•» dispute, tha govern ,i**r ka tha power or ought to here it to Mop each thing, or gov ■"'? bjr ‘h* P»wple already has P«Hahed from tha United Staten. Thin position was endorsed and the conference uaanitBOBaly .greed wo proposal to Make sack dations. On the qaeetiea of etrength enlag the national guard and makiar it tha nation's prime factor ia pro to«tioB. all the governor. Spreul of Pennsylvania and Alloa of Xauoa taking Mf port |D the dto cneeion. The governor, were the guests f„ three days in YctlowMone Park of Governor Simon Bamberger of Utah, the Atm Democratic chief executive ofUtah. mm well as the An* governor who wa* »ot a Mormon. After leaving Bolt Lake City Mr Bamberger took the ,mrty fD Ur1 ^ When they reached their ■«—n-ntt,n they found themselves assigned to hotel rooms and all their bills paid £or thro, days as governor was el £wed to show his money sad not a. £*”°f **£■?• *** PSfeoaally berm. £, *1^ ?^k,tt **** «kot -L. , ***“ th* "»“I "# the west for hospitality. w# h* tired in fltH Lakt " h* — PAnm*! that b. r.ry mnch ^ Worj tip 1. pqt cMn*\ dnk la Salt Uka Tb. ££ whan aa many politician. <h>k i. Salt *T °.<rr*nw »*>»« soar m*n. *, dB** *•» «"P*y iota Mar “•"*1“°* dl**»»«l»hod body Of **• wrornor took a pinny* l^Ud SlTil1?' “* W*W*boT colabratad yaoao pond and rround af tb, Asnrlcaa Saat. Tho yorernor axpoeta next —i.fc to pradda at Ckapol HIU Mata and earn ty coaacn laatiny tbronyb tb, 7nk. To Clark** CWmm Principal Clark A 0. Saif, of tha Nortk Carolina ccnato, kaa boa a mad# eUH clerk to tko corporation eocn miectan, arid will beyts 1-flatilj kU duller with a chaaya of boac from "}'*•' V11* t0 “•‘•W*. «• Oftf *' *blaf elark, takiay chary, af tba rcvalutlan deporUnont In tba aUU lu eamaiaaion’s otBeo. •* tbo preporty af Ibo data far lorattan endar tba ra b, tb. yananl *P***d *ueh ■ raal da tall af work on tk, — madnlua that Ibo eommirdofi boo y*f u- i,f dork, ». S. Oriflln, to taka a koras of tko oAco work of that department ka botny familiar with tbo tar work, kortay ccrrod at tar dark far a nun kor of yaara. A O. Saif, aaw trank ■cn?a Us work, has beta olactod eWa) I clerk. Xr. UriSn’i Jab is adalltoifl) a M| »na, for raoakiatieo has umi to & I <!'•, ths poopla baas hoard about u and, anfartaastolp. a wood daal al **;>UiBais >o aocaotary. It la aa aa curaplubod fact, so that It earaat % or* In th* oloctioa, bath partiao ha ne comalttad to K. MACHINES WILL TALK POLITICS Party Lr..£a» will kptuk la 1M On Voices to People la PiMk Mattiaga. (lata. Reboots a. DsmocraUe workers win has* op portaattr to raa« u the desMIal m ladtfarsat solar durlag Iks prasidea Hal earn palps Ikrsagk tka ampler 0M«t or a new aad aaigas politico lastrsasat through which lha las portoat lasmm may ha earrlad U homss srarywkars as ssrar haters Tka NaUoaa) Coaalltaa kaa ssdar (shaa ta aaoMitaa tka mtlHoae m lalhipg moehleas tbrpaghoai lh aoootry la Iks sad that sack hoam B——'as IN may tasaa a potm sal forsm from whtak wtU ha dta ssmlastoC party prlaolplaa aad da» trios la Iks orator leal maiiarptspai of praoldoatlal raadtdatsa aad athaa Moraorar, arraagamaau hare tau mads for tka aas St talklag maahlsai lor maeUaga aad sir mas oar of path srlogs that auy ho arraagad by loco cemmlttaaa. so that tka atefti a Weal speakers nay ha aagmaatad aai spporiad- by the Itrlap rears* pt ao table* whe are satrsrsaUy aaaapUt as aathanttsj upon the partkeloi gathering It B Ml W w _ uaw of «paaV*n ud eabjaau «">, •til permit of their introduction r “<**«** meeting* .luncheon*, eu.. o Chamber, of commerce, rotary ataha ao.artijlng elub. end nomeroa■ earn poUtiaal Brx.Bli.Uoiu where i,^ worker, are ottaa unable to occur* a kerning, on the ground of poUtlan Bran church affaire and the actfrV Urn of labor bodice will prove r—m Inble under the .yatem that *■. bean erolred. *• WU1 eetabUib a "clreult" ter ! ‘bee* records In Harnett Bounty,.mad xny on* landing one dollar u> R. g Mitchell, treasurer of the DetboaraUe County Committee, to help carer ax panM. will be Included In the Hat. CHAf. ROBS. Chairman. FARMERS MUST PROTECT THEMSELVES PROM STARVING Farmer* am the largest Magi* eloea of weaken in thi. country, bat hrretofor. they here exerted law in fluence an the public poUrioa of the country thin may mteh mpIIii It 4i not rood for »F ootm try when otM dam weba ta dowlaaW an Indurtry which effects the whole people. Aa Interacting ilhutwtlaa of this Is th* attitude of tho Indiana Fader •t*»n of Farmers’ Organlantten. to ward the railroad ahopwan’. ■»_ far higher wag** aad th* damaad of th, railroad orgnataationa that the inunimt teka ottr tk* —•*— * tnd allow tho railroad worfcovy U twnl The Indiana farmers irlyghl Pneident Wilton that they "eoa demaed railed threat* ef revolution** and If **tha railroad Mrflc. continent »a *ortoaaiy tontampUte adrUap aO osr amahera to hold afl |« pcdd nrte until the etiflto yah." Ae etated. ft ia aat (pad whaa mm ■Man ala* hi thla . gnat —-ntu •aak* to central an tadnatry or laatC tatim which agacta tha whoW peepto. bat it ia at Haat tndtcatiro af a am ■pirlt c along Amactoaa farm an whaa they. threngh a Mala crgaalaall.a. ■aok to raatraia th« aetMtiat af aa athM clem. which ia latarfa.Ua wkh tha fra* mooamaat of tom pea da ate. Fbm pcodaeU hare heaa wiling far bar* received arc aat rattotraly'ugiT tr than th* priaa* af-‘rtliril prodseta ]a ether werfe, Mm Ugh eeM of IW»f dona aat pap aa MM tribute to tha pee deters af fup ^ tad handler* *f ‘itoUp1’ ^f||u feneralty. Farm prtoo* dm mid mi cad pcebahly wOl net pa down maah talk * Ba te kf 3nSte rt m4Hm iv mt •M hi* •f uu Mi ■tar* Tfcoa. c. MeOaa, Jr.. tba happy mediately after metered o*ar u *kan they wUl Mr. LaMar. Ir*a krm of Croaa * (Hi* paraau. Mr. aad Mem. J. fiUar. lira la UNiMtom. •-••• • .: ' : •' •• t

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