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The Dunn dispatch. (Dunn, N.C.) 1914-1978, March 28, 1922, Image 3

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V A'.TCKDAUC» REVIVAL SERVICES AT DUKE CHURCH Buk... Ν. ti., lUr<« 41—Th, r·· ' vhral «evri**.· wliiA have b«n goi*g . η 4U tli«i 1*11.byU ram Church Ute r.'-.·; «tee!; hvf b««n well itttoM. ; t.r .lev. :»r McQueen, who hu been i...dotting lh·»' narvirei, has pMily 'cu^vr'ed hl« hearers with hie strong, .'(.Kill Shimon*. r*r Ifr. J. R. Aadrwwa, paater ■st the M< thod:-.t, church, left Monday Je- Waaaington. V■ C., to attend the Lwevnu of iho jta'.tinwre Conference of theMetbcdist church, which I· oon Ihere- R»v. Mr. Andrew Ml ίοira».iy p«.:or ef one of th« church es in Baltimore, but awing to 111 fcraltn he was forced te come south tp-ju h r due to: V ardrra. Ha will p»· bafcly be KuDa ■ week. lia». J. A. Lloyd, Rplaropal eJar Kjwian of Plnrhurat, conducted aer » t(i m t ier Methodist church Sunday .aora'.ng. Mr. and Mi». Thomas H. Webb, of Converti. spent Ue week-end here a> the riiHti of Dr. and Mo W. Γ. Holt. Mn. Webb, however, will raeuûn 'ne for several daya. Jamr» R. McDoarell, of Aaherflte, is «ponding jeve»l days here with W. A. Krwin, Jr. Miss Whitney Holt, atadent of 81. Mary'» School. Raleigh, apent the week end here with her parepta, Dr. aril Mr. W. P. HoH. Miaa Helen llaniey, of the graded ich-ol faculty, spent the weak end at Wirs^r.·Salem with her pareuta. ι9. T. Daniel apent the week end in Tarboru with relatives: W. A. Brwin, Jr., and J. E. Mc Dowell were la Durham Sunday ta utfa-isd the funeral of Julian 8. Carr, il. W. C. Smith, atadent at Bal·'· Creek Academy, had the miafortnae of hrrakinii h ta leg while playing l>a*ketball last Saturday Ha war hrouvlit to the hospital here for leaalsnent, where he is resting very r.c.ll. C U. Hail ia very ill in tha Good Hope Hospital with infloensa and plaprisy. kaapar of ik« Erwii pMk Cm, la ikt the «Ik ku iM hla tuttin. Mr. J«*m la utkoritgr tot the MmI that aald tlk ku ihrd hU aatleo m March 16th for the last tot· cuai· 0*tlva IIMIM, 0. A. latkary, mirtl> elected manager u4 MMk af Um loaa) b*H ball team, haj lui tk« «all far all wauld-be candidate· of the teaaa to report ttaj* week far ^rtag training. "Sack," M 1m II familiarly known by college faaa »wr the Mate, la a graduate of N. C Btat· Collage, where ha played haathall but *rtag. On· af the bM enjoyable traata af the year *u th« "Branawfck •tear" gi»an by Qeorge L. BoweQ lut Saturday. Hon panant report a food "feed," araa thoagh the "«plr it«" war· lacking. ftvukl of the local "faaa" ar« pluming to go ta Bateigk next Tri aay to aee Ty Cobb mti tea "Tiger»" ta notion. Klir YOU· ENGAGEMENTS IF WOULD COME» TO END (From Cotton Bead Oil MagaaUe.) In tk« baainee· world man [| rated by hli aaaoeiatee by Ika way he heap· hJ^ iniapanb Cwmia% w· ahoald ba extroaaty carefal whan making an engagement to b« raaaaa ably aura that are arc abU U keep H. When an in(i(«a«m I· »a4a, a proalM U Hkcnrlaa mad·, and a pro ■ laa onea made tat aftai wadi brak-I m nacoaarfly awakana la tba aUad of th« on· to who· It la mada a aaa piclan aa to tba tnithfiilna· of Ha maker. A broken engage· ant often reaoMa ta *· te» arf a frtaad, a qaeatlonlag af oaa'a hacaety and tka loaa of that which weald otherwise have beea a financial gala. Ta the big buatnaaa maa the fal aillng of angagi.ata laaamlaaa the larger part of the day"· walk, and ka rend dan thaao engage»·ta Jaa» aa ■ ■orfatlal to boaiaaaa aa op an tag the mail la tka aaomlag. Baaincaa I· not take a op altegakar bearerer. with aagagemaate la tka aatore of tedtwa aiaatlaga There an engagement* ta pay, wUA mat to kapC If thay are art Mm*· ia M men cr*dit far tW pniWna who make Ibaa. When a man'· ciadit J gone, ka mm wake op to flad him aalf ta · auku attwtian and kit baataoaa ia tha haada of a bankrupt eoart. But baalaaaa ia wt all engage· naata to pay either. There ara ar· pftnHQU to aatar la eoatracta; an· gagamaata ta have aMpmenta loady at a eertala tine, ar.d many othen that ar* equally important, moat ba kept ap· It ia aftam vary hard ta («t an cc caram«i>t with the aara eorcemfai Became the «arid know thai whan It ia Mta made, Lhat It aauat to kapt lafardku af what tha raauMa aright to TWagh H to head to aacurt an oagagwaant free a big baalaaaa aua to aatar lata a contract, or aa engagement ta lalirtr good· at a eartain tea, wk« η the engagement ia aaca aiada, than yoa can reat aa eared that it will to kapt In tautaaaa time ia valuable, and waatod amaanta da not add to the bank account. If a man raakea an engagaaeat with you (or a certain Maao and at a eartain plaça tor tha "Hirpoee af dlwamlng a buainaaa pro paattSon and than Mia to Aow ap, to kaa not only put you to a graat iaal of aaaecaaaary trouble bat haa robbed you of that time which could have toon apaait ia a atoro profitable. If a man aakaa a) with yoa to aatar lata a eoatract aid then at tha laal to—t fafla to too* kia engagement to toa doaa you an Injaatlaa, wWck raanet ba repaid. Yoa war· depending aa kia, if ywu had not toao yoa would ao doaht '•are tateutl into a eeatrael wtth olber partie*. i U · m» a makae u mmmmm te d'.'live» fttixil t· yeu on « «art·!· [■if. a d th\j 'Jmj aot keep Ma ael r-"ci»-Λΐ, ha ha· theatil jroa a*t «I a ai'a tt Îhete cjcd». a»« p-t $»J la ν,.ι <.ij t .tia.ioii >»u. ;t.· c*.« . . «.·'.··.» buSî'iij ojujtrir. ·'.< w AouM tM-.k G.tU hi cju.e the raa ι wfco ts always ratdy u auke ae gagamcaU hut a»Uw wiiOara to Iff «ρ the-n |« mm regarded with dU troat and eaipicten. Whan an oagafgpmtt ta auade, ι keep it inaiilaaa ■# tha wlwaw, | whether H be te fty pour erodltor·. ta enter lato a aaatrmet, u dette*» «rood*, ta diecoaa baahtea* with other hoiineat sas. at to iodalga iff mm» reliai eatartalaaeot. Kinlhir, jraar word atiiaU ha worth mora tha» (teat riche*. LEGAL ADVERTISING I N-lc. et ~-γ ·.||.. By BMul acraaafaat aad eanaant u4 a. v. - . __ ^ _ •n4 Join vilUamt turn the ι vetyeratie· «*4 MHtng thai* «β . Inter·* te tW« mME. V. Dearae·,! ■who will coatis·· to epanU th« Ter ; nifi . Jmm UMku Ci^wi. AM] claiau miUk the «14 Tmij l.ombtr Ccnpt·; have b·— ι by ·. V. Dimn ·Μ ill t Tur>ioe»-Jone» Ltaktr C moat be »aM to klai. W. D. TTHtMACE, W. PAUL JONCS, 1. V. DAWaOM. March SI IW. March 11 U 4 U. p«wt« w· or Tha follotrta* bee· tyihH nJ Bank ml Casta aa < to Mtaa wiirtil to it, ha via* baas Mle to " . IMS. at . __ falUirlai to Certificate Ne. IT· tor 1· _ . . naoa atock. Certificate N*. MIS tor 84 atom· wwm ateak, eerttfl cato No. U7S for 40 du M*. 1M for » --jé «f tk· ruk « tî*&. " "* "" Cwttflctu H·. «M for 10 «m 4 niUllnli Ν* 1TM - " Au· ■ WmI· CMtHM· Ne. 1843 Ut β») SSSf Λ* —+—****** M·. ipi&As?«£S 9t A. par nki tlHUOd. Caiweata mi. U«T for » *mh The Barnes and HoIIiday Company UNDERTAKERS and EMBALMERS Full Lin· of Co fin·, Ceaketa and Burial Rebe· Service Anytime and Anywhere Day Phone 11 Night Phone 70 PEeTlL,2Ee ·"<*·»«. *.<X, ■ - — <** <r f*0 «Aoccrr t purni *» MEALYMONIA or for Lee Connty Cotton 03 Company SA Ν FORD, NORTH CAROLINA SELF-RAISING BREAD PREPARATION Par·, wholeancnr fern!». *a»y (o dlçMt, baU4 Hertford'· r—tor»» U floor «' · >iU pfeo«l1 to health, bet which ara loat a the mPHug ford*· m'xod with yew to .rite Ion ma tSJr*'■ ' UVITWIf&UNUMipt for free Pria LUt. writ· Ruaror l MgAfy Nutritious—Build» Bone and MxucU '■ Once Used Always Used STANDARD DAIRY FEED 100 pound bag $2L50 VANCO SELF I ISING FLOUR $7.50 Per Barrel SUGAR 100 pound· $6.50 . NO. 1 TIMOTHY HAY $£8.00 F«r Ton A*k for Special Price· on Canned Good· and Tobacco. , 5 gallon· Finest Porto Rico Mol···—. $3.75 Dunn Package House MM. PITMAN, DUNN, —NORTH CAHOUNA PROVEN Λ Long Staple Seed PROVEN Seed Only That can 1 Your Eyes •}rT:^/£v; Τ be people of North Carolina were robbed of throe h undra on misrepresentation without facts of proof. Isn't it Ugh time h who would take our money, and atop advertising ourselves as ι 400 bales of cotton—samples of which you are invited toi sale, is guaranteed to staple as follows: . 26 bale· 1 3-8 inch «tapi· . ~ 79 bale· 1 5*16 inch staple 231 bale· 1 1-4 inch staple 64 bale· 1 3-16 inch staple 400 bale· total- averaging better than 1 1 -4 inch staple through.. This 400 bale· of cotton represent· whole crop·, including first and hut picking*, and was grown in' 1921, a year recognized by all cotton authorities as an off year in length of staple with all varietie·. . . The above record of stapling on my cotton wu not made by me but by expart stapler· employed by the larg est syndicate of staple cotton manufacturers in the South who are bidding to buy the cotton on this classification. Now again, whom do you think should be the better authority on seed for you planting, die man who has studied the proposition, experimented and proved it, or the one wno tells you something that ne cannot prove with visible facts and is in the business with no interest but that which he can personally gat out of it> Answer this ques tion each person for himself alone and in this way only will you be wise. It is nearly planting time and 1 have only a limited quantity of seed left. Every farmer should plant at least a part of his crop this year in long «tapie. MY SEED ARE PURE) Improved to a higher type than when 1 first be gan planting them; recleaned and acclimated to this section. They are the bast you can get for your money: I say this with authority and without fear of successful contradiction. l SEED THAT GUARANTEES SUCCESS $2.00 per bu. - 50 bu. or more $1.75 per bu.

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