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The Dunn dispatch. (Dunn, N.C.) 1914-1978, September 29, 1922, Image 1

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PREPARE EXHIBITS NOW FOR THE FAIR AT THE DUN VOLUME IX. DUNN, NONTh" Any ■NIHBr __ . BIGGEST EVENT IN HISTORY OF TOWN - CLOTHS YEAR -• • . MANY NEW FEATURES - \ ADDED TO PROGRAM .MidwayTtfRaPlIUd By Btwwa A*d*Oyar Circa* Aad Ctnl* t«1 Show*—Child HnM r*ihrr*t* to Bo Coodacted , By Cnaiianaily Ndra Aad .** * Phytieit*. -*• Dona and the (net i£LMry which t mrrocada H. are preparing for th* * •fourth annual iwrian offcfe fair at ' Huan »nd ara expecting to naake of 9 It th* laryeat, noet'lntenpUnc and sort rateable ev*f ataead hi T tot an Cmfan ^ ami thine ha* haaa aaU lor tl^fal** previously hold-and they werXfar from bates bad. Thto year, bewpyar, itreaethlaed by th* kiwi ede* coined to former year*, ttrf^y, rector* are yolny abate arrmnctoevfor [’<>*• •t woik for tha sorrow of tha fair an tba Woman’* Club of LOB acton, tha Woman’* Club of Dunn, tha Cfcaabar of Comnarot of Dunn. Tbaao aril] 4a rote much of thatr mmlaa to tha ovan from bow until tha fair is OTST. H. A. Edn, fans demonatratioB ■cant far Harnett County, Is arrang lng to astablhh a booth on the fair tfroaifala to which farmer* can coma for any information they may daUra on any tana topic. Mr. Edge will be aaaistad by the Department of Agri raltors in bis efforts to aerra'th* far war. LJ tore to re an rarioas pbaaaa of form work win be distributed through hia booth, and bo will advise all farm an bow to farm under boll weevil eandttiona. Miss Agnes Harris, public \heabh mm for Dunn, assisted by phyMdana and trained nomas of tha district, will coo duct a child health conference . ««l! day of tba fair. Any ohild be low school age may ha brought to this conference for examination and rae omnseadatlon aa to treatment for any defret It may hare. Tha services of Mlm Harris, tha doctors and tba iar tre will be tree. Director* now are trying to Inter . eat all farmers in exhibit*. It Is their dextra that every farm In the district be represented In soma one of the exhibit holla. Information as to aa tria# can be bad upon application to the eflkoa of the fair association in tha Chamber of Commerce rooms or to any df tha following department di recto i*: Needle and Pnaey Work — Mr*. WlFHaw Thompson, Mr*. MeO. Holli day. Ms*. Edgar Block, Mias Hernia Rania, Mia. J. J. Wpda, Mrs. K. M. Jeffreys, Ml*. C. 8. Hicks. Horticultural -Mm. J. R. BuUar, Mr*. J. J. Lane, Mrs. Chart** High smith, Mia* Isabel* Young, Mr* H. B. Taylor, Mr* J. W. Tbontoa, Mr* R. D. Taylor. Homo ffeonoaslea—Mbs Rllaaheth , Bridge. Mi*. L. /. Bern. Mot. V. J. Purdia, Mrs. Bogan* Smith, MBs Hat U# Bonis, Mia Barth* Her rail, Mr*. W B. Thompaaa. Mr* R. O. Gaddi*. Art—Mr*. W. R Cohraaa, Him Blanch* Grantham, Mbs B*a Smith. Mo John PI tag* raid. China Painting--Mr* J. C CMf fard, Mlm LaeUl* Bawaad, Mia. M. A. Towaaand, Mr*. O M. TUghman. Educational—«. P. Gantry, Mr*. O. M. jahaaon. W. 8. Snip**, T. W. BprtaMa. farm and Plaid Crape—8. P. par har, Q. L Smith, R. T. Drepar. HENRY A. TURLINGTON 8»i»t—-H. A. Turliagtoo. Poultry and Pet Stock—RaJvir. Me I*od, Lindaay Eonia, C. H. Randall, W. C. Kanoy, 8. A Edgerton. -* Fifty to one hundred hen* on every farm will afford a each Income that. la not to ba despised. A C. Oliver, poultry club ipccialist at Raleigh will tell you how. Among the extension publications now in demand is Circular 111. Judging Livestock and Poultry.” Aak for your copy by number on a poet card addrsaaed to the Editor, Divis ion of Publications, State College Ra leigh. N. C. VER COAST LIME Railway Often Emcmraion Rata* To Daaa For F air Waok Special rx rum on fare rates will be offered by the Atlantic Coast Lime Hallway to those who desire to riot thio year’s fair at Dona. Announce ment of the company’s offer me nadc yesterday in a letter eddremed by T. C. White, general passenger egent. to T. L. Biddle, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. The fetter reads: “We oil! be very glad to authorise round trip reduced fame to Dona oa sceount of the above occasion from Fayetteville, Helms and intermediate ■fmey (tatldna on katftof mi* ter* and half for the rtnni «i»; ahtanal aaroraton far* ifty .«■* ' | TlekaM oa «*1* OrtWj ttk U lltk ‘"ehutra, and fonnooa train# of Oo tahar lath, flaal limit Artakyr 14 th. Tkaath.* that tfca Mr this yaar trfH h* miiimM fk*« yaary -—-* 9**, I mm, “at*." f % • \ fV GRANVILLE M. TILGHMAN Official time keeper for the races at this year's fair hi Duan. He la president of the Tilrhman Lumber Company, one of the most important lumber concerns la America, They" re off t 1 .Who tea aorjtetted at tksoe « vorda aa tte dadtovtag hoof beats of t apoedtn* hanaa *verbeiate through *• d**y ataogkn of tee county fair race track. Down tte (tonight* 1 away they go, to on sire around tte 1 bead with tte Waning wheel* of h tte aoilde* sloughfog tte dote; p then tte long attach oa tte far^ldo t_ of 0m tTut, —^ **ihtlng to boot tte fold to tha taalde of tho o~l 1 turn before H|Oh^ tte home stretch. t Ito a giant tight, fittingly has horse racing boon debt 11 tho sport of kings. It to tes.toeat thdlhag of aU sports. Every good see hrti a good homo. Every godd man picks his favorite as sooa as he sees tha Said. * This year all good hope lovers are promised races at tha Dunn Fair that will thrill. Never had a bettor pro* gram boon prepared for tte local race tradt. Twelve races In sit are on tho enrd. They ere sa folio**: Hwhy-UI trot, . stale trot, pony running. i M tr-ot, bon* ro luring. Thoraday—frae for at] trot , and para. **0 trat as* joea, mala trot. PWdmp—ronaolatia^ bamaaa raea far all honaa which ban pot b*an In tba taaaay in preeadpg raaaa, mala rowing, boraa nuni^. Mtn W Drawgbao fill ha odWaT ••*»t«r far tba rmaat^OrmirriUa M. Tllghman will ba tba o«eial Uaaa haapar. Tba loaal tnab waa aarar in batter condition than ft la naW. U Warm and Cap*® Mam hj* had a Mg fteaa af maa awt tbara iMa tnab and hara got tan all tba Mata aal of Oa ••otM. Tba tnab ft ana of tba ba* hi tba eiroolt. It wa^- ataatmatad at “fttl Ibaaaaate gf doUata aad la tba prida af tba falr^walaUan. \UA.-. :i MfStr- - - - , ELLIS GOLDSTEIN mH ■ ■■.'(:.■ . ■ M! . ■ ! ■ ■ >*•:■■.■''■<! ■ ■■! 'S' I 1UUWUBENTT0 j BE FAIR FEATURE ¥Uomt la Mac Jm4 Will rfcwM Aa^Crown Qaaaa Who will crown the Qorm of the 'alrT , The privilege i> to be given the tan who b winner In the touma icat to be held an Wedneadap af le fair. On that dap the “Knighta” are to > meat for the ftxvt annaal jenvt. | ■acad af piaping far each other*’i Paru they are to try for ring* ns-! ■ndad from a wide acraan tha Ear-1 rtt Coaatp Foil Grerand* race track. ] be fallrw who eatchon the aoat ring* '! h-l* W declared the winner. 4«m1 w'.nni.iK mean* that hr wit ha prlri l<e«l to place the crown upon the ’udy of hie choice. The Qauea ft the Talr la to pta jde over ty opening each dap of Lhi Kvi:. She. and her eoort to h« rho eo by Herself, will hare entre ii* ali of the ihow», etc., free «f /hhlft'. hiany young women of the Sana [llrtr'ct are lata reeled la tha Croat. rtK IliU are open to an eaaaeaa. aw i at la neceaaarp t* entrance ii the stacaon of i none and the afcQity o rid*. l>ich Taylor, chief marshal, awd "aptmii 1 Roland W Uliana bare rbasgs of the teomment. Aap per* xw.v who detire to eater, met cota ncnu-eir with them oo or before domlay, October 9. i ED B. WARREN Troanror of tho Fair AooOciation. Ho U ona «f tbia diatrletV nt firmiYi, » *• 'i . y ^ESPEAKERW WEDNESDAY, u. i MADE MC HIT Dl EAST 1 1 ■v m CmllfLiiU. r«hu*TJd ; Howcmt om stay look apon too •dea. ho irbotik) hoar Aaraw Sapfea. Thor not—warn thry boar kto— boar •OacmMod brilHaat «i(hta of oratory aaod to of ton by poUttoiabo and ttoie who hope by words to trick *« kind. Mr. Sapiro la not that Uad of a apoaker. Ho talka tlowiy. alias plain riraplo nrurdj (a on off art to I'xplain a b« problem to mon who aro oecariMood to thinkias In almpio torau. Bat bo totot iateroatin^y. AH who hear hhn atari Ua ppooek will hoar Mat ftalah. Bo aaro yon arc hero whoa ha MAN WANTED 44 YEARS to* MURDER CAPTURED *») ** 'M ®*d Sprinp*. Sept ST_3m Kemp. wfc« 44 ryn r*a ahot aad Viltd DenkI E. SeKriU. of ikU plaro, haa heaa eaplarod hi It. Aapaetia*. Ha, and win b* breaafet ta Sahara* «*«■ tp at ener far trial, aecatdiajt U adriraa Kcafcrad haw. Ba waive, r*. aaMriaa paper*, h ia told. and aW re tan. with the thcrW. IWa happened in whet ia new the carp*rate Haute af Rad Aprinpa. Me Maill wa, in the weed, tattiap heap pak*. Hemp went daara rim Me IMS wm* and the k iiinp aaratad Aaitfc Kewrjri left at Mat aad wae ne* heard of atrw* aatil raptared. Hr. ' **Nen Me ear ton, J. 4*. M*N*«D, of.ya.pkee^aleo two Meter* aad ***

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