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The Dunn dispatch. (Dunn, N.C.) 1914-1978, December 28, 1923, Image 1

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VOLUME X. DANCER OF WEEVIL IS STILL WITH US A Wat Yaar Would Result In Diaoppobsomtnt For Tha Cara lass Farmar Raleigh, Dec. 26.—"There is mi doubt but that our cotton grower? are optimistic and moat of them ate t.ot yet much dismayed by the boll weevil." say* Prof. Franklin Slier man, Entomologist for the State Col lege and Department of Agriculture, 'who ie now assembling opinions of I county agents on this subject for the close of the year 1928. Prof. Sherman says, “Hero ia the county agent of one of our southern re unties who says he fears the ma jority of hi* farmers now believe the weevil's bark is worse than hia bite, but that a wet year Wouhl ronect that impression That agent ha* had em parlance in a state farther mouth and ’ knows bow variable the weevil-dam age la from year to year and how -bitter the disappointment of thosr wh* become unduly caret cue about ’the weevil. “Here is another agent in one of the upper counties who knows some thing of tha duet-poison method who ear* that durng the 1028 season hr did not see occasion to urge the ot* of this method. Hit opinion ia in line with our usual experiences and ob aerrations In his eeetiot., but title same agent goes on to aoy that their lint bail weevil yc»r ever the whole county le atilt to be looked forward to. He hate* to lev it coma bot hr knows that it will come eventually "Another county agent of *xperi once in a section which was due for only light injury in 1923 wirtes tit commend the advocacy of the cultu ral methods of using good seed of good varieties, and proper fsrtiliaa ton and tillage. This has been stress , ed at all our boil weevil meetings in the past and will be stressed at out meetings through the northeastern _ counties in January and February. . j!"JN llUgl the Bloat completely '■T'tuk&Ktefy <Mtteeoy that I have yet well te the eastward where many ; fields were quite severely hurt by weevil in 1929. This agent reported V that some fields where no efforts • ware made to control the wevvil made -fair yields, but that other similar fields tears badly damaged by weevil, the infestation being spotted and ir regular. AU careful observers know bow true this is. an how easily on* may be misled by it. This same agent went an to say that in fields where well-eeUcted seed of chosen varieties arms used side by did* in the seme field with ordinary seed, and approv ed cultured methods followed that the , yield was so much greater as to be very convincing—and that when In addition te. this, ample proper dust poisoning was done the yield was still | farther increased |o a highly profit able degree. “One agent ri marks that a con ' slderefclc number nf farmers ure Io dised to the idea that a little pois oning la aH they naad to do to con tro( waerH-dajoage,—-and their Ideal as ta how and wban to poison may be haxy and incomplete at that. “All of tWe testimony from coun ty agents of tha Agricultural Exten sion Service la in line with our own experiences of 1028 and It should surely be sufTicieirt to convince farm ers that we mast yet expect years iff which weevil injury wll be much wo me than it was in nut localities during the part season Tha ads and reasonable thing to do therefore is to give etaxtioos Attention to the whale subject of crop improvement, tha culture, and protection of the cotton coop. We ehoulil not allow ounehree to be c raided away by an exaggerated idea that one little thing alone wlU solve the weevil problem. The boll-weevil meetings wheh we held each winter are designed to pre aeut Just such a balanced and com plete program far farmers to follow. There should be a Urge attendant* at all of tha mootings which ere sched uled far January and February in our northeastern section." Increase Is Shown In Cost Of Living Kow York, Doc. tl —The coot oi Urine tacraaaed t.l par aaat between lily II and Nora lain II, according to a aoTrey by tha National Indai udtl^ooafarerwa hoard, made pe6Hc .The areraea aaat of food, *u»<Ma< and rent inaraaotrf ferine the If d^a andlnc Noea«*or 15, wM> electricity caoU de •Upod, tha report atated. Tha narrci dtdUaaad the* the parahaaiue rnlu. •f' tha daiiar bnand an tha seat oi U*tne la Norewhei waa M l aawta ai cntapeiad with ana dollar In July 1M4 TARHEEL ERUDITION (From the Chesapeake Pilot.)' Suppose all the students of proper age in all the public schools of North Carolina should learn one of the following facts each day, not only learn to repeat the words, but have impressed upon their minds by the teacher just what each fact means and its relation to the life of the State and its bearing upon North Caro lina's relation to other States and the world: North Carolina has the largest group of hosiery mills In the world. Carolina has the largest denim mill in the United States. North Carolina has the largest towel mill in the world. North Carolina has the largest aluminum plant in the world. ,, Carolina has the largest damask mills in the United States. North Carolina has the largest underwear factory in America. .W,c consume annually in our textile milft 1.100, 000 bales of raw cotton. North Carolina has the largest pulp mill in the United States. Carojin* h“ mor« ml»l* that dye and finish their own products than any other Southern State. North Carolina leads the world in the manufac ture of tobacco. North Carolina has a total of more than 6.200 fac tories. These factories give employment to 168,000 work 101** ennual wages amount to more than *127,000,000. North Carolina has $900,000,000 invested in manufacturing establishments. MEBANE GROCER BRUTALLY SLAIN No Clue To P«rpotr»twr Of Foul Crime Found By The Officers Mtbene, Dec. 16_So far there he* been no clue found by the officer* a* to who killed Jo* K. TroAieger, who conducted a small grocery store here. When found Monday evening, Mr. TroSinger was found lying be hind tha counter in hi* atora wtth Us skull ebruehed, bis nose cut almost f^jgn^h^Jjee eniHijja^njj^irimjhJl^ It la auppoeod the crime vrai com mitted sometime between 6 and 7 o'clock At about 7:30 someone going ii*o the store to make a purchase discovered him lying on the floor In a pool of blood, anconscioas He wax carried, still living, to the home of hi* hrothor. Jim TrolUngor, where ho died about fifteen minutes later w+th oat regaining consciousness. Ths instrument used to comm* the crime was an 16-pound window weight and it ■* supposed that the murderer went lot othc store, pur chased a can of sardine* and whet. Mr. TroKngcr turned his back, ntruck him with all his might, knocking him down and striking again. A can of sardines, partly cates, and ,ome cake* wer* found o», the counter. After striking down hi* victim, the murderer It is supposed went throc^h the mousy drawer and pockets of the murdered man. taking all the money he had In hlx pocket, leaving hie key* and a piece of tobacco behind. These wer* found on the floor. Baraca Class Elects Officers For New Year The following officer* were elected Sunday by the Clifford Barara chi** of tha Pint Baptist church; President, EaH Barefoot; flr*t vicc-presiilent, Louie Strickland; second vita-presi dent, Parry Godwin; third riee-peeei dfnt, 0. T. Noel; secretary-droesarcr, Leslie Parker; Baristas* secretary, W. A. Jackaon; teacher, J. C. Clifford (re-elected); rises reporter, T. Gro ver BriU. An effort trill be made to htrraasa tha mmnbsrshlp of this class to 100 during the next fow wetka. The offi eeiu elected Sunday will serve for a term od six moath*. W. A. Graham, Junior, Succeeds His Father Governor Cameron Mormon Wasl neoday night announced the appoint ment of William Alexander Graham, Jr., as commissioner of agriculture ta succeed hie father who died Mon day monvisg. Tha new aosmiMener of agrieulture id a member of the State Senate from tha Lincoln rite triet. Ho will enter upon hie new du ties at once. WO«DS or COMMENDATION EdKer Doan Dispatch: rWssa allow dm spars in your val uable paper to command tha poapk of Daan and eurroending cwmauntty an their good bshariat as ChristPwa j day. Tbare waa no hnrabsrtnaas or W SsfWDii of any Mad U be wan. Everybody spent their money frMtjr. Tko wi*ab«r» of tfco CfirtoUu «k»«* (ooJooorf) raiori |«l« to: "kmh yaifooao. May Dm Lori Uta tko yooyio *f Daaa. -- =ag—ap Oin From Drinlnwy Of Poison Liquor High Point, Doc. 26—WlUiam Dawson, nogro, died Cbrictma* Day here from the effects of drinking poi son liquor, according to ths physician »ho attended bum. Another case of oiiogod poiam liquor dnuking waa re porlod but the white asaa who was the drinker did not die nMiaugh he barely escape d death, it waa statnd. THREE WHITE MEN CAUGHT AT STHJ. Wert Making Christman ‘Ron’ When Ofioart Appeared On Tho Soane Local officem captured a copper whiskey still of SO-gallons capacity while in operation and arrested throe men—Harry H. Stewart, Tahnagc Holmes, and R. B. McLomb—foui.d at the atm last Friday afternoon. The three men arrested were given a pre liminary hearing Saturday before U. 8. Commissioner K. Lee and all three were brand ever to the Federal court under a |200 bond adhh, which they provided. The Min waa being utilised for a I Christmas "ran” whan tho officers I reached the scene and the three men | found operating it war* caught jsa wares. Four gallons of tho finished product and throe barrels of beer found about tho still was destroyed. The still was aet up in a hog-pasture and one or more other sites where •tills had been operated were found in the same pasture by the officers. The pasture b not far from the horn* of Seth Mdanh, near Dunn, though |he officers failed to learn to whom the pasture belonged. The aUU was trail equipped for making "the old fanMlUr" and In capturing it so near Christmas lime the officers reduced aomrwbat the holiday supply for this iromckatr section. A. B Adams, local prohibiten agent, wai aided in the raid by ether loeat officers. The operators offered no reeistance when tho offloen ap proached and one of (ham slated that it was Kb first experience in operat ing a stlli. Half Million DoUmra Loaf la Mebane Fire Dec. M—Rough oeoraate of the damage done by fire which practically destroyed the meoofl** taring plant of the White Fumltwre Company wae placed by Pmhtent W. K. White at approximately |M0. 000. Mr. White alee elated that e reehnek of I non ranee carried lead him to he Hero approximately 1*00, 990 inm ranee waa carried. Both dg ■ree, that af damage and the emoaot of Inearanec, ha abated, are roagti (lfwee. it will ha aavaod day* Warn definite Sgarea ran ha announced ▲ new factory wdl bo bath peon, it i* behoved, Mr. White mriring tkc etetemoat that white aa pane for the fotere hare bean, dleewaaed ha (hlahi wark wil bagii. at am* an a ami baMing. Robber* Make S Cent Haul From JBi Smith A harul si made Monday entered W. W. Joe P. Smith’* J oh aeon’s fans* to sntcr X. M. the holid laps ante black, Cuenberlinr railroad tvenae, and It is rofcfesr. or robbers, wore la eaMi. Ths only any si the places pennies which the cash drawer in Za tranee to the into was mads throes While ths stars c i not entered, the in the rear of the ft with •fine sharp GORDON IN AUTO Gordon mi of Mr. and Pbo lira bi the Newton Grate ■on county, had hie below Um knee bruiooo bf »» by a Mr. Reyal of Becky innate led waa •dueh had boon ChrieUaae a ream He waa eponding ef Kit undo, B. ■cose of Um the trip to Tkc bicycle wi Young Gena hooptl reported m bone difficult •eddrtu we aired, dodging an " Mcyolo in it waa ur.aroidabtc. autemobll* accident repotted fai and around Dunn dvnng the holiday., vKMi it remarkable, rentuWrmg the large number of eon operated Kara* woaia. MAJ.W.A GRAHAM D© ON MONDAY F» Fift—■ Y—g» Ao Major W A. Graham, for tho past Aftcan yean State cooeraisaioncr of agriculture, died early Monday morn i|g ia o Raleigh hespiUL Hir death "waited from pneumonia, deeeloping' from an attack of inflaaasa. 1%. funeral was road acted Toeaday af tcrrooi. from tha Find Bagtiot Church of Raleigh, of wMck decaaaod had tong keen an at Ur* member. The remain* were taken Wednesday to Lincoln ton and intooment was mad* In tho family cemetery in Lincoln county, tho burial taking nines oa Major Graham's tigfcty-fowrth birth day. The deeaaaed war a Confederate veteran, having served ia the snag during tho four year's conflict Re turning from tho ssrrieo at tha class of the war. Major Graham took a leading part la tha puhllo affair* of his home community- Ha sorvod hi* couifty In the lower bourn of tho Lag ialatum and also paired aoearal tern* aa State Senator. Prom 1IH to ISOS ho tarred os a awidhtr of tbs State board of agrlculiare and la ISM bo was tlooted go tho offieo of eommio aionor of agrtcaHuro, wfeeh office he held to the time of hia death. Bo wmt over active to Si Interest af tbe ag • h-himim un QKi mtmrr* fArtring hlnmelf. Major Onhut «a a maodber of one Of the eldeet uf moot hop—4 famWoo of the Mate and Ml life’* edrtod rroatly to Ho p«f am ud high itarxUag. A ooeond wife and "»■! «MM"* aorrHro the dktin (miofaod Worth (Mh. ettteen. Matthews Child Ron DoWn By Automobile A »-year-old on it Mr. uf Ho, R«d> lUtthom, whelhre at Oed win. woo eerteoaty In Jared Wed nee dojr afUnMm when Mm deem hr tr titawMIe driven by Jnoire Sere foot. H»e ehild'o cellar hen* arm brokoa amt ho mffend other palafn ArtriMoabott the heal and body. TM Oodwta whan the .Mid mn In Iron of the owning oar. A BEAUTIFUL STORY IS PORTRAYED IN PAGEANT “THE PERFECT GIFT” Ineprenrre P«fmat Givsa Al Firm Baptist Chureh Om Christmas Nif kt SERVICE TO OTHERS MOST PERFECT GIFT Characters Plnsi Thwir Parts la A Mast Cratii tabU Maa I Uplifted Tbs Pa# (By ALBERT B. HARRELL) The Biee*ad mm of Chrtetma* hu pernrd. Rants dun Isi con and pone. Wo hs»e ascended the pork of foy, ravelled upon lu naak far one all teo-brief day, and we are new apaia on the decline bo normalcy. Another year lick Before on In wBteh we may manufacture a new "fP»J ®f 11 m-creek ora, «*! prow a new crap of tetters. A Burns dees to the Cbrietmai foal Title* here wee the presentation •t the Firm Baptist chared By du Baptist Yeans People'* Union*, el (Centtaeed on pass S) FOX DRAWS LIE TERM IMPRISON Georgia Jary FnAo Km Kin Editor Cefltp Of Kifliag KlnAttvn, . AUoato, Dm. *1—“OaUty of mar om tho nsdist nrtri tMdgkt agaiaat Philip I. f w, fa Du kin editor oho IdM ViM & Coton, •Jto ottonsy. li Atlanta oo Moo* At tto npwi of tho dofooao, tho |»r M polled. It TO UMliOMO. Paa stood op Bo M Ws hood to tho negative oton tho jadgo attod If ho doottod to nr anything. “Yoa shall nead tto tolnn of roar aatand Ufa. la tho piwtlsnisii of this stou,” tho Jodga said. (Coattnod n pags t) Woman Died sSxhy Bn 1- H. Jackson *sU Sunday at bn bom* la Blank River 1 urn Alp M yours aid aad if survived by her BrAaad and aovesul children. The (—sal was aaadaAad Hn>»1 ay after *°°* •» » o'clock f ram Ptney Gram chwh aad lalsiaiaat was amdata Ac Bole’s Creek. Dec. J6.—Bate's Creek Baptist eborch Sunday cele brated the closing af M years of service by the present pastor, J. A. Campbell. Evangelist B. Towassad preach od at tha aoisitg hoar. When ba sms slid to d I notes the ceagso-; gallon Senior Deacon Z T. Ktvett saaouaoed that bo had a word is my. Ho mlled upon some yowng asm to bring out a basket which the mem ber! of the church, led by the good women, bad filled to overflowti^ with beautiful presents for tha pastor aad bis good companion. Deacoa B. P. McLeod again stepped the benedic tion to announce a beautiful lamp stand as-a gift to Prof, aad Hit h_ iE. Lynch edio have directed Ac ma tte for the year. At the clove of the Sunday school hour beautiful presents bad boon made. to Urn super! stand cot, Prof. Wallace; Prof. Marshbankn. trachea of As eitanona' clam, aad ta Him Emily Roberson, secretary af tha Sunday ochoeL At tha clone of the service the con gregation sang “Knot Ba Ove Tie That Binds," aad fow there ware aha ware net moved to tears- “Bow geed sad bow pleasant for brethren to dwelt together Is unity.” At the morning hear the paster re cognised IS of the members of this than* who are college stlteA and M who are away fromhemo trschtny is ether oaettoha. Twin City Mnn Killed In Auto Accident HiCh Feint, Dee. W_J. H. Haw art®*. of WtneterrCnl—. died at e local hoepdta) at • o’clock aa a maatt af iajarfaa raeatrad ia aa tewHh wreak an tha Wlnetoa road late Bat today afternoon. Mr. Hewartea an M )Wi eld. Mr. Howerton and hie aon ware on their way ta Gmaadbara end RelderiUa to rfrtt rofotiroo whan too ere Mart oeennWL Tone* Haaraaton waa drieng tha car at tha Ham. Prana roparta of the accident, It aaaaaa that tha other ear had accidently pctl.l ■"a W* road ud tha Hawaaton \ DOGS RUN DOWN WOUNDED NEGRO Uinctaa. Dae. **_-Char**d with dlifUig om «i the —* daalacMy eitaw ta the Many «f Tirilw The aarro haa a baSet warned la the taagli aed «aa ia *e igMIa inflitM by D. L. Owaa, Sooth moat owrrhant. whom tha Marl had «t M*0 Sunday aaiaag. Dooton m aunwd half a bullet fraaa bablad the aerro’a ear. D had yawed aethely threat* hii bead. La teat reyarte are that he brill race ear. Mr. Oaraa will racorar fraaa wwaadf ah out the face from a lead af Mnfahot find at claae raata by tha aerre aadaw uafaaeaaa corny Ur Mion* artae. HU plucky wife, oho atood ia freut of tha ■wii'i eoekad ahatooa ui bald Mai at ha* while her Heading Water 1 waa re* txadag Me Maya te reefer the pts taJkefcad thrown away whan the to think Me awn diatoarged, awa only ad. toertiy after the dar aad raMioti aha „_j every detail of the Wrtfytag tact dent. Ootdda a large band ad uoed Man who had gathered ware omtaMhtg the bravery ad her and her Wall n I The eagre, when irvnclahaa by Moodkaaada in ehuge af W. C. York •ad P. P. Miller, of Aakeboro. had trsvoiod only to eat #ve mOee ihitot foiewing tka lailreed traeka and haw* lag • three hour lead. Vysa ■yt tlmi the ahaaMTa poaaa ha attested to ayanod fljw. The the >ail road aad rtoer aad several ether toots ware fond hsfars ha ear rendared. to ally f Talbert mat tote tka thicket and took tka prisoner tots eastody. Maas of toeee tost toots ftr atoaad. The aogr •led ke had , I I r w a I I Only 26 Lynching* In U. S. Thi* Year ! I ! I Fayetteville Wfll U.e

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