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The Waynesville mountaineer. (Waynesville, Haywood Co., N.C.) 1925-1972, August 18, 1938, Image 1

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The Wayne sville Mountaineer Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Euslern Ertrcnce oj The Great Smokv Mountains National Park NO. 33 FOrRTHYEAR First National To Remooei imcnui Of Banking House rnE.uip-nt er Vault Added At Eearly Date . ve interior remodeling Vu'Im underway at the First i.. ,. -n the first of j. was learneu i " ,f directors nave i rt-w and modern fix- .v.,. entire noor pm tO' rt.V u k . .....arrflnirwl. LuW vide murble ,n- "cage l.v i"' WAYNESVILLE, N. C THURSDAY, AK.IST 18, li;?8 $1.50 IN ADVANCE IN COUNTY Following Haywood Farm and Home Tour With A Camera 2 Men Awaiting Pictured here, are fifteen . J ,.. 1 1 If 1 C reaeraiinai ror Holding UpSIoair tpttrnbrf, ftf Ik'!1' ,n ,-minters with aium- raUintrf will be used insten.1 oi i ..1..., k.r, lt fllV H a ivn'ract nas ai?u ...i i.n'i v vault ami "- iefK' 24 .nch . i, v. varying in sue n in prt' Cr.f.'" ; thi-i't ai The vau ar.ii wil to 4 inches. At only 75 boxes avail will be the latest be of 18-inch ie-in- ttoi of the bank made a r. :':x s-'tate recently look- holdings and fixtures, and lT making this tour that I . the style fixtures to h..;:- remodeling program, was made available as ,:' the program. Full-Day Program Plnnnpd Here or Labor Day Events JO Piece Hand, Two Ball Games, Parade, -Mutt Parade, And Athletic Events On Program "Bigger and better than ever" is the .theme the Labor uay commuiec is working en in making plans for the annual celebration here Septem ber fifth, according to ''Bill" Cham h.r I'.r.i-ral chairman. At a meetinir of the merchants In. 'Monday nitrht. it was voted to have cars and trucks in the parade, which will be featured this year with a mutt parade, and the 40-piece band from Spruce Pine. The parade will get underway at ten o clock, forming, at the Hotel fimiltin. and the line of march will btim Main street, and across to Boyd avenue and then down Brown avenue to the Hazelwood athletic field, where :ke Spruce Pine ball team will meet the Hazelwood Manufacturers. In the afternoon, a soft ball game between the business men of Hazel vod ami Wavnesville will take place, j'ftther with other athletic events, cik.1i tiii..iifii.ui. nnit nnmprnnq am. The merchants were enthusiastic ver the plans as presented by the committee, and went on record pledg ir.g 100 per cent support of the pro- gam. The committee in charge of the plans for the celebration consists of Wm. Chambers, chairman, Frank Compton, Harrv Lee Liner, C. N. Al len. C. E. Weatherby, LeRoy Davis, Rebut Hugh Clark, R. V. Erk, White ner Pievost, C. M. Dicus, and M. H. Bowles. " Commissioners Act in Re-electing 3 To County Places Formal re-eWtinn fnr onnthpf 5'ear was made of R. R. Smithwick as county agent, Miss Mary Margaret Smith as home demonstrator, and J, V- Allison, as forester, by the board ' commissioners here Monday. Matters of routine, and numerous fnad petitions demanded the remain der of the commissioner's time for the dav. . A 1U1V f(,r k C l ... Wil court was drawn. scenes made on the farm and home tour last Friday. 1 Assistant county agent Corpening with legs cross ed, is shown talking over the loud speaking system explain ing a demonstration. On his rierht is County agent Smith wick, and behind him is Al bert McCracken. 2 This is the Guy Cham bers farm, Iron Dutf, and Mr. Chambers (center) is look ing directly into the camera. Part of the 103 cars in the tour can be seen in the back ground. 3 Time out was taken to eat watermelon at the Weaver Cathey farm, on Pigeon. Here is proof that there were many women on the tour and many liked watermelon. 4 Part of the group look ing at the three tat calves on the Giiiver Abel ii'.in, in Beavt rdam. 5 Some of the 57 entries in the mare-colt show on the Crabtreo school yard. G (3 rover Abel pointing to istant hill, showing the grout) a I'inionstratioii ot triple phosphate on a pasture hillside. 7 -Three well known Hay wood farmers, as they chat ted at Crabtree just after lunchnete the contented ook on their luces left to right A. ',. Baldwin, White Oak; A. ( . Walker, rabtree; and Lee V. Rogers, Clyde route .one. i.One of the entries in the colt show. The man with ar ms folded is W . C. Kirk patrick, Clyde route one, and the man at the colt's head is Lawrence Walker, Lake Junaluska. 9 Almost all of John Rog ers is shown astride his prize winning mare. Mr. Rogers lives on Clyde route one. inJubilant over the suc cess of the tour, county agent Smithwick looks over the crowd. 11 The camera followed J. L. Rietzel, new assistant County agent, around for an "unposed" picture, and when he got still the sun was shin ing in the camera, hence the dark picture. 12 The prize winning colt, owned by W. C. Kn kpati lck, who is shown on his mate holding the reins to the colt. 13 Not unlucky by any means, although picture num ber 13, is the two-weeks-old colt belonging to Glenn C. Palmer, Crabtree. The little fellow was very obliging, and posed like a veteran, with raised ears and all. 14-Guy C hambers, driv ing, looks at an assistant shoveling lime into the linio spreader for the crowd to see just how it is done on his V'on Duff farm. 15Another line-up of the prize winning animals at Crabtree. All the pictures were taken by the editor of The Moun taineer. w. AC-"?i.i' lri Y 'B'Ct .av iYfri Ikibby Sloan Taken To Gretw ville, Tenn., At Point Of Pis tol Saturday Nigh VIr- u '--wX"aTjar.iC:??aJ Members of The Mountaineer staff "Me the -third annual farm tour last , 'a5'v .and in this issue present r day's work. . Hil.ia Way Gwyn, took special note in m women and their part m we tour.'; ' , ; n" Abe- d'd likewise as far as Pble, with 5h.s. Abe along. Any , ,e got a good storv. J editor. wrote his story with a tri'f tnr"-' er.joyed the day, and have . ''st they can to give our imn, pictures and words, what "".sta them most. i , .........Bijiaj'iisn... memm i 1 1 ...ifff-ii. ' '7 " r- r, - -. "':' ", . Carl Head, 24, and Wilfwd haffcy, 20, both of WaynesvilW main in the Groeneville, Tenn., because'' of failure to make bonal eii $5,0(10 each, and are awaiting ti. trial the last of September in tilt -lederal court, at which time they '1 1 face charges of forcing Hobby Slow. 20-year-oltl son of Hugh J. Sloan, m. the point of a gun, to take them .. Greeiu'Ville, late last Saturday mgta... l-i'deral invest igatois entered 11 case a U'w hours alter it iHcairn known the men had forced Sloan U go across the slate line. Une of Ui'. investigators was luiv Monday irn Milting with police and other peop.i 111 the town. I'.obby alleinlcd tl'i hearing in Grceiieville Tuesday, doe .Sloan, a brother ol l!i.H'. had borrowed a pistol lieloui'- nig to Head. Saunday night, wls'i the two Moan brothers were at tl.J 7 ( lull dance, Head asked .Joe Sloal (o rctiiin the gun which was nt. Vli n homo. liobbv ol'lierilicK- n'- unreered to drive to the home, a sKift tanee away, and get the wewijiin ad ami Mcliall'cy accoinpiirit' v in t he Sloan car. Head and MehaH'cy were under if i inllutince of liquor all I he w hile, J. was said. I lie gun was icliirned to Head, aim' three drove back to the Sulpliui Springs road, and as Sloan started :, turn to go back to the 'dance' hail. ad pushed tht iristol in Sloan's huIc and ordered that lie drive in the opi.' sile direct ion. 'I his was about ten o'clock, I alter driving about town a bit, Httu'i ordered Sloan to drive towards New port. Sloan did as ordered, it raj drove with the pistol rammed in he side until they reached I)el!wwi. 1 here MehafTey took the wheel ar.i:1 drove (he car on toward Grcenoviih Sloan, in relating the experience at' this point, said: "While Head and Mr - Ifev were ariruinir over the situa tion (out of gas) 1 jumped from tf.- and ran to a rieighhorlng house, family summoned G'reenrville of- icers, who later arrested Head and hatlev. walkinir inside the oil-. units." Hugh .1. Sloiin, accompanied bv ( Inef Slringfield went to Greeueviln Sundav and accompanied Bobby lioine. 'I he Sloans have not, nor will they file any charges. The federal agents have charge of the case, a!i II make ail charges, since it wa kidnapping, aiid also theft of a r, il was pointed out. When Head and Mchaffcy wire ar- ( onlinued on bark page) Waynesville Man Killed In Plane Crash On Pacific Ralph Thomas Carter, aviation chief ordinance man, who was one of the three aviators killed on Monday when their torpedo bomb er crashed near San Diego, Calif., while on a routine flight, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Carter, of Waynesville, who came heie to reside eleven years ago f i om Williamson, West Va. The body of young Carter uu San Diego tomorrow, anu reach here Tuesday, run services will be held at the of his wires parents, .mi.. Mrs. Will Ford, in Clyde. Burial will follow in the Bona Venture cemetery. Carter is survived by nis and one child, his parents, '.istei. Miss Veina Cartel, of Waynesville, and one brother, Paul Carter, of Youngstown, Ohio. 'FIR KM KN AT CONVENTION',. 1 Lloyd Phillips and Lawrence Kerley, ! represented the Waynesville fire de partment at the annual state firemen's ! convention in New Bern last week, i at which time 1,100 firemen were pres ' ent. More Than 500 Take Part In Farm and Home Tour leave will eral : home and Mr. wife one hi your tipunov, should the xtate sales, tax be -runUniud or irixahd! Crovcr Abclt farmeneattle raiser, Cantov, route two "The sales tax seems fair, and I believe it is a good thing. In my opinion, we should keep it." I R. . I ship-ued." ,. Justice, farmer. Pigeon Toufn "I think it should be contin- people who do not have the money. This tax could only be fair and jst if it came from the people who have the money." SM LL FIRE DMGE A roof fire did about S3 damage to the home of B. Q McC.acktn on Main street here Monday. . T, H enrrr Cathey, farmer,. Pigeon Township "I think the sales tax is the fairest tax there is, and that we ought to keep it." . . Frank Davis. Mavaaer Hazelwood Cannery and farmer "I feel that the tax is rendering a great service, but R. G. Coffey, Merchant, H aynesvdle "The present law should be am mended so the tax could bo charged to the retail merchants by wholesalers, with same applying to all jobbers shipping into North Carolina. The present plan makes unpaid tax col lectors out of merchants, yet it does ;et a tax from many who would other wise not pay any. It doesn't seem like we can do away with the tax because nronertv owners cant be Duraeneo; la A: IO .lv.-.i, r " j c- - " r- - . I think it is coming from a class of w:;th any more taxe. Everyone Well Pleased With Third Annual Tour Among Haywood County Farm Projects I race Church To Observe Sixtieth Anniversary Sun. .. Sunday will matk the sixtieth utidi- . versary of the "(ilacC Church in tl.e .Moiiritains" here, and will be .bst-.v-ed bv a special service at eleve;. o'clock, with 'Bishop.' Robert K. Gritv bin in charge. The foundation stone of the church was laid or) August 20-.h,. 1878. The sjiecial service will be one of Thanksgiving and in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee. An offering of two thousand dol lars will be sought, with which to pay off the indebtedness of the parish. The bishop will also conduct a con firmation service at eleven o'clock. Various .phases of agricultural and home life in Haywood county were studied bv more than 500 farmers, farm women and business men who went on the farm and home tour con-1 dueled .Fridav bv the county agent's j office in co-operation with civic groups ! of the county. The tour was a1 success from every angle. The attendance was up to expectations, the weather ideal, and the proiects visited by the five hun dred were most impressive, and worth while. AH the time was not spent in look ing over projects and demonstrations, by no means. At the very first stop, the crowd was invited to a watermelon feast on the lawn of Weaver Cathey. (Continued on back page) lite. lAJeaUtel deposit H. M. HALL, Official Observer Aug. Max. Min. Free. 11 86 ',4 . 014 12 85 . f,2 . . 0.0 1 13 : 82 f8 . :' 14 80 58 0.' 15 87 ; CO C.- 10 86 CO 17 - '87;'."' ' ; 50 '.; o.orv Mean maximum - Mean minimum ................. .Po.r Mean for week . - -7:2.?- High for week Ta Low for week . -'5 ' Above August normal 2T Precipitation for week O.JTi' Precipitation since Aug. 1st 1 Below August normal WT Precipitation for year 3fM: Deficiency for year .............. ... 1.-

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