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The Dunn dispatch. (Dunn, N.C.) 1914-1978, November 13, 1919, Image 3

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MONEY for FARMERS If you wanUnou^i amounts from $1000 to $30, 000, on term^^^^^^^Bm 5 to 20 years, for purposes stated below (a) To aid in providing loans for the purchase of land for agricultural purposes. (b) To provide for the purchase of equipment, fertilizer, live stock, etc. (c) 1 ο enable land owners to invest in buildings, drainage and for other improvements of farm lands. (d) To liquidate and consolidate the indebtedness of farm owners, etc. into long term loans payable in easy installments. or for any other legitimate purpose, come to see us for further information. CALL TO SEE US WHEN YOU COME TO TOWN AND LET US TELL YOU OF OUR PLANS TO ASSIST IN UPBUILDING THE COMMUNITY Our Bank Will Alway* Treat You Right, Whether You Come to Ask For a Loan or to Make a Deposit. ' ? STATE BANK and TRUST CO. / ■ Hampshire 1 m ι >. iiwmiB-qwij- _ FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 14th 1919 Sale to be held three mile· east of Dunn on G. R. Lee Place 30 head, bred sows, gilts and boars ANNOUNCEMENT In announcing my first sale 1 wish to say that my herd is of god quality and breeding. While there are herd* better advertised there are very few with more good quality animals than will be found in this herd. The si red sows in this sale are being sold because I cannot keep hogs to any extent for a while in my new loca tion and am compelled to let go of stock that I have tried to produce for several years, and am sure they will suit the most particular buyer. BRAZIL LEE For Sale by E. L. PARKER & SONS WILLIAM A. FORBES Chriatian Advocate Our column* e»rriad recently the annoonrtmunt of the Mrlou* illneaa of Re*. W- A. Ferbee. on» of the old er m»n ">β North Carotin· Con /•ranee and for lèverai jean upon the auparerauate Hit W· had ne farther report frets htm until a tele m· from Bar. i. H. Daniel on Oe· bar i»th brought the new· of hla having paeaed to hi· eternal home. Brother F orb»», tha third child of Rev. John H. and Mr·. Mary Torbaa va· horn near Danville, Va. Fataru ary 18th, 18i«. and died Oetohar S7, Ι»1β, In hi a aeventy-fourth year. He gave hla heart to Oed la hie »th year. and joined the Methodlat Epla copal Church, South, at Rack Spring· near DaavlUa, Va. He moved from (hi· community into North Carolina and fettled at Rozboro where ha en ured heartily Into the life of the Church. He became auperlntendent of a B»«4*y aehool and waa for a tlm* aaperiatendent la general of the Sunday achoola of Ροηοα county. He ara· alao a ainging maeter In thoee day· and taught aaveral claaeea ia •inging. It waa while here that he «ai licenced to preach, and for aav cral yean «gerelaed hia gift· a· · lo cal preacher. In hi* twenty-Ant yaar he waa married to Mlaa Virginia Powell naar Milton. N. C7 ia May KM. Ta thla union two children wen horn, oae of whom died in Infancy. The other la Mr·. D. C. Bryant, living neat Wallace, H C. It waa net until the yaar IMS that Brother Pork»» entered the Itinérant, Joining the North Carolina Confer taee en trial at the eooeicn of the Confereneo which met that year at Charlotte, N. C. Η ΓU*a lacked only a few eeenUu of being forty yeari of em. bat he ha· had a aoeeeeafal mlnietry He eervod the fallowing charmai Magnella, IM4-T; Kenane vlUe, Ι»Μ>·7»-·Ι: WhltovMe, 1IH »», Bvthal, IM4-M: Mattaaoehoet, '•H; RicManda ill iaehaea 1M7-M; Dunn Circuit, 1 β»»-1000-1901 ; H m danon, 1902. Hi* health failed klM in the fall of that jtmt, »rd W took • aapeninauate mI*Um taw m grew; but at the next Confereece be wi put back oa the eiertivr Mat and continued hi· work. EUj futktr ae pointment* follow: Oak*. 1904-0·; Dover, 190S; Fennville, 190T-0S-09; Atlantic, 1910. At the Mdw of the Conf(i«M· in 1919. h*U at Xliaabeth City, h« again aakod for the aapcrn naatc relation, and hi· Health never pemitttd him to re-enter the active work. Durine thia time he ha* — da hi* home at Bale'· Creek, de in* each work for the Church a* he cooM ud aa opportunity offered. During hi· paatorata on the Dunn Circuit hi* wife became greatly «Bet ed, and after a long lllneea died De cember 4U>, 1900, at the home of the daughter and we* buried soar Wal lace. On Jonc tnd. 190*. he wai married a «oeead time to Mia* Leoaa Crowdcr, of Buie'a Greek, N. C., who ■urvhrea him. To them one child ww bon, bat it,died in infancy. How ever, they adopted a bright boy to «rhum they cave the name of Lvthor Korbee, and he also nrvivee. No man in eld age and failing health •ver had a more aclf-merUeiitg and devoted companion than did Brother Forte*, a* the wife of hi* laet <!■»■ .— niotkditp was Veaotifal Early In the year It became appar ent that Brother Forbea could act Ion# remain with m, bat it area only Ave wacka as ο that be took hta bad. Ha a off c rod no pain, J eat gradually weakened away until he (all on tleep to wake In the dory land ta which ha looked forward with aa over bright eu Log ho pa. Thia hope ha mad· cWar to all the many viaiter· who cam· to aaa him. Ha told hia pre «id In* alder, 8ev. J. D. Bandy, to beer thU meaarc U hia comrade*: "Toll Uia boy· I will not anawar tba roll call at Conference, u I aa cotac to anawar it In heavtn." That roll call he haa anawared with ««eeding great Joy The funeral waa conducted In the raaidenc· at Baie'a jCratk on Tuaaday afternoon, October Kttk, 1*1» by Bev. J. M UaaMl, paator oi the Methodtat Charch at Dun, aaaiet rd by Bar. &. M. McDonald. Beaati fal tribut·· ware paid to hia life and character by Brathen Millar and B4 prtoo, of the Baptist Church, and by Brother Menu· of the Preabytariaa Charch. Than on Wedneoday mont Inc hu body waa carried te old Bock Fiab Charch. near Watlaoe, and laid beaida that of h» ftrat wife to await Ute reaurrection morn. For the facta ooataiaed in thia brief ■ketch, we are indebted to Ear Ν. M. McDonald, paator of the Uttiaftoa Circuit on which Brother Forbea waa living. He haa beoa oae of the tree and faithful men of th* North Caro lina Confercace. He tame In a Utile Jatr la life, aad «pent only twenty fear year· on the effective Hat- After all, that waa nearly a quarter of a century, and durine that time he held hit plaec In the rank· aad rendered vatiaat and effective «errici*. May the créât Conforter he vary near to the aorviring ■—bwi of hia family! 112 Mil 1W used last yeaf ^ to KILL C At jkMi SACRIFICE (To Μη. Β. W. Harria, W«M, N. C. «bote ton. Lieat. Edward Cedrie Her ri», mad· the ropmnc aacrlftt· on tha battlefield of Franc· an* year an Toeaday. It *u the hoar af victory. ) Oh. mother» of immortal dead? Oh, tkoK who died for ol It 1» not that your aona are dead— They only alaap wo trurt Bleep with the Lord, to rue with Him When Ha ahall ttt· the J eat. The dear Lord diad that all may hava Eternal life, if they Will keep the faith, and trust on Rim. Theac aimpte law* obey. Bat only whan oar own (trenrth falk Will Chriat coma to oar aid. He called Hit aon·, they heard Hi* rry. And went forth unafraid. They know that Ha waa with them, And they cooU net fail for He Would win the battle in the laat And brine them victory. I cannot aak you not to (rina for Yoar brave aou, thooffc they Ha»* reached the goal rev whiah we «tri»· And labor day by day. Year hearta are aad You miaa them ao— Your aacriAoa waa groat. And yet yoor ley will he the more to meet them at the Gate —Mra. J. E. Markham Haleifh, N. C. AUSTRALIAN AIR PLAN ENORMOUS SCHEME tpoyl to Operate Lbw From N«w York to UtW'pnl to Antipodaa London, ll»L 24.—Tfco propoacd l.tvarpool-AujrtraJla and LJvorpooV· tirw York air arriN will b« η «*· ÏKT^SïSl JSWTSîîwîi J J"* *to itotaa to bo ttMMw •d Thtr eoot skoal M.7SO.OOO (tall to At laaat tia of Um. koge Craft wU to aa—wary to agio tai* thoM two atrrteoa with any d. P·· ·< ranklttf. Ttor·ι ·ν alio u to eaaaMarod tto problom· of aaltaMo Undine bî,"« «toV aorodiwn wU) ■yndkato to4n( that »M»<na»« wU to arovtdod ai tto Mata laiirtirt aUtlon· whflo atootlnyt ap»t· will mrr* aa ttttad tlatl an· or tolta. Aorodoaoa for drlallMea tr» re quired oaly at mtr MM aril as aad It It mw piaftli for aa alrthlp ta fet awii ta or rtliurf froat a autrlag towar tai an wind aa ta M alVta aa to«r) yet tto total taaacUJ toaklag tonoidrrtd ·ιι tat try for mk aa oo I wiW aall Um following ptrfDHl pa>lit) M a action Wadntiéar Mcmbtr I, it Un L D. Jgkun Hop· pl»m In Maadaw Townihlp, — Chub: Cfcarlaa M. Johnaaa. Tt I·!· k«flm at 10 o'clock a. a. A. G. JOHNSON, , Adraioittrator. Dunn, N. C.· Professional Card· Οββ· over Stat. Bank * Treat Prattle· la all court*. Proepi and carafal attastioa w COLLECTION* * UAL ES TATE a «partait?. *>«. *. h. wnum 0®ea crwz Dnw_ Stara ο·»· katura: » Λ0 Μ 140 • φ φ φ φ . φ φ JESSE P. WILSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Demi. Ν. C. Oflca (rat PMafcaan Bra·' Stare formerly occupied by Κ. L. Godwin. Practice in aH Cowta. Τroapt AUeetioa ta «Π ΛΗ* A JEENICAN DENTIST «Wi lt Pint National Bank Ν a. Si • · · · · · · Jt- C. wcrr AWOWiiy AT LAW Ofltca; Srd floor 1st Nattoaa, mk InUiu D«m. H. C. frowlAtU»· • · · DB. PAUL A. tTSWAKT ro^Ç^ArtST Dm·, ν. α P. YOUNG tmi floor Ool^uta bU*. Proept attartioo rtvoa Practice ta «Π Co orl· v. a PHONM: Day, M. Nl«ht 110 DUNK. H. C >. C Clifford, Ν. Α. Τιι·'ϋ··ιΙ. CUFTOW» A TOWNflKND Alt<nw|»«i l«« one· on tnj flow οI Vint Nat. tonal Bonk. Prompt attention given to alt baataeaa. ItrtaUif 1· In too neighborhood of *10,0(K\6oo. Th* Botrlac out itatM· for air ship· which Is la the for· of a hl*h tower eacloaing an elevator afcaft Ujr which paaaen*·» and cargo will be taken Bp and down from the ground la over 180 fort hlrti. With a re rolviag head the ainhip can bo rigidly attached to thit tower by the noee. will ride clear of the «round hi all weather* and be able to awtng with the direction of the wind. loch of thcoe tower» will bj pro vided with a hauling In wtarS and a rope by which the itnWp will be hauled up U the «coring Ρ» '· ; alao a ■apply baa* of hydro»™, fi*-J and water battait THE COLDEN BULK IN LAND UNtO AMD TENANT RELATIONS la their nlttioM with each other, w· believe that th* aearace tenant l»nt»ljr follow» the axaatpi* *at by .the landlord. If tb· lattof h hard. (r»«yl&C and lacllned to (qoabbte over patty detail·, U· teaaati ara likely to pomai th· mm eharaetar iatic*. On Um ether kud, a broad minded, liberal. 1*0«Τ00^Τ» landlord win probably have up-to-date- ambi tioaa, arotraaaVn tenant*. It la a repetition of the old troth that la th« .actlona at othara wt anally m reflec tion* of oar own action*. ftpanktaa bimeali aa a landlord. *br wrttar of thU better *e that tha OoMaa .Rale and tha pttacipla of tha iqaare , daal ara ahaohitaly workable between [ landlord and tan ant. Nat aaly are they workable, bat they ara aoond banaaae, Th· tenant who i* treated fairly knew* it, and ha will aaoaUy treat Ma landlord fairly. Lihewlae. the tenant who U mUtraated »lao I' ef It, and the landlord ■ the j nwlly «offer* ia the torn ο< nc*1eet ed aterk or creea. Saeeeaffnl boetntM m«n erary whera know that trath boaeaty. Jae *«· and fair deallnr ara akaoi trath la jaat m tjtpHcable In tend aad tenant TalaMam. Let both tenant aad landlord learn theee Ue ■on», aod both win be wail atarted oi the road te wiena—The frafrea* Ira Farmer. "Oabo Qlmrv daat wiwH to ■«ch. dooaaei" aahad a dtisen of Sandy Maah, Ark. "Amenât to ntoeh?" retomed the nolfhbor addnand. "Ho don't a to aath'a'. Why, he'* *a dad ■at ha keep hia wtt·^ tat ifcaif Γ »"t aren A· wa (tea Mere ara gat ι na tarai W D. SMITH Old Home Place - —>Γ Cujic οl Cun.otiu.ftd Coun ty, therein -••nJiug u;td entitled. "Farquhard SmithTW^^IÛlot:, LouiflTR. Wefcj, Λ aW I «rill «ell at publie auction to the hifhefi bidder k ccrrain tract or parcel of land *ituatt in Cumberland, North Carolina, in Black River Township, bounded and described a* I'ltcwa: beginning at a'slake and pointera in the Hue b«tv«in John C. Smith and W. T. Smith in a u: a jch neu :ht aid xll« aeat aad runa thence N. 7 R. 29 chain* to a stake aad pc'.nt,e«. a corner al lot No. 2: thence at the linv oi lot No- 2 8. US Π. ÔO chaîna to a atake on the Stage Koad. a come r oi let So. 2; :kmce with the road β 1-2 chains to a pen ln:ttcn '.res oû rb; vot; edjpe of the road; thence S. h W. 11 1-2 ciuins with the roed to the line »f the land of the estate of W. T. Smith - thencc a· ^htt Une 87 W. 18 1-2 chains to a »tak* by a la rare pine. Kmtth'c corner; thence as the other line N. 43 1-2 W. 12 1-2 chaîna to the begiu alner containing 100 acrea. same being !ot No. t in :li. division »f the landa of John C. Smith, deceased. Date of Sale: Friday. November 21. 1019. at îl r'clock a. n. Place of Sale: Old W. T>. Smith home Terma of Sale: 20 per cent cash, balance in thirty days. .... ■ Sale made subject to confirmation by <*. S. C. dated this the 20th day of October, 1010. C) arc η ce Smith. Commiuioner. L'A M SEMI-PASTE PAINTS •car tut can bs mask Cot to jo* $U8 ■ Gallon when mad· ready to bm ivimroRcm· lakes ihe guess out of Baking - saves you money You can't buy baking-powder, soda and salt as economically as when you buy them already mixed in Occo-nee-chee Self Rising Flour. And the extra in gredients.are added in proportions for perfect baking. Hot-cakes, liijht, golden bis cuits and tempting waffles can be mixed in a lew seconds and baked in a few more. Just mix with water or milk and put in the oven. You'll like Ooco-nee-chee be cause it's a real time.- and trouble Baver. OCCO-NEEC Self-Rising Flou lâkat tH· Gomi ost of ÛsUnf ι you Money 77.· t~ét*n Hrmé i» M 0»*ry ιχλ^Οκν ««•-«λ** 3wU kt»i*m #W. Ymmr iww» ■MmIÎ/m a twA Ν<1«/ Λ·* Âi« Ff m é*m* plat* flovr >»r /*»«■ · fc » · Autlin-Hekton Co. Durham, Κ C. ' *£1 .*7'i r ' * ' f ►Λ "·^ M&k* • ' -ti; Ι-.. * ν -

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