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The Waynesville mountaineer. (Waynesville, Haywood Co., N.C.) 1925-1972, December 29, 1938, Image 1

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The Wayne sville Mountaineer Published In The County Seat of Havwood County At Th'e Eastern Entrance oj The Great Smokv Mountains National Park AFTY-FOURTH YEAR NO. 42 WAYNESVILLE, X. t, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29, llS $1.50 IN ADVANCE IN COUNT! Holidays Termed "As Quiet" By All Officers On Duty Number Arrested For Being Drunk; One Drunk Man Tumbles In Richland Creek i, ..-on line to the sheriff's depart ment and the city police, Haywood rtunty and the town ol Waynesville bad a very quiet law abiding Christ mas. In laci one oi me guieiesi ever remembered here. There were no serious fights and no casualties luuugu ine us m deoartment showed that one more person was arrested in town for drunkenness this year than last and (cur more persons were put in tne county jail this year than in 1937. According to Chief J. L. Stringfield , th.. ritv nolice department, there (re 14 arrests last year for drunk enness and disturbance of the pence and 15 this year. Sheriff Welch stated that last year they put 12 persons in jail and this vir 10 had been locked up between the 20th and the 26th. He could not account for less disorder this year ith the lareer number of arrests, except that the quality of the liquor must have been better this year. There was onlv one fight reported, but it was not considered serious by the officers.. One drunk who might have spent Christmas in jail had the misfor tune, or the good fortune, to fall in Richland Creek, but it was reported that the icy waters of the mountain tream sobbered him up to the extent that he was able to take care of him filf, without the aid of the officers. C. II. Ray, Jr., And Mrs. Saumenig Win In Xmas Contests The Ray's Win In Tree Contest And Mrs. Saumenig In Deco rations Group The tall hemlock on the lawn of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Ray, Jr., which was trimmed ' with dozens of blue lights was awarded the prize of $2.50 the outdoor Christmas tree contest, which is sponsored annually by the Woman's Club. Due to its height the tree could be seen in practically all directions. Miss Mary Saumenig was the win ner of the outdoor decoration Con test, the prize amounting to $2.50. Garlands of evergreens were inter mingled with lights of various colors entwined on the iron railing on the terrace of her home on the Balsam road. Others competing in the outdoor Christmas tree contest were: Mrs. Will Whitner, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus biler, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lee Liner, Dr. and Mrs. S. L. Stringfield, and Mrs. J. W. Seaver. Anions those competing in the out door decorations group were: Mrs. T. N. Massie, Green Tree Tea Room, Mrs. Hugh A. Love, and Mrs. K. JN. Barber, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Boyd, Mr. and Mrs, R. L. Lee, Mrs. Woodson Jones, Mr, and Mrs. Ben Colkitt, Mrs. Rufus L. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Richeson, the Haywood County Hospi tal, St. John's Catholic church, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Withers, Pet Dairy Com pany, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Colkitt, and Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Terrell, Mr. and Mrs. William Chambers, and Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Summerrow. The following served as judges: Mrs. Ben Colkitt, Miss Robena Miller, and Miss Caroline Alsteatter. They ex pressed gratification over the increas ed interest in outdoor decorations of residential grounds. Starting The New Year . . . The staff of The Mountaineer Mill attempt to give our many iid increasing number of readers some new and inter esting features, as well as a Wore thorough coverage of news during 1939. f or one thing next week, there will be a whole page de voted to a review of the news f the world for the past year. This should be of interest to every reader. Look for this Page next week. Waynesville Future OOO This is the group of boys, who under for their activities for the past year. tion Operation of Bird Banding Station Proves Interesting Hobby Of Miss Boggs Every person has a hobby tell it to the world as soon Some ; they take it up, while others are modest and sometimes years pass bet ore it is generally known outside ot ;i lew personal friends. Among the latter is .Miss -Marion A. Hoggs, living near Waynesville. who conducts a volunteer bird had ing station lor the U. S. Department of Agriculture in her spare time. All her banding activities are earned on with the six acres, which comprise her home in the-North Carolina moun tains. : Located as her home is. 2.MI0 tee, above sea level. Miss Hoggs has iouiiil her-place an ideal spot lor the furth erance of bird study by this banding mothoil Cwrefnllv idiced tirmiMil her o-,,,.,!,.,, ,m,...i.r ih,. sh.i.hherv a,l i,. I the trees, -there are usually one or two bird traps in operation. f hese are all visited many times a day by this bird bander, who keeps them sup plied with plenty ol food and water for the birds throughout most of th" year.: Not a Haphazard flair One -might, think that this trapping and banding l birds is a haphazard affair and one to be treated lightly after a few days, or at most a few months' work. : It is not so. - Miss Boggs' station was opened for operation in l!'2o, and for the past fifteen years she has carried on this work pist as other Volunteers have been doing since 1920, when the scientific work ol bird banding came under the. -direct control of the I'ederal government. The greatest number of birds given a little metal band- bv Miss Boggs in one day was !t. T his does not mean that only 9 birds were handled by the bander on that daw for some ol the banded birds have the happy faculty of visiting the traps time after time, the same day or within a few days, almost to the point of being a nui sance- Such birds are known as 'repeats. ' Their leg band number I is carefully checked by Miss Hoggs and then they are released again. A bird that has been banded in a pre-1 vious season and comes back to the Wavnesville station after a migration, is known as a 'return.' Some birds, of course, do not fall in either of these two classifications and -may never be heard from .again.- But every once in i , : a while a bander is thrilled that- little bi.d ban..,, I Dvn.m., u:...i u...i...l u ,:, U, i . , , , , been louna ,m ..... -"r verv often in tne .orin, or occasion ally in Central or South America. Safet Mwa.s (onsider.d 1 he aim of all bird band... and there are about 2,000 in America. ; , , .i j , specially licensed by the government I besides Miss Boggs, is to release all birds thev band m a healthy and nat ural condition, just as they were be forp they were banded. To do this,! birds must be taken care of almost as soon as they are captured in the i traps so tnat tnev win noi m.iuie themselves against the wire of the cages. Upon making the round of the traps, every bird is examined. If the bird is already wearing a band, the number is taken and the bird re leased The number is checked with Miss Boggs' records. If the bird has been banded at Waynesville, its visit is registered and reports are made to the central office at Washington, D. C, in the natural course of events. If it should happen to be a bird band ed in some other locality, a report is sent to the main files at the Wash ington headquarters immediately, so that a quick theck-up on the bird (Continued on back page) Farmers Of America the direction of Instructor .1. C. Brown Many Families Helped During Holidays Here From the Ii w Inch this pa 20 were taken individuals. T passed bv the .1 neediest cases er carried last. week, i.y various groups and e kind of ( lirist mas I eninining tell is not known. A lining the generous was the liotary ( lull ' nrist mas clieer to a to dies, onlv lour, howcvci I he Mountaineer list. organizat ions liicli hrougli' (1 ol 11 fain coming from is the other i families were made known I h ton jib I other agencies. I Another year it is hoped that this par may servo as a clearing hou for such will be a work hundi and that the ed per cent. record Farm Credit Croup To Meet Here 4th The annual meeting of members nf the Waynesville National Farm Loan Association will be held at 10:00 a. m. next Wednesday in the court house, according to an announcement by I homas A. ( ox president. An interesting program is being arranged for the meeting this year. Mr. ( x said, and a very large at tendance is expected. As usual com plete and detailed reports will be made on the operations of the asso ciation and the members will be made ac(iiaited with all of its affairs. In addition there will he a discussion ol the association's part in the agricul tural development of the seftion it serves. A representative of tiie Federal land Bank of Columbia will attend the meeting. Directors of the association, wlncn serves Havwood county, are Thomas ('ox. J. B, Best, Jarvis Allison, . A Moore, and A. Howell. 533 Cheered By The Salvation Army Christmas trees were held tn Big Bend- Shclton Laurel. Bonnie Hill and Maple Springs bv the Salvation Army last week, difts, oranges and apple were mov nieu ior nn-n, ""nih u.oMl.n to Captain "" V and childern, acconling , , wnn ,s b Lieut. Thelma ( olfon. I Me oi tau'rii iiiiii., th( ()c P fujJ .. Voice rfUe PeofUe What is vour prediction regarding business for 19.19? J. K. Bovd President of the li st National Bank "I think it will be j better than in l!t.!8. I base this on i general conditions and the fact that ; industries are now increasing then : number of employees. ' Paul Martin .Martin Electric Com-panV-'"lndications are that business in 1939 will show a decided increase over that of 1938. W ith the opening of the Great Smoky Mountains Na tional Park scheduled for 1939, local business should be considerably bet ter." C. X. Allen Manager C. N, Allen Chapter Win Honors 9 t- 9 wv fjk; RBW W wwmw- " - WMH V 1SW SR 8f.fcllWf won state- recogni- Instructor .i. c do bv . BROWN ShcrriU's Studio Ph. Local F.F.A. Club Declared Outstand ing In N. Carolina Awarded I'n.e Of .Y7." l or Ath U'venn'iils l or Work During Past Year The Smoky Mount-aim Park chapter Future I' America was declared the ing chnpter iii the state for N'at ional arniers of school year I'.l.iT- and bv rank was awarded th pany 's -'prize of $75.00 of t hi' chapter have virtue of that ' Barrett om I lie art ml ics been numerous and varied, -imt only for the past yeai, but for many years. : I he chapter lunl the out st a inline student in the slate in j !:.!. and the pupil ami teacher were awarded a trip to the National convention of future 1' armors of America held in Kansas ( ity. In l'.U0- .7 the c hap ter won the district award of $50.00 for having (lie best chapter in 'the mountain' district,, add last year was 'awarded the first, place in the district ! public speaking contest. The chapter 'has 'five state, farmers, the highest award given by the state chapter' to ! an : individual member, two state of- ;; been or are being filled by ... i i ri II r ol trie cnapier. naroni I'rancis. now a Ireshnian an State ('ollcge, served as state secretary for the vein I'.):!?- :;X and is now serving as iires.ideiit iif the chapter. Ninety five per cent of tile graduates for the past three years are m the business ef farming, in some capacity. 'I he boys ar e: Cecil AiTingtoii, Sam Arlington, Clarence Arlington, Luther Buff, Jim- (( ontinued on hack page) C ompanv. foi 10 iO ol HazelwooiL i v g od W. Hugh .Massie Manager Mas sif's Department Store "I think that business is .definitely going to be im proved. The outlook is better, due to the fact that there is more money in the county than ever before. ' i Dan W. W atkins Chevrolet. I), il- v ill or "I think business lor 10 be alright. ' Dr. If. O. ( hampion Manager Smith's Drug Store-'-Better than m 1938, because there are more jobs, more money, more travel, better spirits, and a better attitude toward spending money." m if Ptr Pflfoflflfl OptimiStlC 0v6F Business Haywood Democrats Asked For $125 To Help Balance Budget ('. K. Hrown Named Chairman Of Haywood Committee For Jackson Dav Dinner The appointment of i'. K. Blown as chairman of the annual Jackson 'Day Dinner committee in Haywood county was announced here by State Chair man John I). Larkins, Jr., of Jones county, State Chairman of the Jack son Day committee planning for the annual Jackson Day Dinner to be held in Ualei);h on the night of the 7th ai eight o'clock at the Sir Walter Hotel. "As the Democrific ihairman in Havwood county, Mr. Brown has been very helpful in the past and we are counting on him ami other good Dem ocrats in the county lo help us raise our part to help wipe out the deficit incurred by the Na'imal 1 'einoci a' ic Kxecutive committee in the ;cccil campaign," said Chairman Larkins. Haywood county has been a-kod to raise $125.(10 as its pait in 'he .state wide eaniaign that will ,-ulmiiiat e with the annual Jackson Day Dinner in Raleigh, w here a Dc-fiiocra.t u- : peak er of national reputation will deliver all address that will leave no del. lit in the minds of those who b, .u him tin t there is a Democratic adminiM i at i .ui in Washington as well as cue in Kal eigh," Chairman Larkins said. Persons 'contributing !f25..00 or 'more will be invited to attend the slate wide dinner in Kaleigh and liairman Larkins announced a Ihree-wav plan loi1 those planning to attend the event. Plan one calls for the payment ot $25.00 at the time ol reservation: Plan two calls for the payment ot HiW ut the time of the reservation: and the balance on Alarch 1st; and plan three call loi the payment of $15.00 at the time of reservation, Willi $5.0(1 on .March and $5.0(1 on April 15tli. ( hie .fourth .of .the -money raised in N'oih Carolina, Cliairnian Latkiir pointed out, will he. retaini'd for use of le Slate 'Democratic. Iv:eeutivc com miltee. Names of .t-liose securing res eivatioiis at the dnini'i will he sent to James.' -A. Farley, National Deino ei a lie chairman, ami each will rrreiv" U card of thank- from the chairniall. Two Osborne Cows Make New Records Twii new records were recently set up bv two (lUcrnsey cows, owned bv Osborne Farm, near ( anion, accord ing to official records supervised bv North ( arolina State College and an nounced by the Amer'can (iuernsey Cattle Club. An -'eight-year-old cow, in class produced 1305.5 pounds of iiiilk 592.0 pounds ol biittertal. A five-vear-old cow in Class A (lured 12200.5 pounds of milk 5!I2.3 pounds of btitterfat. A A. anil pro and Slight Damage Done To C. Of ('. OHktsI Night.' policemen Phillips and .Downs discovered a hlae in t lie ;otliee nf the ( hamber ol ( omnierce early Friday morning just as it broke from an old discarded flue. Quick work on the part of the fire department held the damage down to a few dollars. The wall paper was scorched in an area around, the flue, and water did slight damage to the floor. Oscar L; Briggs, fire chief, said that the soot aecunimulated in the bottom of the flue had caught from sparks from the stove on the second floor. He also added, that if the blaze had not been discovered when it was. that there is a likelihood that the fire would have gained considera ble headway. Boiling Hall, of New Orleans, spending a couple of .lavs in town business. Jonn MiKpalnck ami young son.! nf (ireenville. S. C . ami .William T.:,n caster and James Williams, of Spar- tanburg, were the guests during' the week of the former's father, Dr. Wr. L Kiikpatn.k. - Mrs. J. S. Davis had as her guests Gver the Christmas week-end, her son, Lee Davis, of Richmond, and son, Harry Davis and his family, of Leaksville. For New Year Noted Statistician Finds There Is Every Reason To Look For I'rosperious lH.'W PABSON PARK, MASS., - Total hasn't- by tin- i1 of 193l will he nx lood as perhaps better than -at any iear-eiml sinee 1929. There may be pei ma's ii lie ii Imsiiiess it il mark- time, but the areiajje rolanie for the year trill be uniti id 20 per rent nbore the lil.'lh hnl. Jobs, iraijeH, retail sales, storks, and eren farm priren should all chalk- op pood-sized inins. It is even possible that the sharp prakx of early 1937 will be toppedbut thin is a pretty lony shot. Covmdering all factors, I f area st that 1939 will be a year of moderate prosperity. There are no "hedges" tacked on to my forecast as there wore m sev eral years past. In 1937, I feared that the sit-down-ers would upset the apple-carl. A year ago. Wash ington s inert ia worried me. But today. I can see no reason why the I ides ol recovery should not carry , aid perhaps even e l!2!!. This will iiualioh of the up. in l;i:i2. Frankly. Koger V. Bah: N 1.- f. hieh sine .ill i lllel t lei I ,1 l. I I w I h l Hot e onsnler I he I'.l.'i? Hl.'fS e-. myt liing oioi e I han a (em -sharp, inli'i riint inn ,,f the cession as : pora r , hut upwai it swing. iioi:i.()- I eni)liasize (his bit of. "back his. im -fhe loiy because I believe it has an portant bearing on eonlulence at moment. iMilIions of people - as we get further and lurther away I'roni l!2!l look upon that year as setting a i, cord winch can never again be touched. As a result ol the sharp ups-and-downs o the part decade, I hey have come to believe (hat hard times a re now normal limes in America I disagree. I think that thes, have lost I hen- horizon 1 people do not girlie re. Unit 1929 uccessii rih) I the piiniuelc or Aiiiecie.tiii ! ness. I It is 1 1 ue that some factors ai j favorable than in !2!. Among are laves, bureaucracy, :.ui, la , faith. Ue have, however llr low ing favorable items today : epr bus 1 Hem :-.k of fol - j I. Our population I ;ro,cn I. : IMKI. (111(1 since I'I29 2. 'I'hoi.isands of new products have been invented. i j, I , 1.- Production of. ellicieney h.'IM SOMr- 50'. in ten years. I. A huge del, reed demand fol ls has piled up. 5. ' 'redit reserves ale (he greates in history. 1. I'rodiicl i, in cost last yea r. 7. Wholesale aiid a re relatively low. Owej' than retail inventories S. ( onfulelice is turning bu ness halting lesSe'is. 9. Billions will be spent on arma inents and pnrop prlmhig:- 10. Buildine i- on (he th a real boom. ll ff h hl A I I, 1 S 1 r ) MOXTIlS l or these and other reasons. I be- I neve that t he forces of recovery . are .predominant.'. Right, now busi j ness -stands at !!) on my Babsofichai t : compared with SI a year ago, l!t.!:l I will .open, therelore. w ith activity IS I per cent above t he early days ot 19..S. Indications are that, as we work I through the first half ., of the .business will register a slow but !- (( inifiMued on back page) along year, heal - H. M. H ALL, Oj f Mini Observer Dec. .Max Mm. 7:;;0a. in. Prec 22 30 13 15 23 -IS 12 .11 21 40 39 42 0.32 25 47 24 2ti 2(5 48 20 35 0.0 27 ' -IS 35 38 0.77 28 38 11 13 I M,.m maximum minimum 44.1 22 " 33 G 30 0 ...48.0 ..13.0 5 3 ...1.13 ....l,7t ...2.4G .40.92 4 97 - I Mean Mean for week .......... i Mean for 7.30 a. m. I n'Kh 1r - - Low foi weik . i Below December normal Precipitation for week Precipitation s.nce Dec. 1st Below December normal .... Precipitation for year Deficiency for year Sl-

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