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The Waynesville mountaineer. (Waynesville, Haywood Co., N.C.) 1925-1972, October 09, 1941, Page Page 16, Image 16

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Page 16 1 '-fu V - i 5 NEWS REPORTS AT FT. JACKSON The first phase of the fall ma neuvers is completed without "bloodshed", so to speak on either side, for the problem was over be fore the real fight began. This was a "feeler" problem, and when the two armies Red and Blue were finally arranged in battle for mation, the results desired for naa been obtained, and so on Wednes day morning, ,the 120th Infantry returned to its base camp for the rest of the week. As always when returning from the field, the rest of the week was devoted to clean ing up soiled equipment prepara tory to the Saturday inspection. Retreat at five o'clock has been formal every afternoon except Wednesday and last Sunday, It certainly is Impressive to realize that the entire group of soldiers who compose the First Army are at the same moment all over North and South Carolina standing at attention, and saluting -the colors of our great nation., We were lucky or unlucky (de pending on how you look at it) to have been in corps reserve this past week's maneuver, which meant that for the most part we just sat around and waited to see what might happen. The 120th Infantry did not come into contact with the enemy in any large body during the entire problem. There were some enemy troops in the area about ten miles away from us, but these, like our own, were merely detached patrols, sent out to glean information about the enemy. We captured quite a few of these "scouts". WELL-WELL! American wine consumption ia on the rise. Total apparent con sumption in the U. S. last year was 89,802,000 gallons of the Joyous and less-joyous juice. Fines Creek News By Mrs. D. N. Rathbone. accompanied by J. C. Lynn, county Mrs, agent. There has been a large amount of tourist travel over our Fines Creek roads this summer. Ten nessee has come first with Ohio sec ond, Florida third and New York fourth with numerous other states represented. THE WAYNESVILE MOUNTAINEER They were day the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. U. It. IN 01 ana, uienn Mrs. M. M. Noland, Mr. and Mrs. Millard Ferguson. Members of the Fines Creek F. 17 A 71nk urnn IMTIT DriZeS at the Haywood County Fair held recently at Waynesville; All en- t w j trams were wen- jjwoow Max James, son of Mr. ana " .,. ti.pv en. the State ,. Fair at Raleigh this Tom Ferguson, N. C. James, Jr., Reeves Ferguson and Ted James attended the Western North Caro lina Fair at Hendersonville on Tha n v. "A. hovs are enjoy ing a radio which has recently! been purchased for their department. week. Mr. and Mrs. Evan Sutton and ,iMrn. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Haney Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Ferguson f had as their guests on last Sun- ing w. u "- Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Sutton. Mrs. Johnny Lovette has return ed to Fines Creek to visit her fam ily while her husband, who ia in the navy, is at ea. , Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McCrack en and son, Edd, motored to Ashe ville On Sunday to visit their son, George, who is taking treatments in the Biltmore hospital. THURSDAY, OCTOBER, ,! back into Eddwin. V67.' ? tentwry voluntarily tJ? ishathree-year-sent,tl,t0 year, .go by esc14 Charlie iRathbone has returned home after spending a few days with his daughter, Mrs. Wfllard Holder, of Staunton, Va. .BIRTH ANNOUNCE. 'lkU . Mr. and Mrs. Geore. I Miami, have announXti Monday, The young arrival U the 'i t of Judge anH iw r. Pi i, of Waynesvill,; mS During these maneuvers, because the soldiers are so far from home and generally located in remote areas which have very few nat ural recreation facilities, Uncle Sam in cooperation with the cities of the two states is providing transportation for the soldiers to various cities Outside of the ma neuver area. In this way, when particular towns are designated for the recreation of a particular unit, then a uniform number of soldiers are in each town, and no one town is overflowing. The 120th Infantry has been given Gastonia as one of the towns to which free government transpor tation will be provided on every free week-end during the maneuv ers. This past week-end there were also convoys of our troops to Lancaster, where the good peo ple of the town had invited 1,000 enlisted men of the 120th Infantry to a supper and street dance. . I couldn't say too much about the real hospitality these friendly people are offering us. In every town we pass through you can see where so many citizens have open ed their homes and clubs have pro vided rooms for the soldiers to re lax. Free showers, and places to go write letters, etc., are provided in almost every town. Great Falls, S. C. is not a very large place, but it offers at least ten such places and also a lounge for of ficers. '- For those who are hot able to make trips away from camp, the regiment purchased its own mo tion nicture eauinment in order that the men could be given free movies on the field during the ma neuvers. So far we have had three crood nictures. Because we have no electric lines, our own power has to be generated on the field. This is done by using a generator attached to a belt connected with the rear wheel of a jacked-up truck. The whole affair is home-made and the first two movies were pre sented in rather an amateurish manner, with occasional breaks and interruptions in the sound tract, etc., but" now " experience " has brought about changes, so that now a creditable performance is given. The same amplifying sys tem used for our church service on the field is brought into Use for the movies. This, plus band concerts by our band boys under the direction of Warrant Officer Burt, will give you an idea that we aren t exactly and entirely "stuck" way out here from no where, even if there isn't a home in sight for miles around. Yrsf" i . I SHOP yT-- -fhfff '' -it-l V 'ffitfUM THURSDAY, FBI- W- 'M!VTk' I -SM.--. f SSi DAY and SATURDAY pytMJ) f ) "BM Salsues .mm. f. liny I Telih vCa DRENE SHAMPOO . . . . . . " Jste C . 35o Eagle Brand 2 FOK LUtiVf I lUllU ,....... Sf oc Sto rood . LARVEX FLIT SPRAY "t---- 1 x 4 HQ n : 'vie HsSlS ' 40c Size Fletcher's Astoria ... 31 $1.20 Size Similac ... 72 l im Rim Johnson's Baby Powder 38 Mennen's Antiseptic0il43( o rnornton s a$y Teether 15c m J) i 'MM tl25 Bottle 100 Anacin .... 67c Pint Sixe ftlcohol .... 10c $1.00 Size Haley's M......58s! 60o Ointment Resinol ....43c Bottle 100 . j Alophen Pills 49 c, 35e Tot Corns : ' Freezone . . . IQc 10c S!ze Palm olive Both for 10c Size Old DUTCH "CLEANSER 10c Size LAVA SOAP For Dirty Hands . . ; . 4&y 10c Size CAMAY SOAP for Beautiful fl CJiG Hands . 4k for JF 10c Size WOODBURY'S SOAP 4for2l0 5c OCTAGON TOILET SOAP 6 !cr 23( 2 10c Size CHIPSO . . 1 35c Size USTEUE SHAVE. rushlesi or " ather it 15 WOODBURY'S 2 for 350 WOODBURY'S BOROXO 35c Size Shaving Cream 25c Size Tocth 4 Paste Cm for $1 pt. Vacuum Eott'e ... ... $1.75 LUNCH KIT with $4 19 Botlle Clrnt Size OK or P&G 4 25 67 130 WALDORF 3 ROLLS 11c 15c Roll 150 SCOT TOWELS 5 ' 2S' tlWWILDROOT ' AND ' . 'HASTIC IACK PRO-PHfllCTIC 7v HAIR BRUSH $1.79 tt i Valut KTHfOB' IVbsotWno junior i m Don't forget, you folks, to ad dress your letters to the boys down . here with AFO No. 30', before the Fort Jackson. Remember there are already approximately a hun dred thousand boys in our imme diate area of Great Falls, and this will be augmented until if the address isn't complete, delays in delivery of mail, and general con fusion will result. And speaking of letters, why not sit down tonight and write that letter to the soldier bov in the woods you have been putting off so long. It certainly is ; nice to stand at mail call and hear your name called out. That's all for this week, folks! Railroad revenue from automo tive freight was $425,556,000 in 1939. v ". 9C. - S1.00 Upjohn's itrocarbonate $1.25 81m 57c Saraka .... 98 c 60e Sis Svamp Root 33c 60e Sis " "'Cr,-: Bisodol .... 49c 40e 81m llustcrole . .33c S5e Tick's ,: ' Vapo-llub . . 27c Dr. Mill ;. la-Seltzer 4Qc 60e Dr. CaldwelTt lyruo Pepsin 47c Economy Sirs 8. S. 8. llc3ilTonic$1.C7 1JM Vegetable Compound ?inta's..84 j Talcum ennen's ... 19c e Mennen's km Bracer . 39t Oa Pk. Probak. Jr. lazor Blades . 3c lr Tonlo ....67c Talcum 9c $1.00 Bise Hair Tonlo Z5e Williams 30c Size p3H3 I0e Size Denial ;10SS C ?5e SIse Tooth Paste FOR Dr. West's.. 25? Te!i Brush.. 43c 50o Sl ?ebeco 2 for 40c r.lEDIUr.1 SIZE . . ....... . 5 FOR 23c LARGE SIZE . . . ........ 3 FOR 25c f ! v I III I I I I 1 1 ciunr isllshrir? id)Iuuii& 'sir o sils You Are Always Welcome At JSiMlills Meet lour fcrientts Here leach Cr. . 58 .00 Shampoo UU sniunpou mil !ondeX"..59s arge Mum J rl codorant . . 4sf Jc Bath Powder ' - fre-Jur . . . 23c '5c Size -v A loxzema ..M rot Hair and Scalp G,0T" '!ange.....3t VaseUne . Aaf lair Tonic . 37c 'i S AVE SAFELY AT SMITH'S a2il:Utt 'KjUjrjSAVE SAFELY AT SMjjjl

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