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The Dunn dispatch. (Dunn, N.C.) 1914-1978, November 07, 1922, Image 4

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{ ' ' ... — MgraSSM&S??>•■••’ ' »are Smashed at our Store - Beginning Date -- Thursday, November 9th, and Extends to and Through Wednesday, -—-November 29th The Yellow Fran! Store has issued the order. The edict i s confirmed. The decree goes fourth for the most astound mg Slaughter of a Tremendous Stock of the finest Merch aadbe, contractor, for in most part, under the older and lo wer tariff, when business was dull, times were hard, all raw material was selling for a mere song, little employment of labor, with cotton then selling around 12 l-2c. Friend s we contracted on this basis for loads, car loads, more load s and still many car loads of Dry Goods, Clothing and Over Coats for Men, Beys’ and Children, Ladies’ and Girls’ Coat Suit, Cloaks, Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Waists, Underwear, Sweaters, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Shirts, Hosiery, Overalls, Gloves, Men and Boys’ Pants, Millinery, etc. NOW whe n prosperity lights every pathway and blesses every home, as all raw materials moves skyward and the wheels of in dustry hum in our ears to the tune of good cheer, caDmg a 11 who have a will to work for good wages with the sweet p rlvilege of earning an honest living. While cotton sells around the 25c mark and the new and highest tariff in the history of this government is in operation, it would seem amazingly foolish for us to challenge ten thousand families as we aro now doing, who do care, who want to save and prosper, who know and will buy bargains when th ey see them and who want in all they wear and use perfect workmanship, best material, latest styles, newest designs, cheaper. For this mighty slashing of prices we vigorously challenge the most skeptical. We do not invite the don’t cares, the won’t believes, and those who love to pay more for the same goods. Below is but a glimpse of our bargains and values. To see and price these fine goods is knowledge • I _• worm Ladies’ Latest Style $15.00 Hats_$8.85 Ladies’ Latest Style $12.50 Hats_$7.85 Ladies’ and Girls' Latest Style $ 10.00 Hats. _ $6.85 Ladies' and Girls* Latest Style $7.50 Hats. _$4.85 Ladies’ and Girls’ Latest Style $5.00 Hats. _$2.85 Indies* end Girls* Late* Style $3.0O« Hats. _$1.9£L - ~GfrlsVand Children’s Latest Style $2 Hats__$1.00 Children’s Latest Style $1.00 Hats_50c Ladies’ Newest Tailored $35.00 Coats-$22.50 Ladies’ Newest Tailored $30.00 Coats-$19.85 Indies’ & Girls* Newest Tailored $20 Coats $12.85 Ladies* & Girls’ Newest Tailored $12.50 Coats _ -----$ 7.50 1 (.dips’ rnd Girls* $10.00 Coats_$5.85 ! adifo’ pnd Girls’ All-Wool $8.50 Coats. . -$4.85 I Ci. l;’ cirtd Children's $6.00 Coats-$3.95 SrnVi* Children’s $3.00 Wool Coats_$1.95 c’»c*>* Finest $35.00 Dresses_$22.50 1 , '’ic3 Finest $25.00 Dresses-$16.85 • .relief Finest $20.00 Dresses-$12.85 * : dir.*’ and Girls New $10 Crepe Dresses_$5.95 f /v’:sr»* B**t $1.50 Gingham House Dresses-$1.00 C-oed Selection Ladies* $10.00 Skirts_$6.85 C red. Selection Ladies' $7.50 Skirts-$4.98 Good Selection Ladies' $5.00 Skirts-$3.98 ! ; di's* Newest $5.00 Silk Blouse-$3.95 I ndiez Newest $2.00 Waists-$1*50 Men’s Nobby and Regular $40.00 Suits, Real Tailored. $29.50 Men’s Nobby and Regular $35.00 Suits, Real Tailored.$26.50 Men’s Nobby and Sport $30.00 Suits, Real Tailored'___$22-50 Men’s Nobby and Sport $25.00 Suits, Real Tailored..$14.85 Men’s Nobby and Sport *20.00 Suits, Real Men’s Nobb}' and ReguW^fTs.OO Suits, Real Tailored..._$9.95 Boya’ and Young Men’s $15.00 Sport Suits.$12.85 Boys' and Young Men's $15.00 Sport Suits.$9.85 Boys' Sport and Nobby $10.00 Suits_$6.98 Boys' Sport and Nobby $7.50 Suits_$4.95 Children’a $5.00 Wool Suits_$3.85 Men’s $!0.00 Worsted Dress Coats_$6.85 Men's Conservative and' Sp>ort $45.00 Over coat.; . __ $32.50 Men's Conservative and Sport $30.00 Over . coats _ $19.85 Men’s Conservative and Sport $22.50 Over coats . . __ ...$14.85 Small Boys’ Fine $10.00 Overcoats_$6.85 Small Boys’ Fine $5.00 Overcoats_$3.95 Men’s Conservative and Sport $9.50 Pants.$6.50 Men’n Conservative pnd Sport $6.50 Pants.$4.50 Men’:: Conservative and Sport $5.00 Pants.$3.95 Men’s Conservative and Sport $4.00 Pants.$2.95 Men’s Best $2.00 Work Pants_$1.50 Boys’ nncl Young Men’s $6.50 Pants_$4.50 Boys’ and Young Men’s $6.00 Pants_$3.95 Boy's $2.50 Dress Pants_$1.98 Boys' $1.50 Dress Pants_ $1.00 Men and Women’s Dressiest $7.50 Shoe_$4.95 Men and Women’s Dressiest $6.00 Shoe_$4.50 Men and Women’s Dressiest $5.00 Shoe_$3.49 Men and Women’s solid as Iron Work Shoes.$1.98 Men, Women’s and Boys' $5 Work Shoes $3.49 Men, Women's and Boys’ $4 Work Shoes.$2.95 Children’s $4.00 Dress Shoes_$2.49 and $2.95 Children’s $2.50 Dress Shoes_$150 and $1.95 Children’s all leather and Pure Kid Shoes_$1.00 Men’s $7.50 New Sport and Regular Dress Hats.. $4.95 t Men s $5.00 New Sport and Regular Dress Hats-- $3.45 Men’s $4.00 Sport Hats and Caps_$2.50 I Men and Boys Sport and Regular $2.50Hats and Caps _ __$1.50 M n and Boys $2.00 Sport Hats and Caps. .$1.00 Men and W^men e $10.00 Dress Sweaters __ $5.85 Men’s, Women's and Girls $5.00 Sweaters. .$4*50 Sweaters . __$4.50 Men’9, Women’s, Boys’ and Girls $4.00 Sweaters_$2.50 Men’s, Women's, Boys’ and Girls $1.50 Sweaters . _ __ 95c Men's and Women’s $1.50 and $1.00 Under wear . - -75c and $1.00 Girb and Boys $1.50 Underwear_95c Underwear from 50c up and cheaper for all Men’s Best 1.00 Dress and Work Shirts_75c Men’s Best $1.50 Dress and Work Shirts_$1.00 Best $3.00 Dress Shirts_ $1.95 Loads and Loads of Dry Goods, with Stocks and Stocks of all kinds of Finery-Come and See. 1 ■■ -—— ......— -- Lest than 300 Ladies’ Newest Style, All Wool, $10.00 Velour Dresses in this Week for . $4.95 • "» i——I. I. ■■ ■■ ■ ■■ .. ■ ■ 1 1 iii." i .....n ■■ ■ . .I..". 1 ■" —> - 1 — ■ ■ ■ ■ — I" *' . ^ Remember the Date, Thursday, Nov. 9 to Wednesday, Nov. 29 ■ . 1 1 1 1 ■* "... .. — mi 1 ■ • ■ ————i FRONT STORE, Dunn, N. C. Remember the occasion—The Yellow Frout Stores Knock Out Blow for every vestige of High Prices. all they wear and Dry Goods also to buy beet Material, Perfect Workmanship, Latest Style, Newest Designs, Cleap* and die Don’t Believes will not be helped. Remember these prices are not guaranteed one minute beyond our contracts. Our motto i • % Your* for a Great Service and a Magnificent Saving, lor Company, D ,N.C. _ __ . .. '

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