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The Waynesville mountaineer. (Waynesville, Haywood Co., N.C.) 1925-1972, November 02, 1933, Image 1

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14RA. Ilifi The liest Advertising Medium In Haywood County Published At The Eastern Entrance of The tireat Smokv Mountains National Park Head. by Thinking People VOL. XLY NO. IS WAYNESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA THl'HSDAY. NOVEMHEH 2. 1933 1 i Memorial Service To Be Held For The Late Judge Moore Service Will lie Held December 1th. Sam H. Robinson To Make Principal Address Definite plans have been made for b-emorial service for the late Judge iter fc- Mo.jre who was district -., of the- 'oth judicial district about six wars. At a meeting thP Haywcui Har Association held here Friday norning. M. G. Stanley appointed a cmmittee to work out the program t,r the day which was , set for Peceml .- 4, immediatly after the opening of ,-ourt bv Judge Felix , K Alley. ! Sam M. M.iisdn of Canton, was named to maki the principal address on behalf of th., life of Judge Moon Following Mr. Robinson's address, J. R. Morgan, of Waynesville. will make the speech of a coptance of the por trait painting . for the . Bur Associa tion and the county. The painting of Judge Moor(. will bo placed in tht court house The com mit tee named by Mr. Stanley to prepare the program for the service were Doyl,-, I). Alley W Roy Francis, and Sam M. Robinson The committee named Mr. Robinson and Mr. Morgan on the program a; their meeting Friday, Other do Hails lof the program will be an nounced Later. ft Judge Alley will make a -hoi", address, if was said. County Teachers Held Meeting On Last Saturday Here After adopting a plan for a uni form county-wide .honor roll jn the schools of the county system the Haywood county educational confer ence adjourned Saturday at noon to meet again the first Saturday in De cember. There were about 150 teach, ers in attendance The new uniform honor roll sys tem is based on two points perfect attendance and scholarship aver aging grade A. Suitable prizes will be g-ivdn all Jtudonts who make the county honor roll, it was stated. C. H.Allen, professor of psychology at the Western North Carolina Teach ers College, addressed the coiifei encp on classification of school chil dren. He reviewed the history of standard and achievement tests as they applied to school work. After his discussion the basis of promo tion was discussed by the following teachers: Miss Mabel Clark of the Bethel high school Horace Francis of the Clyde high school, Miss Anna Mae Davis. Miss Kva Leatherwood. Mrs. J C. Patrick, Miss 'Maude Ter. rell. W. L. McCrackcn: and F D Ferguson Jr. At the next meeting on the first Saturday inT'eceml i i. Dr. V. P. Few president of Duke I'lliversity, is ex pected to address inc. conference, Local People Are Slightly Injured In Auto Wreck Felix-. Stoval was --.Friday afternoon. hit by a Chevrolet 'ii Gilbert -of 'Akron. "h foot of the Cant- n Mr. Stovall's. car v a lightly injured i his car was iven by G. R. '..'-. just at the '.. I'aniage to - ahntit 123. The Gilbert car wa amount. .-Mrs, Gilbert wa the head and it wa she might have a '" X-ray examinations j; ;am:igcd a like injured a: ' lit first thought ict '.ired skull. :.(.?! . showed, her a li d1 she wap i-njut'ies only sl:g!:'i dismissed from tjy,, h-ispital ; within a few hours after it..- accident- , Mrs. Stovall at: 1 i: y Moser were with Mr. Stovall. . A'.'h ugh shaken up. they . were r -Stovall's injuries. w about the hands 'ar.ii The two other Gilbert car. two, slightly cut arid by.: Mr. Gilbert was $."00 bond. A hear -be given him soon. iurod. Mr. minor cuts .toants of the rhivlren. were -cd Vvni . under a is expected to Chambliss Keith DiedlnSelma.Ahi. Waynesville friend- ; :' : i"gret of the deat ' r Keith, which occurre rimming at his ' horr.e-' I .mia. Mr.. Keith has visi: ' '- ir-!aw, Rv, J. T. Ma . ly. in Wavnesville. i-: tinguished lawyer of t:;c ?v with Wis' Mav la th r-,.rt- F ri r. a "i a r Jner.ii- services weie . r s ! . u. day afternoon bv H' . '.T: Yv " ': " -'):. Mr- Keith is surviv : Mrs. Ada Hooper K-i sons m,.-a Keith (M ' Keith, and Chamblis: K I Tuesday November 7th, Is Election Day-Do Fugitive For 19 Years Gives Up To Sheriff Hen Henley, Alias Henry Fultz. Will He Carried To Kentucky Today by Officers Kentucky officials aiv scheduled to a: rive here today and take back with them Ben Begley, 4S, who walked into Sheriff J. A. Lowe's office re cently and said he was wanted in Jackson County Kentucky, for the murder of Mack Gibson which took place nineteen years ago December 24 1914. Sheriff Lowe placed the man in jail and notified the officials in Ken tucky. He was advised late Wed nesday that they would arrive here Thursday for their man Begley has been living in this county for tht. past 17 or 18 years, although he has been living under the name of Henry Fultz. He was a common laborer. He has no family bis wife and only boy having died ,-everal years ago The Kentucky officials gave no information in their telegram to Sheriff Low,, other than they would arrive for the man. Mountaineers To Meet Weaverville High School Friday! Marshall Was Defeated 13 to 0 At Last Friday's (lame. Weaverville Team (iood TommoiTow afternoon at .'1:1 " the Mountaineers will meet the Weaver ville High School football team op the local gridiron The Waynesville team will be minus thro,, veterans in Ruff I'oteat. and Khune. Other mem bers of the team appear to b,. in the best of condition for the fast step, ping visitors. The Weaverville eleven presents a record, of three wins and one loss which will be pitted against the Mountaineer record of four wins, one tie and one loss. Both teams have held Asheville to a tie and defeated Ajjhevillk School) The ;(orago weight of the visiting team is 1.'! pounds while the Mountaineers aver age loG pounds. MOF.NTALVFF.RS DKFFAT MAR SHALL With Reeves, Bridges, and Khune reeling off consistent gains Waynes ville High rolled over the Marshall High machine here last Friday Li to 0. The Mountaineers threatened -three tnor,, times but failed to score. The Madison county . Imy.s failed to pictro Waynesville's 20-yard stripe and at no time threatened. A .re vamped Mountaineer line was as a stone wall when the Red Tornado reached the locals' territory. Four Injured In Auto Wreck Here in persons were injured. ..two seriously, in an automobile . wreck Saturday afternoon on Pigeon street. Clyde Smith white man. ami Wil li ni Gray, negro, who suffered serious injuries are at the Haywood County Hospital. According to latest frc--ports, -however, they are out of 'dan ger .and -' improving. The other oc cupants of . the .ear. Frank Hunt and Marion Gray. negroes', received slight injuries. : It is said that Hunt was driving a: a rapid; rate of speed down Pigeon street when the car struck a tele phone post- sv ryed to the left side of the street .into a ditch and 'turned over, throwing all four men out. : Rotary Gluh Heard Dr. Hayes Friday A; the regular weekly luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club hst Fri day, I'lr. L. B. Hayes made an ad tlyvi's. on Int'rrfaitiotralismv , He is chairman of th'it commit to,, of the villb. ', . Dr Hayes brought out the fact that no matter, what attitude' a na tion has about getting along alone today it is impos-sible. as the world is too small for this.because of the mod ern means of transportation and com-, i luncation. - ,;'N'fi nation can im- -(. :r in the F :ck yard w-ith a fence around it and te forcotten, either," the speaker suid ! "I believeMr. Roosevelt j right in recognizing. Russia " .. PASTORS TO MEKT AT CLYDE MONDAY The Hay woo' County Pa -tsir's A soeiation will hold t heir 'regular monthly meetinx at the Clyde Baptist 'church on Monday- Xoverr.'-er th at I t o'clock. Rev.'. R. IV; Mt C'rarken. si rretary: announced'. that a:! pastors are urged t" -attend thi-me-:-'-.-"?. To Speak Twice For Repeal ROBKRT t he , ount ry's M i . Griffith, one of national affairs, will spe nk at Canton on repeal. Funeral Services Held For Mrs. C. Mizell Saturday Mrs. ('. Mizell died 'here last Fri day at 2:;i0 o'clock at the Haywood County Hospital following an illness of several years. Her death was the result of an operation perforin sev eral weeks ago. Her husband, C Mizell. of Thomasville, was with, her i at the time ot her death. Funeral services were conducted Saturday .'afternoon at o'clock at the Presbyterian church, with the pas. tor Dr. K. P. Walker, and Rev Al bert New Rector of Grace Fpiscopal church, ollicia.t ing Interment was in Green 1 1 ill: cemetery. . Mrs, . Mizelf is -urvived liy her huslialiil :md one daughter. Margery She has made her home, .in Waynes ville for about si years. Mr. Mizell was for a years owner and manager of the Fo'nl Motor Company on Mam street and later moved to Thomasville leaving hi- family here. Active pal Idea i eis were: W. I... Hardin. Dr. S. P. Gav W, L Lmip kin. W. T. Rainer. F.: I.. Withers, and, S H Biisbiiell. Among the uutof .town relatives attending the funeral wore Mrs Mizell 's '-mother. M r-. M. L. M( "lesk. ev, of Black wells. Ga,. Mr. Kverett Mizell of -Jacksonville, Fla Mr., and Mr-. J. S. Mizell. of Lakeland, Fla. Mr; M. L. Met leski y and Miss Fran ees P. i i v of Blackwells Ga Mr B. S Fleiiiniiiig of Atlanta. Ga., and Mis. I. L. I'pson, of..larksonv i!e: Fla. Allen's ( reek School Has Radio Set Installed , The. first tow nship ti sehooj use i' tary school WayrH'sVille adio set for 'rot k lemon M i s.:. K. I. )- im: in a i s The Allen'- . , 'according ti Fei'guson principvl. Alli'iv's ( reek si hoof wa- onn of the jects of '.special'- ihjlatithfotiy. from late Thomas Price. .railroad the late 'Xcutiv( wh her 21. : wa.v sfajn last S.eptem- -M)-- . Price's- . bcnef;i( tion - to . this school wore m the form -of furnish ing to indigent "children oho; dinner each school 'day, Ho liought: the, out lit for flu; lunchr'Witn arirl kitchen, ette. : and each day bought t he meat-, vegetables,, and condiments for running the lunchroom . . SCHOOL NETS .!. FROM HA I.LOWKKN (A MS I A I The Fa-t Wtyne- viile . Haliowe'en f estiva!..' held at . the elementary school building Friday evening netted the Parent-Teacher Association the sum of S-lo-.y". The evening's enter' tainment consisted, of isfunts from -ach grade in the school and other er.tert'iining features . Among the entertainment features were music by Carl Swanger's Hazel-w-owl string .band- piano m.usicl by. Miss .Ila Greene- of .Waynesville and tap .dancing by "Snake." ,1 .lerringer:-. . .... .Mrs. Doylp Alley, pre-ident of the local, a-sociatiori the '-onimittee of entertainnv-nt and the teachers were well plea-ed with the "Vlicer.-. - s of, the. enteitaiTitnerit. . GRIFFITH best informed on ' national and inter- Friday night and hero Saturday night A. & P. Store Entered Twice By Robbers, A Total Of $8 Missing The P Store here was broken into -two nights this week through a back window, A total of about ?f in cash was all that a check up by the manager showed was. missing. The store va entered Sunday through a back window The glass was broken by the robbers. The screen was torn out. At that time 2: i n change was taken from the cash drawer, although $-1011 was near by Agnin ."..Monday night, after new .screen had been .put. in, and window nailed up. the -ecoii.l robbery was made 1 his time a hammer- which wa- UH'd to 'break in was left at the .scene. l ihli amounting to alxnit $o was missed the next morning. ; Polieeman Philliis saw someone running I'lom the store; and started in. pursuit but (In in) ruder bail stich a -.lead that the Ullicei could not, catch b I in. Seeks Trial For Slaving In 1900 .l.ime- Ltinsloid l'uitiv( I'rom .lust it v .'!.'! ears; Lived In Louisiana Mar- I r. with. da in:- !'..i . u.tif yeai - ag'i of th tlii- slaying u i n liud.. I.unsfonl -i-ction of Madison in the Hig oiintv. ami that- tun., a' fugitive1' f roni jiiS: K'tuineil !., Mar-hall Tliur-day : 'o 111 . reo -o flicers ;tld w hoi anniiun' charge. d he Wanted t'.ibi.- tried' on -the 'Pai'k in the county from which ho fb'.'i m ItifMt .iiO'-ford said he had lived in Louisiana -in e , leaving Mad--isoti. Today, it -a: is Ji-a i ned he i - a .Wealthy- idantat ion, owner and a ptorn; nent aiol' influential -.citizen- of that ta-e. . An. ( v ,niin:ition of ease, today ni oh i indict nieiit clia rging murder w a ii-t.urned the time , hill i i't ords in ' t he that a b;M of L it- for-1 with .- m the ca at charging John. . Randall of Jiiir Pine, with beinir an acre's, or;-- after the fa-'t;, ; Rainlall w;u I ! 1 and c oiivioted of the Charge and served a four months m ttence. : Gray anil vvoj-h hy the years, Luns ford . i cij unworrieil when offi-i-ers told him 'he was in custody after he. had surrendered. Following, a On fererice bet ween Solicitor Zeb V Net tles and officials here he was, fallowed bond of: ?l,.)0b: pending trial which is expected to t ike place - at . t he . N'o yemh'cr term of .Madi-oh county su perior: court. ; A WFLI. IX TH K IMPFRIAI; V A L I.FV of ftjlifornia pro'luces o0 tons of . iliy. ice daily.; ; AX ENGLISH PUBLlf ATKN rf, ports, 'hat. - uris- trade . - in'erabiv in - "tf-et by an ' '-r.'.ti ti'a!, . jurist". although A merican has dropped off con Knland: it is amply inf;rea.s('il number of , v . j German. Repealists And Drys Staging Last Minute Drive In This County Final Details Completed l?v The .Mountaineer and .Martin j Electric Co., To (Jive I Election Returns With a!! election olli, lal- having received last minute instructions regarding the election. G rover C. Ihivis, Chan man of the board, said yesterday that everything wa ready fo- 7 'o'clock Tuesday, Novem. her 7th. at which tune, or within a mintit,, of that tinie, the polls will open. Thi' polk w ill close about .':00 o'cock. I luring the past lew day- much interest has been shown over tin' fact thii,t Tin- Mountaineer ,;nd Martin Fleet nc Companv wi!! again thi election give to (he public by a public speaking outfit and bulletin hoard the Ic.test retuiiis from (hi' county, state and the live other Mate which w ill vote mi t he 7t b. Mr Martin said vestcrdav that h had all of his ocpnpipeiit ready and i.h,..IIi..i' .. iu,,t.. i. . ,.'.:n v... ,' ,-,11, , II MM .1 I lllllll ,111)11 Will HI1 prepai.ed to entertain the crowd as well a give them the latest new. The Mountaineer has 'arranged to get the returns a iuickly as xssi hle after polls close The first re turns .should begin 'coming in an hour or .'inure after the polls, close. In the event of rain or cold, the "show" will be held in a public build ing' piobably th,. .coiirf house. Re gardless of whei',. the show Is held it will be free to all. Those unable to attend nia get the. lato-t returns by calling The -Mountaineer, phone FIT Club Women Hear AT a l n 1 Noted Sneaker 1 On of the most ml ei e.-f nig anil instructive features of the program at the lli-frict Club Hireling on Monday wa- an ehiliit of niaferial including , -Rav plates clinical'' re ports, etc by I he I ' 1 1 1 1 e 1 1 Sfaii-s Fod. and Oiiig Adniinisl rat ion. and an eplanatoi talk by Ml Lewis A. Smith of . t in- ailiiiini-l rat ion, Mr .lames Sn ulir w::i - a I .o pre-ent and -sisted'. The pin j.... -o ua tit t i inula to in terest in and create a better iinder--taiiding of the I '..pelaiid liill dc -igncd to mo reel the deficiencies of the Wjb v Lid the I' Looil and hrug Ait which ba, if. .no ir-h woii derful -ciN'o'c ,'o: hiiiitan he ilth and w oif . i e. New way IV.r i,i u I inn- and un-scriipnloii- iiiaiil ad iH'i - have sitii i' the pa: -ago of flu. I'ui c !' ! I and Drue' Law., found' . in b moans. of evading th,. pni p.. i . of tloit 1-iW or eiici oachmg on -he -afefy ,f the pilblii- that lii',, new bill ha- eight (list mi i -, i , i i i . ,i which will cliiiii-' nati ai! da r, jo-1 ni po .-ibrlil ii- For in tancc, ' r :i -lire- pitji i ., inet ics ; t prev iii: a m:i i ; ii fact 1 1 1 . i : v i. , h-'i':. po -ibly . rnail,. lit-. br c! i -nt'oi in to i'omo nn,i:n: - i a-mla i . ii om going on i no io i . or. in i.tio io c-.- ion-- elaini - for hi - in tif! '.; . m ,;t I h-. reguial ioi.t- of ho - i: pur- I" ' IVPC 1,1 "I ;iVl.l - . -ell, III oil ", ,. ; ; for .x!.;'bli:o.i .-',', ..,,....1 ..,",.;;'. i.'a: ing in -.imiJar- aeci.doii! control the eondit iorr-,-: ntide. ' which . iinncd good- - and other (,,, -product" - .aie packed, and puts ' oil" t.h. - nr. i ket V. a" ious "coot rapt ion,' . ,fsr-' whieli up w an anted; .a i gmnoiit '' a ! put fort It . ' :Mr; Smith -a -led u-- to t ' . a v t h;i : anyone m- 1 1 ing . , u a, nia i " of t h-.' lal! iniiy .obtain .it'- by. . 1 1 pig . ,,-' tbe I'ljie 1- oo. i,. and Iii nc Ad mini -1 1 at ioti of the l b iiaptmc),! ,f Ag ri.'iill u ri, ii-hington . !!.; ( . ai: l Mlri: a copy of the ot, idand It. II it (if ni a' y i .e hr.r! by. w;r;i!ing 'pui' Senator or. ( 'ongres" -man ri'tiuest ing iC II ,. i i,. -ed : ho i'mpoi tiiniie - of" u-g.!.'.. ;J;e. -a a;.' oi the hill and feel- that a','. ( hib wotiien will want t.o: empha-izo tile iintio; -t'inc(i of this iiieasurc on -. '-their representative:-, in ( orig-e , ior -1. n.evt ('oiigre--ional e-,i.,u-; tr ITECKS OF MATFRIAL are "required in the manufacture of a w atrh : ati'i about L' lbd . n.'ra- . . ti'"i a; " '.ere---! I-." :'.- f h plot ;o:.;r ".;(,! . : , .;,,, jn (.ei - - I'iim u ring 27'!.'" T( hls . ;. ovi , 1 be run hy .i.uie hoi . e power, on,, watch is run' b- tho equivalent of 1 ilea power. ..'':' ' T HF 1!A 1. L WI! K IT. OF A WAT( II . iri'ives a; " . -. i lt."!y o.7. "it) in :'(. - . . cottinuous!y. in a year. , Your 0 Hon. Zeb Turlington and I. Y. Griffith To Speak This Week.. Hotji Sides Working Hard With Haywood county still in the "doubtful column" the repealists and lis a iv making last minute drive to enlist recruits for their side on next Tuesday. This week will bring :.' the speaker's platforms in the county some of the leading speakers for both sides of the quest ion. which makes it evident that neither side is absolutely sure of the outcome. Lead ers o both side- are, however, opti mistic. i'n Saturday night at 7:;',0 Robert W. Griffith, m iiiagcr of chemical sale of Champion Fibre Company, will -peak at the conn hou-e for the re peal forces Mr. Crillith will speak m Canton at the high school Friday night iit 7 :.'!(). 'n Sunday night at the court house, at 7;:;o. Hon. eb V Turlington au thor of the Turlington Act, will speak I fo, I dry cause. All r -e r .i t'- III tile i II v w ll In- -uspoudeU lor tills service. Other speeches to he made for the drys. (hiring the net few days Jie as follow-; Hon. .1. ,1 Hiitt at the Canton high school Sunday night at 1 '.'JO. . Hon. Thomas .1. Mai kins at the Clyde high school ..Friday niyht at 7:. "II. Giover C. Ihivis .it Cralfrec Thurs day night 7:.'!0: 'Giover C. Davis at Fines Creek high school Friday night at 7:110. I'. .1. Kerr, chairman; of the repeal forces of this county, and member of state committee of repeal, said yes terday that he believed the majority I in "ay wood county would b(. for re- rr1- 'My.f to votes, e-peciany 'lie women voters have Ixen mls- tnlormed, .Mr Kerr snni. We ar going In present the facts to them, ami we ospccally want them to hear Mr Gnflith at Canton or Waynes ville. and if possible, at both place..." "AH friends favoring repeal must Mile," he said "and, imt slay at home " Mi. (irillith is lecogni.ed a.s one of the iiut-liinding speiikers (in any sub jecl pertaining to njitioiiai or inter uatioiial all'iiirs. His work c.irries him to Furope several times each year, and fhere he makes a study of lici.'i I and economic pi oblcms . R. Fi amis will introduce. Mr. Gi illillj at Satunlay night's, meel ing. The drys. -are ilepeiiding on lion .eb V Turlington.' author of the Turlington Act. in hi- oddress ;tt the court hiiii-e Sunday night to make a ciinaing -peech . for (he dry eati-e. Mi. Tu rl i net on h a s been a ifo lung prohibitionist. ami has spoken f.,i the cause hundreds of I inn'-' to gieat audiences. lame. Atkins,-, di y candidate, -aid. ' e are imleid tortunate -o have, a' -man like . lion. Turin. gtoii to come to I I -' wood Ciuniy it. this., tinie. His I'lvii-e. arc in, nun ii demand ovi i the ;'ali'. lb- piiken to i row di J hi.t.ra.;- . 1 hroug hoiil the ..fate ami we -' ( .pei't ' a. ..fargi.- niiiiibei to 'lie pre-ent ' . , hi si i ' ' h: ' di ' 'ligir - bii. i : ' peakef ( j Sillj;i j n ig ht ' '-.'-.-' i. j i .Mm.iav t he. in y ! oi i - had I" 'I. in practically i v. i liar-: t i.!.i b ned i.idir- in -the county. KOIIKKT II. MIK liKI.I. ( II AMI'ION DKI'M M.V.IOK T" l,if.-.nd' hire. ;-W!:'!j be- " ' e I c . ti d kie.wi-iig .-'liiit Roii.'rr'II AIi'chel) n "f Mi Ri H. VI -, . .,,f V . . . .. Vila;',, was' rei'i'n ,'y " adjiidg' -I .el. 'i ! ii m jr in 1 : I'm', !' .a ( hicago. Mr, M .'' Iii-': a M ".u '-:' d in m all. I bugle New; tyon the ri.'o'ii! '. A ni.. ni-.-i r ( hicag.i, M Mitchell V v ii-'' ory. an. a s in thi'ot.igho'jt t io port id, . "Ro ,i-Mia.jor- :'-. j- ho ... op-" oi. '.. ; t h Th. it' i :. ;t ' :- CO p- t'- . ' r :'f . r--.' is i.' ' i y: N'( w - re- ! l M M ela Ik drum lon -'.-:i'.-e. 'go"ses nuiii i. of the con- rtep tine.nt-. for ydair- at ' I. eg; on- c -laves outilid .'Oil . If.'1 ' .'. . llo Families fiven Aid In September . A p.iroyi a: in Hayw'o i,- , in '"S"i"V! -n .-!'.' ing; .;.,.:'!!: :-!' - ' , i'l't liiore families i '..;;.." '( veivei) relief aid : . " in August. icconL gin'' - re'eased- by the : t: f in Raleigh" "..'-.' or: if,- ugu.-t I ... o .nelp, ii "i -:i'!;r"; while ; Sep-

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