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The Waynesville mountaineer. (Waynesville, Haywood Co., N.C.) 1925-1972, June 11, 1942, Page Page 4, Image 4

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Page 4 THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER THURSDAY, JL V t J t ' i. m to ; ; 1 Following Men In Service Around the World This column is devoted to news of men serving their country. Such news is solicited from parents and friends of these men. When writing, be sure to sign your name. "Remember Pearl Harbor" In Canal Zone Reclassifications And Classifications The following classifications and reclassifications were made by the local draft board at their meet ing held during the week: Reclassifications includeded: For rest Loden Cooke, from 3-A to 1-A; Fred Owen, from 1-H to 1-A; Hobert Hall, from 1-H to 1-A: James Shook Queen, from 1-A to 2-A. Classified for the first time and placed in 3-A were: William Don ald Smathers, Horace James, Ham ilton Ray Medford, Winfield Smith, Jeremier Hascue Dyer, James Guy Cutshaw,.Robert Lee Jordan, Henry Clamore Siierrill, Clarence Levi Clingman Putman, Swan Lewis Hendrix. William Clyde Hampton, Clar ence Vance Stepp, Jess Goble Lowe, Connie Muse, Roy Bryan Medford, Walter Daniel Ketner, Robert Medford Fisher, Norval William Rogers, Fairdie Lee Beas ley, Frank McKinley Rhodes, Ber nard Roe' Leatherwood, Glenn Moody Campbell, Jerry Porter Holcombe, Harry Woodard Hill. Robert Hatfield Stretcher, James David Peek, Frank Swanger, Jo seph Lafayette lEarly, Robert Lee Rich, Frank James Trull, Vinson Davis, John Henry Ledford, John Patton Green, Lyman Brownlowe Rogers, Vane Varlin Robinson, ueorge Dewey Frady, Charles Francis Edwards, and Ernest Bur ton Edwards. John Noland Graduates As Airplane Mechanic Private John C, Noland, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Noland, of Waynesville, will graduate to morrow from the huge air corps technical school at Keesler Field, at Biloxi, Miss, after an intensive 19-week course which prepared him to serve as an airplane mechanic on "The Line." The class of which Noland was a member, and numbered in the hundreds, will be dispersed among the many units of the army air forces to maintain service for Un cle Sam '8 planes. it f 4 Pvt. Thomas A. Jolly In Fort Custer, Mich. Thomas A. Jolly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Jolly, of Iron Duff, is now in Fort Custer, Mich. Private Jolly is with Company B of the 11th Infantry. He writes that he en joys reading The Mountaineer, and that he is in the infantry that is "keeping them rolling." Private Joe Haynes, of Fort Bragg, a former resident of Bre vard, was the guest of friends here during the week-end. Private Haynes volunteered in the service 21 months ago. : Joe Sruggs Goes To Higher Branch of Service Private Joseph L. Scruggs, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Scruggs, Hazelwood, has been selected for special training as an instructor in Keesler Field's expanding Air Corps Technical School. A recent graduate of the ACTS Private Scruggs will be assigned to the airplane division of the school after he has successfully completed the instructor course. He was selected lor this special train ing because of the high grades he attained as a student at air me chanics here. James Leatherwood U. S. Air Force Here James Leatherwood, senior pi lot, flight leader, of the U. S. Air Force, ferrying command, who is stationed at Douglas Terminal, Long Beach, Calif., is here for a short leave, visiting his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Frak Leatherwood. He won his wings and was made a flight leader the first of May. Sergeant C. W. Kromenberg, of Fort Jackson, spent the week-end in town as the guest of friends. Corporal Harold Tingen. of Fort Jackson, was a Waynesville visitor over the week-end. Corporal Tingen is a former resident of Ral eigh. - Ladies' SLACK SUITS GabatdineSpun Rayon $2.95 Ladies' SLACKS $1 $1.95 Broom Stick SKIRTS $1 Ladies Sheer DRESSES Sizes 12-44 $1.69 National Park Department Store Main Street " Sergeant Kendrick is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Caldwell, of the Iron Duff section. Sergeant Caldwell volunteered in November, 1940 and received most of his train ing in Florida. He was transferred last December to Howard Field, Canal Zone. Softball Results Pet, 10 Pt at Wiillipl . 4 Vouut. Sb . 4 Leopard, c 4 0. Vount. rf 4 Uubinaon. f 4 Hea.e. If . . 4 U'wood. . S Hall Kb .. 8 Milner lb . S Constance, p 8 Rotary, 6 h Rotary ab S Mamie. 2b 4 1 Medford If 4 1 Gar. aa .. 4 1 IN'eaU at . 4 1 Hill. Sb . iL'wood. c 8 1 I Woody, rf t 1 Francis lb 8 1 iHoouer. p 8 1 Hill, c-t . 8 Totals . 3 10 13 1 Totals 83 18 High School, 4 High School ab r Tearue 2b 8 Troutman sf 8 Hrmth 8b . 8 B. Jaynes lb 8 Roilirera c 8 HtruKin o i 8 H. jHvnet as 3 Bvrd If . . . 3 Evans cf . 8 Hum row rf 2 Boosters, 3 h jBoottsrs ab 0 iKuy'dall Sb 3 0 I Kuy dall af i 1 IKub'son p 8 1 Biwhoff c 3 1 T'man lb 8 0 Miller cf 8 1 IHvde If . 8 0 IC'ford rf . 3 0 fGruhara 2b 2 1 jL'wood as 2 Totals . 29 4 5 I Totals . 28 3 7 Ensign Tom Brooks Visits Parents Here Ensign Tom Brooks, U. S. Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Phelps Brooks, spent the week-end here with his parents. Young Brooks graduated last June from the Pres byterian College, and in September entered the midshipman's school in Chicago from which he was graduated. He was first sent to Boston, then to Miami, and back again to Boston. Tannery, 10 Lane sf . . 4 2 Wyatt lb .. 4 ffenrv d . . 8 Hiirrell ss . 3 Wria-ht 2b . 4 Robinson cf 8 Wvatt 8b . 3 Sprinkle rf 3 Byrii c ... 3 Kk-hMon Katiliff If . 3 Totals . 33 10 13 I Lions, 1 2 Lions ab 1 Brvson If . 3 2 IStahl D . 2 0 'Weath'bv as 3 2 tC'beli p . 8 0 (Queen 3b . 2 2 'MaHie 2b . 2 1 DaviH cf 2 O Hut field lb 2 Foster rf ; 2 2 -Hyatt sf . 2 Totals 23 12 High School, 4 High School ab r Tenarue 2 b 4 T'man sf . 8 Rodaers e . 8 B. Jnvnes lb 3 Sfriimm p . 3 Smith Sb . 3 H. Jaynes ss 3 Bvrd If , 2 the U. S. Marine Corps. He is to I 0rI " i Mack Brown Volunteers Mack Brown has volunteered in Dayton, 11 Dayton ab Harris sf , 4 Mull ss ... 4 Wvatt 2b . 4 Fisher 3b . 4 Milner If . 4 Slrurleton lb 4 Collins c . 4 Moodv cf , 4 Hill rf . . 4 Rahh 5th l'liilllps D . . 3 Totals Pet, 10 h Pet sb r h 1 iPhillips cf 8 1 1 1 lYount -lb . 6 2 0 1 Leopard c 4 0 0 1 i Vount rf . 4 S 1 1 Rob'tson sf 4 11 1 iKeaiie If . 4 0 0 2 4 lUVood rs 4 0 2 0 0 I Milner lb 4 2 1 1 1 Ufa II 3b ..4 0 1 IL'wood ,p 4 2 1 0 0 1 39 11 11 I 0 Totals 42 10 8 leave on June 22nd for induction in Raleigh and will be stationed at Paris Island for basic training. Mr. Brown has been employed with the Sinclair Refining Company here for the past three years. Mr. and Mrs. Brown left Wed nesday for a visit to the former's parents in Maysville, Ga., before he enters the service. Bobby Sloan, warrant officer, of Fort Jackson, spent the week-end here with his father, Hugh J. Sloan. Sergeant Joe Sloan, of Fort Jack son, spent this week-end here with his father, Hugh J. Sloan. Private Robert Cope, Jr., has re turned to Fort Jackson after spend ing three days here. He was called to town on account of the illness of his wife. Sum'row if 1 Knieht cf . 1 Totals . 32 Pet, 1 h 'Pet ab 0 iL'wood D . 3 1 ISease If , 3 1 'Hall 3b . 3 0 lYount rf .3 2 'Phillips cf 3 1 J Rob' son sf 3 1 lll'wood SB 3 1 It.eopard c. 1 S lYount 2h 2 0 iMIlner lb 2 1 0 4 10 1 Totals 26 0 0 0 0 Methodist Church Sponsors Young People's Program A recreational program, planned and conducted by the young people of the Methodist church, will oegm tonight at 8:00 o'clock. The pro gram is offered as a courtesy of the church under the sponsorship of the young people s department and there will be no charge for at tendance and participation in the entertainment. The program will be given in the dining room of the church and will be a weekly event during the sum mer months. Various types of social games will be offered under the direction of the young people's department, with Louise Martin, chairman. The program will not be entirely recreational in nature as educa tional films, put out by the educa tional department of the Metho dist church, will be presented from time to time. Miss Eileen Massie will direct a dramatic group which will pre sent religious' and educational plays as well as light comedies. Dr. Edith Anderson will direct a choir of young people. Softball Schedule June llik Jonathan Creek vs. Tannery Rotary vs. Tannery June 12th Lions vs. Pet Jonathan Creek vs. High School June 15th Rotary vs. Boosters Tannery vs. Dayton June nth Junior vs. Junior Jonathan Creek vs. Pet June ISth Tannery vs. Boosters Rotary vs. High School SOME PUSH Vancouver Answering an adver tisement announcing 300 pain of stockings for sale, 500 women pushed into a store so strenuously that a Dlateerlass window was crushed. None of the women was injured and the stockings were sold in less than a half hour. . are lour wat. ten miles of iween r'ranklin 7 n? North Carolina 4 Oil drainprT7Z!T of 6,000 vehicle. iLi "! is re-refined and H OYfJ Fort Jackson, spent the week-end here with relatives. Corporal Kenneth Moore, of Fort Jackson, spent the week-end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Jess Moore. EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING Slightly Dented Sterling Silver Candle Sticks Creamers and Sugars Salt and Peppers Compotes Davis-Smith Jewelers Private C. Caldwell, of Fort Banning, Ga., spent the week-end in town. Private Caldwell is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Cald- welli of Waynesville. He has been in the service for the past 20 months, having volunteered, Corporal Jack Smith, of Fort Jackson, spent the week-end here with Mrs. Smith and his parents, Sergeant Rufus Carswell, of Fort Jackson, spent the week-end here with Mrs. Carswell. Sergeant Charles Burgess, of WANT ADS FOUR ROOM house for rent Joins golf course Hazelwood. $6.00 month. Buck Rogers, owner. June 4-11 WANTED Man for summer months, good worker. Live on place, good wages. See or write Mrs. Robert Harris, Skyland Camp, Clyde, N. C. June 11 MAN WANTED Good nearby Rawleigh Route now open. If willing t6 conduct Home Service business while earning a good liv ing, write immediately, Raw leigh's Dept. NCF-246-45, Rich mond, Va. June 11 FOR SALE 5 room house and 14 acres land. Plenty of apples, cherries and grapes. Vicinity of Barber s orchard, near Balsam road. $1,500.00. L. N. Davis & Co. - June 11 Carroll Truitt, of Hazelwood, who recently volunteered for ser vice in the U. S. Navy, left Satur day for Norfolk, Va., where he had been called to report for duty. Young Truitt expects to spend six weeks in Norfolk and then be as signed to foreign duty. I Rotary, 5 J. Creek, 6 I Rotary ab r h J. Creak ab r h Gay 2b ... 4 1 2 ''Meaner c 4 1 0 Massie lb 4 2 2 IL'wood ss 3 11 Hill cf .. 4 0 0 lwood 3h 3 1 1 PrevoHt sb 4 0 0 lwood sf 8 0 1 L wood c . . 4 0 1 I.Smith 2b . 3 1 2 Medford If .81 1 IMeaser lb . 3 0 0 Hooper 0 . 3 0 2 lAllison cf 3 01 Hill ss .. 3 1 01 Wilson If 3 1 0 Neal sf . . 8 0 1 IL'wood p 3 1 0 Woody rf .3 0 1 IL'wood rf 3 0 1 Totals . 35 5 10 I Totals 31 6 7 J. Creek, 12 Lions, 9 J. Creek ab r h ! Lions ab r h Messer c . 4 1 1 IStahl o . 4 2 8 L'wood ss . 4 1 0 IBryson sf 4 2 1 Messer lh . 4 1 1 IW'erbv ss 4 0 1 L'wood sf . 4 1 2 IC'bell c . 1 1 L wood 8b . 4 2 0 Davis If . 4 11 L'wood d . 4 1 8 iTeauue 8b 4 2 1 L'wood 2b . 4 1 I lMaie 2b 3 0 1 Allison cf . 4 1 l-IKoster rf . 8 0 2 Wil'son cf . 4 2 0 iSut'lieJd cf 3 0 0 Howell rt . 3 1 1 Hyatt lb . 3 1 1 Totals 39 12 10 ! Totals . 38 9 12 A Creed For VICTORY LET'S... CHANGE OUR ATTITUDE. Have Victory Bonds and not Defense Bonds "Rn ilfl .XATai PTrkrliirmTi TTrvnesAa a. t a.AUUU mhic. vairmig aDOUt hours profits. . s Start an Offense and not always be on the Def Have a positive program, not a passive one Start hating Hitler and Hirohito and not make . , of them. '. '. .,. Sing fighting songs and not listen to the bhW Have something to fight for, not just something fight against. Spread the doctrine of Americanism to other shorj ana not omy try to Keep f ascism from our shor Avenge rean iiaroor, not just remember it. Take Berlin, bomb Tokyo and burn Rome, and not: for token bombing here. Sacrifice, not just give what we can easily spare. Get fighting mad and not remain indifferent. Win this war quickly! LET'S GO, AMERICANS! Through last night, this bank has sold $13,537.50 in War Bonds during June, HAVE YOU BOUGHT YOURS? "The Friendly Bank1 First National Ban Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (?5,000 Maximum Insurance For Each Depositor) Organized 1902 POSITION WANTED by college student on iarm. Has had ex perience in caring: for livestock and general farming:. Best of reference. Call 327. June-11 FOR SALE One double oven P. B, French range in good condition, P. O. Box 773. June 11 ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE TO CREDITORS Having qualified as administra tor of the estate of Lonzie Messer, deceased, late of Haywood County, North Carolina, this is to notify all persons having claims against the estate of the deceased to ex hibit them to the undersigned at his office m Waynesville, N. C, on or before the 11th day of June, 1943, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All per sons indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment. This the 11th for of June, 1942. T. L. GREEN, Administrator of Lonzie Messer. CATHOLIC REVIVAL Mil STI Conducted By Four Undergraduate Girl Students of Rosary College River Forest, Illinois Near The Armory On Depot Street Waynesville, North Carolina Thursday Through Sa J une 2 8-20, 1 942 7:30, to 8:30 P. LI. Everyone Welcome! turday Canton deceased. No. 1191 June ll-18H25-July 2-9-16. i WaynesYiHe

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