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The Waynesville mountaineer. (Waynesville, Haywood Co., N.C.) 1925-1972, October 09, 1941, Page Page 6, Image 6

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Page 6 TOE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER THrasD.ocroBE,1l Million And Quarter le Visited Park During Travel Year Peopli September Of 1941 Broke All Records For Travel Into Great Smokies. . The greatest travel year in its history has come to a close In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. , For the first time since its estab lishment as a National Park, over a million persons have visited this park during a travel year. A total of 1,247,019 persons, traveling in 382,133 vehicles, visited the pork during the period October 1, 1940, through September 30, 1941. This represents an increase ol 45 per cent over travel for the 1940 travel year which up to this time has been the al! time high figure in yearly travel. , Fifty-seven per cent of the visit ors were from other than the local states of Tennessee and North Car. olina. The visitors were from 48 states in the Union, the District of Columbia, Alaska, Hawaii, Pana ma, Canal Zone, Philippine Islands, and 21 foreign countries. There were more visitors from the state of Ohio than from the state of North Carolina in which state half of the park is located. States in number of visitors were (1) Ten nessee, (2) Ohio, (3) North Caro lina, (4) Illinois, (5) Indiana. I Last month contributed 146,259 persons, in 45,770 vehicles, to this total travel year figure. This Sep tember travel represented an in crease of 24 per cent over travel for September, 1940. Greatest travel during any one month since travel has been re corded was during August, 1941, when 326,827 persons visited the park. Greatest travel for any one day in the history of the park was on August 31, 1941, when 82,466 person visited the park. Other outstanding days of travel during the year were July 4, when 21,361 persons visited the park, July 27, when 19,104 persons visic ed the park, August 10, when 0,270 persons visited the park, August 17, when 21,063 persons visited the park, August 24, when 19,739 persons visited the park HOSPITAL NEWS Vernon Hill, of Waynesville, op erative case, is better. Miss Mannie Caldwell, of operative case, is improving. Joe, Miss Geneva McClure, of Way nesville, route 2, operative case, is resting more comfortably. Mrs. H. W. Owenby, of Mobile, Ala., operative case, is better. Miss Selma McCracken, of Clyde, route 1, medical case, is uprov- ing. Mrs. E. P. Haynes, of Canton, medical case, is some better, The condition of Lewis Queen, of Canton, route 2, operative case, is good. ADMINISTRATRIX NOTICE Having qualified as administra trix of the estate of C. L. Atkins, deceased, late of Haywood County, North Carolina, this is to notify all persons having claims against the estate of said deceased to ex hibit them to L. N, Davis at Way nesville, North Carolina, on or be fore the 11th day of September, 1942 or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All per sons indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment. This the 11th day of September, 1941; . LUCILE D. ATKINS, Administratrix of the Estate of C. L. Atkins, deceased. No. lllOSept. 1148-25-Oct 2 9-16. PARKTHEATRE WAYNESVILLE. N. C. Miss Betsy Siler, of Waynesville, operative case, is improving. Mrs. Lona Pressley, route 1, medical case, more comfortably. of Clyde, is resting Ronald Medford, of Clyde, med ical case, is resting fairly well. Mrs. Mitchell Lindsley, of Canton, operative case, is better. Miss Daphne Nash, of Cove Creek, operative case, is resting more conuortabiy. Miss Pauline Ford, of Canton, operative case is Improving. Mrs. Robert Long, of Hazelwood, medical case, is resting fairly well. Wade Shepard, of Canton, oper ative case, is better. Hardin operative well, Price, of Cove Creek, case, is resting fairly Mrs. Roy Burnett, of Candler, operative case, is better. medical case, is improving. The condition of Mrs. Jona Con ard, of Waynesville, route 2, med ical ease, is good. DISCHARGED Among, those discharged from the Haywood County Hospital dar ing the past week were: Mrs. Moody Farmer and baby, Mrs. John Cham bers and baby, Master Calvin Dix on, Mis Wilma McCants, Mrs. Claude Rhinehart, Miss Clara Stephenson, Miss Helen Reynolds, Dr. Edith Anderson, Mrs. Roy Ammons and baby, Harry Rabb, Miss Velma Hannah. Also Bill Stone, Baby Clarence Edwards Smith, Garland DeHart, VfAatn Ttnhhia Worwnn Knla In- iMAObd JtWMMw v..vv - , , , div. rntann and hnhv. i a dausrhter on Uctooer ina. Mrs.' Elizabeth Miller, Mrs. Lee Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Siler, of Way. Smith, Mrs. Fardy Seay, Mrs. Louie Siler and baby, Mrs. Johnny Kirkpatrick, Master Joe Kerley, Wallace Paxton and Barney Mc Crain. - Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Beasley, of Clyde, route 1, announce the birth of a son on October 1st. . Mr. and Mrs. George Herndon, Jr., of Canton, announce the birth of a son on October 1st. Mr. and Mrs. Cole Cogburn, of Canton, announce the birth of a daughter on October 1st. Mr. and Mrs, Dewey Heatherly, of Canton, route 2, announce the birth of aon on October 2nd. Mr. and Mrs. Robert. Shook, of Waynesville, announce the birth of Dix Creek nad 1.47 Inches of Rain in Sept Less than an inch and a half of rain fell on Dix Creek during September, according to Thomas H. Deaver, official observer, who set the rainfall at 1.47 inches. In making his report, Mr. Deaver reported a "Very dry" month. nesville, announce the birth of a daughter on October 4th. Mr. and Mrs. Vestal Green, of Waynesville, route 1, announce the birth of a daughter on October 5th.' . Mr. and Mrs. Award Gaddis, of Waynesville, route 2, announce the birth of a son on OctoDer Din. Lions Shown How Newspapers Are Set-Up, Printed Civic Group Pay Newspaper Plant A Visit As Part Of Observance Of Newspaper Week. The Lions Club had a program last week in observance of National Newspaper Week, which included a brief talk by W. Curtis Russ, and a few remarks by Mrs. T. L. Gywn and Marion T. Bridges, all of The Mountaineer staff. , After a short business session, during which time the club voted flO toward, the blod v. County Hospital,? ed the Blaf'metnQ 'd saw howVM made". ne!M Pieces oi ZXl H marveled at ZT papers. iesa & Every member souvenir. . 70flltV9 Misery of . UQUHlTABBiUiut nJ Mrs.. Coot Inman, of Hazelwood, and on which day the millionth visitor fo rthe travel- year entered the park. THURSDAY & FRIDAY "You'll Never Get Rich' With Fred Astaire and Hayworth. Rita SATURDAY "Medico Of Paint ed Springs" With Charles Starrett. OWL SHOW 1 "Chan In Rio" . Mary With Sidney Toler and B. Hughes. SUNDAY "When Ladies Meet" With Joan Crawford and Rob ert Taylor. " MONDAY & TUESDAY "International Lady" With George Brent , WEDNESDAY NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of an order I of the Superior Court of Haywood County, made m a Special Pro ceeding entitled, "W. G. Byers, Ad ministrator of the Estate of Frank W; Miller, Deceased, vs. J. C. Mil ler, and others" the same being No, 202 up the Special Proceeding Docket of said Court, the under signed Commissioner will, on Mon day the 13th day of October, 1941, at eleven o clock, A. M, at the court house door in Waynesville, North Carolina, offer for sale to the highest bidder, upon terms of one-third cash, balance, one-third due twelve months and one-third due twenty-four months after date, the following described lands and premises, situate, lying and being in the town of Waynesville, Hay wood County, N. C, to-wit: BEGINNING at a nail on the inside line of the sidewalk on East side of Main Street in the center of the South wall of the Reeves Noland building now occupied by E. C. Moody Grocery Company, and runs with said margin of said street in a Southerly direction about 43 feet 8 inches to a nail in line with the center of the North wall of the C. A. George building at the center of the stairway; thence with the center Of said stairway and the center line of said wall in an Easterly direction, and continuing with the C, A. GeOrge line to point in the Southeast corner of the W. W. Miller nrooertv about 160 feet from sidewalk margin; thence in a Northerly direction par-1 aiiel with Mam Street about 43 feet, 8 inches to a point in the Reeves Noland line at the North east corner of -the F. W. Miller property; thence with the Noland line, in a Westerly direction to and with the center of the South wall of the Reeves Noland building, a total distance of about 160 feet to the BEGINNING. TOGETHER with and including all rights and easements for rights 1 of way on the East side of said building, and all rights and. ease ments in the adjoining party walls and party stairway, and subject to and excepting such reservations, easements and privileges for alleys and streets now established on the East side of said property, and subject to any party wall and stair way, rights, easements or privi leges heretofore granted or con veyed to adjoining property owners by F. W. Miller or his predecessors te 7no bds M U liilJ U L-auA U Ulay nJ e!nse tttae IM7ML mm AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT by the Secretary of the Navy "All men now enlisting In the Naval Reserve will be retained on active Navy duty throughout the period off the national emergency, but they will be released to inactive duty as soon after the emer gency as their services can be spared, regardless of the length off time remains in t'r?!r enlistment." a SECRETARY OF THE NAVY HERE IS THE OPPORTUNITY THAT THOUSANDS OF MEN HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR Here is your opportunity to have all the ad vantages and privileges of Navy life but with a shorter enlistment. Many men do not realizebut it is a fact . that your pay, your training, arid your chances for advancement in the Naval Reserve are exactly the same aa in the Navy itself. FREE TRAINING WORTH $1500 Take your own case. Let's assume that you have had no special training. In that case here is your opportunity to learn one of the Navy's 45 big-pay trades, from aviation engineering to radio. You may receive training worth $1500 the first year alone. In addition you get all the advantages listed in the second column of this announcement. ' HIGHER PAY OPPORTUNITIES But perhaps you have had special training or know a trade. In that case the Naval Reserve offers you the opportunity to use your knowl edge. If you qualify (high school or college not necessary), you can join as a petty officer right away with higher pay and allowances. Also, if you have two or more years of college credits, there are special opportunities to be come a Naval aviator or a commissioned officer. LOOK WHAT THE U.S. NAVAL RESERVE OFFERS YOU FREE TRAINING worth $1500. Nearly 50 trades and vocations to choose from. GOOD PAY with regular increases. You may earn up to $126 a month. EACH YEAR you are entitled to a generous vacation period, with full pay. GOOD FOOD and plenty of it. FREE CLOTHING. A complete outfit of cloth ing when you first enlist, (Over $100 worth.) FREE MEDICAL CARE, including regular den tal attention. FINEST SPORTS and entertainment any man could ask for. TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, THRILLS You can't beat the Navy for them ! BECOME AN OFFICER. Many can work for an appointment to the Naval Academy or the Annapolis of the Air at Pensacola. FUTURE SUCCESS. It's easy for Navy trained mentoget good-paying jobs in civil life. it SERVE YOUR COUNTRY BUILD YOUR FUTURE GET IN ITHE NAVY NOW i . . Yl ininiir n iiiiimm.ih.ii i L In any case, it is your chance of a lifeta to lead a healthy, exciting life . . . your chaa to travel . . . and at the same time build a sell foundation for your future. There is nothii better than modern Navy Training for a d cessful career in civil life. Get this FREE Mail coupon for your free copy of "Life in the U. S. Navy." 24 pages, fully illustrated. It an swers all your questions. Tells what your pay will be... pro motions and vacations you can expect . . .how you can retire on a life income. Describes how you can learn any one of 45 big-pay trades from aviation to radio how manv mnv become officers. 27 scenes from Navy life showing sports and gam Jl may play, ships you may be assigned to, eidting M you may visit. Tells enlistment requirements anu "i ! Tf ...... 17 .nJ 31 (no hieh 11 required), get this free book now. No obligation the Navy editor of this paper for a copy. 0r wffl him. Or mail him the coupon, x ou can p penny postal card. WEAR THIS BADGE OF HONOBj H 4 reading the free booklet you j apply for a place in the Navy, yoM i,;.lL,rt lorv.1 -emblem. R 1 badge ofhonoryou will beproud tow Tear out and take or send this coupon to the Naw Editor of this newspaper Without obligation on my part whatsoever, Vfr7, M v vt.Iirr . . T , " full dtafli,Wl the opportunities for ram in the Navy or Naval w i Nameu Address "' " , . ,. ... . ------ ' Town :OOD FOR THOUGHT! 1 7 POPEYE, THE RECRUITING OFFICER, HAS FOOD FOR THC AHOi "SttAB. V T9S-T-F0PEVE-1 ARF- ARF Y CE, THEM M I "S7 1 . f -SOME HOSTESSj.' TTT ( SJ LDOK!S HKE ) IT MUST COST PLEMT1 SA GETS UNIFORMS V iki -rtf ijmu W I tM GLAD I ENU-STEDA A M1UUON TO BLN A NAVW FREE WHEN Sft J -run 'Otvvj ' r BUT SOU -SURE BUCKS! Jir UNIPORM LIKE T ENUSK& AN" FREE ( J-r,T,i ) W , GOT THE Ki-r food ant Nojy VQRAyw7y t$Cts 5 " Your pay in the Navy isjj No-topoy-NoJoodfJ yo.caU.--wiB,,",W llollorr0, in title. This the 8th day of September, wrilaorcaL : , 1841. . . W. G. BYERS, Commissioner. With Dennis O'Keefe and J, Anderson. No. 1111 Sept 18-25-Oct. 2-9. "Lady Scarf ace"

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