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The Waynesville mountaineer. (Waynesville, Haywood Co., N.C.) 1925-1972, March 26, 1936, Second Section, Image 12

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THE WAYNES VILLE MOUNTAINEER THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1936 Almost 12,000 Books Borrowed from Library This report covers the operation of the H'aynettville Public Library from June 1. 1 935, to February 29, 1936. It is made for the purpose of inform in.' the Waynesville Library Associa tion, the Hoard of Aldermen of the Town of Waynesville, and the Public of the condition of the Library build intr, books., ami equipment that were turned over, lo the Hoard of Man a'efs of the Waynesville Public Li brary. We ;ilrto .set out in detail report of our linancial receipts and disbursements during this period. The arinus items will be considered under various heads. HuildiiiK The main room of the Library building was painted on- the inside before we opened last June. The woodwork on the outside of the build ing was also painted. .Some new book eases were built in the upstairs read ing room and other bookcases were transferred to the lower 'room' of the Library. I took 1 The Waynesville Library Associa tion turned .over approximately ij.UOt) volumes to the Waynesville Public Library. 7hfi books were inspected by Miss Marjorie Gilbert, field work er for the North Carolina Library Commission, who pronounced the col lection to ho one of the best for a Library of this size in the state. She laid a.ide approximately 7(10 repaired. Only a few have been repaired on lack of funds needed necessary material to The number to be re- n creased since the We are greatly in the repair- mice to the Library stacs and greatly facilitates rinding books on the shelv es. .Many of the books have been shellaced' in order to preserve them, a treatment that all the books in the Library neeu. volumes to bi of this number account of the to secure Hit lo this work. paired has Keen Library opened. need of funds to c.omplet in?; of these hooks. Work was started immediately after the Waynesville Public Library opened on making an accession record of all the book in the Library as well as a completely new catalogue. This work is being pushed forward as rapidly as time and fund will permit. We hope to have it completed before the 'sum mer season opens AH the non-lict.ion in the Library has been Labeled with a classification number on the outside of the book "Which gives a much neater appear- We have bought during the year approximately 00 volumes, mostly new fiction and popular non-liction. From various individuals we have received approximately 50 volumes during this period. Since the 1st of February, however, the Library has received two sub stantial donations of books. Civile II. Ray, Jr., gave us approximately .'lo volumes that were ins excellent condition. The Newark Public Li brary ot .Newark, .V J., has given us collection of approximately 300 vol umes of adult fiction, fioth of these llections will be on the shelves of e Library as soon as they are acccs meil and catalogued. Circulation The total circulation for the period is ll.xs volumes. This figure is atifyin ami shows not only the ed for a Public Library in Waynes ville but also that the people of Way nesville .and vicinity are taking ad vantage of the opportunity afforded by the public' Library, The total circu lation by the month is set out below: June . .July . August . . ; September October November , Deiember- January February Ji Tew Little ) V "nil 7 if JUST A YOUNGSTER 70 5 1, lis 2, 229 2.37(i 1.23 li 1,155 621 95 2 .1,006 Rain Snow Sleet- Together With Wont Out Shoes MEANS SICKNESS I otal , 11,828 The Library has received from the i own ot Waynesville the sum of $20,00 per month. This was used to pay the Librarian's salary, and was the onlv j uwi sue -ecvivea. The other financial support that the Library has received has come from private con tributions, benefits given for the Li brary, book rentals, and fines on over due books. A detailed statement of revenue of the -.Library is set out The medicine man was selling a remedy which lie claimed would make men live to a great age. "Look at me," iie 'shouted, "hale and hearty and I'm over three hundred years old !" A listener turned to the salesman's assistant. "Is he really as old as that?" "Don't know," was the casual reply. "Only been working for him one hun dred years." Washington- Tost. New Clerk Wanted Mrs. Jones stepped quietly Into the outer office. "I wish to speak to the proprietor," she said. The cheeky junior clerk smiled at her. "Most certainly, madam," he said. "The boss Is always glad to meet pretty girls like you." She grimaced. "Oh, Is he?" she replied. "Then fell lilin his wife Is here and wishes to see him." Stray Stories Magazine. the !elow: C.i litributi and From benelits given f Rents and fines from ns from individuals organizations ... . . . . $180.00 r Library books . . t.'l sr, 31.00 Ti 'Hp flu book: till revenue expenses of largely f'oi Is. supplies, etc. disbursements is set mil :'.i I form : la nitor service .'.,',: . . . . . I'osiag,. ; . ; Supplies, including book lni-ncTin supplies ':.'. . . I!"k purchased ..... . . I'a int for Library Insurance of huiiding and books : Fuel .......... $255.51 Library have and for ma V list of the below in gcfl- It Put Him to Sleep Neighbor Why are you putting the dirt in that baby cradle?. Other Neighbor I urn making a gar den. Neighbor A garden In a cradle? Other Neighbor Yeah, this Is a "rock" garden. T. II. Miles, in Cincin nati Enquirer. GET GOING .$ n .60 .11! 71 7S 1 1.00 23. OS IS. 23 Don't take a chance on being sick from wet feetbring Us Those Shoes ITS CHEAPER TO HAVE SHOES FIXED THAN TO PAY DOCTOR HILLS THE CHAMPION SHOE SHOP Next to Western Union . .$255.51 .. 1HD.30 .J219.30 ' Total ...... Tola I receipts . . Tola I expenditure! n,'il,ince on hand $ 36.27' The Hoard of Managers of the VVay iicsil!e I'tiblic Library greatly ap preciate the Co-operation ami support that it has received from the Way nesyille Library Association, the peo ple of the Town of Wa vnosvllln nrot the. various clubs and organizations that have so generously contributed to the support uf the Library during the year. We are greatly' indebted to the business firms of the Town of Waynesville which so generously con tributed when the drive '."was : made last spring to secure funds to open the Library. Respectfully submitted, Hoard of Managers of the Way nesville Public Library. i!y Win. M HDFOKl), Chairman. 3jr. I.ighttop Are you fond of baked oeans, jliss- I'hil? run Aot very. Hut I like them a lot .'better tlmti I do 'half baked, beans I've seen on some persons' I Know. Shattered Faith "Always keep your faith- In human naiiire. I try 'to,'? answered Farmer Corn i,f,.., . , .. i . i.ui wimrs a man to do after he has been serving a couple of weeks on the grand jury?" Hopeless Customer Satisfied? Certainly I'm siifisfiei!. I've nothing but praise for you. Tailor Then I suppose It's not niuch Rood . my sending the bill in again, sir? MONEY SAVE The Dread of Obscurity "Do you think It possible to love your enemies?" "Not exactly," replied Miss Cayenne. let many or us ought to feel rather grateful to our enemies as the only people who take a real interest in us." Ex, Meaning Out "Whut youall doln" now, big boy?" "Ah Is a exporter." "A exporter? Whut's dat?" "Ah wuz a pnllman porter but Ah's been fired." on Genuine, j Chevrolet Service 1. Chevrolet-Trained Mechanics. 2. Special Chevrolet Tools. 3. Genuine Chevrolet Parts. 4. Square-Deal Chevrolet Policies. 5. Guaranteed Work. DRIVE IN TODAY! i . Wadrins Chevrolet Company, Inc. PHONE 75 Perfectly Gentle Father Son, who is this wild young lady I hear you are running around with? Son Aw, dad, she ain't wild. Any body can pet her. 1 Maintaining Peace Woman Doctor, you told me to show you my tongue, but you haven't even looked at it lHctor No, it was only to keep you quiet while I wrote the prescription. MUST BE TRUE 5P Two Babes Keep Out of Woods Cr- - ' J " L- i ill ADMINISTRATRIX NOTICE Having qualified as administrav. of the estate of S. G. Morrow I ceased, this is to notify all : havme claims sua ntt u 'wiu the said' S. G. Morrow, deoeaH ?f file them with th r.L- t-j Derior Court nf Hav-w,) r-.. f,e or before the 25th day of MarchiU0 or this notice will be pleaded in ; : oi Liicir recovery. All persons indebted to said e- will please make settlement at on'v This 25th day of Jtfarch, MRS. W. P. 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(.No lejj straps and im t'umlM-i-somi arntnm-nii-iiiM. It is viiU'rpi-K)f, siiniiary. priutii ally iiulcistrii-lihl., ami may be worn while halliins or 'Hlecpinjr (continuously day anil nlht) until no longer deslnti t'.VL'TlON Beware of imiia tors who ')py this notice. IU-, ilU'inlH-r tho iiamo MK1MI ltli lie has been coming here rcmi liirly for liruM-n years. Do not nejilri't to we him on the ahove laic, .V i-lllCHc for ih-iiK.ii- 'st ration. Till" VM Is for unite people only. Cliiao Ollice, Pure Oil Hlds. Begin Now To Save The Easy Way The Haywood Home Building and Loan Association of fers the safe, easy and certain way to save money Why wait? lk'Kin today and get some thing .ahead. With the Association's in stallment plan of buying stock you will put aside each week or month a little that in a few years becomes a lot. Tor over 17 jcars the Association has paid its members dividends of (i per cent. That means you will not only save what you put in but also get (i per cent dividends on it. Managed by a group of leading business men of the community, who give their services without pay, the history of t.he Association is of the best. Right through the depression the As sociation has paid regular dividends and retired all maturing stock without delay. Here is how small weekly payments (or monthly if desired) mount up on the av erage of six years and six months that i( has taken to mature stock in the past: HOW WEEKLY SAVINGS GROW AM or. N'T PAID PKR WKKK -, . XI JIIIKU OF SHAKHS TtlTAh VOl 1'VY IX AMOt'XT YOI GET 25c 1 $85.00 $100.00 $1-25 5 $425.00 $500.00 $2-50 1) $850.00 $1,000.00 $5.00 20 $1,700.00 $2.000.00 WEEKLY DUES MAY HE PAID OX MONTHLY BASIS They say Brown's wife fairly wor ships him." "I guess that's so. 1 went out there unexpectedly the other day and no ticed she served up a burnt offering." 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