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The Waynesville mountaineer. (Waynesville, Haywood Co., N.C.) 1925-1972, November 13, 1941, Image 1

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The Waynesville Mountaineer Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance oj The Great Smokv Mountains National Park UyflTYEAR NO. 46 Sixteen Pages "WAYNESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1941 $1.50 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties 1mm onto )rury Interested In N. C. Museum Director Of Park SA Gets $279,000 For Expansion Of New (s Would Be Jour Counties Ltors Expected To 'Project Within Next k Sunt. Moore Says. i - . fficials in Washington last Lntified J. C Moore, super- Lt of the Cruso Electric shin Corporation, that i kd been alloted the cor i for the construction of tt of lines in four coun- We said last night that tors would be asked to bid 275-mile project within a Work would get underway i soon as materials were k nd the officials of the won have every reason to that this would not delay K long. project calls for approxl SO miles in Haywood, 100 bylvania, 65 in Swain and Moore said that a 50-mile is Macon had been approv- "5,000, but was not includ- Ihe allotment made available board of directors were in lastnivht aBdAfertlated Tax Rate For Town Is $1.70 Town officials were notified this week by Chas. M. Johnson, state director of Local Government Com mission, that the budget which was get up for the Town of Waynes ville sometime ago had been ap proved. The budget carries a tax rate of $1.70 per $100 property valuation for the fiscal year 1941-42, the same rate as of last year. The total budget calls for an expenditure of $166,442.40, The rate is based on approximately the same property valuation as of last year. The tax levy of $1.70 while the same as of last year will not be distributed in the same proportion, this being necessary to meet the needs of the current year's ex penses.; A levy of 98 cents for this year as against $1.01 of last year is made for debt service, with the total estimated at $48,657.40. Pastor At Lake ii t ww s m I VJ I COfCTo ElectNew Directors Director Newton B. Drury Tells The Mountaineer He He Favors Preserving Old Traditions, Newton B. Drury, director of the National Park Service, is definite ly interested in the development of the Tavk Museum of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. located on the North Carolina side. This was learned yesterday in an Thfl nnmial election of directors exclusive interview with Mr. Drury . i rvnmK. rnmmoroo mill I bv The Mountaineer. start this week on Saturday, the Mr. urury is aiso in iavor x iKth nnA rinse at flvfi o'clock on preserving the .traditions or. me Tuesday, the 18th. pioneers of this section by keeping Ttiiv,t. TOo ho it the in tact as many oia ihuiuim VailVKO . lllv rv -v.w- v vw I - following voting places: Chamber as possible m the area. A levey of the genera! fund is net air MB cents as aeainst 25' cents 6e news from Washington, ff or last year, with the total esti fi expansion would add nun-, mated at $38,250.00. y if customers to the present The street levy is set at 27 cents rowing corporation, which as against 44 cents of last year moved their offices .tea! with a total set at $19,950.00. rest building here. They i had offices at Clyde. lists Plan Jiecoming And Requirements set for water total $11,800 and for lights $37,785. : Last Rites For Mrs. S. A. Jones To Be Held Friday fcorat n1onD nrlfl ijasi rites wiu ue wuuuncu at me nome on r unut eurcv f the First Baptist church morning service Sunday, kM been designated as pnmg and Loyalty Day." PMtor, Rev. H. G. Hammett. ?e m his sermon subject, tion to Christian Steward- The message will be brief, Mrs. S. A. Jones, 78, who died at her home here on Walnut street at 2:40 p, m, Tuesday, following a three months illness. The Rev, J. Clay Madison, pastor of the church will officiate. Burial will be In Greenhill cemetery. Serving as pallbearers will be t . 5- serving m pauoesrera m ue immediately following the following:i Hugh J. Sloan, J. j --sai,iun win me past a lel of a church, and de ira 1942 pledges. No pub "'Piition will be made of Continued on page 8) pie Jewelers Aving First persary Here ;ile Jewelers are today an- "t 1 bier in nKoanTonno prstamversary in Waynes- a1, nianacror in molin - O f UIUIVU15 had been carefuUy combed - "argains for the event. -"estmg bargains are be v"2 "lthe advertisement on r!ul "us edition. W. Cole, E. L. Withers, H. B. At kins, Jack Way, and Dr. John H. Smathers. Mrs. Jones and her family have been prominently indentified With the life of the community for more than forty years. She is the wid- . (Continued on page 8) Mountaineer To Be Published Next Tuesday Following a practice of many years, at Thanksgiving, The Moun taineer will be published next Tues day afternoon instead of Wednesday. All news and advertising copy for the edition will have to be in the office by noon Tuesday. REV, MILES A. McLEAN Newly Appointed Pastor Of Long's. Chapel Arrives "I'm glad to be back in North Carolina. It feels like coming home again," said Rev. Miles A Mktlwrn, ' neVly appointed pastor of Long's Chapel, Methodist church, Lake Junaluska, who arrived dur ing the week to assume his pas- torial duties in this county. Rev. McLean is a native of Lin- colnton, but is coming here Irom the Florida conference, from which he was recently transferred to the Western North Carolina Confer ence. He is a graduate of the Univer sity of North Carolina and of the Yale Divinity School. He has been in the ministry for the past six years.' Rev. McLean is married and has one small three-year-old daughter. of Commerce office, Junaluska Supply Company, Lake Junaluska, Wavnesville Mountaineer, Waynes- villa Auto Company, Charlie's 1 Place, C. N. Allen Store, McKay's ! Drug Store, and W. A. Bradley Store. - The number of directors has been increased from 16 to 20 this vear. Six members have already been elected from the old board, He approves collections of ma terial for the museum that will portray the life and cutural arts of the mountaineer, as he feels such exhibits will lend color and interest to the visitors coming to this section f rom other parts of the country, Mr. Drury further stated that during the next few weeks he clans to send a staff of specialists down to make a survey along the lines of historical preservation and WnnlH Rpfiefit Wants More Roads park As Whole, Governor Says State's Chief Executive Here Yesterday Pledges Park Service Cooperation "Additional roads into and In the Park on this side would b beneficial to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as a whole," Governor J. M. Broughton told a representative group of Western North Carolina leaden here yesterday at a luncheon given in honor of Newton B. Drury, director of the National Park Ser vice, at the Hotel Gordon. "We are not seeking anything for commercial purposes, Mr. Di rector," the governor said, "but this states needs additional roads on our side of the Park, which is the greatest national park In America," the chief executive of North Carolina continued. Governor Broughton, who was introduced by Mrs. T. Lenoir Gwyn, pointed out that the first important measure he voted upon as a member of the North Carolina senate was a bill to establish the park commission.' He pledged ( through his administration whole . hearty cooperation in working with the park service. I "Whatever recommendations are so that the new group will have members lamuiar wiui wie .. o .- , th beat The six members who have been " " . j (Continued on page 8) inf, the material found. "I don't mind admitting, that some yeais ago I thought the west (Continued on page K) Haywood County nospiiaMiaiea ..iIM.ii,iIiiii.IIIiiM 1 1 '(V: Jwt'W" 1 J. M. GOV, BROUGHTON Enthusiasm Runs High At Meeting Civic Leaders Of Western North Carolina Hear Gov ernor and Newton B. Drury. made by our highway commission, will receive our wholehearted sup Enthusiasm ran high at the meet- port. I have always been a booster ing held here yesterday at the Gor- ,Bnd believer in Western North Car By Medical Group Group Thrilled The Haywood County Hospital 1 , T0 L ' is one of the 2,873 approved hos- 11 port lit I'arK pitals in the -United States, Canada "V v and other countries, according to BRYSON CITY (Special to The an announcement made last week Mountaineer) The group inspect at the opening session of the ing the North Carolina side of the twenty-fourth annual Hospital park, traveling in 15 cars, were Standardization Conference o f warm in their praise of the scenery American College of Surgeons, which they saw enroute from Black There is an increase of 67 beds Camp Gap to Rayensford viaFlat 1 , .,s a" " T survev- Creek and Round Bottom. Many r f8LJ etCrh. -id they never saw anything to don Hotel which was sponsored by the North Carolina committee to aid in the development of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, of which Chas. E. Ray is chairman. ,Jh. citizens of the communty were nots of the luncheon and were ai!"!d in rocfilvlng 4 Mrv rid th .guests by Mrs.-Wsi'.. Han-- nah, president of the Woman's Club, Mrs. J. W. Killian, Mrs. E. C. Wagenfeld, Mrs. Bill Prevost, Mrs. Richard N. Barber, Jr., Mrs. C. F. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Ben Col kit, Mrs. C. C. White, Mrs. L. N. Davis, Mrs, Bonner Ray and Miss Mary Mock. Rev. W. A. Lambeth, pastor of (Continued on page 8) . - pd It was pointed out that nos- nitala are more appreciated today than ever before. Physical defi- , ' (Continued on page 8) Mercury Drops To 17 Wednesday For Coldest Recording Of Season eaual the views along the route The group arrived here about seven, ana gainerea at ine c rye- mont Inn for the banquet Approx imately 50 attended. AS HE SEES THE HUMAN SIDE Of LIFE S KTOTPc, 1 ' tha mnat nonular mountaineer was "Uncle Abe". This week the column Thanksgiving Will Be Observed On Thursday, 20th Thanksgiving Day in Way nesville will be observed on November 20 this year prob ably for the last time in his tory. V';" . , The above is in answer to the dozens of inquiries that have been made at the Moun taineer office during the past ten days as to whether North -Carolina was to observe the regular holiday period which comes on November 27,' or on President Roosevelt's one week advance date. ; The date was proclaimed for the state immediately after Governor J. M. Broughton as sumed office. Since President Roosevelt has already officially set the date back again to the original last Thursday to be come effective in 1942, North Carolina will undoubtedly go back to the traditional last Thursday. Building And Loan Move To New Quarters The mercury dipped to 17 Wed nesday morning for WaynesviBe's official reading, according to ljaw rence Kerley. official weather ob server here. This wa one degree lower than Tuesday when the read mg was set at 18. v . gtreet, opposite the Park Theatri Th last two mornings nave . The Haywood Bunilding and Loan moved this past week to their new quarters on the ground floor of the new Noland building on Main brought the " lowest temperatures of the winter. The official report for the week is as follows: Dr. N. M. Medford Builds Modern Tourist Center The tourist center in East Way nesville now under construction, i in v , . - ... , , , f M somo , "a. modlfied form as ,nc!e . er"""sr when completed will be one of the t some "learning". W fJ that it will be easier to read.WDen m" , , . ;i t CaStered "me spelling rules, but this fact wfll not take - u numor 'from his column for wnicn it was nowu. pj.. . . asked me wnen i was Mi ri r.K ir- i . M n ' in i v -'P ARicpd me wnen l was B-um Af. " fr, and every-' back". V4t yo ng sojourn, silence ! Well, seein', as how I've been r wj I'm returning to school since I last "writ this hdm Thanks to the here colyum" and educated myself WIW h. have not forgot- , up, the editor asked me to pitch it 'jm AlL call me Uncle on a plainer plane er sump'm. Hid Z ' aunn? the This, of course, roe nave w u a nalf years often' (Continued on page 15) most modern and Dest equippea accommodations of this type in this section of the state. Dr. N. M. Medford, owner of the property, stated that he hopes Date high low Pre. Sky 6 65 39 0 clear 6 63 43 . .16 dear 7 62 41 0 clear 8 60 41 0 clear 9 54 23, 0 clear 10 44 30 0 clear 11 45 18 0 clear 12 55 17 0 clear Crowd Gathered To Bid Draftees Goodbye Friday Despite the early hour of depar ture there was a representative crowd of citizens to see the larg est number of draftees yet to leave this area take their departure for camp on Friday morning. The band played a number of selections under direction of the (Continued on page 8) Bethel School Auditorium To Be Dedicated Friday The 22-year-old organization has an office "all it's own" now, and ac cording to R. L. Prevost, who has served as president since the or ganization was founded, the move will mean a greater convenience to the many patrons. Modern equipment has been in stalled, which will eable L. N. Davis, secretary and treasurer, and assistant, Miss Elsie McCracken, to render faster service. Red Cross Drive Launched Tuesday To Raise $1,200 With a goal set for $1,200, the various chairmen and committee members of the annual Red Cross roll call launched their campaign on Tuesday morning, according to Rev. Malcolm R. Williamson, pas tor of the Waynesville Presbyte rian church, who is chairman of the membership drive. A dinner meeting for the work ers was held at the Gordon Hotel on Monday evening, at which time they were given all necessary ma terials and final instructions. Rev. H. G. Hammett, president of the local chapter, made a plea for the realization of the full quota, the largest amount ever asked in the community. He stated the ur gent needs and pointed out that the National Red Cross had spent approximately $50,000 in flood re lief in Western North Carolina in 1940. ".- ; He further stated that in Hay- (Continued on page 8) olina. I think I have done a rignt good job, in that last summer be fore the governor's meeting in Boston, I pictured the beauties of Western North Carolina with such eloquence that I persuaded them to. hold their meeting in tbiqH- ... . (Continued cn P 8) - .,? V -' :.. " : : Heavy uocKei Scheduled For November Court A heavy docket is scheduled for the November term of court which Will convene here on Monday the 17th, with Judge William H. Bob bitt of Charlotte, presiding. Both criminal and civil cases will be tried. A number of murder cases will come up for trial The first week will be given over to the trial of criminal cases on the docket and the first day of the second week has been set aside fpr divorce cases. During the second week the case of Bryant Smith against Kolansky, of Asheyille, for slander is scheduled for trial. The jury drawn for the first (Continued on page 8) The new auditorium . of the Bethel school will be dedicated on tracks Friday afternoon, the 14th, at 1:30 house. o'clock. In observance of National After little while we 'iumoed' the center will be ready for guests Educational Week, November 9-15, 'the bear and havine left mv srun sometime the first of the year, the . the sixth grade of the school will a little piece down the trail I present a play "And the Stars started throwing rocks at the bear Heard". " land with the help of my t "n dogs The public -is cordially invited I ran the bear up a tree, to attend the1 program of dedica-l "While my dogs kept the bear tion. I (Continued on page 8) completion necessarily depending on the weather. There will be five cottage units of two rooms each with a double (Continued on page 8) Gets His Bear Hunter Slashed Bear's Throat With Knife, As Bruin "Hugged" Dog To this office last week came a story of perseverance and cour age. A story that is ample proof that the American people (as a whole) are not getting soft and that the same old pioneer Ameri can fighting spirit is still strong in their blood. In the picture above you see Jack Frady, 25, who lives on Little East Fork, with the 200 pound bear he fought for two hours and killed with only the aid of his knife, two dogs, and a .22 rifle. Here's his story in his own words: I "I had been made fun of a few days before by several fellows who said that I could not kill a bear, so, one day last week I took my two dogs and .22 rifle and started hunt'ing for the bear-whose I had noticed above my SrfiWisuw . .. g Citizens Urged To Observe Civilian Defense Week Local citizens are asked to co operate with the observance of Civilian Defense week, which be gan on Tuesday, the 11th, and will continue through the 16th, ac cording to members of the county defense board. - - . The purpose of the week is three fold: first to stimulate the people to an awareness of the need for civilian defense and the many (Continued on page 8) State Guard To Spend Week-End On Maneuvers The local unit of the State Guard will spend the coming week-end on maneuvers at Camp Hope- Lake Logan, with Captain J. H. Howell, Lt. W. A. Bradley and Lt. Frank Byrd in charge. They will leave here around (Continued on page 8) JACK FRIADY and the 200 pound bear he killed after having to use rocks, a knife and a gun. Boosters Club To Elect Officers On Tuesday, 18th The regular meeting of the Ha zelwood Boosters Club haa been postponed from Thursday evening, Nov. 13th, to Tuesday evening, Nov. 18th. The meeting will be held in the fellowship hall of the Presbyterian church. L. N. Davis, program chairman, announces there will be a review of the accomplishments of the past year, and discussions on objectives for the ensuing year. Officers for next year will be elected. ? " i. V I i ' !

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